September 09, 2004

Andre's Journal: 7

A Note in Andre’s Journal

A very eventful few days…where to begin? First of all, I undertook a sea voyage as part of my task to act as bait for the chaosian agent. He showed up alright, using glamour to evade detection. I had made prior arrangements with Gerard to trump him in, which I did. Not much was accomplished except that I learned the spy wished to interrogate me and Gerard managed to wound him. He took retribution later by kidnapping Vindalf, whom I presume is now dead. His sister is trying to put up a brave front, but she has obviously been deeply affected.

Of more serious consequence is the imminent demise of Benedict. He was lured into a clever trap by the chaosians and dealt a Pattern death curse that renders him incapable of healing. His death is certain unless some workaround is found. I have volunteered what help I can offer, but I do not expect it to help much.

Postscript: Benedict has perished. Our efforts to heal him were ineffective and he tried to use the Jewel to correct his problem. He failed, and used his last efforts to send forth a curse of his own, simply voiced as “Justice”.

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