July 31, 2004

Mykal's Journal Session 6

Mykal's Journal Session 6

Finished Jade's trumps, finally got the effect i was looking for, taking WAY too long though. My creative energies are being depleted too fast by all this trump work lately, Contacted mom and borrowed an artifact trump so i could study how it's done, going to aquire a nice cabinet to stock with supplies and such for a trump closet.

Too tired to do much trump work right now, good thing Mom trumped me. That fay power is annoying, Mom and Auntie Fi called me to Shadow Earth and both went back through my aura and erased some leftover strings. Mom was right, Auntie Fi wasnt as thorough as Mom would have liked. No i'm am REALLY worn out, gonna have to find a beach to hide on somewhere.

After Aunt Fi left Mom did come clean, sortof, about my father. Wasnt I surprised. She said she'd sworn an oath to not tell me, but hinted at how i could find out. telling me i should take the Day Walk tour and pay attention to the shrines. Dads Famous but it could be bad to for me to be known as his son? The day walk is a tour of multiple shrines and locations honoring the 27 Ronin, what's that have to do with me? Better go find out.

Too tired to do anything else, trump to Naipon and turn in, will catch the early tour in the morning.

No wonder Mom was so secretive, Gonna have to check up on what Honor requires me to do. I need the story of what was going on. more trump work (Emperor of Naipon, Advisor who instigated the dishonor of my fathers Liege, etc..) Seems the emperor might have been misadvised in this matter, but i need more info. time to dig around in some brains, trumps can be soo useful in this instance.

Mom did trump me later and give me more of the information. She was not too happy to have been sworn to NOT interfere, and she did keep her promise to Dad to raise me as Samurai. She was also quite amused to find out that i'd been keeping Andre's secret for him, turns out he's come clean to the family, and is now a Duke of Krolvir but unnanounced until we catch this horned bugger.

Spend days digging through certain key minds to find out what went on back then, i intend to put retribution right where it belongs, though with my Amber capabilities it wont be so hard, i just would prefer to not dishonor myself or my duties to the Emperor of Naipon. Maybe a bit of creativity.
Finished my trump closet too, stocked with all sorts of goodies, clothing, food, medical supplies, armor, weapons.etc..

Have to set about doing some contingency planning while i'm in Naipon.

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July 27, 2004

Vramin's Palace

The Lairon e'N'vaan (Lairon's Ring) is an oxygen-nitrogen gas torus with asteroids orbiting something analogous to a neutron star deep in the Courts. The shadow is +10 magic and +20 gravity spells. Aurora-like streams and currents of mana sweep through the torus and provide ample power for the lucky landowners.

There are several hundred rocks big enough for palaces but none large enough for raising a sizeable army. The place has no strategic importance. Palaces in the Ring do have a certain snob value, like owning a mansion in Vail.

Vramin's rock is roughly football shaped, about 1.2 x .9 miles. Buildings cover half of it and burrow through it.

Heavy construction is done by big earth elementals slowly morphing the rock. Finished work is done by artisans among Vramin's horde of servants. Aside from the elementals, Vramin's people are a mix of mutated species from several different shadows, descendants of blood creatures and mixes of the two. Vramin likes symbiotes. Jade has seen a few fighting creatures. Most of them are the little fuzzy guys plugged into things like organic exoskeletons/armor ranging from gauntlets to big, nasty spiders.

Non-sentient internal security takes the form of coded doorways and associated traps. The traps are usually mechanical, their triggers a mix of magic and the physical. There doesn't seem to be any equivalent to a computer system running the palace. The internal environments can be more extreme than what humans would like but do not involve toxic atmospheres or crushing gravity (outside of traps) or anything that would require frantic shapeshifting.

Localized, artificial gravity usually fades out about 12 or 15 feet above the surface, leaving most of the open spaces in low- to micro-gravity. Some of the servants can fly.

Food is grown in magical greenhouses or magically assembled. There are extensive storehouses deep in the rock. Water is drawn from the Ring's vapor and stored underground.

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July 26, 2004

Rating a Shadow's Magic

Most shadows are rated Zero.

In a shadow with a negative rating, magic is harder to do. Subtract the rating from your Psyche and Endurance for the purpose of magical operations. If it drops below Chaos you can't do Sorcery or Conjuration at all. Low-magic usually means a weak biosphere too.

In a shadow with a positive rating, add the rating to your Psyche and Endurance for magic. At +30 or more, every normal human can do magic naturally. Such places are usually weird wastelands, wracked by centuries-old remnants of titanic spells. The few survivors in such worlds tend to be the hardest of hardasses, in terms of both ruthlessness and magical skill.

Some shadows have positive or negative ratings for particular aspects of magic, like healing, fire magic or mentalism.

+/- 10 is unusual, about 1:10. +/- 20 is rare, about 1:100. +/- is very rare, about 1:1000.

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The Patternfall Treaty

There isn't one. Yet.

Random has tasked Fiona to do the negotiations. She'll be very busy negotiating for weeks at a time, then stuck waiting as some internal process works its way through the Courts.

A few facts have come out to the royal family. The King of Chaos rejects the concept of the Dancing Mountains as a border. Too big to patrol, impossible to enforce. Besides, some Chaos lords have domains on Amber's side of the DM, or at least claim to, and some Princes of Amber are suspected of controlling real estate on the Chaos side. The former does not please the King, nor that the Chaosites seem to be aware of Benedict's expedition across the DMs.

Instead, each monarch will recognize the other's sphere of control and sphere of interest, and the good manners of not massing armies too close to the other. They will establish procedures for registering grievances short of war. Squatters from the other sides will be well advised to tread very lightly lest they get squashed.

Other issues, such as treatment of noble (LoC, Amberite) prisoners, extradition, etc. are under discussion.

There is no Amber embassy in the Courts, nor even a mission like the Chaosian one in Amber City. Random wants to keep the Courts at a distance. The Courts see Amber as a lost colony that will naturally fit into the structure of the Courts, one way or another, eventually. Or so they pretend.

Fiona employs a staff of legalists from various shadows to help out.

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