June 21, 2004

Andre's Journal Session 6

Another Entry in Andre's Journal:

I am so screwed. I returned to the compound after a research session at Tir N’goth only to discover my bodyguards had been detected and arrested as glamour users by the Amber officials. I fear it is time to come clean as I can no longer avoid scrutiny by the elder members of the family. Best I do it myself on my own terms.

Tir N’Goth was very interesting. I think I encountered the ghost of one of Oberon’s secret service people from years ago. This is further indication that the stories of “Old John” have some bearing on my interest. I tried to communicate, to no avail. The ghost of Oberon was there as well and took an instant dislike to being bothered…he more or less booted me from the ghostly castle.

In the morning I shall report to the King and see what kind of arrangement I can work out.


I met with the King and a handful of the elders and have been welcomed to the royal family. When I admitted to my shapeshifting abilities, it was decided not to publicly announce my acceptance. Instead the King wants me to continue acting as a target for the mysterious horned man. The next time I am to call upon Gérard to pound him should he make an appearance. Life will be interesting for a while.

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