May 15, 2004

Libraries in Amber

There is the King's Library, a massive complex that serves as the royal archives, a scholarly library, a sort of Shadow Geography repository, etc. It isn't free or open to the general public. Scholars are vetted for respectablity and their patrons usually pay their fees, which are reasonable. Materials stay on the premises -- unless you're a royal. Stealing books is stealing from the King, so theft is not a big problem. Earth elementals and sylphs patrol the stacks for any sort of rot or undue moisture. Others help guard the place. Really valuable books might have their own protective elementals bound into them. The King's Library also prints books on a small scale for the royal services.

*Soliciting ideas for the Head Librarian and staff, some of whom are conjurors.*

Other libraries include the Castle Library, available only to family and some staffers and guests, those of the various magnate Families, those of some temples and a trio of subscription lending libraries with a mix of technical (how-to) and popular books.

Complete illiteracy is rare in Amber and mostly limited to foreigners.

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