October 13, 2004

Mykal's Journal, Session 11

I am so… I cannot sleep, cannot meditate, the dishonor is unbearable, all I see is… But I get ahead of myself, it all started out so normally.

Jade and I scouted Argent, returned and briefed her mother. Then Jade called in Andre and we went back to Argent to see about setting up a plan. Came up with an acceptable idea to lure Dierdre out of the castle, for some shopping. After a week of setting it up, assuming the guise of “traders”, and “acquiring” the goods in Argent’s trade paths. We return to Argent as merchants, arranging shop space we sell some of our goods for a couple days before being notified that Dierdre was coming to shop, carefully setting up the sting we execute it almost flawlessly, Andre drew off the guards by posing as Dierdre, the sleep agent Jade administered didn’t act swiftly enough to keep Dierdre’s reactions from bashing Jade into the wall and Jade got smacked around like a rag doll for a second or two. My own part I must have been asleep, the obviously dangerous bodyguard was too far away, and she got a gun out before I could take her down. Assuming she wouldn’t shoot one of her own I pushed one of Dierdre’s maids in the way to give myself time to close. The bodyguard shot the maid but didn’t have time for a second shot on me before I rendered her knocked her out. Checking on Jade I saw her hanging in mid-air by one foot, as Dierdre punched her. But before I could intervene, Dierdre keeled over out cold. I rendered the rest of the witness’s unconscious at that point as Jade crawled to her feet. We then bundled Aunt Dierdre in a rug, and I picked her up. Knowing that we would draw way too much attention walking the streets with Jade limping that badly. I pulled out the trump I’d made of the exit area, and we trumped out. I noticed an echo in the trump though; we alerted someone by using a trump in Argent, something I’d feared would happen. We got out the exit before anyone showed up to stop us though, and we met up with Andre in Shadow Paris.

We trumped out to Rebma and Aunt Llewella gets Jade to the healers, and then starts to work on removing the strange spell or whatever on Aunt Dierdre while Andre and I watch. She gets it off and Dierdre nearly goes berserk, enraged nearly to the point of loss of control, she barely keeps it in check… I wouldn’t want to be in Uncle Corwin’s shoes when she catches up to him. Aunt Dierdre is thankful but still barely in control. I pass Aunt Llewella my trumps of the Exit Area in Argent and another I’d made out in a shadow of Argent, to pass to Dierdre when Llewella thinks she is ready for that. Then she and Aunt Dierdre go off, I’d suppose to try and calm down a bit.

Andre and I depart for Amber, I try to persuade Andre to hold off a bit on reporting this to King Random, to give Aunt Dierdre time to calm down more, and report it herself… but he’ll have none of it, so I accompany him to the King. Waiting on the Kings pleasure, we get to witness Himself drumming, he’s very good. I guess even the King has to have a hobby, to wind down a bit. Once he has finished Andre reports that the Argent situation has “resolved” itself and that Aunt Dierdre is free and cognizant, if pissed like nothing we’ve seen before. Random of course wanted to know if we were involved, (since my rescue of Tyler, and Andre’s rescue of Selene.. its kind of obvious) and seems grateful the situation resolved itself without “official” Amber sanction.

Andre heads off on his own errands…and I head for Mom’s suite, I brief her on the events, and remark on how strange fate is, I have rescued both Dierdre and her son Tyler, and now they both owe me , especially Dierdre.. who was the influencing factor in my father’s death.

I then head for Shadow Paris to start setting up a defense of the local end of the Argent gate, assuming that Corwin WILL find it, and assuming that Corwin WILL be coming for me. I set up unobtrusive guards then brainstorm the best way to guard that area. I begin recruiting for my own network on this shadow, since it’s the one I am in charge of anyway, I begin making plans to set up a network similar to my mothers, with a high-tech clinic out in shadow for myself and my employees, to encourage loyalty.

For a change of scenery, and remembering something, I Trump Uncle Gerard for clarification of a remark he started to make and then stopped because of the company we were in. (Lady Margali). He invites me through and we discuss the comment, nothing important since the intervening weeks have annulled the usefulness. He has heard of my assistance in rescuing his sister, and wants to wine and dine me…I have no objection to that and we spend the day eating, fishing (Gerard style..very interesting) and talking.

I take my leave later that evening and head for Amber, I catch up to Lady Saithryn and inquire as to having a blade made as a Coronation gift for my cousin Melisandre (which may be coming up soon as I hear she walked the Rebma pattern). I know Lady Saithryn is one of the most powerful Conjurors available and indicate that I would be honored to have her imbed the elementals needed to power a blade worthy of a Queen. We discuss powers and capabilities, and she agrees to do this for me. She seems a bit squeamish about bringing up price, so I inquire as to what she would take in payment… surprisingly she wants a trump… Subject to be determined later… I agree, with the stipulation that it cannot break my oaths and responsibilities to Amber. I then head for Rebma to aquire the blade itself, visiting the master bladecrafters of Rebma, I find that mentioning the fact that is a conornation gift for my cousin, their soon to be Queen, gets me in to see the best blades much quicker. Choosing an appropriate blade (best I can find and of the right length/weight ratio for Cousin Mel) I arrange to have it delivered to the Ap-Morgwnn estate, and I also arrange for payment to be made.

Checking in with Lady Saithryn gets me chased off, since my Pattern blood would make her job harder, I decide to head for Naipon for some relaxation. Once there I get cleaned up, massaged, and head off to meditate. Sitting in my peaceful garden, viewing a small shrine to Bushido kept there, it hits me… I have dishonored myself; I have dishonored the way of Bushido, my own ethics, and all my teachers. By using an innocent bystander as a shield to protect myself I have committed a heinous act, which there may be NO acquitting myself of.

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