August 14, 2004

Thoughts From Jade, Session 7

Keeping in practice and needing a challenge I decide to break into my fatherís inner circle that has been forbidden to me. I get in pretty far, at least further than I anticipated I would, before I set off alarms. I quickly tell Vramine, that I was not interested in stealing anything or searching for any information. I truly just wanted to see how far I could get. He was impressed and alarmed.

Father and I talked about politics in Chaos and Amber. I made it very clear to him that I do my best to stay out of it all. This way everyone leaves me alone. Vramine called me a free loader. We didnít have much time to talk as his home was under attack. I followed him out to the open where we saw fire angels and other creatures. My father wanted to protect me and I was getting flustered not being able to get into the action. Finally I told him that he needed to let me go, and that I could handle these creatures with minimal problems. I informed him that he had mistakenly judged my fighting skills off our sparing. I rolled my eyes and told him that he was not even childís play and at the time I did not want to offend him. He offered me any weapon of my choice. I wanted two scimitars enhanced to hit the flesh of these fire angels. I quickly beheaded the first and worked towards the others. The trump artist got away and eventually all the invading creatures were slaughtered. Father was deeply impressed and then he knew how I was useful to Amber and Rebma.

After the battle I dissected the fire angels learning about their poisons and practiced shifting into one, (even if I was a midget in comparison). I tell father that my time here is done and he escorts me to the Dancing Mountains. He once again attempts to have me agree to bring him to Rebma or Amber. As usual, I tell him he must go through mother.

I make my way to shadow earth in the 1920ís. After a few muggings, burglaries and bank robberies, I decide to live in London. I purchase an apartment and hire a staff. I am going to be an actress, gangster and join the circus. I may even become a gymnast. Iíll have to have many different personalities for all of these new roles, but this should be fun. I need to work on a few skills and this seems to be the best place to start. I contact mother and let her know where I am and tell her of my adventures with father. Mother wants me to give her poisons and antidotes in exchange for more trumps. Works for me. I then contact Aunt Flora and let her know my intentions (but not all of them). Flora gives me her blessing along with a list of companies to not mess with, and residences to not burglarize and to please not cause too many wars. Agreed.

Mother later trumps me to say that Benedict is dying. I come home to Amber. From what I understand, he killed his daughter (Dara) in battle and she blood cursed him to never heal. Chaos refuses to help. I pull mother aside to see if she can work out a deal with father to help him. She leaves for a while and returns with Vramine and says that he is a friend of hers from Chaos. He agrees to help only if all the other elders besides Random are not present. Vramine attempts to heal Benedict and catches on fire. His logrus blood does not work well with the pattern blood of Benedict. Vramine then walks Andrade through step by step on how to do it. Andrade is only able to create patches, but Benedict can not heal. Vramine leaves. Benedict and Random decide to try to use the Jewell. Random is knocked out, Benedict dies, and another Blood curse from Benedict demanding Justice is decreed. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

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These were average Fire Angels. Stronger than Jade with very, very strong chiten but nowhere near as fast or skilled. They didn't get a chance to gang up on her. Someone far less skilled than Jade like, say, Merlin, would need the equivalent of a lightsaber to be sure of unscathed victory. She can hit their joints reliably, he can't.

They also eat magic cast at them or around them, according to Vramin.

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Vramin's attempt was done in secret, as in State Secret. Llewella, Random, Jade (as Llew's shapeshifting expert) and Andre (as Random's) were present. It's understood that Llewella was the primary in this. She owes Vramin a really big favor. Random owes him a moderate one. Vramin is recovering in Llewella's care.

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