May 23, 2004

Amber Security Report

Amber Security Forces Report:
Duke Mykal
Investigation and Actions:
Assault on MERLIN, Duke of Amber, Prince of Argent.

I was instructed to investigate the matter by Prince Gerard. Meeting with Merlin, I got his story. We then went to the Skyguard Embassy to meet with Lord Andre, the other involved individual (I read the guard’s reports and decided I need not question them further). Once there, we met with Lord Andre, who pointed out that he was under surveillance by crows, which Prince Merlin determined were ensorcelled. We retired inside where I heard Lord Andre’s story of both attacks on his person, and I watched the crows watching me. When one flew off to report, we traced it to the Chaosian Embassy Compound, which seemed to irritate the Prince. Receiving a report of some Chaosians outside the compound, and determining to question them about what they knew of this. I made my way to the location they were at, an exclusive club near the Chaos Embassy, with Prince Merlin, and Lord Andre in tow. I entered the establishment and made my way to their private room, where I was recognized and greeted. They completely ignored Prince Merlin, which I found slightly offensive, but chose to overlook for the moment. Lord Andre they glanced at suspiciously when he entered. I then engaged the individuals in conversation, working on pumping some information out of them. During the conversation they managed to disparage the Populace of Amber, its Royalty, and its Castle all in the same breath. This seemed to be more than Prince Merlin could bear, he pulled a dart pistol and shot two of them. Lord Andre and I jumped in to subdue the Chaosians so no further property damage would ensue, and calmed Prince Merlin. We then ventured to question the individuals closely about what they knew of matters, and found that they knew of the activities against the Skyguard Embassy, and Lord Andre in particular. They accused Lord Andre of being a spy and worse, which I judged to be the false mouthing of those caught and desperately trying to shift the blame. They openly admitted to having hired people to assault Lord Andre, and I was questioning them further about this when Prince Merlin who was receiving a message from another source, which was also investigating these matters, interrupted me. Someone had tracked the attackers, who were making an escape to Kashfa on a merchant vessel, “first thing sailing” I believe the term is. I do not believe Kashfa was involved, and do not mean to imply such. We caught up with the miscreants, and I decided to make an example of the individuals so that word would spread, and I won’t have to do this again next year. Lord Andre, Prince Merlin, and I, with the help of an informant, proceeded to thrash the individuals energetically, though it didn’t really last long enough for me to break a sweat, mores the pity. A few had gotten killed in the melee of darkened cabins and flashing blades, but not nearly as many as I would have expected in such close quarters. Many were cut and slashed, even though none of us were using edged weapons, they had to have been attacking each other in the darkened rooms. I requested the captain to return to Port Amber, and trumped back with Lord Andre, Prince Merlin, and his informant. The word should spread nicely once the perpetrators are back on their feet, and no other attempts to hire persons to assault either Royals or anyone else for that matter will meet with much success I suspect. Prince Merlin’s informant has agreed to keep an eye on the individuals involved and notify the Prince or Myself if further intervention is necessary.

Attested and Affirmed:
Last Day of Winterfair, Year One of King Random's Reign
Duke Mykal

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