September 14, 2004

Mykal’s Journal session 10

Guard duty … again. Oh well, guess this is my lot in life. This time it’s guarding Lady Margali Crane, Liaison to Chaos by way of House Crane. On a spare moment, I Trumped Merlin…some of the family has found out that he assisted me in the rescue of Tyler, advised him that some of the family also might want to get their hands on the son of Corwin in the Dierdre matter, and it probably wouldn’t be pleasant if that happened. He saw the point, then offered to pull me through for a discussion. I had to decline since I was on duty but set an appointment for after.
Margali then decided she wanted a tour of Amber, since it is her first time here. I agree and notify the duty officer of the castle guard that we will be in the city if we are needed. She is fascinated by how we treat people as PEOPLE and not animals, and we chatted about some of the social differences between Amber and Chaos. We had no difficulty with Chaos-haters; of course most of the city has learned that Duke Mykal, while wearing his famous red armor, is NOT to be crossed. A useful reaction during the 4-year interregnum, now a bit awkward at times but still useful on official crown business. This Lady is no wallflower, we toured the city all night, and when I turned her over to Julian, she was hinting for a tour of Arden.

Called Merlin back and had him pull me through. He is torn over the Dierdre matter, he doesn’t like what his father is doing to his aunt, but has oaths to his father and Argent to keep also. Definitely between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Did have more direct info on Aunt Deirdre’s situation. In Argent, and now is fawning on Uncle Corwin like a teenage girl with a severe crush? When she was willing to fight Corwin just weeks ago for stalking her? Definitely some kind of mental control going on there, what strange powers does Corwin have over Argent? Not a lot of information from Merlin on that though. Did discuss the portal to Argent from ShadowEarth’s Paris, Merlin is quite chagrined for mentioning that. But that cat is out of the bag and I got a bit more information on it. Nothing I can use to “invade” Argent, not that I would be willing to test Corwin’s armies, or his combat skills, anyway. Moving to lighter subjects we go off and spend the morning flying in some early aviation, fixed-wing aircraft, just for fun.

Later I take my leave and Trump to the fast-time shadow where I have my studio, I rest, recover a bit and do some trump work. I build a trump of my trump-case, so I can retrieve my case from shadow, hopefully intact with my trumps. And also trumps of; a second cabinet with high tech level weaponry in it, my “famous” red armor, and my katana... Spring Breeze. I spend two days here, equaling a half-day in Amber. Then trump back to ShadowEarth to check on Tyler.
He is recovering well and is impatient to be out and about, I dissuade him from pounding Merlin, (at least for now) and we discuss possibilities for a rescue and what that would entail. I leave him with the task of thinking of what tactical plans it would take to attempt a rescue. And I head for Amber.
Once back I present Lady Margali with a painting of the Meeting Room (Throne room?) and her facing King Random. (the viewpoint would be from the side of the room and a bit toward Random’s side, allowing Margali to be mostly frontal while Random is a bit…indistinct) She acts honored that someone would commemorate such a meeting, thanks me, and I take my leave. I do stop to chat with Gerard who is in charge of Margali today, and he starts to say something then stops, glancing at Margali’s (room? We in hallway?) and says to get with him later.

I head to my Townhouse and begin to read up on the information that Uncle Caine retrieved from the prisoner we got from chaos. A bit later Mom trumps me and invites me to come to ShadowEarth. She shows me her detection station and admits that this is how she found Merlin so fast; she has a network of sensitives and equipment throughout the 3 ShadowEarth’s and she begins to make arrangements for transferring responsibility for the one I’m in charge of to my network of people. I do question her setup and we discuss how blocking detection would work, also theoretically blocking any type of detection of trump use, or pattern use, or just presence.
No real breakthroughs though, no epiphany which allows me to avoid all detection of all my family, no matter where I go, darn. Have to do a bit more studious research into such things…later.

While smoothing the transfer in ShadowEarth later I get a trump from my Major-domo in Amber, seems some strangers have appeared in the townhouse, right where I appear from when I pop in. only other trump I have out is held by Andre, better go check. So I pull myself through (he isn’t that strong in trumps yet). It is indeed Andre with another face on, and a young lady friend; both dressed as servants, female servants. I must say, Andre the fishmonger does look strange in a dress. Ahh..for a Kodak that works in Amber, one that shows his true face!!

He states he was on a mission for the crown and had to return on this trump then requests clothes and I accommodate him (not seeing how I could get him to report directly to King Random as he is, drat it) He and his lady friend (never introduced, she was rather attractive, and showing a lot of skin in that outfit, lucky bugger gets all the pretty ones) then depart for debriefing and I calm the household back down, seems Andre appeared as a woman then changed into a man, the guards were a bit shook until I passed it off as magic, making him Appear to be a woman. These guards are a bit more sophisticated and worldly than some of my other retainers in Naipon; magic they have seen a bit of and can understand that a lot of what goes on around Amber is strange, especially around the Royals.

Thinking of my discussion with Tyler, I decide to trump Jade (I pull her through? She pulled me?) and we chat about some stealth requirements of a possible infiltration of Argent. I have to lay out my tentative plan, and we begin serious discussion of the possibility. We trump to ShadowEarth Paris and begin to look for the portal. We do have to use her mother to find the opening for us but between the 3 of us we discover the connection between ShadowEarth’s Paris (one of them) and Argent, Llewella is fascinated, and I know Mom will be getting a report shortly that we are here, even if I am here too. We decide that there is no time like the present, and Jade and I head for Argent to test the waters. We are not detected on entrance (luckily) but there is no telling what will trip whatever defenses Corwin has here. I make a mental snapshot of the entrance here for a later Trump and we move off. We utilize the shadows-will-lie effect and posing as tourist we wander around asking nosy, touristy questions of the locals. Deciding to stay for a longer surveillance we return to the portal, pass back through and brief Llewella on our plans.

So much for a secret entrance to Argent, more than 3 people know it now, it isn’t a secret. I tried to be cagey about where I heard of this entrance from, but I’m sure its not too hard to discern where I got my info, I’ve been in contact with Merlin too much lately for it to be a secret. I’ll just lead them to believe that Merlin let it slip in an effort to support a rescue attempt, but not actively betray his oaths to Argent (as I presented to Tyler).

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