August 25, 2004

Session 8 Log

Jade: Goes to Rebma with Llewella to heal Vramine, transfuses her own blood to her father to assist in his healing. Has conversation with dad on politics and other subjects.

(situation in amber… Tyler and Thera off on Recon missions for Caine and Julian respectively. Tyler is out of contact in the Sea of Blood area)

Mykal: Caine requests that I try a trump of Tyler since he has been overdue to report. Attempted a subtle contact to avoid blockage. I did get a fleeting contact before being cut off, pain..a broken leg…possibly restrained. Couldn’t be positive who cut me off, seemed to be someone other than Tyler, shouting in the background before contact was terminated. Tyler is either captive or blocking me.

Jade: Melisandra trumps Jade, wants her to go to Amber (Mel wants to show support of the family over the loss of Benedict) They both go to Amber Castle, and display proper sympathy and familial support. During the state funeral for Benedict, Mel is trumped and brought back to Rebma with Jade, the rebma warlord Peledrin has been assasinated, with evidence pointing to Chaosites.

(Upon Random awakening from his unconsciousness the funeral of Benedict is set up and Random presides over the interring of his brothers body. Martin inherits most of Benedicts estate, with gifts going to each family member according to the will. Ie.. mykal recieves an excellent wakazashi (short sword). King Random also questions several witnesses, to include Mykal, about Margali the so-called liason from the Courts. Whether she seemed to know the attack on Benedict was going to happen, etc..)

Andre: Continues training in subterfuge skills and works on keeping a low profile. He does notice that Fiona is quite agitated and disappears shortly after the funeral while the family is all gathered. He also notices that Bleys is rather distracted at the same time, unusually so. Andre decides to find Fiona and follow her, finds her watching Benedicts gravesite from a walkway on the castle ramparts. Taking up a position he watches her, then watches what she is looking at. A man near the tomb, with red hair escaping from his hood. Andre notices Fionna pulling out a trump, trying to contact someone and shaking her head. Then she pulls out another trump and contacts someone else and gets pulled through to elsewhere. Andre decides to go check out the man at the tomb, and using his shape shifting skills flies/runs to position himself to get a look at him. He notices Fiona and Bleys appoaching the tomb and quickly positions himself on the opposite side to get a look at he man if he flees. The man does retreat, but notices Andre and drags him along in some form of tunnel thru shadow. They stop in Arden and have a conversation, including family and politics. The man is Brand, who is upset by the death of Benedict. But has enough problems of his own that he will not be able to actively research Benedicts death. He does however state that if Andre should find out any information, Brand would be interested in finding out who did this for Brand to exact some paybacks. Sensing the arrival of Fiona and Bleys, Brand leaves, so Andre waits patiently, then briefs both on the conversation and mental state of Brand. They all trump back to Amber. (both express gratitude for Andre sticking his nose in, but warn that it could be unwise to do so in other instances)

Mykal: Is stuck in a family gathering, assisting in the aftermath of the funeral, and planning meeting goin on. Julian has responsibility to Arden so it looks like Benedicts responsiblies will land on Bleys, to continue to Recon the boundry between Amber and Chaos. Bleys, Fiona, and Andre arrive and brief King Random about the encounter with Brand. Flora (Mom) wants to borrow Mykals trump of the Glamour pool, and wants him to come along to watch her back. He agrees (as if he wouldn’t) and they depart for shadow. The glamour pool isnt quite the same, being less full and less powerful for some reason, moon cycle or something. So Flora takes a bearing on the power and tracks another source through shadow, arriving at another source which is already in use by the Fey. The fey are hostile and try to run both off, but the combination of melee and magic proves to be too much for the Fey and they retreat. Flora then takes the Glamour bath, and emerges with glowing eyes and the power of Glamour. Both then trump to ShadowEarth, while there Flora gets reports that Merlin is in Paris. She sends Mykal to find out. Mykal located Merlin, who was unaware that the shadow was under Flora’s eye, and briefs Merlin on the loss of his uncle Benedict and his Mother, Dara. Merlin is in sad shape emotionally, and Mykal agrees to accompany Merlin elsewhere to work off the angst. They shadow walk off to a replica paris and Mkyal watches Merlins back on a week or so of Debauchery, Drunkeness and Fighting. Merlin refuses to open up about his father and Aunt Dierdre, but Mykal can tell the situation bothers the heck out of him, along with losing his mother etc…

Jade: Jade gets her father to advise her on the use of logrus in the assassination of Pelegrin, and finds out about a semi-secret order of assassins and fanatics called the Black Watch, which seems to be behind the killing. Nasty customers if her fathers information is true, though he wont go into much detail. For his own deniability.
Jade convices Mel to go to ShadowEarth with her for a week for things to die down, and spends some time educating Mel in the fine arts of Acting (Flora provides bodyguards for their stay). On their return to Rebma, Jade has to take steps to negate certain advantages the political opposition has taken while the Heir was gone. Neutralizing the new warlord appointed by the opposition, Jade sets up the Courts to take the fall for another assasination. And paves the way for Mel to choose a warlord more to her liking.

