September 08, 2004

Mykal's Journal Entry 9

Set up and began training a strike team of my Naipon retainers, currently 3 shifts of 6 decently trained samurai warriors, will continue their training as time permits. (I need hardened weapons and armor for the teams) set up a Trump of the team ready room, got the tricky team effect to work, could be smoother though.

After the teams are set up and the schedule started, left my team captains in charge of continuing training and began to think of how to find out more about Tyler’s predicament, if in fact he is being held captive. On a whim I pulled his trump to see if I could get a distance/direction effect from a minor contact attempt. Worked only partially, even trumping to other places I have trumps for. I did get the feeling he is deep on the chaos side, which puts triangulation at a disadvantage, I need to get to Chaos to be close enough. How can I get there without walking for weeks? Hmmm…ahh, Merlin is a Trump artist too, I bet he has a bunch of trumps over there.

Trumped Merlin, who was severely hung over, had him pull me through and waited while he shapeshifed the alcohol out of his system (interesting trick would be nice to learn that) I then recruited his assistance in locating Tyler. He wasn’t enthusiastic, but agreed. He wanted some more bodies, so I got a trio of shield bearer samurai from Naipon, and we trump out to chaos. Some snake looking thing guarded first place we trumped to, so Merlin quickly trumped us to another (less protected) spot. I tried my triangulation trick and found he was easily in range of contact and locating. I decided to get a peek and did the sly contact trick again. His guardians were less observant this time and I got a good peek, the have him drugged and are using him as breeding stock, in fact he is being bred right now.

I decide the best time for a rescue attempt would be right now, no time to get backup. I briefed Merlin and the shield bearers on the situation and Merlin and I went to work on focusing and forcing enough contact we can pull ourselves through to his location (not easy in his drugged state). With a lot of effort we pull ourselves through with the shield bearers, to interrupt the ongoing coitus (the so-called lady sure hopped off fast though, good reactions).
Evaluate the Situation, nude chaosian lady, big guard on each side.. I holler for Merlin to go after the lady, the shield bearers to block the far guard and I go after the near guard. Spring Breeze comes to my hand like a whisper. I activate her and the air blast blinds the near guard long enough for a quick kill.
Tactical Reevaluation… Merlin is having problems with the lady, she is casting it looks like, the far guard backhanded a shield bearer into the wall with little problem… Conclusion go for the caster. I hit her hard and body-block her into the wall, she seems a bit stunned, but the far guard has decided I am the threat (go figure) and grabs me from behind. He grabs me by the shoulder and bashes me into the ceiling; I manage to spin out of the follow up downward stroke and land on my feet. Spring Breeze goes to work. He goes down as quickly as the other guard did, and I turn my attention back to the Chaosian. Merlin is setting up and beginning a lunge to run it through, Shouting “Prisoner” I push him aside and body block her/it into the wall again and bash it with the hilt of my weapon till she (the heck with it..she) goes down unconscious.

We recover our wits, the bearer bashed into the wall was merely stunned, I begin to bind the lady, Merlin starts wedging the door. We then turn our attention to Tyler, crucified and drugged. We pull him free of his nails, (sooo tempting to kick the prisoner) and lacking medical kits we bind his wounds the best we can. (the drug is still addling his mind ... he tries to get friendly with me twice before I give him a right cross to put him out… I mean ease his suffering)
Whoops..time to go, we have guards beginning to bash down the door. I grab Tyler, Merlin grabs the prisoner, and we collect the guards and trump out to Merlins spot nearby to give us time to make the long Trump back to ShadowEarth and mom’s hospital, for Tyler. We Trump out and get Tyler into Mom’s hospital for medical care. Merlin then trumps off to where he was relaxing, I grab the prisoner and Trump back to my town house in Amber. Bringing the shield bearers with me, they seemed to get more than they expected, even being retainers of a half-kami samurai, so I’ll put them in my guard force in amber and have my major-domo there keep an eye on them for a bit. He can probably explain my strangeness to them better than I. I trump Uncle Caine (since he’s the one who had me check on Tyler in the first place) and have him pull me and my prisoner through. I brief him on the rescue and he takes the prisoner and trumps off for “questioning”. Although he did show interest in the fact that Merlin assisted me..(dang it, spilled the beans again, Dierdre is his sister, so of course he’d be interested in getting his hands on Merlin, have to trump Merlin later and tell him to watch out, some of the family has found out about his assisting me.) I proceed off to find King Random and brief him on today’s events. He wasn’t too happy that I didn’t bring HIM the prisoner, but left it at merely mentioning it.

I then go back to the townhouse to check on the new guards, and trump back to Naipon for some sauna and massage relaxation.

The next day I return to Amber and get a surprise…Lady MARGALI contacts me via messenger salamander (small fire elemental), she wants to meet with the king with an offer of opening negotiations with her house being intermediaries between Chaos and Amber. She does want a 24-hour guarantee of safety of course. I tell her I’ll have to take her proposition back to the King and agree to contact her back shortly.
I trump out to my town house and head for the Castle, I brief King Random on the offer and when he agrees I assist in setting up the arrangements. Once ready I Trump Margali and relay the Kings agreement, and safe passage assurance, she then comes through the trump to the meeting area. (strange, she’s not that far off as trump contact goes…she was on a boat somewhere on OUR side of reality) She then presents King Random with an offer of Liaison between Amber and House Crane, and briefs us on some of the results of Uncle Benedicts DeathCurse on Chaos. I seems the King has died, along with a lot of his courts and lackeys, Chaos is in turmoil and it seems they would like King Random to NOT attack them while they are recovering, at least those survivors who weren’t involved with the curse. King Random has her escorted to a waiting area (guess who) and then calls a family conference. Most of the family shows up, with notable exceptions of Caine (busy), Corwin and Deirdre (likewise busy)., and a few others too occupied to make it. like Tyler. After a session of brainstorming he has me go bring Lady Margali back to the meeting and formally agrees to set up a liaison/embassy here for them to meet with Random. She happily agrees and as formalities are progressing she excuses herself to the far side of the room and has a trump conversation with someone. She reports her superiors in House Crane as being happy about the situation also (seems House Crane has a history of being negotiators and facilitators). She is then set up in a Top floor suite here in the castle (easier to guarantee her safety) and Guess Who is appointed first guard. I visit with her a bit, but she is rather unwelcoming of my friendly chat (and information gathering) so I retreat to the hall and spend my time guarding in a more official capacity.

Plots and Plans, what else can I do to protect myself and assist the King? I will have to meditate on it, after this guard shift.

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correction...should read 3 shifts of 6 samurai each. 18 total not 6 total :)

Duke Mykal

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