May 13, 2004

Andre's Journal Session Two

A Note in Andre’s Journal

I have been making progress on my list, though not in the fashion I would have preferred. The initial steps were easy enough. Gaston recommended a brother-sister team as bodyquards, apparently half – weir living in the city. I paid them a visit and opted to give them a try. It may cause me some difficulty in recruiting full weir, but frankly that might be a good thing. Their names are Vindalf and Swanhild.

I set up two alternative residences, complete with a false identity with no difficulty. I even managed a brief fling with a festival attendee to help establish the identity. Time well spent.

I next made a deal with Gandolfini and Fitzhugh for enchanted armor for my guards and myself. It cost me a few days in shadow to gather some silly avians, but on the plus side I established some credit with other rare items I picked up along the way. I got in some time to practice the lizard-man form of my attackers as well. I think I have it down now.

A brief correspondence with Lady Ap-Morgwyn has led me to understand hiring a wizard will be difficult, expensive and possibly of limited use. I will need to work a while longer on that goal.

The festival was proving quite enjoyable, right up until I was attacked again. Luckily I had recently accomplished my goal of cultivating a relationship with a member of the royal family. Bribing a few barkeeps had allowed me to arrange an encounter with four of the younger ones early in the evening. I steered the conversation towards my prior attack and succeeded in interesting Merlin and possibly Jade. Merlin graciously agreed to come to the embassy and emplace a protective elemental in the walls. I showed him what evidence I could find of the prior attack and he more or less confirmed Lady Ap-Morgwyn’s analysis.

We were moderately inebriated by the time we were getting back to the tavern. Before we reached it, a large number of assailants made their attempt. I was hit a number of times with tranquilizer darts, (as was everyone else), but Merlin managed to get us back to the bar via trump before we could be seized. Martin, Jade and Melissandra all were alarmed by the attack. Martin reported into Gerard and before I knew it I was being passed through to the castle.

On the plus side, no one seems to have looked too closely at my pedigree or has any notion that I am related in some way. Jade was kind enough to provide a trump for my use in future escapes (for which I am grateful) and mentioned that she would look into capturing an attacker or two. Merlin will likely continue checking into things as well. Having a pair of allies makes me feel much better about things.

I slipped out of the castle in the morning and have made my way home. Time to consider my next steps.

Continue working to establish a good relationship with the royals.

Set up an ambush to capture at least one attacker for interrogation.

Get access to royal libraries (if they exist) to try and research my intended mission.

Find out if my attackers are tied to a recent unexplained attack in Arden.

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