Andre: continues training in subterfuge. Checks on his Begman bodyguards progress. Has an inspiration to track logterm rentals in Amber for possible Chaosite spy’s, gets some information which leads to the fringes of Arden. Informing Julian of the possibility, Julian conducts searches and turns up (and cleans out) some burrows in the forest the Chaosites were using to spy on Amber.

Mykal: Merlin does let slip there is some type of direct connection between Flora’s Paris (that corwin liked so well) and Corwins Paris in his pattern universe. Filing that info away for future reference, Mykal decides to let Merlin go on about it without him (after most of the angst is worn off) and departs to ShadowEarth, where he briefs his mother on most of the situation. Then trumps to Amber and briefs King Random on most of the stiuation also. Random wants Mykal to arrange for watchers on Merlin off in shadow. Mykal aquires a pair of throwing daggers for his use, and practices his physical skills to sharpen them back up after weeks of primarily trump work.

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Mykal's Journal 8

Uncle Caine wanted me to attempt to trump cousin Tyler, who is overdue in reporting and not answering Caine’s attempts. Assuming he was blocking or being blocked I tried a subtle approach, got a minor contact. He is in pain, broken leg I think. My contact was quickly detected, shouting around tyler and I was blocked. Not sure if tyler did it or someone else. Caine looked kind of worried when I briefed him. No sense of location.

Uncle Benedicts funeral was moving, cousin Martin inherited his estate, with gifts to all family members. Uncle left me a Wakazashi, dang thing is undestructable, very tough weapon, I shall use it in your memory uncle.
King Random questioned me about Morgali, the so-called Liason Uncle Benedict was inflicted with. Wanted to know if she reacted like she knew of the plan. She didn’t, but then again if she IS a politician she could be a consummate actress.
Uncle Bleys will take over Uncle Benedicts mission to recon out in Shadow, no idea how that will turn out.

Mom wants me to loan her my trump of the Glamour Pool, and she wants me to come along to watch her back. Now THERE is a request I just cant refuse. When we get to the pool it has changed, no so full of glowy stuff. Mom decides to shadowwalk to a better source, and walks us to another pool, this one in use by the fey. The fey decide to object strenuously to our use of the pool and we have to run them off, I don’t think I killed more than a dozen or so, maybe it was half…oh well. Mom takes the glamour and comes out a bit later all glowy-eyed, and we trump back to shadowEarth. I hadnt even got my feet up on the coffee table yet and Mom has me go check out a report that Merlin is in Paris. He is and we have a discussion about who’s influence he’ trying to hide under, guess he wasn’t aware the Mom has her influence in all these shadowEarths. He decides to bail, and he seems to be in a bad mood, so I accompany him to a dive shadow where we proceed to get drunk, hyper-sex some ladies, and fight off some steam. Merlin has a bad case of guilty consience to work off, never comes out and tells me about it though. I was hopeful. I did find out that there is some kind of connection to Corwins universe through Moms/Corwins ShadowEarth Paris. I may have to experiment later, knowing is half the battle, and surprise is the other half.
After a week I could see he was gettting a clearer head and wasn’t likely to let anything else slip, as well as probably not getting himself killed. I told him to call me if he needs anything, and I departed for ShadowEarth. I briefed Mom on most of the situation, and she is still supremely uninterested in getting involved in the Corwin/Dierdre situation, even for vengeance. I think I will be guided by her at this time, may be just a bit more than I want to involve myself in. My father’s justice will come in time, perhaps it is even now being written. Possible Courtesan to her own brother, poetic anyway, if not entirely satisfying.
I trump back to Amber and brief King Random, again on MOST of the situation, and he wants me to place people to watch Merlin. I take the time to aquire a pair of throwing daggers, then brush up on my combat skills, starting to get rusty with all this trump work.

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August 19, 2004

Session 7 Log


Mykal continues the investigations of his father’s demise. He begins by paying visits to the socialites of the time to dig up whatever gossip may be found. He learns details about the struggle and rivalry between Lord Kira and Lord Asano. He begins to suspect that the situation was arranged by an outside party.


