June 29, 2002

THE ABYSS, described by Florimel as a mass of roiling, lethal energies and matter beyond an endless cliff. The Courts of Chaos proper is a floating 'island' maybe half a mile from the cliff, over the Abyss


SHADOW BELKEN, ruled by the Shadow God Bel to the small extent he cares to. Site of the Belken Festival that gathers most of the members of the Brotherhood for three weeks every seven years. High magic, medieval tech. Bel's powers relate especially to teleportation and Gates. --- people: Bel, High Priest Bel-Shazzar

THE BORDERLANDS, the shadows that border the Dancing Mountains that divide Order from Chaos. Mostly deserts due to the unpredictable weather that comes off the Mountains. Some stable areas with associated states. There is probably a similar region on the Chaos side of the Dancing Mountains.

SHADOW CHELAYA, nexus shadow, site of the sea battle with House Chanicut's expeditionary force. Locals are mostly blue-skinned humanoids with Renaissance tech. Average magic.

THE COURTS OF CHAOS, the land of the enemy. It floats over the Abyss and appears from the outside to be perhaps a mile across. It is much larger inside and/or is connected via magical gates to many other places. Gates with many different levels of exclusitivity are everywhere. King Swayvill rules loosely with an iron fist; he doesn't interfere very often but is nearly irresistable when he choses to be. The great Houses of Chaos are Jesby, Sawall, Chanicut, Hendrake, Basilisk, Helgram, Manticora and Gryphon, all ruled by Swayvill's descendants. Swayvill laid a geas upon all the Houses to send forces to conquer Amber in an attempt to defuse or sidetrack a civil war. King Swayvill is rumored to be dying.

The Dancing Mountains, a barrier of rapidly mutatiing Shadow midway between Amber and the Courts of Chaos. They are perilous to cross though less so to initiates of Pattern, Logrus or Broken Pattern. The Dancing Mountains generate fluctuating Trump interference.

SHADOW DOM-DANIEL, high magic, Rebman environment (and within the Rebman sphere of interest), greatest concentration of schools and teachers of high magic. Site of a Broken Pattern said to be inhabited by a Shadow God. --- people: most of the schools of sorcery, several members of the Brotherhood

SHADOW FANGORN, nexus shadow ruled by a Shadow God who may be a tree. Inhabitants are elfy types and Fangorn's minions, such as dryads and ents -- giant tree-men with uber-gnome (earth elemental) powers. House Miramon trades with the Fangornans (particularly for spellrack wood) from a smallish enclave. The factor is Oleg Miramon. Medieval tech, moderate magic. --people: Oleg M., Lord Oak

Gwyneth's Shadow, site of her main -- empty and looted -- palace.

Shadow Hunac, nexus shadow dominated by an empire ruled by a living (human) sun-god -- acutally controlled by the priesthood. Gunpowder is banned and swarms of trained salamanders seek it out and blow it up. They have a history of necromantic state crime. Notable for an effecient shadow economy (organized crime). Renaissance tech, normal magic. Mainly a House Kandive concern; their factor is Cullin Kandive. --- people: Eye of the Sun Akbal, Derkon, Holrune, Cullin K.

Shadow Inferno, one of 3 closely linked shadows recently invaded by House Helgram, home to the garou uberwerewolves, the famous mage Badger, and the Bound Elderkin known as the Beast on the Pole -- whose blood is the source of the numerous vampires and weres in the three shadows.

SHADOW JOHROM, nexus shadow where House Jesby's forces are readying their next move. Inhabitants are chunky, semimatriarchal lizardmen. Allied with Amber to successfully defeat their Jesby invaders. Several BP initiates survived the war. The notable wizard Azvan is a Johromi.

the Shadow of the Keep of Four Worlds, site of the Dark Well controlled by Jasra, a source of power (and madness) and a short cut to the other Well sites in Chaos, the Tir Tarngir and Rebma regions, and Corwin's cosmos.

Shadow Limbo, one of three closely linked shadows recently invaded by House Helgram, medieval with moderate magic, vampire-ridden, home of some of Prince 13's allies including Genevieve and Kirsten.

