June 06, 2004

Beyond Standard Trump

Standard (40 pts) gives you:

Sense active Trumps over a considerable area.
Trump Defense still requires a card, drops combat abilities to Amber or Chaos.
Identify callers by memory.
Make Trumps in about 6 hours from memory.

45-60, 5 points each and whom is known to use the technique (in [brackets] if known only to a few):

TRUMP GATES, best for those with high Endurance or Sorcerers or Pattern whizzes with access to shadow power sources (they can form a Gate at the source and plug it in). Fiona, Llewella, Flora (rarely).
TRUMP SPYING, best for high Psyche types with lots of free time and patience. Also useful to amp up your ability to detect Spying. Caine (who is not known for actually making Trumps), Brand.
TRICK TRUMPS -- specialized to emphasize one or more aspect. This includes the different aspects of a hyperrealistic Trumps (ease of use, range, resistance to energy and Power damage), art tricks like hidden images and abstract images (which make them harder for other people to use), Trumps that give a somewhat different 'feel' to the recipient), Trumps made to be used by a particular person only (not impossible for others to use, but a lot harder), hard-to-detect Trumps and other things you can con me into. Specialized Trumps take more time and effort to create; the base is 150% of normal, more if it's a time consuming art trick like a hidden image. Trump Traps, to the extent they exist, are regular Trumps of a prepared place trap. For instance, a Trump that looks like the entrance to Amber's Royal Library but is actually of a lookalike place in Shadow full of hostiles. Flora, [Llewella], [Fiona].
BLOCK or JAM TRUMPS, best for high Psyche folk. Block: interfere with a Trump contact or use within visual range. Jam: interfere with a person's Trump use or contacts by concentrating on a Trump of them. Fiona.
TRUMP ARTIFACTS -- imbue an object with Trump energies. Possibilites include making objects Trumpable, interfering with Trump within an object or a room (these would get eroded away by resistance unless plugged into to an external energy source), objects with simple Trump functions (detect, defense) operable by normal people or spirits. You can't imbue a person or spirit but you can teach them to use an empowered object. Fiona, [Llewella].
USE TRUMP DEFENSE WITHOUT A CARD, like it sounds. [Flora]
-- Yes, there are 30 points worth there; the last two 5 pointers are free.

65-80 points, 5 each, and who is known to have used the technique:

MENTAL TRUMPS, form a Trump image out of memory and willpower. Brand, Dworkin
TRUMP GUARDING, making objects', places' or peoples' images un-capturable, like most of Amber Castle. Dworkin
TRUMP DUPLICATION, may be more than a purely Trump effect. Dworkin
QUICK CREATION, rumor has it Dworkin could make minimalist Trumps in ten or fifteen minutes. Dworkin
REVERSE TRUMP, send someone back to the place or person they recently
Trumped from. Oberon, using the Jewel, but it should be possible.
-- high Psyche and/or Endurance look like musts for most of these tricks
-- as above, the 5th 5 pointer is free.

Mykal doubts that Flora ever learned to Spy or Block Trumps in the old days. Too easy to get caught.

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