September 25, 2004

A Note in Andre's Journal -- 10

1.My preparations to find Selene and discover Bley’s activities continues. I have been practicing my Avernan shapes and am almost ready to infiltrate Avernus III. I have been given directions to a hidden shadowpath that will allow me entry without using my own powers. Stealth is key here as I can only assume Bleys has means of detecting power use in his lair.

Selene had been sent there before my enlistment into the family ranks, so she will not know me. If possible, I intend to complete her mission if she is dead or unable to continue.

2. So far so good. I made it into Avernus without mishap and even made it within the city gates. My blood was tested at the gate for flammability, presumably due to Chaosian activity in the vicinity. My cover is as a middle aged female looking for work with her relatives. I have been given the local contact information, but intend to be very circumspect in the event they have been made by Bleys and are under surveillance.

3. I made contact. I was informed Selene had insinuated herself into the staff of a courtesan in Bley’s favor and had left the shadow with her retinue. My trail leads to another Avernan world and I must pick up the trail anew there.

4. Found her. She was engaged in an unfortunate death and is being held in the palace under guard. It does not appear that Bleys has been able to question her yet, so there is still time to affect a rescue. I have identified a winesteward’s assistant whom I feel I can impersonate. We shall see how it goes….

5. Mission accomplished. It took two days, but I was able to gain access to Selene and trump out of there with her alive and unidentified. Bleys appears to be on the up and up for the moment, raising troops for his Chaosian campaign. Selene seems to be acting strangely around me once she learned who I was…. Very odd. Perhaps she has some reason to dislike the royals in general. Food for thought.

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