SHADOW LYNXIA, a shadow notable for great artist's light, enhanced healing magic and a 5:1 time rate. Site of several healing spas and hospitals, some secretly owned by the Amber Crown. Culturally a sort of Classical Greek overlay on a Renaissance base. No explosives. Normal magic, except for High healing magic (and Low necromancy). Amber Trump Mistress Kelamon has a small palace there. Prince Gerard was taken there for healing.

Shadow Purgatory, one of three closely linked shadows recently invaded by House Helgram, ~20th C tech, a welter of magical cabals trying to rule it.

RANGER HEADQUARTERS, Shadow Broceliand, a nexus shadow located in greater Arden, recently used as a depot and staging ground for the Princes. There is a sprawling fortress surrounded by campgrounds and a nearby sizeable town. Rangers and their dependants hail from a dozens of different shadows and not all are strictly human. The town is run by a Lord Mayor but Lord Commander Sir Fenmor, the ranger general commander, is the true authority. --- Fenmor

REBMA, home of the House of Lir, ruled (firmly) by Queen Moire; magic everywhere, an enchanted-aquatic environment both shadow-wide and region-wide, center of a mighty trade network. Those of Lir's line are all potential Trump Artists and a majority actually have the power. --- Queen Moire, Crown Princess Morwyn, Gwyneth,

SHADOW SHANDORIA, nexus shadow, current camp of the Hendrake forces. Notable for the corrupt and useless Shandorian Empire. Primarily a House Chantris concern prior to the invasion. Currently the nation of Aquitaine is allied with Amber in the person of Prince Fineas, and with his ... protege? ally? ... Prince Eugen---

The PLACE FORMERLY KNOWN AS TIR-NA NOG'TH, half-real and transient no more, the Gryphons got there first

The VILLAGE, where Thirteen was raised; a shadow with 20th C science in general and some bits of high or weird tech, mainly in the field of mind control.

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June 27, 2002
Game Log -- Session 8

Morwyn is going to the palace to check out the shadow libraries to research. She is trying to discover where the next major battle will be. She knows her mother has promised Gerard several Tritons for the next battle so she knows it will be ocean-based, and probably which Shadow... magic works pretty well there, but not as well as in Rebma (natch).

After the research she kicks back and drink a few, letting the Rebman spies do their job and gather information.

Fin meets with Ky Tung, who is if nothing else a charming distraction. A member of one of the minor trading houses who just learned that he has become a prince, she is trying to cash in. The two go off to a picnic (the location already checked over by guards, who are guarding him at a distance). Fin’s actors are being watched to make sure they do not talk about the “gig” he retained them for.

Shandora, the blasted war zone armpit of the Amberverse. The Shadow continues to (weakly) struggle after the last battle. Thirteen is trying to find where they may have taken Dara after Fin creased her head for her. He gets only vague indication on where she might have gone, and tries to use pattern to see which routes were likely used recently, and picks one to move in on during the night, as stealthily as possible. He sees something in the darkness -- it appears to be moving, flying actually. The shape appears to a human-sized, bird-like creature. Sabine and one of the weres are with him.

The foe seems to target on magic and pattern use, so he attempts to find a powerful enough signature to get the people in the Shadow to home in on, and sets off a ranged effect spell... something that will kill something else... to get their attention. He decides to target a deer with necromancy.

Tori is having a talk with Moire. The discussion turns to the way she recovered captive Flora from the Courts of Chaos. Moire wants Toriana's assistance in recovering Llewella, who may still be alive. Moire requests that Toriana attune the Rebman Jewel of Judgement, warning her that this would make Tori more of a threat to her. Toriana “reluctantly” agrees. With tears in her eyes, she makes the painful sacrifice (noting that all the while, Moire never actually took her hand off the jewel... not for a second, nossir). Afterwards, Moire, Tori, and one of the primary Tritons of Rebma get together in a room near the Rebman pattern and batter their way through to a mutilated and chained Llewella. The Triton (one of the most senior of the designated Rebman bad asses) is killed in the fight, but Llewella is pulled through. She is missing her arms and legs and is, for lack of appropriate adjectives, in bad shape.

