September 11, 2004

A Note in Andre's Journal, session 8

Amber is in flux. There was some moderate damage done to the city when the chaosians struck their cowardly blow. The so called embassy, a nest of spies and saboteurs if ever there was one, was set alight along with parts of the city by the departing enemy. Control seems to have been established, and now we must lay Benedict to rest.

Martin received the lionís share of the inheritance, though most of the family was left something of a personal nature. Myself excluded of course, and I do not resent that fact. Keeping a low profile will become increasingly more difficult as time goes on. I am spending most of my time learning the tradecraft of my new occupation. I have much to learn and never enough time to learn it.


As if things were not interesting enough, today I learned Brand is alive and roaming free. I had noticed Fiona and Bleys acting restive at the service for Benedict so I kept an eye on them. After a while, I discovered they had detected an intruder and were intent on stalking him. I poked my nose into it to watch and found myself temporarily abducted by their target, who turned out to be Brand. He exhibited quite impressive control of Pattern during the abduction and at length I found myself having a discussion with him.

He seemed lucid and not at all happy with his current status. He was being hunted and not just by the family. He could have been playing me for a tool, but I sensed he actually did have some regret about Benedictís passing. He declined to promise any help against Benedictís killers, but allowed he would take revenge if an opportunity presented itself.

After a short while Fiona and Bleys drew close so Brand left me behind. I was interrogated by the newcomers right away. Life is going to be interesting for a whileÖ

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