June 05, 2004

Session 4, May 22

Jade shifts into a hound dog sniffing around the scene of the attack on Merlin and Andrade. With so many different scents she shifts into Amanda and visits her old partner in crime Niven. Niven has invested his riches and lives on the wealthier side of Amber, and greets Jade with an affectionate smile. The two talk of old times and then about the attack. Niven says it may be from the Spangler group. Jade leaves after breakfast and heads to the shop where she leaves a note for a meeting with someone from Spangler. She spots the urchins following her right away, and pretends to shop. Once they figure they have been made, all leave except one. Amanda takes the boy to lunch and he offers to report whatever she would like. She gives the boy a silver peace and tells to report whatever he feels like. She’ll be by later.

Andrade lays low, shifts into a commoner and listens to the rumors. As he heads towards the embassy he notices that urchins are following him. He hangs around and notices that all the urchins are taking orders from a bum. Thinking the bum to be an Amber guard. Andrade also spots a pathetic looking crow watching him. Obviously 2 factions are watching him. One from Amber, the other unknown. (maybe from Chaos). He heads to his second home and switches back to himself. Andrade attempts to contact Sathyrane but has no luck. He then heads to a tavern where someone from Rebma may hang out. He finds Sathyrane and tells her about the crows. She is upset with the way the crows have been manipulated, saying that the person who did this is very sloppy.

Andrade meets up with Merlin and Mykal and shows them the crows. Merlin rips apart a dead crow and says it is a weak sith and conjurer who did this. Merlin grows claws and climbs up the building, jumping from rooftop to rooftop until he reaches the highest place. Merlin says they are coming from the Chaos embassy. Merlin looks to Andrade and is curious as to how he is involved and what has he done to be fingered.

Jade disguised at Amanda, meets with a man from the Spangler group to discuss the attack on Merlin. They go back and forth without naming names about how the attack on Merlin was not intended. They were after the other one (Andrade). Amanda wants in on the underground and says that she will work out apologies with the powers that be from Amber provided they feed her information when she wants it. Both say they have to speak to the higher ups, and Amanda leaves. Not trusting what they may do, Jade shifts into a dog and waits. A group slip out the back door and head for the docs. Obviously they are running. Once she spots the ship they are going to she shifts back into Amanda, steals some clothes and a little money and books passage on the ship. Realizing that the Spangler group has booked 3 cabins, sleeping on the deck won’t do. She makes arrangements to have a cabin ready, and she pays him for it within a ½ hour.

Merlin trumps Flora with a Dworkin designed trump, as Mykal would like to learn from him. She advises Mykal to stay away from Dworkin because he is not a very sane man. Mykal then tells Flora about the crows and also the rats that are following Andrade. Merlin, Mykal and Andrade head to the Thorn Club where all the Chaos groupies hang out. As they step into the Gentlemen’s club environment they spot 2 men from Chaos. Merlin steps out from behind Mykal and is completely ignored. Mykal then makes some comment about the crows. Continuing to ignore Merlin, they take an interest in Andrade. Mykal hopes to find out more information but gets nothing. The Chaos lords comment on the small huts in Amber and why do the princes live like animals, and why, when they have so much power. Bored with the small talk, Merlin pulls out a dart gun and shoots both of the lords. A brawl breaks out, one lord is subdued and the other is paralyzed. The trio takes the Chaos lords to a hide out of Mykal’s. A concrete room buried in the ground where the only way in or out is via trump. They torture the Chaos lords until they say they are after Andrade. They say they are just guards, know about the crows and the attack. They believe that Andrade is a spy from Chaos. Andrade tells the Chaos guards that he is not a chaos spy and denies having anything to do with Chaos. Merlin casts a spell on Andrade and there is a shape-shifting ripple between the two of them. Merlin wants to know if he is from Rebma. Andrade fesses up and tells Merlin and Mykal that Oberon found him. He has no idea who his parent it. He just knows that Oberon trained him and he refuses to swear fealty to Random, as he doesn’t know enough about the family. He would appreciate it greatly if the two would keep his secret. Andrade asks if they will give him access to the library, so he can look at the genealogy in hopes to find his real parent.

Jade trumps Merlin and says that she has found the attackers and it has to do with Andrade. She also informs him that they were hired from some lords from Chaos. Merlin turns to Andrade and asks if Jade can be brought in on it. The trio brings their Chaos prisoners through to Jade’s cabin. Jade smile and Andrade and says she won’t swear fealty either and that his secret is safe with her. Then she smiles at the bunch and says it is time to teach these 30 men a lesson. They knock out the two chaos prisoners. Mykal pays off the captain of the ship and asks him to ignore the noise downstairs. The captain recognizes Mykal as an Amber Prince, but takes the money anyway. Amanda, Mykal and Andrade each go to a door and proceed with teaching the thugs about running away from Amber. After it’s all over, Amanda informs them that they work for her now, and that they need to return back to Amber or she will arrange another lesson. They go back to the cabin. Amanda shifts back to Jade, and they trump back to Amber via Corwin. They take the demons to the embassy and drop them in the inside entryway. They head to a bar where Merlin buys a round of drinks.

The next morning Flora trumps Mykal and asks about why the ship “Pride of Cashfa” has returned and what he knows about the 5 dead men, and all the wounded men. Mykal says they were thugs and needed an attitude adjustment. She smiles, gives him security duty for the day and tells him to write it up in a report.

Jade disguised as Amanda returns to the hide out of the Spangler group and informs them that not only do they work for her now, they can continue to run things the way they have. They are shocked, but agree.

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