Jacob is distributing troops in Hunac. He contacts the Organization, asking to learn the techniques of stealth magery. While waiting for the new tutor to be made available (her name is Itzamna) he contacts one of Sir John’s leftenants, whom he grills about whom to talk to about efficient spy organizations. The theory he is working from is that if you have an efficient spy organization, you have someone who used to be a good rebel, and thus someone who might be of use to Griv in the Courts.

The crown agent suggests a crown “team”, headed up by a fellow named Dax -- apparently these fellows do this sort of thing all the time (that is, train rebels to make trouble for regimes of which Amber is not fond).

Moire contacts Morwyn and explains the events surrounding the rescue of the Llewella. Moire confides that once they find out who the Chaos house was that mutilated Llewella, there will be official vendetta (good news for Amber). Moire asks that Morwyn become familiar with the “recent relatives” that have been introduced to Amber (that would be the rest of us). In departing the audience, Morwyn notices that the emotional atmosphere in Rebma is hot -- details of Llewella’s incarceration are not yet known to the populace but the generalities are, and people are angry. Morwyn gathers up several ships (10?) and the manpower to people them effectively, then trumps Gerard to apprise him of the change in Rebman politics.

Fineas wraps things up with his paramour, checks out the status of Hunac, checks in on his samurai (making sure they are ‘ready for anything’ and his other troops in Arden, then trumps Thirteen, who is trying to draw in a Chaosite by using small death magicks in the occupied Shadow of Shandora. Thirteen ignores the trump call and Fineas waits to try again in a few minutes.

The Chaosite finds 13’s people and kills or badly injures several of them. The others counterattack the spiked black Chaosite thing. Thirteen does likewise. Few people are hitting anything in the dark, but they’re getting closer and closer until they end up in in hand to hand combat. Thirteen realizes with a certain amount of dismay that the demon is about as good as he is in this arena.

Seeing that Thirteen still isn’t picking up, Fineas decides to seek out a Shadow of his choosing, but is trumped by Gerard before getting a proper start. Gerard informs him that the sea battle with Chancicut will be joined soon (with considerable more aid from the Rebmans than expected (see Morwyn). Fineas moves through the trump and assesses the situation. No ironclads... probably about 12 lords of chaos to deal with... some cthulu-esque orca beasts, et cetera. He then contacts his mother to make a request in advance of possibly needing back-up trump energy.

Bloody damned exhausted, Tori trumps to a fast-time shadow of which her mother informed her. She rests for about 16 hours, then works on a number of trump sketches (Gerard x2, Jacob x2, Thirteen x2, Fineas x2, Captain of Gerard’s ship x2, Tori x2). She trumps to the castle to locate her weir bodyguard, Heinrich. He prepares equipment and joins her on “her” ship in Chelaya Shadow.

Jacob trumps to Shadow Chelaya and has his mage work on attuning her spells while Jacob calls his air elemental to him. Zariel (screw you, it’s a damn fine name) will stay above the combat and recon -- primarily the location of the various Chaos Lords -- then report said intelligence to Jacob.

Moire establishes a trump gate and sends troops through to Gerard. Morwyn takes control of her ships and establishes her role in the combat (keeping Logrus off the backs of the Amberite ships) and tries to figure out what the Amberites are going to be doing during the fight (a fair question, and one which is unclear even to several of the Amberites). Morwyn is generally underwhelmed by the level of preparation, and seeks to compensate.

The Amberites use more power than the Chaosites expected. The Chaosites respond in kind. In summation, it could have been a simple naval battle where Pattern essentially cancelled out Logrus, leaving a ‘mundane’ contest between Amazonian Water Princesses, mythic Tritons, tentacled demonic whales, a few kraken, and several hundred warships.

Certainly, the kids couldn’t let THAT happen. After a few passes, Toriana pushed a number of spells into the “holymercifulcrap” range by tapping a magical coin or two, and that caused the Chaosites (who weren’t expecting that level of magic) to (over)react in kind. Waterspouts wandered through the fleets, lightning bolts crackled in the clear blue sky, and at least one ship simply vanished in a rainbow shimmer of Trump energy (and reappeared/ground to a halt in Arden, next to the camp of “ready” samurai... remember the ‘ready’ samurai?) Captains on both sides concluded that the enemy had broken the agreement to not use explosive shells (both the Chanicuts and Gerard had thought that they could win by sheer 'wooden ships and iron men' virtuosity) and broke out the nasty things, resulting in a horrific mess of exploding ships.

