September 11, 2004

A Note in Andre's Journal, session 9

Ever since my encounter with Brand, I have been Mr. Popular with some of the family. I was able to hide out after my debriefing with the king for time, but eventually it became necessary to allow Caine to contact me. I encountered him on the battlement with Julian, admiring the crowds far below. His questions were pretty straightforward and followed the pattern of Fiona and Bleys for the most part.

The subject of my duties for Amber came up and Caine offered me stewardship of his spy network in the city. Most generous of him. Apparently he will be spending much of his time scouting chaos for the family and wanted to make sure things are covered at home. I was more than happy to oblige. He made arrangements for his spymaster to contact me and we bid farewell.

The next day I made it easy to be contacted, strutting around town with my retinue. He contacted me and we had a long private discussion of goals, capabilities and vulnerabilities. He seems a good man and I will undertake to discharge my new duties with efficiency and effectiveness.

One last note…I have learned that one of the King’s agents assigned to watch over Bleys has gone overdue I shall undertake a reconnaissance to locate her without blowing her cover if possible. This should be fun! I get to try a new form or two and put some of my recent training to use.

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