May 23, 2004

Andre's Journal Session 3

The Journals of Andre

A Letter to His Highness, King Maximilian of Skyguard

Greetings Your Most Gracious Majesty,

Through the diligent efforts my new contacts in Amber, it was discovered that the attempt to kidnap me was directed by the Chaosian embassy in Amber. Strong measures have been taken to discourage future attempts by said contacts and I have reason to believe the vile Chaosians will take the lesson to heart. On the plus side, the end result of this unwanted attention is I have made friends within the royal court and that can only enhance the standing of Skyguard within Amber.

The festival has otherwise gone well and I anticipate a slow but steady increase in our commerce with Amber. When trade has reached the point where my humble staff is no longer able to keep up, I anticipate requesting additional personnel to assist.

Your Loyal Subject,

Lord Andre

A Notation in Andreís Journal

After my exit from Castle Amber, I undertook to relieve some stress and slipped away for a tryst with a local lady. We spent an enjoyable afternoon, but soon I found myself worrying again about enemy surveillance. I returned to the compound and tried to identify any watchers. I soon learned that the Amber security people were watching the compound and that someone else was using enspelled crows to keep watch.

I slipped away again to call upon Lady Ap-Morgwyn to get her opinion on the crows. It took a while, but I was able to locate her and draw her attention to the avian spies. She thought the job was badly done and whoever had sent the crows wanted them to be noticed. As we discussed this, Merlin and another of the royals, Duke Mykal, approached and I made introductions. The lady soon excused herself and I made Merlin aware of the surveillance. I invited them inside for a drink and we discussed the situation. Soon, one of the crows flew off to report to itsí master and Merlin became excited. He climbed up on the roof, leaped to a neighboring building and climbed as high as he could. My neighbors became greatly alarmed with someone thumping around on their roof. I shall have to send them a fruit basket by way of apology in the morning.

Merlin determined that the crows had flown in the direction of the Chaosian embassy, further cementing his bias towards himself being the target. It aroused his suspicion and he began to ponder if I was working for the Chaosians. A most unfortunate turn of thought and one that boded ill for keeping my secret. Sharp-eyed Mykal also spied that not only were crows being used, but a few rodents of unusual intensity were watching the compound as well. A short discussion ensued and we decided to seize one of the Chaosians for questioning.

We located two of them dining in a club I intend to avoid in the future. The three of us bulled our way in and confronted them in a private chamber. Mykal did most of the talking at first, but Merlin eventually lost his patience and tranquilized both in short order. We slapped them around a bit to render them pliable, then trumped to a safehold belonging to Mykal with our captives in tow. We were none too gentle with them.

Sadly for me, one of them admitted I had been the subject of interest. This annoyed Merlin and greatly aroused his suspicion when it was further revealed the Chaosians thought I was an unauthorized Chaosian spy working for another house. He tested me with magic that revealed my shapeshifting ability. The jig was up, so I secured as best I could a promise from both to keep my secret and revealed my Pattern ability as well. I answered questions as best I could. I could tell they would feel better if I announced my presence to Random, but I hesitate to do that in case my intended mission was counter to the Kingís wishes. In time I will likely be forced to swear fealty, but I would maintain free action as long as I can.

As we were finishing up, Merlin received a trump call from Jade. She had independently found out the Chaosians were involved and Merlin advised I bring her in on the secret. I had no choice, and it was better to come clean and secure her promise in keeping my secret as well. We joined her via trump on a ship headed to Kashfa. On board were the thugs who had attacked Merlin and myself. We decided to impart a lesson, so Mykal took ten, Jade took ten and I took ten. Thrashings were administered, a few died, but in the end we allowed them to return to Amber with the caveat that they work for Jade now. She seems to have underworld contacts, and I shall cultivate a friendship with her to make use of those contacts from time to time. In return, I have no doubt she will find uses for me as well. So be it.

We returned to Amber. Myckal and Merlin undertook to limit the official damage of our actions. It was agreed that I would be introduced as one of Mykalís retainers should I need to gain access to official libraries. He seems to be interested in geneology himself, so perhaps we can assist each other in digging up clues about my mission and parentage and his fatherís identity. I undertook a warm soaking to ease my bruises and think on my next moves.

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