June 21, 2004

Andre's Journal Session 5

Andre’s Journal;

It appears my issues with the chaosians are not yet at an end. I had a rather disturbing encounter with a large horned gentleman in the street today. Duke Mykal and myself were strolling about discussing items of mutual interest when we detected an unwelcome eavesdropper. The fellow sporting the horns had used some strange power on us to make us ignore his presence and was closely following us about, listening to our conversation. We turned to brace him and a minor skirmish broke out. Our foe was quite nimble and evaded our attacks with only minor difficulty. Most annoying. I can only hope Mykal was able to obtain an impression of him for later trump making.

The whole thing is likely to shed even more unwelcome light in my direction. I am near the point of just announcing myself and getting it over with.


Research by Fiona has revealed the source of the power used on us. It is called Glamour and is common in fae shadows. It can be defended against with some difficulty without partaking of it. I just went ahead bathed myself in the mystical moonlight, taking the initial step to mastering the power myself for future use. Most interesting it was too. I decided to initiate my bodyguards as well….now they are quite high with the power and not able to function as intended just yet.

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