April 25, 2004

Elementals in TTOD

Elementals are spirits with strong elemental affinities, wearing shells of their element. Im using the traditional terms (gnome, sylph, salamander and undine) plus equivalents: earthkin, airkin, firekin and waterkin. There are other sorts of elementals too, like umbrakin (darkness).

The vast majority of elementals are weak and deeply stupid. Conjuration enables you to enhance their intelligence, vitality and so on. Saithryn ap-Morgwyn's elementals are trained for specific purposes. The earthkin are mostly used to analyze the composition of goods, the firekin for offense and light, waterkin for analyzing liquids or for movement underwater. Were one to be destroyed it would take her considerable time to train a new one. In Rebma, trained earthkin are commonly used for metallurgy, glassmaking and the like.

Elemental shells and their bindings are mildly vulnerable to Pattern disruption. Their minds are seldom strong (no conjuror wants to make them too hard to control) so they can be destroyed with Psychic attacks; touching an elemental's shell constitutes psychic contact.

The emanations of the Pattern of Amber (and that of Rebma, but less so) tend to wear at the conjured bindings and enhancements on elementals, so conjurors keep them safe in items most of the time.
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TToD note:
This version of Rebma owes a lot to Arref Mak's version for A Grand Affair, and the ap-Morgwyn sisters to the ap Morelwyns, all due to my admiration for his character Passel ap Morelwyn.

The Welsh and French naming convention for Rebma is straight out of the novels: Llewella, Lir (OK, Irish), Moire, Moins. Rebman royals have French names, mostly French words, and nobles have Welsh ones, more or less.

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Many thanks. Very nice of you to say so.
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