August 10, 2004

Mykal's Journal Session 7

Investigating the events surrounding the death of my Father and his Liege. Many reports of …suspicious actions of the people involved. Closer investigation reveled a strange courtesan, located a picture showing her to have BLUE eyes. Was gifted the picture upon inquiring about price (reminder: do something nice for that house). Mom recognized the courtesan as my Aunt Dierdre, and explained that they used to hose things up for each other on a regular basis. Mom is NOT happy, and it’s a good thing Auntie Dierdre is not available. I’ll have to meditate on what Honor demands, being a part of this family has seriously muddied up my ex-clear-cut honor code.

Random trumped me, wanted me to go help Uncle Benedict, of course I agreed. Packed up and headed for the field. Trumped Uncle B. and went through to Shadow. Wound up at his forward base of operations, on the Courts side. He wanted me to “distract” a Liaison sent by the courts, he also complained about having to smack bucketheads from the Courts around every day. Liaison is named Margali of House Crane. Pretty cute human form, got enough attitude for a dozen royal houses. Had to go into full COURT mode, that got a raised eyebrow. She is good though, knew what I was up to as soon as I opened my mouth. Nonverbally let me know that she knew, then played along. Got to watch Uncle B. smush some Chaos punk, Margali says the find it an honor, even if they die at his hands…strange people.

Next day went “riding” with Uncle B and a group of soldiers, shadow walked them around a bit to get used to moving on this side. Back in camp and Uncle decided to allow another challenge, this one seemed a bit odd for some reason, couldn’t pin down why. Uncle B had a much harder time with this one, but finally struck a mortal blow. PINDROP, Family Death Curse!!! On uncle B? Cursed to NEVER HEAL? I couldn’t react fast enough, and still cursing the fact I had nothing to throw. (Note…never never never go out without a dagger ever again)
At the same time couple of the hangers on from Chaos watching started pulling stuff through TRUMPS, nasty looking critters too. Grabbed my trump of Gerard and Pushed to reach him, got through and told him we were under attack, Benedict NEEDS him. He came through after grabbing a couple weapons. Then we went ballistic on the critters, Uncle B took a hard hit from the biggest critter, and doesn’t look so good. Gerard and I helped finish it off, and do mop-up. Briefed Gerard on what happened and he and Uncle B went after the Chaos person who cursed him. They both seemed to know who she was (found out later, was Dara, Uncle B’s alleged great-grandaughter!) Caught sight of Margali off in the woods watching and pantomimed asking if she was involved with this (she had acted surprised before running off away from the critters). She yelled back that she was not, but she didn’t trust us not to kill her, she was going to leave to report to her King.

Gerard trumped Random, and the King gave a withdrawal order. Packing up the camp, soldiers, and equipment. Gerard went ahead with Uncle B, who REALLY didn’t look good, injured and not healing.
Got everyone back, got cleaned up. King Random summoned the family together. Seems Uncle B isnt doing well, and he wants ideas. After fruitless brainstorming and attempting to counter the curse, (including some kind of shapeshifting thing done by Andre). It was decided to make the attempt to attune Uncle Benedict to the Jewel of Judgement, to try to negate the death curse. He died in the attempt, but placed a Death curse of his own. Down one Uncle, one cousin I never met, and a bunch of angry family members around me. Wont be any meditating around here for awhile. Cheers Uncle, sorry I didn’t get to know you better.

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