April 25, 2004

TTOD: the first journal!

The Journals of Andre

A Letter to His Highness, King Maximilian of Skyguard

Greetings Your Most Gracious Majesty,

I have the unpleasant task of informing His Majesty of a recent kidnapping attempt upon his august ambassador to the court of Amber. Late last night I was returning to the compound in Amber City after a long day attending to His Majesty’s affairs for the upcoming festival. Upon reaching the compound, I was set upon by at least four individuals with criminal intent. My loyal bodyguard and valet were able to assist me in slaying my attackers. At first, it was my belief that they had intended to assassinate me, but evidence uncovered the following morning has made plain that kidnapping was the intent.
Certain aspects of the attack led me to believe some use of sorcery was involved. Given my limited knowledge of such things, I have approached a Rebman House with a mission resident in Amber. I thought it prudent to hire experts to examine the evidence and possibly assist with future countermeasures. The cost was moderate given the circumstances and I have enclosed an itemized Bill of Lading for those commodities used to purchase said magical assistance.

On a more pleasant note, preparations for the festival are going well. I am confident that our showcase will result in increased trade for Your Majesty’s coffers in the near future. If possible, I shall also parley my forced arrangement with the Rebman house into more trade with the court of Rebma. Although textiles may not be in great demand there, perhaps Your Majesty’s jewelers may find an eager market for their wares. I shall investigate and report upon the possibilities.

May the Sky protect your glorious reign

Lord Andre

A Notation in Andre’s Journal

1. My days of living at ease in Amber appear to be drawing to an unexpected close. I have apparently made an enemy … one who I suspect wants me alive for some unseen purpose. My ill-fated body double in the freezer was obviously meant to make it appear I am dead so that my disappearance would not be pursued. What do they know? The relative ineffectiveness of the attack itself leads me to believe they underestimated me. Given the scrying that apparently was taking place, they will not make that mistake on the next attempt. I shall have to vary my routine and possibly my residence as well. A pity this is happening so close to the festival. Now I shall be unable to enjoy myself at all and I was so looking forward to a new paramour or two.

I shall need to make a list of tasks to undertake for my protection:

1. Hire a more skilled bodyguard. Gaston did well, but now the enemy has his gauge and will make adjustments. Perhaps I can find an ex-royal guardsman or a ranger for hire. A Weir might do.
2. Retain a sorceror or two. This will be more difficult as they are typically too full of themselves to hire out for menial tasks. As an alternative, perhaps I should undertake the study of magic myself.
3. Establish a contact in the local underworld. I need to find out who is hiring thugs and why.
4. Learn the Lizard-Man shape for future impersonations. I have saved a finger to help with the template, but I will need some time to master it. Perhaps a trip into shadow will be in order.
5. I will need friends in high places here. Although it has been against my prior policy, I may need to approach and befriend some of the royal family. Preferably the less perceptive, younger ones.
6. I need to establish an alternate residence in secret. That will require untraceable funds, which means a jaunt into shadow for ready cash.
7. Somehow, some way I need to get my hands on a place-trump for quick escapes. More help from the Rebmans perhaps?

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