May 01, 2004

TToD Amber City Lighting

The streetlights use an alchemical fluid/salamander combination of Rebman manufacture that stores light and releases it in darkness and also generates light on it's own from ambient magic. They are not nearly as bright as modern streetlights and are quite expensive. The sealed crystal bubbles containing the fluid are tough but breakable. The penalties for breaking them start with severe beating (the Watchmen like the lights) and banishment or temporary enslavement. (The charge isn't 'breaking a streetlight', it's 'destroying the King's property'.)

Personal lights are usually torches or conventional lanterns. Linkboys prefer torches because nobody bothers to steal them and they're easier to run with. There are also handheld alchemical lights available for quite a lot of money but these are seldom used except by well-armed parties. It's like lighting your way with a couple of doubloons. Conjurors can use salamanders as lights, mostly ones bound into objects for that purpose. Free ranging salamanders tend to loose their bindings in Amber and the authorities take a hard line on arson, accidental or not.

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