July 26, 2004

Rating a Shadow's Magic

Most shadows are rated Zero.

In a shadow with a negative rating, magic is harder to do. Subtract the rating from your Psyche and Endurance for the purpose of magical operations. If it drops below Chaos you can't do Sorcery or Conjuration at all. Low-magic usually means a weak biosphere too.

In a shadow with a positive rating, add the rating to your Psyche and Endurance for magic. At +30 or more, every normal human can do magic naturally. Such places are usually weird wastelands, wracked by centuries-old remnants of titanic spells. The few survivors in such worlds tend to be the hardest of hardasses, in terms of both ruthlessness and magical skill.

Some shadows have positive or negative ratings for particular aspects of magic, like healing, fire magic or mentalism.

+/- 10 is unusual, about 1:10. +/- 20 is rare, about 1:100. +/- is very rare, about 1:1000.

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