May 23, 2004

Mykal's Journal Session 3

A notation in Mykalís journal:

Drat! Interrupted in the middle of a good battle in Naipon to return to Amber, but Mom was insistent. Glad I came back though, it seems my Aunt Dierdre has returned from the dead. Pretty lively looking if you ask me. If she werenít my AuntÖ Heh, seems my time on Momís ShadowEarth has nearly destroyed my Naipon reserve in dealings with the fairer sex. That or Martin has ruined me, its been too long since we went and blew off some steam in the sailor brothels, have to give him a trump call soon.
Oh!, seems Gerard had something for me to do too.. figures this couldnít be a holiday. Seems someone attacked our cousin Prince Merlin in the streets of Amber, this type of action shouldnít go unpunished, even during festival. He wants me to investigate whats going on. Work, Work, Work, manís a slave driver, even if he is my favorite Uncle.
Met up with Merlin and discussed the attack, also had in interesting discussion on Trumps, seems he is an Artist too. Awesome tip he gave me on lighting and shadows in the trump image. We decided to go locate the other subject involved in the attack, a Lord Andre, ambassador from skyrim province. Seems this Lord Andre might be the real focus of the attack, as this is the second involving him, and Merlin was investigating the attack on the Ambassador, when they were attacked.
We arrived at the Skyrim embassy, to find Andre outside with no guards (foolish), but in the company of an exquisite Rebman Lady, fellow has good taste. She departed nearly immediately, very nice departure by the way, we all paused to appreciate it. Merlin introduced us, and Andre pointed out what he and the Lady had been discussing, spy crows watching the compound. While Merlin did mystical tasting of a dead one, (disgusting that) I continued to observe, and noticed they also had spy rats watching. Recognized a observer from the Amber Security Force, keeping an eye on the embassy (and the rest of us on the front lawn). Very professional, didnít show any sign of recognizing me.. Even though I know for a fact Iíve worked around him before. Retiring inside we discussed the first and second attacks on Andre over a very nice vintage. I kept observing from the window, and finally one left to go report to whomever. Merlin decided to play Spiderman and climbed to the rooftop and watched where it headed, seems the Chaosians are involved. That didnít seem to set too well with our young Lord of Amber AND Chaos.

We decided to go find a Chaosian to ask questions of, those who werenít already, went and armored up. Upon departing I allowed the nice guard lieutenant to follow us, then snatched him into an alley. Briefed him quickly on the spy crows and chaos information, and had him send word to the officer in charge of observing the Chaosian Embassy to watch out for the crows as they were being used as spys. He told me they had notice a large number of crows around the embassy, also told me where some Chaosians liked to hang out when they were outside that compound, since we seemed to be interested in questioning said individuals.
We made our way to the location, finding an extremely exclusive club, though they didnít try to stop me, one younger doorman made as if to, before an older one drug him off to the side. Lucky for him, Iíd have had to leave some tread marks on his chest as I walked through him. Stepping in I confronted several Chaosians in their demonic forms, eating and drinking at a table in the private room Iíd just opened. Can you say Pin Drop? I thought you could. (the looks on their faces when they recognized me was nearly as priceless ad the look on Momís face when the Elders got back from Chaos and found me in Amber, Patterned, and 4 years older than I should be.) Smiling I stepped in and aside to reveal Merlin at my back, Öunrewarding as they totally ignored him. Andre got some glances when he stepped inside, though. One of the three asked me what we wanted interrupting their repast. (dratted pondscum, I KNOW Iím not very good at the conversationally subtle arts) I attempted to reduce the tension by diversionary questions and discussions on Inanities (the stupid crows) and a discussion on such vermin and ďcattleĒ and working on getting them drunk. Failing miserably, (dang shapeshifters just sweated it out without metabolizing the alcohol, I got a buzz though) and starting to get disgusted with the whole thing, I was preempted by Merlin who pulled a dart pistol and shot two of them. I guess he was tired of being ignored like furniture, and decided to make himself noticed. We then pummeled the still conscious ones and subdued them. Only moderate damage to the furniture, I left some of the Chaosianís cash to cover the repair.
We decided to remove them somewhere private, where we could question them. After some internal debate, I volunteered my Safehold in shadow, and trumped us there. I hated using it, but then again having another TA know what it looks like so he can get there if Iím that bad off may be useful. Not like I cant replace it somewhere else. (Geezus this is getting long, but I have to do something to stay awake)
Merlin did some questioning, with me standing around and looking aggressive. We found out that the Chaosians thought that Andre was a spy or something and had taken it personally. They were behind the attacks and Merlin was only an innocent bystander. Andre denied being a spy of course, but what ambassador isnít spying at some level for his rulers back home? After a short discussion, which turned somehow to genealogy of the families, since I donít know my father, and it seems Andre is an orphan. Our cousin Jade trumped Merlin (an attractive young lady too, very athletic), she had found the 20 individuals who had jumped Andre and Merlin in the street and had tailed them to a ship heading for Kashfa. They were under weigh and she wanted us to come through and assist in pummeling the miscreants. Andre quickly voted in the affirmative and we tossed the Chaosians through and followed. Seems there were 30, in 3 cabins. Jade, Andre, and I each took a cabin and proceeded to administer a beating. Jade was a bit fast off the mark, so my room was warned. They shut off the light, as if that would slow me much, Wakizashi sheath to the head time! Fun, but didnít last NEARLY long enough for some good exercise. The rooms were quickly reduced to quivering bruise-ridden lumps of humanity, and Jade lectured them on their sins. I went up and had the captain turn back to Amber port, then came back down and we cousins all trumped back to Amber with our Chaosian luggage. Passing though the city we dumped our luggage at the Chaosian Embassy as a message, then continued on to a nearby bar where Merlin bought. (Pretty good Clam Chowder there too)
Near dawn we all separated to our own amusements for the rest of the morning. I dropped by the castle where Mom accosted me, (figures sheíd have duty today) and asked for a report on what was going on with a merchant vessel that arrived in the harbor earlier that morning/night with 5 dead and 25 injured men. Had to tap-dance a bit, but brazened it out by using my instructions from Gerard to find out who attacked Merlin.
Told Mom that it was an Exemplary beating, I was sending a message to all Amber that attacking Royals on the streets, even during Festival, wasnít a good idea. (She just shook her head, Momís) She instructed me to write a report for the logs, then grinned and handed me the binocs, Great, I get to spend the last day of the Festival, as duty officer of the watch, after a full day without sleep. Sent a runner down to the docks with a voucher for repairs on the ship, the harbormaster will make sure to send me the accounting.Bah! Guess Iíll write that report now.
Gotta stay awake, boring early morning watch.

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