The Tritons lost two-in-ten, Gerard lost maybe a third of his core fleet and half his locals, plus two thirds of his out-shadow religious fanatics. One Daughter of Agheer was killed and two wounded. Gerard went into the drink when his ship took half a dozen explosive shells at once and blew completely apart. A D of A pulled him out with many injuries, notably two feet of oak splinter through his liver.

The Chanicuts were, apparently, wiped out due to their refusal to run or surrender. All their beastmen died, plus maybe half their razorbeaks, 80% of their Chelayan locals (some mutinied and surrendered) and a few khrazall who flew away.

Theoretically, Amber won.

The fight continues in hand to hand range. Thirteen does not allow himself to get worried -- after John Gaunt, how bad could it be? Two weir join in on Thirteen’s side and the situation improves dramatically. The Chaosite shifts tactics from trying to win to “trying to cause as much damage as possible”. He succeeds both at causing damage and not winning -- admirably. Thirteen realizes afterwards that the creature’s spines were “painted” with a type of poison. He hauls the captured prisoner off to Castle Amber and seeks aid with poison antidotes.

In the dungeon, thirteen devises brave punishments for the Chaosite to encourage him to reveal information on Dara’s current location. Information on that front is less than completely satisfactory, but the creature, possibly a minor Helgram lord, does reveal that the next major thrust into Hunac will rely on tantric rather than necromantic magick (after an initial necromantic feint) -- this means that the weak points originally identified (necromantic hot spots) as will be most susceptible to Helgram’s attack will (very likely) be in completely different than locales originally estimated (tantric hot spots).

This is not good news.

- Fineas is acting as co-commander with Morwyn in Chelaya. Morwyn is careful to avoid stepping on Amberite toes but she is an experiences naval commander and Fineas is doing OJT. The sea floor is scoured for Chanicuts, loot, 'coins' (they find two) and magical doodads. Fineas, Toriana and Jacob Trump around between Chelaya, Amber, Lynxia and Deep Arden (Ranger hq, where the Trump-gated ship went). Fineas finds letters indicating that it was the Chanicuts who had Llewella prisoner; he makes the knowledge public and shows Morwyn the proof. Gerard has been hauled off to Shadow Lynxia, noted for healing, artist's light and a 5:1 time ratio. Thirteen and his Weir commandos were there briefly too.

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June 20, 2002
Fineas Journal- Session 6

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


My day started innocently enough. I felt the tingle of a trump call coming in and with a little concentration I was able to determine it was Kelamon. I opened my mind to the contact and she quickly got down to business. She handed me two letters through the trump…one was apparently a request to sit for a trump painting to be done by Gwyneth, Kelamon's sister. Kelamon knew of the contents and I told her I would make myself available as long as the war had not broken out yet. I had heard something of the circumstances of Gwyneth's sanctuary in Amber and had detected some tension from Kelamon in that reguard. I decided to query her a bit further and voiced my own suspicions that Gwyneth needed to be watched closely.

Kelamon seemed to agree heartily and was pleased to find that I was of like mind. We discussed Gwyneth at some length. She apparently had annoyed the Rebmans sufficiently to be exiled to shadow where she made questionable friends and generally engaged in activities not considered suitable for the Rebman court. I was more concerned that her "abduction" was more of a clever ruse to get us to bring her to Amber. Her position as a court trump artist would be ideal for a spy and her loyalties were already suspect. Such a scenario is what I would do if I were the chaosians. I resolved to "make nice" with her and try to better determine her intentions. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer they say.

A short while after my discussion with Kelamon, I got another trump call from Gwyneth. I told her I would need a short while to freshen up and find suitable attire for the sitting. She seemed pleased that I was taking the sitting seriously. If the truth be known, I would not want to be seen by posterity as a grime caked slob anyway and that is what I looked like after working in Hunac for a while. I told Gwyneth to give me a couple hours and I would meet her in Amber. I issued a few final instructions to my workers and prepared to return to Amber to clean up and obtain suitable attire.

