April 27, 2004

TToD Weir

Weir in the campaign have a culture very much like the Vikings in desperate times. For unknown reasons lycanthropy became fairly contaigious in Weirmonken and as a result they've destroyed all the regular civilizations and are eating their way through all the people and useful game animals. Amber forces led by Eric stopped them cold during their big breakout four centuries ago, then cut all the shadow paths leading out of Weirmonken.

Viking-types from a collapsed culture aren't nearly as useful as the Prussian-type Weir of Cry Havoc. On the other hand they really, really, really don't want to get deported... or killed. Weir without jobs are booted out of Amber City. (Actually, all foreigners need permission to reside in Amber. Proof of employment by Amber subjects, student visas, tourist visas, registered trade factors or diplomats, etc.) All the royal guardsmen and those of the Watch who haven't pawned them have silvered weapons, more for Black Road creatures than Weir, but they have them. Weir lycanthropy is not contaigious near Amber. Eric's Weir signed on with Gerard and Thera was their commander until Julian came back. Keeping them in line involved the odd killing and regular asskickings.

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Bah! Vile drunken shapeshifting barbarians! Not what I want for a bodyguard in civilized company. I may have to comb the GC for high quality redshirts of more mundane origin.

Posted by: John at May 4, 2004 01:59 PM