June 30, 2004

Thoughts from Jade, Session 6

With all the poisons going around, I find it is time to learn more about them. I trump my mother who seems to be somewhere in Chaos. She has her hair all slicked back and she is in a very provocative gown. She pulls be through, waives her hand and has me dressed appropriately for this place, some Fae domain. Exquisite manners go side by side with grossest indulgence. Fae nobles in fantasic costumes exchange barbed quips while sipping delicate vintages while others screw on couches or neurowhip screaming slaves for fun. Fae eye me and Mother resentfully or fearfully as we pass. My mother tells me that they are typical Fae, jaded, cruel and petty from centuries of boredom. She does not introduce me to anyone saying they are not worth knowing. I tell her that I want to meet my father. She is puzzled and I explain to her that I want to know more about poisons and the ways of chaos. She understands and tells me that Chaos is a lot like where we are now, but different in many ways. She pulls out a trump of a desk and searches in it and pulls out a sealed trump. She hands it to me along with an amulet for protection of my mind and body along with a signet ring to warn my father that he will risk vendetta if any harm comes to me. From looking at the trump, I can see that it is old and that she spent a lot of time making it from all the details. My father has green hair and green eyes, wearing a white suit and a few gold chains. My mother tells me that his name is Vramine and that he is not her long lost love, just someone she was involved with for a while. Iíll have to find out at another time who her long lost love was. Me, I donít have time for that silly business. Itís all love them and leave them to me.

I return to Rebma and meet up with Pelydryn. I tell her that mother has me going to Chaos to find out a few things and I need her help in getting me suited up in protective armor as well as weapons. Pelydryn is deeply concerned but is very precise in making sure I am armored to the teeth and well as having weapons of every sort in every nook and crevice in my armor as well as my hair. I also make sure that I am in my motherís colors as well as getting my hair done. After I feel I am as ready as I ever will be I head to the stable in Amber wanting a horse to take with me into shadow. I am given a loaner and head out into shadow towards Chaos.

After a few attempts I make contact with Vramine. He looks nothing like the trump. In fact, he is gross. He is obviously in a demonic form and resembles a very nasty looking spiny lizard. At least I know, I donít have to worry about the guys I bring home to mother. How she hooked up with him, I have no idea. Iíll have to get that story later. I tell him that my name is Jade and that I am the daughter of Princess Llewella and am the result of a liaison from their friendship. He tells me to contact him in a little while. I continue heading towards chaos for a few hours and trump him again. He is now resembling the trump my mother drew, but he is older and wearing way too many gold chains. I am going to have to show him how to dress. He pulls me and my horse through onto a little solidified cloud, one of many, miles apart, floating over the edge of the Abyss. I tell him that I want to learn more about the ways of Chaos, and more importantly the shifting poisons and antidotes. He tries to get me to agree to one day show him around Rebma. I remembered by motherís warning of deals he may try to make and tell him that I will offer him nothing except my gratitude and that if he wants to go to Rebma, he must take it up with my mother. I also inform him that I do not want him to claim me as his daughter, but since he is my biological father, the least he could do is teach me. Vramine says the notion is quaint but has taken some interest in me. He takes a look at my horse and asks what do I want to do about my pet. I tell him that I have to return it, so I attempt to trump mom. I am so far away from her, that I am struggling, Vramine puts a finger on my back and contact is made. Before I can say anything, he tells mom ďHere is our offspringís petĒ pushes it through and closes the contact. Mom is not going to be happy having a horse in her room in Rebma. The poor horse is probably completely traumatized.

Vramine pulls up the logrus and a black road is made. I can tell that he is shielding me from most of the ill effects; however, I find it impossible to keep my stomach down. Humiliated I throw up. Vramine doesn't bat an eye. We get to his palace and we spend some time having me get adjusted to how to walk in his Escheresque palace -- a "traditional design." The environment is ever changing and what looks like a straight walk way is not. Codes -- words or gestures -- are necessary to open many of the doors or to warn you of conditions on the other side. Eventually I can move about the castle without getting lost or disoriented. He takes me to a room saying that it is not one of the larger rooms. To me, itís gigantic. Itís at least four times the size of the throne room in castle Amber, in a three-dimensional design. I immediately get the urge to find out how well my father is with a sword and challenge him to a mock battle. Heís bad, or at least equivalent to an Amber Guard. I decide not to humiliate him, and pretend that it takes more effort to defeat him. We then go to his lab and he says in order for him to help me shift, I have to remove the amulet my mother gave me. He tells me not to worry, as he does not want to risk vendetta with Llewella. I guess I am going to have to trust him to an extent, but the amulet will go back on when our sessions are done. We spend hours shifting into creatures, plants, and partially shifting. He has me taste several poisons and antidotes. Just when I donít think I can do any more, he pushes me further. At the point of me collapsing we stop and have dinner. I have never seen such disgusting looking food in my life. However, I am a guest here and must be gracious not to mention, I wanted to learn about this place, so I better learn to acquire a taste for this stuff.

After dinner I retire to my room. I ask the servants if there is a bubble bath that I can take. They look at me oddly and point to pools outside. I try to explain a bubble bath to them and they are truly confused. They say they will do their best to arrange for one for me in the morning. My body is reacting to all the poisons in my system and my temperature goes from hot to cold in seconds. I am surrounded in my bed with small furry creatures that are regulating my body. The next morning, the servants take me to a room and have me get into what looks like a huge washing machine. [*Actually an artwork equivalent to a decorative fountain, a cathedral-sized, zero-gee, ever-changing array of watery vortices. GM] I know that they have gone out of their way to prepare a bubble bath for me and fear death if I am not satisfied, so I go in. I get out as soon as I can and tell them thank you, but that it is not what I wanted. I felt pity from seeing the fear in their eyes. I tell them not to worry, and that I am pleased with their efforts. I tried to explain a bathtub to them. I told them that I would even be fine with a large cooking pot. They thought that I wanted to cook myself. After a time of explaining the concept of a bubble bath to them, I think they got it. They said they would see what they could do. I met my father in the lab, and we started our day all over again. It was worse than yesterday, but I am learning a great deal. At dinner, the meal was different. A lot of the courses were poisonous creatures that I had shifted into. There were also several antidotes that I would take before or after I ate. I enjoyed testing it all out, but Vramine stopped me after I got a little crazy, saying that he was not going to risk vendetta with Llewella over dinner. I still have a lot to learn. After dinner I went to my room and was surprised by a beautifully created bubble bath. I got in and was held up by several creatures. I had to kick a few out saying that I just wanted to soak, not be washed. They were thankful for that. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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I did a little editing. Frex, the fae slaves being whipped were NOT enjoying themselves. Fae nobles are mostly a nasty bunch.

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