April 25, 2004


New copies of Dworkin decks used to show up every few decades, and numbers of Trumps of new family members would show up when they reached adulthood. Whether Dworkin did this on Oberon’s request or as a kindness is unknown. He doesn’t do it any more. Random requested that everyone pool his or her extra decks. Each acknowledged new family member got a Dworkin deck one way or another but none of you have extras and even Random’s supply is severely limited.

Fiona, Llewella, Florimel and Merlin are known to be Trump Artists, all but Merlin trained by Dworkin. Brand was one. Bleys might be one. Fiona is usually very busy with some important project, Llewella is Rebma’s only Trump maker and Merlin is nearly always in Corwin’s realm of Argent. Florimel reluctantly stepped forward at Benedict’s behest. Being the King’s Trump Artist has worked out well for Flora. She is less vulnerable to pressure from her brothers and sisters and has finagled the best suite/studio space on the third floor of the castle for herself. Flora no longer has to pretend to travel the slow way; she Trumps between the castle, her townhouse, her homes on the Shadow Earth, etc. as she pleases. Florimel will make Trumps for family members but, outside of the occasional gift, she wants something in return. Trumps take her several hours of intensive work and some drain of arcane energies to make.

Dworkin’s Trumps are unnaturally durable. They can be cut or torn (with a great deal of effort) but are highly resistant to normal wear, heat, cold, electricity, magic and so on. Flora’s and Fiona’s are several times more resistant than the media used to make them and are laminated in very tough, transparent material but they are much easier to destroy. Dworkin’s Trumps are extremely detailed and easier to use than Flora’s ordinary Trumps. Flora can produce similar results if she spends several days with a loupe and very small brushes. [“Easier to use”: Ordinary people can use Dworkin’s Trumps or Flora’s specials with effort and training. Flora’s normals require Chaos Psyche to use. Dworkin’s Trumps and Flora’s specials have greater range; they can be used to contact people in the Courts or in Argent, with effort. Doing so with Flora's ordinary Trumps takes very high Psyche and a lot of effort.]

All of Dworkin’s Trumps of a particular person are identical. Flora’s are each unique; she hates painting the same pose over and over. Fiona, Llewella and Merlin say they don’t know how to duplicate Trumps either.

Flora, following Random’s orders, won’t make Trumps of Amber Castle or the City without royal approval.

The Dworkin deck Trump of the Castle’s main hallway is of a spot watched at all time by elite royal guards with ballistae and crossbows from murder-holes. Non-royals appearing in the spot must shout out a password or be killed. Royals who are hard to recognize had better shout out the password too.

There are some Trump Artists in Chaos.

Forcing Trump contacts.
1 If the target is not actively resisting, the caller needs a strong Psyche advantage.
2 If the target resists, the caller needs a tremendous advantage.
3 If the target is using a power to help resist, the caller needs a tremendous advantage over the target’s Psyche + the power. If the power isn’t already in use then bringing the power online involves a period of not actively resisting.

Fighting Psychic battles via Trumps
1 Trump Artists have a big advantage both offensively and defensively.
2 If the person attacked is using a Power with defensive aspects when attacked, he can defend with Psyche + Power.

What Trumps do you have?
Acknowledged royals have:
One Dworkin deck with the entry hall of Amber Castle, King Random, Benedict, Eric, Corwin, Deirdre, Caine, Fiona, Bleys, Brand, Llewella, Florimel, Julian and Gerard.
Flora-made ‘standard’ (inferior to Dworkin’s) Trumps of the other acknowledged royals (most or all of the PCs, depending on backstory) including Martin but not Merlin or Melisandre and two Trumps of yourself.

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