June 30, 2004

Log: Session 6

Jade trumps her mother and is pulled through somewhere that may be in Chaos. Llewella’s dress catches Jade by surprise, and soon Llewella has Jade dressed in the same basic attire. In this shadow it appears that the Fae Power is also being used. Unlike the other world, here the servants are being whipped and tortured for nobles' pleasure. Jade tells her mother that she would like to meet her biological father so he may show her the ways of chaos. Llewella pulls up a trump of a desk and in the back finds an old trump of Jade’s father. She hands the trump of Vramine to Jade along with a ring and amulet. Llewella tells Jade that the ring is for Vramine to know that she is under her protection, and the amulet is to keep anyone from tampering with Jade’s mind and body. Jade returns to Rebma and has Pelydryn armor her up for going into Chaos.

In the city of Amber, André decides to go shopping for a safari outfit, equipped with miscellaneous trinkets and weapons. He finds a store that is more than happy to supply him with his needs, however some of the items require permission from a Royal of Amber. Having tasted the blood of Deirdre before, he shifts into her form and walks into the store giving permission for André to purchase whatever he wants. André then returns to the library in Castle Amber searching for information that may lead him to finding out who his biological parent from Amber is.

Mykal meditates to concentrate on creating the trump for Jade. He is working on trying to have the image of cherry blossoms come to mind when the trump is used. After a time, he figures out how to do it and spends hours making a trump. He contacts Jade, then, trumps Amanda. Jade is very impressed and very grateful when Mykal hands her the trump. Mykal goes back to meditating and reflects on how he felt like an orphan during his childhood. He contacts his mother who offers him assistance in creating his next trump. She tells him that Deirdre is still missing. They also discuss the Faye power, and Flora believes that cold iron may work against it.

Jade completely outfitted and in her mother’s colors goes to the stables in Amber and is given a horse. She heads into shadow towards chaos. After testing the trump several times, she eventually makes contact with Vramine. He looks like an insect and has others around him. Jade identifies herself as the daughter of Princess Llewella and would like to talk to him when he is alone. Jade trumps him a few hours later and is pulled onto a cloud along with the horse. Jade shows him the ring of Llewella and tells him that from a liaison that he had with her mother in the past, she is the result. Jade does not want him to claim her as his daughter, just to teach her the ways of chaos. He tries to have Jade agree to take him to Rebma one day. Jade informs him, for that he must get permission from Princess Llewella. Jade then trumps her mother with Vramine’s help and Vramine pushes the horse to Llewella telling her that the pet cannot stay.

André takes the form of an owl and flies to Tir-na Nog’th. He finds that he must touch the stairs or the city alludes him. Once on top he resumes his natural naked form. The wraiths move about not taking any notice of him. Oberon is sitting on the throne and there appears to be trial of some sort going on. He follows Oberon and a girl into a secret room. Oberon leaves and André tries to make contact with the girl. He finally cuts his finger drawing blood and touches her. Startled, she tells the ghost of André to go away. He says that he can’t for he is a ghost of the future and he must fulfill his mission. She informs André that she cannot help him. She says a power word and runs away. André decides to search for Oberon. He finds him looking at a pamphlet. André tries the same trick, but Oberon dodges him and pulls the power of the pattern to create a hurricane like environment pushing André out of the palace. Wisely, Andrade leaves.

Mykal is given a tori stone from his mother and uses its power to create trumps. It helps him focus and create objects easier. Mykal goes to Nai Pawn and checks on his household. He sets up a cabinet full of weapons and other supplies with the intention of creating a trump so he can obtain any of these items via trump. He is interrupted by a trump call from Fiona who says that his mother insists that he be checked again to make sure all influences of the Faye power have been removed. Now in his mother’s studio he sees his mother with a fire poker twisted into a pretzel glaring at Fiona. Fiona placers her hand on his forehead, and his mother places hers on the back of his neck. Both women concentrate and moon glow wisps dissipate from his head into the air. Both women are exhausted as well as Mykal. Flora pours drinks for the three of them. Fiona finishes hers and excuses herself. Both Flora and Mykal then talk about his father. She says that she has made a promise to him, to not reveal too much, but that he was famous in Nai Pawn and that he should take the day walk tour to find out the history about his father.

Vramine pulls up the logrus and takes Jade on the black road. Shielded from most of the effects of the logrus, Jade still pukes while traveling. At Vramine’s home, he escorts her to her room, which is four times the size of the throne room in Amber. The two engage in a mock fight and Jade chooses not to humiliate him and just barely defeats him. He then takes her to his lab and has her remove the amulet given to her by Llewella saying that he can’t teach her if he can’t help shift her. Reluctantly Jade obeys. She is shifted into various forms and tastes a variety of poisons and antidotes. The two eat dinner and Jade does her best to be grateful for the unique food that is served. Jade retires to her room longing for a bubble bath. The servants are confused and say they will try to have one ready for her in the morning. Jade suffers from hot and cold flashes and has fuzzy creatures sleep with her to keep her body temperature normal. The next morning Jade is taken to a room and placed in a giant sized washer that shoots bubbles. Jade is washed and rinsed and then tries to explain in detail what a bubble bath is. The servants say they will work on it. Jade returns to the lab and once again returns to the grueling shifting with Vramine. At dinner, Jade recognizes a lot of the poisonous food as well as antidotes and eats with her father. She retires to her room and a make shift bubble bath where she passes out from exhaustion.

André is questioned by a guard in Amber for the behavior of his Weir companions. André claims that Mykal gave him permission to let his Weir companions take on the Faye power. Fiona is brought in and she trumps Mykal. Mykal vouches for André stating that they are all his agents. André’s companions are released and André is taken to Random. Knowing that he can’t keep up the charade much longer, André comes clean and tells Random the truth about himself. Random has him prove that he has the powers of pattern when he rolls the dice and André says they will be a three. He gets snake eyes, but Random says that he felt the power of the pattern. André swears fealty and Gérard, Flora and Fiona step in. He is given the title of Duke of Kolvir with no land. It is agreed that his identity will not be announced so they can flush out the Chaosian that has been hunting him down. André is given a tour of the castle and Random hands him a deck of family trump drawn from Dworkin. Flora will work on the other members of the family that are not in Dworkin’s deck.

Mykal prepares to take the tour in Nai Pawn and is trumped by his mother. She congratulates him on his deception of Andrade and also tells Mykal to make sure that he stops at all the shrines on the walking tour. Mykal decides to speed up the pace but takes more time at the shrines. All are beautiful, but he does not get the meaning until he reaches the last shrine. His father was a warrior who was betrayed and asked to kill himself by the emperor. Mykal has made up his mind to set the record straight and gain back honor for his father. He returns to his home and completes all his trumps including his closet.

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