May 13, 2004

Session Two Log

This Thing of Darkness Session Two

JADE begins the session recovering from the previous night’s party on a tropical island in shadow. She has been ignoring repeated trump calls until her head feels up to the pain of accepting one. At last she accepts a trump from her mother Llewella and is informed of the unexpected arrival of Dierdre in Amber. Jade gets cleaned up and comes to Amber to meet her aunt. She eventually tracks down Dierdre in the stables where she is choosing a horse for the day’s ride. Llewella and Jade spend quality time with Dierdre out riding and grill her on her whereabouts and survival. Dierdre describes being saved by the unicorn and what the Abyss is like. Llewella and Dierdre then begin some slight upmanship with Pattern tricks while Jade sits by to watch. She learns Dierdre has much better endurance than Llewella, but Llewella is better with Pattern. The discussions eventually turn to Rebman politics and Dierdre offers her help in “cleaning house” should Llewella need assistance. Llewella declines help for the moment, deciding subtlety is still desirable. The talk of politics bores Jade, so she asks if there is anything in particular she can help with. Llewella gives her a mission to secretly copy the personal diary of the Secretary to the Holy Divine (High Priestess) in Rebma. Jade is happy to head off and get into some trouble.

ANDRE immediately seeks reinforcements for his bodyguard Gaston. Gaston suggests two young half-weir of his aquaintance as potential candidates. Andre takes Gaston out to find the brother-sister team in the scummier parts of town and eventually finds the male, Vindalf. They undertake a job interview and Andre decides to hire Vindalf and his sister Swanhild as additional guards. They pack up and return with Andre to his abode. Andre then goes to negotiate with an armorer to make four sets of fine enchanted chainmail shirts. The price turns out to be four rare birds found in shadow. Andre agrees, sets Gaston to begin training the new guards and heads off to capture the birds for payment. The task is completed within four days and payment made. By now, the festival is in full swing, so Andre spends time at the exhibition and bribing various bartenders to alert him when a royal family member is out partying. No luck the first day.

JADE begins casing the House of Seven in Rebma to learn what she can about the secretary. She uses a supposed desire to learn about the Glow power as cover to go inside and meet the secretary. The fellow is so uptight, Jade begins picking at him and finally (forcefully) invites him to attend lunch at a nearby restaurant with her. In the process, Jade visits the Glow chamber and witnesses the sorting and binding of elementals in the company of Sister Gwenlliang. They dish about the secretary for a while, then Jade leaves to get geared up for her mission. General Ap-Morgwyn provides Jade with access to a wide variety of high quality burglary gadgets for her mission. She watches the Secretary’s quarters for some time, then finally breaks in to copy the diary successfully. She learns the Arch Divine is trying to make Melissandra dependent upon the church in her decision making. No surprise there. She trumps Llewella and gives her the copy. Now it’s time to party again and Jade heads to Amber to go drinking with Martin, Melissandra (in disguise) and Merlin.

ANDRE learns that a few royals (see above) are drinking in a nearby establishment. He gathers his bodyguards and approaches the royals, joining them at their table. Andre turns the conversation towards his recent troubles and captures the interest of Merlin. Although a bit tipsy, Merlin joins Andre in placing a guardian elemental into the embassy and learns more about the recent attack. Merlin seems sure the body double was created with an elemental. They decide to return to the bar after the task is done but are attacked by twenty net wielding assailants before they can get there. Merlin manages to trump everyone out but a number of darts have hit their marks. All five are poisoned with a knock out drug. They have trumped straight to Martin in the bar and suddenly there is much interest from the other royals. Gerard is trumped and the affected people are hustled off to the castle for debriefing.

JADE immediately jumps on the opportunity to go hunting for the people who dared to attack a family member. She tries to convince Martin to go hunting, but he begs off to go wenching. Melissandra returns home, so Jade looks up Dierdre and tries to get her to impersonate Merlin or Andre to draw out the attackers. Dierdre decides it is a foolish plan and begs off as well. In the end, there is no progress in capturing any of the attackers but Jade has a new mission in life.

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