September 25, 2004

Thoughts From Jade, Session 9

Melisandra, Mother and I are plotting to take charge of Rebma. Melisandra would like me to go to Amber and meet with Vialle to request her presence for lunch, so she may check the loyalty of all her maids who have been fighting amongst each other. Before going to Amber, I ask mother who would best be suited to check Melisandra to see if she is ready to walk the pattern. Benedict was our first choice, but since he is dead, Caine is our next choice according to mother. In Amber, I meet with Vialle and not only does she agree to the lunch, she also would like to see what she can do to help discover who was involved in Peldyrynís death. She also states that she will be available when Melisandra is ready to walk the pattern and that I will find Caine on the top of the battlements with Julian.

Caine agrees to test Melisandra, knowing he will gain a favor at a later date from the future Queen of Rebma. Mother has Caine come to her chambers and he does several tests and confirms that Melisandra is ready to walk the pattern. Mother finds a maiden to Caine a full tour of Rebma and then escorts him out of the room. In other words, mother is ditching Caine, so us girls can plot. It is agreed that Martin and Gerard should be here in Rebma when Melisandra walks the pattern.

Vialle shows up for lunch with Gerard. Mother and Martin are also present. After lunch, several maids have been reassigned to new out posts, away from Rebma. Melisandra then casually says that she would like to view the pattern. Vialle, Gerard, Mother, Martin, Melisandra and I all head towards the pattern room knowing that Melisandra will be walking the pattern in a few moments. Some of the guards start to oppose us, then look at Martin and I and decide itís not worth it. Once in the pattern room, mother and I close the door and do not let anyone in. Screams of outrage on the other side of the door I find truly amusing, especially when I notice one of them is from Teleri. I do not let her in until Melisandra has reached the center of the pattern. Teleri does her best to hide her anger disguised behind a fake smile. Melisandra teleports next to me telling Teleri she just couldnít wait. Teleri does a small ceremony and we all head up the stairs. Melisandra also announces that a battle master will be chosen tomorrow. Teleri has no idea that my mother has already been chosen by Melisandra.

I shift into a common person and check out the attitude of people towards Melisandra. All and all they like her, and even though she is young, they feel she is strong, especially since she has walked the pattern. They are also happy to see my mother around and in a power position. Satisfied, I meet up with Martin so we can spar. He obviously needs to get something off his chest, and wants to use me as his personal punching bag. We go to Avalon and beat the crap out of each other. Hours later we enjoy a meal in one of Benedictís shadows. Iím going to have to find a way to snag that box of trumps that Benedict left him. Anyway, Martin also wants my mother to work with him in using sorcery to fight Brand. I try to talk him out of it, but Martinís mind is made up. Eventually, I agree to ask mother.

The next day, there is a debate about the battle master. As much as Teleri tries to gain favor for another of her people, my mother is unanimously chosen.

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