September 10, 2004

Thoughts From Jade, Session 8

Thoughts from Jade, Session 8

I trump to mom where she is caring for my incapacitated father. We both search him and find 3 trumps, 1 rock and a few magical defensive items. Nothing all that interesting. Mom says he needs a blood transfusion, and I reluctantly agree.

With the death of Benedict, Peldyryn has Rebma on alert. We stay around for Benedictís funeral and are accompanied by Teleri and her attendants. Random gives me a pair of scimitars that are expertly crafted saying that they are from Benedict. I love them. Teleri is notified via trump that Peldyryn has been assassinated. Something about the logrus being used and elementals being freed. I go back to Rebma and do not leave Melisandraís side.

Melisandra and I head off to shadow earth. Flora gave me a trump of one of her men there. I think I need to keep Melisandra out of Rebma for about a week. I go back to my apartment and am escorted by these pathetic excuses for bodyguards. I refuse to let them in. The head of them all is having a fit, so I bring him in and teach him a lesson. Melisandra has fun as well and he agrees that we can take care of ourselves inside, and that they will guard the outside. During the week, I full around by taking acting classes, learning to practice swordplay on the tight rope at the circus along with a few other things. I also sneak into a military facility and play around with a few of their weapons. I check out the mob scene and am not really all that impressed. Itís time to go home.

When Melisandra and I return to Rebma, we discover that Teleri has taken full advantage of our disappearance. Mother is not happy, neither is Melisandra. Teleri has all but placed her own person as the new battle commander. Everything is in chaos. I creatively assassinate Teleriís person. All think it was done from someone in chaos, thanks to some advice from Vramine. Mother and Melisandra know differently and our pleased, but keep their mouths shut. Now to just get Melisandra to walk the pattern.

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