Jade continues her visit with her father. She decides to test the security of the Ways by trying to penetrate the protected areas. He gets quite far before she is trapped by a living section of hallway. When her father shows up, she fast talks her way out and is escorted out for a walk.. Her father asks her to invite him to Amber to poke around a bit. Jade declines, saying it has to be her mother who invites him. Shortly thereafter, an attack is launched on the Way by a rival house. A number of Fire Angels are used in the assault and seem to be having little difficulty with the defenses.


Andre goes out acting as bait. He takes his bodyguards on a cruise to Begma to recruit more men. On the journey, the glamour using chaosian makes another appearance trying to spy on Andre. Andre pulls Gerard through a trump and they try to kill the intruder. Gerard thinks he wounded him, but the spy gets away. Upon reaching Begma, Vindalf disappears in the city. He never returns, presumably killed by the spy for information.


Mykal’s investigation leads him to stir the memories and spy on the emperor’s thoughts via trump. He learns that a number of important persons were vying for the attention of a particular courtesan and that she was the driving force that led to his father’s situation. He finds a painting of the courtesan and study leads Flora to tell him it was Dierdre who was responsible. Mykal then is ordered to report to Benedict for duty. When he shows up, Benedict assigns him as liason with a representative from chaos who has been distracting Benedict. Margolis and Mykal spend time sizing each other up and Mykal witnesses one of the duels that have been sucking up Benedict’s time.


Jade gets to show off fighting the fire angels. She survives and one of the chaosians trumping them in is killed. Jade learns that Dara has married her father’s cousin and that it is not a marriage of love. Jade then returns to 1925’s era Earth to take dancing lessons and generally goof around. She has a long trump conversation with her mother about bringing her father to Amber and Rebma.


Andre confers with the King about his role and it is decided that he will undergo training to become a member of the Secret Service since his debut as bait was less than successful. Andre spends the next few days in the company of the royal agents learning basic tradecraft.


Benedict is set up in a duel with his own descendant Dara. When Dara dies, she curses Benedict to never heal. Immediately the chaosians attack to take advantage of the blood curse. Benedict is wounded and evacuated. It is apparent he will not long survive, so a number of options are discussed. A threat is made to the King of Chaos to provide a shapeshifting healer or face a bloodcurse of his own. He refuses, so Jade’s father is brought in on the sly to try. He fails as well. As a last resort, Benedict tries to attune to the Jewel of Judgement. He perishes in the attempt, but magnifies his death curse with it, uttering the word “Justice”

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August 18, 2004

Logrus Travel SFX

Logrus Masters move along self-generated threads or paths. From an outside and unenhanced view the LM appears to move directly away, very fast; threads are invisible to the unaided eye.

The Black Road was toxic to non-Chaosites -- quickly debilitating to normal people and increasingly uncomfortable for Amberites.

Known Logrus powers:
Logrus Travel
Corruption of Shadow, as was done to Lorraine and Benedict's Avalon
Curses, like Broken Pattern Hexing in Cry Havoc but potentially more elaborate
Logrus Senses
Black Roads, as in the elaborate Chaosian road network

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August 14, 2004

Thoughts From Jade, Session 7

Keeping in practice and needing a challenge I decide to break into my father’s inner circle that has been forbidden to me. I get in pretty far, at least further than I anticipated I would, before I set off alarms. I quickly tell Vramine, that I was not interested in stealing anything or searching for any information. I truly just wanted to see how far I could get. He was impressed and alarmed.

Father and I talked about politics in Chaos and Amber. I made it very clear to him that I do my best to stay out of it all. This way everyone leaves me alone. Vramine called me a free loader. We didn’t have much time to talk as his home was under attack. I followed him out to the open where we saw fire angels and other creatures. My father wanted to protect me and I was getting flustered not being able to get into the action. Finally I told him that he needed to let me go, and that I could handle these creatures with minimal problems. I informed him that he had mistakenly judged my fighting skills off our sparing. I rolled my eyes and told him that he was not even child’s play and at the time I did not want to offend him. He offered me any weapon of my choice. I wanted two scimitars enhanced to hit the flesh of these fire angels. I quickly beheaded the first and worked towards the others. The trump artist got away and eventually all the invading creatures were slaughtered. Father was deeply impressed and then he knew how I was useful to Amber and Rebma.

After the battle I dissected the fire angels learning about their poisons and practiced shifting into one, (even if I was a midget in comparison). I tell father that my time here is done and he escorts me to the Dancing Mountains. He once again attempts to have me agree to bring him to Rebma or Amber. As usual, I tell him he must go through mother.

