June 19, 2004

Mykal's Journal

Mykalís Journal Session 4/5?

Duty Officer of the Day.
Final day of the Festival of Masks

Interesting Trumps of some birds, useful as spies. Fly them around a bit experimenting and learning to ďdriveĒ them. I will have to see if the owlís night vision is up to some minor peeping later.

Late Morning:
Auntie Fiona dropped by, she had read my security report and was curious about Merlin and Andre, she asked about the attacks, and how Merlin handled himself. She admitted to doing the Bird Trumps.

Early Afternoon:
Caught sight of Uncle Bleys moving around in a rather poor disguise, he had good bodyguards, but I sent a detachment to the area anyway, just in case he needs them. The spy-birds work great Iíll have to see if there are any special tricks to trumping a specific elemental like that.
Jade trumped me, she wants a favor. She would like some trumps made, and Iím glad to finally have a favor owed TO me rather than BY me. Rather nice feeling, hoping to be having more of these in the future.

Late Afternoon:
Birds reacted to something, get in the drivers seat in time to catch a trumpout, a disguised man with an unconscious black haired woman. WAY too much damage for a normal Amberite, it had to be royals. And since I have only ONE aunt with black hairÖ Decided to turn this one over to the elders, and Trumped Gerard. I could see he shared my suspicions as I described what I had seen, and the locations of the royals that I could find seemed to solidify those suspicions. He brought King Random into it, and they began investigating and questioning witnesses. Too bad he doesnít know Andre was there, what the heck was he doing helping to clean up the mess, Iíll have to ask him later.
Gerard came back a bit later, wanted to know what Merlin was up to. So we took a walk, seems heís begun packing. Corwin has recalled him to Argent on some matter or other. Gerard told him to do the right thing, I told him to trump me later if he needs me.

Evening through the early Morning:
Normal last day scuffles and fun, everyone trying to get the most out of the last day. Couple of scuffles the guards handled easily, and plenty of drinking and sexing. Stupid owls donít work the best for peeping though, looking through an elementalís eyes, while Itís looking through an owls eyes just doesnít give much detail. Especially through a window at night.

Turned the Duty over to the guard officers, on the way out I dropped by the armory to get a couple escrima sticks, hardened nicely for royal use. These will make nice, non-lethal, substitutes for my blades. Then I went home and crashed.

Late Afternoon:
Got back up, cleaned up and decided to go chase down Andre. Headed to the Skyguard Embassy. He fed me then we took a walk toward my townhouse, discussed several things, among them his witnessing the fight between who we took to be Corwin and Dierdre. Realizing we were being spied on, by someone I hadnít noticed but was MUCH closer than Iíd normally allow while discussing certain things. I counter attacked to put him off his guard, Bastard Chaosian was as fast as Gerard, though only about as strong as myself. It did get a spell or something in on me to distract me, only partially effective, but a pair of bystanding guards got popped with a sleep spell or something. Luckily Andre backed me up and was just enough to keep him from thrashing me outright, though it did get in a good lick before popping a flash and Trumping out. Trumps, Spells, and as battle savvy as one of my uncles, nasty piece of work that. Trumped Gerard again, I think heís beginning to get an attitude about that, I keep bringing him bad news, though it could just be the frustration of his other investigation is getting on his nerves. He got back at me though, he sicced Auntie Fi on me. Lovely woman, but unsettling aura around her. And way too curious about certain things Iím trying to keep under my hat. Seems that was an unusual power used on us, rather than spells, and sheís an expert. Checked me out, then we went and checked the guards. She left muttering something about having to check on something, she did seem to recognize the power signature or whatever it is.
Andre and I got back together at my place, Heíd been hiding there while I distracted Auntie Fi. Not that I was all too sure she wasnít wise to us anyway. We discussed the new development, and decided that the Chaosians were entirely too interested in his affairs for some reason. Iíve been bumping up against them way too often the last few days myself.

Spent the evening at the Library, chatting with an attractive assistant librarian, and researching the locations of my aunts and uncles during certain, specific times, as well as my Momís whereabouts and activities. Set it up so my servant can come and continue without me being there to supervise.
Left to go get some sleep.

Next Day:
Auntie Fi trumped me, brought her through, she wants me to come out to shadow and do some defense training against that power that was used on me. Defense being a good idea, I agree. We head out to some location she knows, and I get abused by someone very powerful with a similar (the same?) power. Finally get a decent handle on defending myself from a casual application anyway. Fiona has imbued some poor defenseless elemental with a bit of the power, and wants me to help pull in some of the Royals to familiarize them with the power, and recognizing it. I get to familiarize Gerard, my Mom, and some of the cousins. I also have Auntie Fi show me a Fast time shadow to do all this at, (and to do my trumps in), may cost me later but it will be worth it. Get set up, familiarize Gerard and Mom with no trouble, then trump Jade and bring her in, show her how to familiarize someone then start a trump of the area, while she brings in Martin, Melisandre, and her mother Lewella. I finish in time to follow along as Jades Mom decides to go hunting a source of the power to keep the cycle going or something like that. We find a lovely pool of condensed moonlight, complete with unicorns and werewolves. Several bathe in the pool and come out empowered with Glamour, after most depart I have an epiphany, and break out my painting gear, I do a trump of the location.

I then trump back to that fast time shadow, spend some time setting up a studio apartment and making arrangements for its upkeep and such. Then spend several days cranking out trumps and training myself how to use certain effects in my trumps, and how to trump an item (Auntie Fiís trump closet was just TOO cool)
I have Jades trumps ready, but Iíve crammed too much trump work in too short a time, giving me persistent headaches and leaving me in a foul mood.
Unless something comes up Iím going to take a couple days in Naipon with some geisha, being fed grapes and massaged to within an inch of becoming putty. Being given the ďVisiting KamiĒ treatment might put me in a better mood.

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