September 26, 2004

Re: implanted shooter

Thinking it through, a 6-inch one-shot needle tube should fit inside Jade's arm (or calf, or upper arm) without any real trouble. I was thinking of multishot versions, which would require a separate tube for each.

She has SSParts, sufficient to attach muscles to it to operate it -- squeeze it forward through the flesh & set off the air charge. She'd need to shove it back in or pull it all the way out after use or put up with it being interfering with wrist movement. Needs to be replaced rather than reloaded anyway, at least for the simplest version. Reloadable... well, cleaning blood out isn't a problem, not with her blood. She'd need a hand pump to reload the air charge. (A small, heavy, surgical steel, grip-action thing -- good old strength of Amber.)

Assume she's also spent some time finding a coating for the needles that will resist fast movement through salt water but ablate off when passing through flesh, thus delivering the toxin/narcotic on target.

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