In Hunac I had been having the locals tunnel beneath the likely invasion points to allow me to stuff them with explosives. I intended to blow everything up when the Hendrakes made their appearance. A lot of work needed to be done, but I felt that I could take a few hours off and still get the job done in time. I was sadly mistaken as it turned out.

I chose some of Eric's finer clothing and added a few items of my own once I got to Amber and cleaned up. Making my way to find Gwyneth, I tried to come up with a suitable pose that would combine dignity and show my "compassionate" nature. I decided that one of the balconies overlooking Kolvir would be the best place. Finding Gwyneth, I escorted her to the appropriate balcony, carrying her easel and canvas for her and making small talk. The conversation slowly turned flirtatious, not a difficult task because she is a comely woman when all is said and done. I resolved to be as friendly to her as I could while maintaining enough distance to capture her interest. I have no doubts she wants to play me like a cheap guitar in the political games of Amber. We shall see who gets strummed.

My return to Hunac turned out to be a bit tardy. Shortly after I arrived, an urgent message came that the first gate was in the process of opening. My tunnels were only partially filled with explosive and had not yet been concealed. Damn! I had been looking forward to a truly spectacular victory but now all seemed in dire jeopardy. I rushed to the site and found that a couple of the Hunac leaders were agents of the enemy, or at least they were trying to throttle Derkan and Sabine. The shimmering gate was forming and swirling energies that I had seen before in Chandora were directing the gate formation. Several sorcerors tried disrupting it with spells to no avail. I decided to intervene with the possessed people and soon discovered a pair of strange psychic beings who were moving from body to body, disrupting things. I needed help and none of my cousins were handy. I tried using probability to isolate one of the beings and managed to enter into a mental combat with it. I was stronger. It died. The other fled quickly and I was unable to prevent its leaving.

I was unable to trump Thirteen or Jacob. The gate was growing and no one else seemed able to stop it. I felt a sinking sensation as I knew what had to be done. I slowly ascended the steps toward the gate and began to pull up my Pattern defense. Grimacing, I plunged into the edge of the gate where I would make contact with the chaos tendril. The pain was sudden, severe and somewhat catastrophic. I was flung back and bounced down a number of steps, mercifully out cold after the first impact.

Some time later I came to and noticed I was not dead. I could tell because every inch of my body hurt and I was looking up at one of the Hunac workers bending over me. Derkan and Sabine had recovered and there was no sign of the second psychic creature. The gate had pretty much collapsed with no force to direct it's formation. I sat up and felt around for my trumps again. This time I reached Jacob and told him what was happening. I was still a little fuzzy, but soon noticed Jacob, Tanitheel and Torianna were present. I explained what had happened and asked Tori if she could track down the second creature or come up with a defense against it. She agreed and went to work on the problem. After a while she announced the creature's trail left Hunac but she had an idea for an amulet that would ward off the possession.

Since the creatures had become privy to my plan with the explosives, it became useless. I ordered the powder removed from the tunnels and returned to the Kandive magazines. Jacob was still hanging around and he approached me with an idea of his. Jacob believed it might be possible to foment a rebellion in the heartland of Chaos, thus drawing off forces to deal with it. He seemed to think I might have some expertise in organizing and leading such rebellions. I can't imagine why. I replied that while that was a good idea, I had no personal experience in such matters. I thought I might be able to find a couple people in my expendable army who might know a little but thought he should broach the subject with Gerard as our best bet.

After things quieted down a bit I returned to Amber for a little medical attention. Getting cleaned up, I discovered Thirteen had returned from Chandora where he had witnessed the effect of my actions at the other end of the gate. Apparently it was even more painful for them and their ritual was disrupted for a while. He had also managed to capture a Hellmaid whom he had interrogated to some degree. I also learned that Torianna had successfully rescued Flora from the Chaosians and she was in decent shape. Things were beginning to look up!

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June 15, 2002
13's Report - Session 7

Transmission start....

