May 09, 2004

Notes on Rebma

Rebma is matriarchal. This doesn't mean that the men are wimps. The model is more like the Gypsies, a matriarchal culture with men who act muy macho.

Female-only power resides in the Glow, the power that makes it possible for normal people to live deep under water. All Glow initiates are descendants of the Seven Sisters, magical beings who wed, mated with or came to an accomodation with Lir back in the dim and misty days of yore. Lir was associated with Dworkin in some unclear fashion; there are conflicting versions of the story. Lir and his seven daughters founded Rebma. He was the first and only King. The blue and green Rebmans are all descendants of the Seven. Males with the proper bloodlines have attempted to acquire the Glow but all died -- according to the Temple.

The Temple is a quasi-religious organization dedicated to the Glow, to maintaining the Rebman environment, to Rebman tradition and independence. High ranking members are called Divines, their elected leader the Archdivine, lesser members Sisters. Teleri ap-Olwen is the current Archdivine. Most Sisters and Divines are primarily Glow adepts and Conjurors -- effectively power and environmental engineers -- concerned with binding, shaping, empowering (with a bit of the Glow) and maintaining water elementals.

The Rebman military is about 80% male, the officers about 70%. Most females in the military are not troops, they are mages or support personnel. Rebma's most prominent Warmaster (general/admiral) and war hero is Pelydryn ap-Morgwyn, a woman, but her three closest peers are all male. Llewella would rank among them (not at the top) but her position was unique. She was the Queen's right hand, Rebma's only Pattern initiate and Trump Artist -- and a Princess in the court of a -- The -- foreign power.

Rebma is always dark save for artificial light, but they have that in abundance. Schedules are adjustable. The court, in particular, had to adapt to whatever Queen Moire happened to be in the mood to do. Rebma never sleeps, though Rebmans do.

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Oh, that's very good. Many nice parallels to things bumping around in my head.

I very much like the comparison to gypsy culture.

Posted by: Arref at May 10, 2004 07:03 AM

Hi Randy-
Not Rebma related but is there a way for me to post the Session 2 log on the main page? Right now it is residing in the campaignlog section of MyWiki.

Posted by: John at May 13, 2004 11:40 AM