July 26, 2004

The Patternfall Treaty

There isn't one. Yet.

Random has tasked Fiona to do the negotiations. She'll be very busy negotiating for weeks at a time, then stuck waiting as some internal process works its way through the Courts.

A few facts have come out to the royal family. The King of Chaos rejects the concept of the Dancing Mountains as a border. Too big to patrol, impossible to enforce. Besides, some Chaos lords have domains on Amber's side of the DM, or at least claim to, and some Princes of Amber are suspected of controlling real estate on the Chaos side. The former does not please the King, nor that the Chaosites seem to be aware of Benedict's expedition across the DMs.

Instead, each monarch will recognize the other's sphere of control and sphere of interest, and the good manners of not massing armies too close to the other. They will establish procedures for registering grievances short of war. Squatters from the other sides will be well advised to tread very lightly lest they get squashed.

Other issues, such as treatment of noble (LoC, Amberite) prisoners, extradition, etc. are under discussion.

There is no Amber embassy in the Courts, nor even a mission like the Chaosian one in Amber City. Random wants to keep the Courts at a distance. The Courts see Amber as a lost colony that will naturally fit into the structure of the Courts, one way or another, eventually. Or so they pretend.

Fiona employs a staff of legalists from various shadows to help out.

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