After #2 and Flora ended their touching reunion, Fineas gave me a nudge
and pulled me aside. He told me that he was concerned about the Hellmaid,
and the fact that the Hendrake's could come looking for him for shooting
Dara. He'd come up with a plan, to torture somebody else in a nearby cell
and have them scream out that Dara was taken out by one of the
Hellgram's. I told him I would help out as best I could. He had the better
Actor's in the realm rounded up and auditioned for the perfect torture
victim. We were to do the deed in the morrow.

When all was set, #2 rounded up all of us and told us that he was going to
need us for some great naval battle against house Chanicut. Fineas begged
out of it saying he had something to take care of for tomorrow. So, #2
took Jacob, Kelamon, the Brat and I out to where his Fleet was. He told us
all about the Chanicut forces, and produced several giant women who
seemed to be more than just Allies (they went by the name of "The
Daughters of Agheer" (Hefring, Hrona, Duva, Kolga, amd Bara)). Two of
them (Kolga, and Hrona) were groping and kissing him all over, but the Most
fun was watching Toriana stomp her little feet and throw a little hissy
about #2's Hussies.

I could hear Toriana say under her breath in a little girls voice "....but
Mommie's here Daddy, Don't let those women fondle you when Mommy is

The only other thing about the day cruise that was of any import was the
exchange of information with Jacob about his Uber-bullets for my silver
plating technique. This would come in handy. I spent the rest of the day
making as many as I could. When Gerard was done "negotiating" with our
new allies, He told us it was time to go back to Amber and hear what Flora
had to say about her imprisonment.

Flora's information backed up what Col. Sir Bors and I were able to drag
out of the Hellmaid Marayka. There were Four things of note:

1. That the House that had held her captive (Gryphon) had been claiming
large victories against Amber. He haven't even heard of them.

2. Corwin had claimed to have created a "second" Pattern just in case. This
might fit in with the Gryphon claims. If they had been going up against
"Pattern" user's they wouldn't necessarily be able to tell the difference
between the two. Or, it could just be that the Queen of Rebma, Moire, has
had here own private war going on.
3. She asked about some thing called Tir-Na Nog'th. A copy of Amber
that was in the Sky. These Sky people could also be the forces that the
Gryphon's are running into. Alot of weird things were said to have
happened when the Pattern returned.

4. And last but not least. After Flora had bored everybody to near sleep
with her tail of woe, She asked if we had any questions. I, never the shy
one, and the most bored, Asked her about the Succession to the crown,
Who would now be King. Several interesting things happened next. First
off came a chorus of "Bad Reese, Bad Reese" from the brat (these were
soon Parroted by Jacob. Fineas just looked at me and kept saying "Poor
form, Poor form". Mostly for his audience). Jacob proclaimed #2 to be
"King". This may have been a slip of the tongue, or more likely his wish not
to have the weight of the Crown shoved upon his head. Toriana was the
most predictable...anything that threatened her place in the world would
have to destroyed. Fineas was stone faced (it may have to do with the fact
that he had heard out loud that his Father was the Arch-traitor, and was
hoping to deflect any of our thoughts on that subject away from him).
Flora gave me a slight smile, and #2 had nothing to say either way. When
Jacob called him king, or when I asked who Gerard was "regent" for. This
could mean that he is already corrupt with power, and in need of replacing
by #1. Or he was unwilling to be like his siblings and take the Crown that
all of the Nobles would be unwilling to deny him.

After Flora's speech, I had to get started on the things that I had been
planning to do before our impromptu ship cruise. I was a day behind
schedule because of that.

First off, I went and found Chungo, and Elmore and Talked to them about
the Magical-molecular silver plating that I had come up with in Hunac. They
seemed to feel that this was info that needed to be shared with all of the
Noble's as well. Chungo wanted to know when I wanted to meet with them,
and I told him when ever is convenient. This turned out to be one hour
later. It will take some getting use to the whole "Prince" thing. I hope
never to become like the Brat though. I gave my little lesson and it was
well received.

Next on my agenda was to get things together to check out the other
invaded shadows. Also to try and find something about the House of
Gryphon. I tracked down Col. Sir Bors and talked to him about if he could
loan me two of his people for some black OP's tasks. He introduces me to
two of his Wier people Jurgan, and Gertruda, and he made weapon
preperations for us. I have one of the Castle Pages go and find Hans and
Franz and have them brought to the Armory and prepared to leave.

