September 25, 2004

Game Log for Session 9

Melisandra asks Jade to go see Vialle and ask if she would mind having lunch with her in Rebma. Melisandra would like Vialle to use her gifts of mind to see what is in the minds of those who surround her. Before going Jade stops to see her mother to ask who would be best suited to ask about Melisandra being ready to walk the pattern. Llewella says it should be Caine. Vialle agrees to the lunch and Jade finds Caine on the battlements drinking wine with Julian and Andrade. She speaks to Caine alone for a few moments and he agrees to help.

Mykal goes to Nai Pawn and trains his troops. He wants them utterly loyal. He arms his troops and comes up with ways to find money for them.

Andrade is in castle Amber. He is avoiding trump calls like the plague. Since his adventure with Brand, everyone has been trumping him. He is working with the secret service of Amber. Some of the agents want the glow power. He says they have to take that up with the King. Andrade goes to Random and says that Seline is overdue. Random does not seem to be concerned, but Andrade volunteers to go look for her to get away from the trump calls. Random suggests that he take Caineís trump call or at least go see him at the top of the battlements. He is with Julian. Andrade goes to them and they discuss Brand. Caine gives Andrade a card, and asks him if he is interested in overseeing his business for a while.

Mykal continues working with his troops and on defining his trumps.

Caine tests Melisandra and decides after a time that she is ready to walk the pattern. Llewella is pleased with this and escorts Caine out of the room and into the arms of a very seductive maiden who gleefully volunteers to give Caine a tour of Rebma. Llewella informs Jade and Melisandra, that Gerard, and Martin should be present for the big lunch extravaganza that Melisandra has planned.

Mykal continues to work on his trump tricks. He picks up Tylerís trump and tries to get a feel on it. He senses that its pulling him south towards chaos. Mykal heads towards chaos via trumps. He contacts Merlin who in hung over and agrees to help find Tyler in chaos. They work on a plan to find him. They eventually find Tyler. He is nailed to a cross and a huge fight breaks out. Mykal manages to take the girl out, and after Mykal is freed, trumps her out with them, as she is their prisoner. Caine is given the prisoner, they report to Random.

Andrade makes contact with Caineís man and is given the grand tour of how the underworld works in Amber. They talk about what has been going on in the streets. He says that some of the people have been infected by parasites. They go to a lab and decide they need a better shadow with tech and magic. An expert says they canít figure out how the bugs are coming in, possibly through Arden. Julian Hawks canít track them, and some of the Hawks end up dead. Andrade is also told, that the gangs on the streets of Amber are to be fragmented and not is to become too powerful. It keeps the balance.

After lunch in Rebma, Melisandra reassigns two thirds of her staff to out posts far from Rebma. Then Melisandra decides to see the pattern. Vialle, Gerard, Jade, Llewella and Martin go with her. Once in the pattern room, Jade shuts the door letting no one in. Melisandra steps on the pattern and begins her walk. Once in the center, Jade allows Lady Teleri in so she may see Melisandra has completed her walk on the pattern. Melisandra trumps to Jadeís side and smiles at Lady Teleri saying that she could not resist the urge to walk and could not wait. Lady Teleri, does a small ceremony, but knows that Melisandra has won this round. As Melisandra heads up the stairs she states that a battle master will be chosen tomorrow. Jade then shifts into a common Rebman and finds out that the people of Rebma like Melisandra and know she is strong because she has walked the pattern at her young age. They also like seeing Llewella around again. Satisfied, Jade meets Martin and they go to Avalon, so Martin can take out his frustrations on Jadeís hide. After several hours, Martin asks if she can have Llewella train him in magic so he can fight Brand. Jade tries to talk him out of it, but reluctantly agrees.

Mykal is back at home in Nai Pawn settling his guards. A glowing salamander approaches saying Lady Margali wants to meet with him. He trumps her. She says that her house wants to make contact with Amber and that she is to be the envoy. King Swavel is dead and there are lots of problems in chaos. House Crane wants peace with Amber. She canít speak for other houses. Mykal agrees to pass a message to King Random. Random agrees to see her and says that he will give her 24 hours safe passage and safety as long as she behaves and is not insulting. Gerard, Fiona, Vialle and Julian are there. Lady Margali says that Daraís husband is also dead. They believe that this all has to do with Benedictís curse. House Crane wants to establish that they are not hostile to Amber, nor were they party to the pattern fall war or Benedictís assassination. They want to avoid a dozen death curses, even though they feel chaos could defeat Amber.

The family meets to decide what to do. It is decided that they will have family members take turns keeping watch over her. Lady Margali wants to know what the exact wording of the death curse was. She is left to ponder that. She is assigned a servantís room with no windows and one that can be easily guarded. Mykal gets the honor of first watch.

Per Llewella Mandor as Despal killed Swavel. She said that Vramine is avoiding being asked to be Duke. There are all sorts of assassinations and mysterious deaths going on in Chaos right now. It seems to be only those that Benedict knew or met. They believe that Dara was convinced to die for the family in chaos. They believe that the black watch is behind it.

In Rebma, the debate for battle master is long, but in the end Llewella is overwhelmingly chosen.

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