August 25, 2004

Mykal's Journal 8

Uncle Caine wanted me to attempt to trump cousin Tyler, who is overdue in reporting and not answering Caine’s attempts. Assuming he was blocking or being blocked I tried a subtle approach, got a minor contact. He is in pain, broken leg I think. My contact was quickly detected, shouting around tyler and I was blocked. Not sure if tyler did it or someone else. Caine looked kind of worried when I briefed him. No sense of location.

Uncle Benedicts funeral was moving, cousin Martin inherited his estate, with gifts to all family members. Uncle left me a Wakazashi, dang thing is undestructable, very tough weapon, I shall use it in your memory uncle.
King Random questioned me about Morgali, the so-called Liason Uncle Benedict was inflicted with. Wanted to know if she reacted like she knew of the plan. She didn’t, but then again if she IS a politician she could be a consummate actress.
Uncle Bleys will take over Uncle Benedicts mission to recon out in Shadow, no idea how that will turn out.

Mom wants me to loan her my trump of the Glamour Pool, and she wants me to come along to watch her back. Now THERE is a request I just cant refuse. When we get to the pool it has changed, no so full of glowy stuff. Mom decides to shadowwalk to a better source, and walks us to another pool, this one in use by the fey. The fey decide to object strenuously to our use of the pool and we have to run them off, I don’t think I killed more than a dozen or so, maybe it was half…oh well. Mom takes the glamour and comes out a bit later all glowy-eyed, and we trump back to shadowEarth. I hadnt even got my feet up on the coffee table yet and Mom has me go check out a report that Merlin is in Paris. He is and we have a discussion about who’s influence he’ trying to hide under, guess he wasn’t aware the Mom has her influence in all these shadowEarths. He decides to bail, and he seems to be in a bad mood, so I accompany him to a dive shadow where we proceed to get drunk, hyper-sex some ladies, and fight off some steam. Merlin has a bad case of guilty consience to work off, never comes out and tells me about it though. I was hopeful. I did find out that there is some kind of connection to Corwins universe through Moms/Corwins ShadowEarth Paris. I may have to experiment later, knowing is half the battle, and surprise is the other half.
After a week I could see he was gettting a clearer head and wasn’t likely to let anything else slip, as well as probably not getting himself killed. I told him to call me if he needs anything, and I departed for ShadowEarth. I briefed Mom on most of the situation, and she is still supremely uninterested in getting involved in the Corwin/Dierdre situation, even for vengeance. I think I will be guided by her at this time, may be just a bit more than I want to involve myself in. My father’s justice will come in time, perhaps it is even now being written. Possible Courtesan to her own brother, poetic anyway, if not entirely satisfying.
I trump back to Amber and brief King Random, again on MOST of the situation, and he wants me to place people to watch Merlin. I take the time to aquire a pair of throwing daggers, then brush up on my combat skills, starting to get rusty with all this trump work.

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