1 Steyr AMR 15mm sniper rifle
3 IMI Desert Eagle .50 cal. Revolvers
3 Colt Python .357 cal Revolver's
2 Boys 20mm anti-tank rifle's
3 De Lisle Carbine .45 APC

Col. Sir Bors said that he would prepare weapons/ammo for each of the
shadows that we were going to investigate. We would have to contact him
for each set of weapons so we would not have to carry them all.

Next I needed a trump maker or access to someone who was useful in
making trumps. I bit the bullet and met with Kelamon and she told me that
Flora was a trump maker and that I should talk to her about my plans. She
provided me with a Trump of Hunac, and one of Shandora (Chantrisport) for
my endeavor. I gather up everybody and trump through to Hunac.

When I get there, I find that Sabine had recovered from the attack, and
was ready to go. I met with Derkon and talked to him about Fineas' plan
for his compensation. A Shadow of his desire, and a secure shadow path to
and from Dom-Daniel.

I brought Sabine a gift of some nice Flowers from Benedict's garden, and a
second Spell rack. I had some of the Hunac's make us some odd little food
for as romantic dinner as best as they could pull off. She seemed to like
the effort.

As we prepared to leave Hunac for Chantrisport I send off several
"Pattern" birds to take messages back to Amber.

I sent a Skua to Fineas telling him that the rewards plan for Derkon was a
go. and that I was going to contact Azvan about the Jesby's controlled
shadow. Fineas' would have to follow up on this, and I would be in contact
with him later.

I sent a Raven to Azvan's contact in Dom-daniel telling him that we may be
in need of his service's in the Jesby controlled shadow. That he should get
ahold of Toriana or Fineas to make plans.

I trumped Flora and Told her about my plans, and she was more than willing
to help out, especially against the Gryphon's.

Transmission end....

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June 12, 2002
Florimel's Factoids

The battle went as in The Courts of Chaos except that no Oberon funeral procession went through and Random joined the rest in the Courts proper -- the fuzzy island over the Abyss.

In the Courts they were led through a series of Gates and attacked by pretty much everybody. Flo was with Llewella and in sight of Benedict and Caine.
-- Caine got shot by arrows in the chest and throat, like Brand, and went down
-- Benedict killed a lot of ambitious types until he got swamped
-- Flo and Llewella got swamped. Florimel was taken captive by House Gryphon and made the Dukes trophy concubine, lab rat and breeding project.
-- She's sure they removed some ova. She also bore two kids to the Duke who were immediately taken away and raised in fast-time -- or so they claimed. They lied to her a lot. She met a young man and woman who claimed to be her kids. Flora is conflicted about them. They're the only children she's ever had, but they are also enemies and spawn of her master/rapist.
-- Chinaway Hendrake is said to have killed Julian (who killed Larsus, Duke Hendrake and Chinaway's brother) and made the prince's head into a goblet.
-- the Hendrakes and Helgrams were set on punishing or executing Bleys and Fiona, who betrayed them.
-- Martin was supposedly talked into surrenduring by Dara Hendrake.
-- Merlin stabbed his father Corwin in the back and was reflexively killed.
-- There are conflicting rumors about Benedict, Corwin, Llewella, Bleys, Fiona, and even Caine. Any House that captured them alive would keep it secret if they could. Others would lie about possessing a captive.

-- Flora has long been a Trump Artist, having been taught by a Rebman lover (coincidentally, he was Toriana's mentor and great-uncle). She kept that talent hidden from the Gryphons. She can make Trumps of some of them.
-- Flora started spontaneously shapeshifting her second year of captivity. The Gryphons wouldn't give her any training and there are problems. She'll consult with Tanitheel.
-- The Gryphons sent a sizeable force against Amber like the Hendrakes, Helgrams, Jesby and Chanicuts. Gerard & Co. haven't seen any sign of it.
-- The expeditions were sent on the King's orders, to try to stop a civil war. The King is rumored to be dying. Flora believes that the nobles of Chaos have lost about a third of their number between the war, the wave of destruction, the civil war and the House vendettas. She got the impression that the King ordered them to go in some way that left them with no choice to refuse, literally no choice.

