June 05, 2004

Jade Session 4

Thoughts from Jade

I am determined to control the underground of Amber. Investigating the attack on Merlin and Andrade should help the cause. I went down to the scene of the crime as a street dog, but could sniff out nothing with all the scents of everything from the festival. I found a few darts, but that was pretty much all. I shifted to my Amanda form and gave my good friend Niven a ring. After a tumble in the sheets, an elaborate breakfast he told me I may find out more from the Spangler Group. Niven canít understand why I dabble in such things anymore. Heís made his fortune and appears to be retired. But I know better.

I leave a note at the tavern and find that I have urchins following me. Boring them with window-shopping amuses me. Once they realize that they have been made all but one scatter. I take an interest in this boy. We go to lunch, then shop some more. By the end of the day, he asks me what I would like him to report. I give him a silver coin and we walk back together. Once there, a gentleman approaches me. He goes on telling me that an attack was made on one by mistake. The intended victim was not the Prince. It seems that there is more to Andrade then I thought. It also seems that getting into this underground wonít be too difficult. I leave telling the thug that I will pass the message on, but that I will be coming back for more information in the future. I leave, and shift back into the street dog. As I suspected they make a run for it.

I follow them to the docs. I shift into Amanda, acquire some cloths and money. After negotiating a cabin I contact Merlin. He comes through with Mykal, Andrade and 2 Chaos guards. I find out that Andrade has Amber blood, but is not sure who his father is. Interesting. Iíll have to look into that as well. Andrade like myself does not want to swear fealty to Random. I like him more and more. Mykal, Andrade and myself break the 30 thugs to my mercy and now they know they will all work for me. Of course the thugs all think that this was payback for Andrade and Merlin. Iíll go with that.

We return to Amber and I find Corwin pumping a Deirdre look a like. He needs help. The next day I go back to the Spangler hide out and let them know to keep running the place as they have and that I will be back for more information and how a few things are changing. Iím in. Now my goal is to take over the entire underworld in Amber as well as Rebma.

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