June 05, 2004

Jade Session 3

Thoughts from Jade

Since I missed the party in Amber celebrating the return of Aunt Deirdre, I thought I would go with my mother to see her at the stables. Horseback riding was rather amusing. Both mother and Deirdre were trying to see who could manipulate pattern first once we were in Arden. Mother was better, but Deirdre has a lot more endurance. Once mom and Deirdre determined we were far enough in shadow to avoid prying ears mother asked if I would nab a copy of the journal to the Secretary of the High Priestess. I asked if there was anything I could do for Deirdre, but she was fine for now. I think mom and Deirdre are plotting something, but then who knows.

I head back to Amber and meet with Morgwin who my mother said would be more than happy to help me with items I may need for my new endeavor. Armed with anything that Iíd need and more, I plan what to do in my room. I decide the best way to meet with this man is to pretend to be interested in learning more about the House of Seven. Secretary Dalday must be the loser of all time. Talk about a man with no life. Dalday summons Sister Gwenlliant who gives me a tour of everything. Maybe someday, Iíll be interested in all of this, but right now itís not my thing. I pretend to be intrigued and ask all the right questions. One thing for certain, they are all too religious. I am curious as to why men canít be a part of all this. I think it has to do with Lur mating with the seven wives, they got angry and killed him taking on all the power, but Iíll dig into that later.

After a few dates and making Dalday extremely uncomfortable, I did learn his routine. I broke into his house, copied the diary and left. It appears the High Priestess has spies in the inner court of Melisandraís staff. Iíll have to make arrangement to make their lives not so fun. I hand the copied diary to my mother and go party with Melisandra and Merlin.

A fellow by the name of Andrade shows up, claiming to be an Ambassador from Skyguard. He says that he has been attacked. Melisandra and I come to the conclusion that he must have inadvertently been fooling around with a married woman. Obviously he must have angered the man as he and Merlin were attacked later. After nursing their wounds, Martin, Melisandra and I went back to the festival. It has peaked my curiosity as to why anyone would take such interest in an Ambassador from Sky Guard. Iíll have to look more into it tomorrow.

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