June 07, 2004

High Attributes vs Powers

Some more advanced tricks require higher Attributes in order to do them at all, or to do them and not fall down after.

Benchmarks are based on the standard cost of the power: 50 for Pattern, 40 for Trump, 30 for Shapeshifting, 20 for Glamour, 15 for Sorcery, etc. The important benchmarks are 1/2X, 1X, 1.5X and 2X.

Extreme tricks are some of the highly advanced techniques like Mental Trumps and Fiona's shadow shortcut to the Primal Pattern. Both of those are Psyche AND Endurance tricks, figure you need 1/2 the base in both Atts to do the trick at all... and then fall down unconscious. More Psyche or End -- add them together -- allow you to stay conscious, do it better, do it longer. Some tricks, like starting to shadowwalk a mile out of Amber City, are Endurance based: 1x the base in Endurance. Some, like scanning a region of Shadow are Psyche based: 1x again.

So, for Pattern you want 25+ Psyche to do things really slick or 25+ Endurance to do them really fast or hard. 50's are even better, including net 50's for combined Att tricks.

Trump gets a wider spread as some tricks are based on time or artistry, but your target for slick is 20, then 40.

Shapeshifting is almost all Endurance, but Psyche doesn't hurt. First target is 15, then 30. But 45 or 60... ooh baby.

Glamour's first target is 10, then 20. Obscure/Dazzle/Sense is Psyche, Command is End (or both if you're tricky) and Enslave is both. All deal with Psyche resistance but Obscure/Dazzle is insidious. Instant Enslavement is an extreme trick, btw. Queen Neave's Psyche + End are quite high, and even she was getting tired and cranky after doing it three times.

TARGET NUMBERS ARE APPROXIMATE -- aside from bare minimums. Almost equal to a base cost is almost as good as equal to it, and slightly more is slightly better.

Posted by randy at June 7, 2004 09:14 PM | TrackBack

Ouch, guess i'd better stick with straight combat, :(
You didnt include a "fall down BEFORE, just thinking about doing this" section.


Posted by: Mike at June 8, 2004 01:49 AM

Artifacts, Tricks and Cardless Defense are the most useful ones anyway and none of them are big Psyche drains. Gates are hard for anybody but you can get a fair number of trained troops through a Gate in 5 minutes. With more Trumps and trained users, lots more. Everybody has to use some sort of help to gate armies fast -- and Gates are blazingly obvious while regular Trumping isn't. Jamming and Blocking with not so great Psyche will still delay people just a bit while they break through; that can be critical. The Warfare + Trump combination is kick-ass; it gets you fast access to all kinds of Warfare tools: troops, weapons, allies -- and gets you out of trouble faster than you get into it. Usually.

Besides, more points into Attributes at lower levels always gives good value. Psyche helps with every power you get and against every power you fight. Endurance helps with everything when the going gets tough.

Posted by: Randal Trimmer at June 8, 2004 05:27 AM

That's a nice little rule of thumb system.

Posted by: Arref at June 8, 2004 06:38 AM