I make my way to shadow earth in the 1920’s. After a few muggings, burglaries and bank robberies, I decide to live in London. I purchase an apartment and hire a staff. I am going to be an actress, gangster and join the circus. I may even become a gymnast. I’ll have to have many different personalities for all of these new roles, but this should be fun. I need to work on a few skills and this seems to be the best place to start. I contact mother and let her know where I am and tell her of my adventures with father. Mother wants me to give her poisons and antidotes in exchange for more trumps. Works for me. I then contact Aunt Flora and let her know my intentions (but not all of them). Flora gives me her blessing along with a list of companies to not mess with, and residences to not burglarize and to please not cause too many wars. Agreed.

Mother later trumps me to say that Benedict is dying. I come home to Amber. From what I understand, he killed his daughter (Dara) in battle and she blood cursed him to never heal. Chaos refuses to help. I pull mother aside to see if she can work out a deal with father to help him. She leaves for a while and returns with Vramine and says that he is a friend of hers from Chaos. He agrees to help only if all the other elders besides Random are not present. Vramine attempts to heal Benedict and catches on fire. His logrus blood does not work well with the pattern blood of Benedict. Vramine then walks Andrade through step by step on how to do it. Andrade is only able to create patches, but Benedict can not heal. Vramine leaves. Benedict and Random decide to try to use the Jewell. Random is knocked out, Benedict dies, and another Blood curse from Benedict demanding Justice is decreed. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

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August 10, 2004

Mykal's Journal Session 7

Investigating the events surrounding the death of my Father and his Liege. Many reports of …suspicious actions of the people involved. Closer investigation reveled a strange courtesan, located a picture showing her to have BLUE eyes. Was gifted the picture upon inquiring about price (reminder: do something nice for that house). Mom recognized the courtesan as my Aunt Dierdre, and explained that they used to hose things up for each other on a regular basis. Mom is NOT happy, and it’s a good thing Auntie Dierdre is not available. I’ll have to meditate on what Honor demands, being a part of this family has seriously muddied up my ex-clear-cut honor code.

Random trumped me, wanted me to go help Uncle Benedict, of course I agreed. Packed up and headed for the field. Trumped Uncle B. and went through to Shadow. Wound up at his forward base of operations, on the Courts side. He wanted me to “distract” a Liaison sent by the courts, he also complained about having to smack bucketheads from the Courts around every day. Liaison is named Margali of House Crane. Pretty cute human form, got enough attitude for a dozen royal houses. Had to go into full COURT mode, that got a raised eyebrow. She is good though, knew what I was up to as soon as I opened my mouth. Nonverbally let me know that she knew, then played along. Got to watch Uncle B. smush some Chaos punk, Margali says the find it an honor, even if they die at his hands…strange people.

Next day went “riding” with Uncle B and a group of soldiers, shadow walked them around a bit to get used to moving on this side. Back in camp and Uncle decided to allow another challenge, this one seemed a bit odd for some reason, couldn’t pin down why. Uncle B had a much harder time with this one, but finally struck a mortal blow. PINDROP, Family Death Curse!!! On uncle B? Cursed to NEVER HEAL? I couldn’t react fast enough, and still cursing the fact I had nothing to throw. (Note…never never never go out without a dagger ever again)
At the same time couple of the hangers on from Chaos watching started pulling stuff through TRUMPS, nasty looking critters too. Grabbed my trump of Gerard and Pushed to reach him, got through and told him we were under attack, Benedict NEEDS him. He came through after grabbing a couple weapons. Then we went ballistic on the critters, Uncle B took a hard hit from the biggest critter, and doesn’t look so good. Gerard and I helped finish it off, and do mop-up. Briefed Gerard on what happened and he and Uncle B went after the Chaos person who cursed him. They both seemed to know who she was (found out later, was Dara, Uncle B’s alleged great-grandaughter!) Caught sight of Margali off in the woods watching and pantomimed asking if she was involved with this (she had acted surprised before running off away from the critters). She yelled back that she was not, but she didn’t trust us not to kill her, she was going to leave to report to her King.

Gerard trumped Random, and the King gave a withdrawal order. Packing up the camp, soldiers, and equipment. Gerard went ahead with Uncle B, who REALLY didn’t look good, injured and not healing.
Got everyone back, got cleaned up. King Random summoned the family together. Seems Uncle B isnt doing well, and he wants ideas. After fruitless brainstorming and attempting to counter the curse, (including some kind of shapeshifting thing done by Andre). It was decided to make the attempt to attune Uncle Benedict to the Jewel of Judgement, to try to negate the death curse. He died in the attempt, but placed a Death curse of his own. Down one Uncle, one cousin I never met, and a bunch of angry family members around me. Wont be any meditating around here for awhile. Cheers Uncle, sorry I didn’t get to know you better.

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