September 25, 2004

Thoughts From Jade, Session 10

Iíve been off my game; I have to get my mind set straight. Iíve spent so much time in shadow and in Amber, that Iíve forgotten how things are done at home. To start with, I went to the city of Amber shifted as Amanda to check on the Spangler Group. They seem to be doing OK. I gave Spangler one of my Amanda trumps and tell him to trump me if he hears any news about anyone from Chaos being around. So far so good.

I head back to Rebma, shifted as a local person and check out all the taverns. I want to find out who is behind the death of Peldyryn. I get a few leads, but nothing that pans out. Frustrated, I see my mother, and ask about the details of the assassination. She agrees to help, but says that I must see Melisandra first. Melisandra has appointed me her special attendant. For the most part this means I have free reign to do what I want and I have her backing. Of course, I know that I cannot abuse this. I thank her, and return back to my mother. Still OK.

Speaking with several of the guards, it seems that two people took down Peldyryn. One utilized magic and the logrus, the other battled her with a short sword. I am given her sword and bracers and I have them analyzed. I have them look for traces of the metal of the sword used. We discover that the sword used, was made from one of the best craftsmen in Rebma. I see him and ask about the sword. He observes the microscopic traces of ore, and says it comes from a batch of swords that he made 70-80 years ago. He refuses to sell his swords to just anyone. He sells them only to Rich Rebmans and to the Royal Guard of the palace. I ask for a list of whom he sold these swords to and start my long journey.

I now know about this type of sword more than I ever imagined I could. I have accounted for all of them except for about 6, which were sold privately. Some were lost in battles; others serve as tombstones on the reefs for fallen soldiers. The rest are with their owners. None of which is the one used to kill Peldyryn. I was almost convinced to go in shadow and search for it, but mother said she had a hunch that the sword is still here, along with the one who wields it. I should have rested and regrouped

Instead, I get clumsy. I shift into a commoner and started hanging out in taverns again. Word is already out on the street that Jade is turning Rebma upside down looking for a sword that killed Peldyryn. If the person who killed Peldyryn is still here they are going to be running scared, and it is doubtful that they have a trump or they would have been long gone. Eventually, I run into someone that is watching me. I canít see them, I just feel it. I grow some eyes to watch behind me, and I spot the mystery man. He too is a shape shifter and has eyes like I have grown. This is not someone from Rebma, but more than likely someone from chaos. In the excitement, I forget that I am in Rebma, and the rules of gravity are different. When I charge for this person, I am slowed down. They are chanting something, and after throwing a dagger, I realize how foolish that was. I should have used a power word. They cast a darkness spell, and shifted into a commoner and escaped. By the time that I realized what had happened, it was too late. Frustrated I go to my room. I hope I did not ruin my only chance.

Mykal then trumps me. He wants my help in rescuing Deirdre. I enlist my mother on this quest. She and Deirdre have always been somewhat close. Mykal, Mother and I go to Paris, and mother finds the magical entrance. Mykal wants his armor, but I convince him that we are on a reconnaissance mission. Mykal wants to test the trumps, but I advise against it, just because we are in Corwinís world and we have no idea how the rules work here. What I do know is how to sneak around, and the best way to go unnoticed is to look and act like a commoner. Mother and I put the make up on Mykal so his eyes are not so obvious. Mykal and I make are way in. We manage to get up to the castle, and realize this is going to take longer than we expected. We head back to the magical portal to tell mom we are going to have to think about this before going back in. This is going to be ugly. I am going to have to find a way to poison Deirdre, and get her out before Corwin has a chance to catch me, and before Deirdre wakes up. However, if I do pull this one off, it is going to be a story told for a long time.

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