September 12, 2004

Results of Caine’s interrogation of Baroness Serilda Chanicut

*not actually presented in this format IC

Who is Serilda Chanicut?

She is a middle ranking member of the Chanicut family, one without a lot of support or friends. Chanicut is one of the Great Houses of Chaos – the ones with access to the Logrus. Chanicut is, according to her, the most honorable, ancient, wisest, etc, etc. House.
The other great Houses are:
--The Royal House of Swayvill
--Helgram, think mages as Scientists and Mad Scientists, led by Duke Loraan
--Hendrake, the largest and most military House, led by Duchess Belissa Minobee
--Sawall, a house known for style and cleverness, led by Duke Gramble
--Jesby, a house known for wisdom and mysticism and personal combat, led by Duke Aerix
--Barimen, the house of Trump Artists, known for careful neutrality and costly agreements, led by Duchess Zenya
--Crane, a house of duelists, diplomats and artists, led by Duke Meliash
--Varda, a house of devious illusionists, led by Duchess Fevera
Lesser Houses number in the dozens. Minobee is one of the most powerful, nearly a Great House, and is known for skill and joy in personal combat.
Serilda hasn’t bothered to check up on current events for some weeks.

Who and what are the Black Watch?

An ancient and generally independant group of powerful meddlers who claim to act for the good of the Courts. They have many agents and contacts, powerful connections and great personal powers. They have acted to weaken kings who have grown too powerful and to strengthen those who are too weak.
--The Adept, Sagramor Loc of House Yrvael ("ire-vah-ell"), of which H. Varda is the surviving fragment.
--The Traveller, Thrann of H. Yrvael
--The Hunter, Alatar of H. Chanicut
--The Seer, Pallandor of H. Helgram
--The Master of Beasts, Gwynn of H. Nith (possibly extinct with his death)

Why did she capture Tyler and mistreat him in that particular fashion?

Tyler ignored the magical wards that should have told him he was trespassing into her territory. He should have stopped and signaled for permission to visit or gone around. By not doing so he was seen as offering insult. Chaosian custom expects traveling lords to either know magic or carry the proper equipment. Lords can do nearly whatever they wish to captive intruders. Serious maiming and death will attract the ire of the victim’s family. And, speaking practically, it’s poor practice to create a bad, live enemy.

Serilda views Tyler’s wounds as trivial. The rape, per se, is also trivial but drugging him into cooperating with it and giving up his genetic material is a moderately humiliating stroke. She’s aware he didn’t mean to offend but meant to be sure that she wouldn’t be seen to be weak. Also, some potential Pattern-walker spunk could have value to somebody later on. (She meant to make one kid, on spec, and store the rest.)

Why didn’t she take more precautions against Trump contact?

For the Chanicut and all Houses but that of Barimen, they must get their Trumps from outsiders. Normally one has only place Trumps, of securable points, and Trumps of lackeys made. Only Chaos Lords capable of altering their auras deal with Barimens knowingly. So most LoC’s have limited experience with Trumps. Tyler’s lackeys – his crew—were all dead and she’d taken his cards, so she thought she was safe enough.

What about Tyler’s Trumps?

Caine cut a deal to get them and Tyler’s genetic material back, plus a variety of Courts commonplaces: maps of the Courts (the Black Road network), an etiquette book, a copy of her own peerage guide, copies of amulets for detecting border wards and for answering them. Caine has printed copies of the maps and the books for everyone, handsomely bound in tough leather with his crest on the cover. The amulets are in Random’s hands; Vialle and Fiona are checking them out.

What makes him think she’ll follow through?

Serilda refused, under torture, to reveal any family secrets or break her word. A LoC’s personal word is very important in the Courts. She could be broken, he estimates, but she wouldn’t be useful afterwards. She seems to regard Caine’s torturing her as just business; not quite trivial but not anything worth resenting.

What are House Chanicut’s intentions towards Amber?

So far as she knows, they don’t have any. Amber is an exiled House gone native, barbaric, far away and very dangerous. (In confidence: Good on Amber for kicking Hendrake, Helgram and that would-be despot King Swayvill good and hard.)

How did she take out Tyler and his ship?

He was sailing in the Sea of Blood, which stretches across a whole region of shadow in mostly Chanicut territory. One of Serilda’s strengths is in Blood Sea Elementals. Tyler was hit with, effectively, a sea serpent bigger than his boat.

What about reparations for Tyler’s crew?

Serilda doesn’t really understand the question. She’s willing to pay for them. She’ll replace them with twice their number in trained slaves or some other sort of livestock. She can’t see that they were in any way important.

What is her reaction to the results of Benedict’s Curse?

She’s been out of touch. She felt something strange ripple through and went to a higher stage alertness for a couple of days, but that’s all. Caine didn’t see any point to telling her.

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