May 16, 2004

Titles in Rebma

from the top:

Queen. There is some contraversy over whether Melisandre is Queen or Heir. She's under the age of adulthood (27) in Rebma and there's never been an underage Queen before. Normally, the old queen hands the power over to her successor in an elaborate ceremony. This is the first time the old queen died before she could do that.

Princess Heir, see above.

Princess or Prince, offspring of the current Queen. Moire simply kept referring to her sister Llewella as a Princess and everybody with sense went along with it. Now she ranks as a duchess.

Duchess or Duc

Marquise or Marquis (markeez, markee)

Countess or Count

Viscountess or Viscount

Baroness or Baron

Military Ranks,

Warlord, commander of all the armed forces; Moire was her own Warlord for most of her reign. Llewella is pushing for the naming of a Warlord (not herself), various other factions resist the idea.

Battle Master, field command equivalent to chief admiral or general. Once one has been Battle Master for a (successful) campaign the courtesy title is yours forever.

Commander, equal to a junior admiral or a colonel


Knights: the Queen, Princesses, Warlords and Battle Masters may knight soldiers for extraordinary service. Commanders can recommend people. Unlike Amber, Rebma also has knighthoods for non-military service to the Queen or the People. Only really extraordinary service will do; the honor has not been cheapened.

The Temple,

Archdivine Teleri ap-Olwen

Divines of the First through Seventh Circles

Acolytes, Glow trainees who may or may not become divines

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