May 28, 2004

The Shadows Lie For You

A bit of a retcon:

You have a limited, Pattern based illusory ability to blend in. You don't actually shapeshift -- most of you -- but people perceive you as being local. Your ability to speak (nearly) any language may be part and parcel of this.

High Psyche people ("high" by ordinary standards -- Chaos or above) and people with virtually any Power at all are not taken in by the ability, at least not fully. It is a spooky enough effect -- not magical, not dispellable by any petty power -- that most of them keep quiet.

Those with higher Psyche and more Pattern have more control over how they are seen. Extra effort helps as well. For instance, if you're stark naked people are far more likely to see through the effect. With extra effort on a few people, you might be able to befuddle them long enough to acquire some clothes quietly. Being of the wrong race wearing the wrong clothes takes more coverup than just one anomaly -- shapeshifting helps.

You can withhold the effect at will.

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