-- The subject peoples of Chaos all regularly tithe magical energy via rituals to their lords. It is channelled, stored and used to strengthen and maintain their citadels. A large percentage is siphoned off by the King of Chaos, Swayvill, and manifests as a crown of flame.

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Log Seven

The Days of Amber – Cry Havoc
Session 7 – the World of The Princess

Gerard rewards Toriana with a hug for rescuing aunt Flora. Gerard wants help for his big naval battle with the Chanicuts. He's been using a lot of the student mages Toriana and Thirteen recruited, along with the Brotherhood Council Deputy Holrune.

Fineas wants to set information about the assassinations to the hellmaid. That way she can return with false information that she believes is real. Fineas and Thirteen start to screen actors to play the part of the torturees.

Jacob is in Fangorn placing watchers with his trumps. His people are assigned bodyguards. Griv calls Jacob and chats about broken patterns and how they work and if he and the party with him will survive. Jacob then goes to Hunac. Jacob checks on his troops and calls Gerard. Gerard tells Jacob he can control broken patterns with the jewel of judgment and he is willing to help Jacob and thus Griv in a few hours. Gerard of course wants to help while in disguise. Jacob also asks Gerard about help with the uprising. Gerard mentions that Flora might be a good one to ask about such matters.

Fineas and Thirteen raise the city actors out of bed at noon and begin auditions for the torturee.

Toriana talks with her aunt about nothing in particular. She sketches Jacob while they talk.

Gerard takes everyone to a ship of the fleet. Mixed group of sailors are already aboard the ship. Holrune is on the ship as well. Jacob left instructions to split troops 2000 per gate in Hunac.

Eldevon’s school sent slubs to Amber for mages. They are highly under qualified and no one is impressed. Other schools did better. Holrune has created goggles to through sea water as if it were air. We are briefed on what works in regards to the demons. Two women (seven feet tall, naked but for knives, long blood red hair and blue-white skin) pop out of the water and start talking to Gerard. Actually they start groping him in public.

Gerard is going to call Moire about getting some Tritons to assist with the moving of the ship and the battle. Jacob makes bullets. One of the weird water ladies help with summoning water elementals and binding them. She makes the work a lot easier. Jacob talks to the woman and she kisses him after lifting him off the ground. The other woman approaches Thirteen.

Jacob gets trumped by Griv. Jacob goes through the trump with Gerard and Toriana muffled up in cloaks. Griv's company will walk a broken pattern. Gerard will control the pattern with the jewel (preventing the usual random failures) and Toriana will be chanting pretending to be holding up a spell to keep attention from Gerard.

Flora and Toriana talk and Toriana convinces Flora that she needs to walk the pattern to put everyone’s minds at ease and to perhaps help her recover a bit. Flora understands the concern and humors Toriana. Flora is then sent to her room to rest a bit. She will brief everyone when she is rested.

Jacob goes back to Hunac and puts 3000 Persians at the two hot sites in Hunac. Romans sent to the other most likely site.

Flora wakes and explains what happened to the family when they trumped to Chaos. It messes with your senses to be in Chaos. There was a large battle. Brand showed up with the jewel at the Abyss. Nothing survives the Abyss. Brand tries to kill Deidre and is shot by Caine and Brand falls into the Abyss. Oberon went to fix the pattern gave siblings a blessing. A storm was approaching and the unicorn appeared out of the Abyss and she attracted everyone’s attention no matter if they were near or far they couldn’t help but look at her. She gave the jewel to Random.

The storm was coming down on them and the rest of the family retreated in Chaos proper. Chaos attacked. She believes Benedict and Caine are dead. She thinks Llewella is dead. Flora bore two children and she is certain they extracted some of her ova. Flora is a trump artist. The 2nd year she started shape shifting spontaneously but her captors refused to give her any training.

The lords of Chaos consider us inferior beings. Descendants of Swayvil make of the Great Houses of Chaos. Spells and enchantments are easier there. Shadows there are smaller and more malleable. Flora learned trump from Toriana’s uncle.

After the Amberites were defeated a great civil war broke out in Choas and Swayville stopped it.

Thirteen brings up succession to the throne in Amber. No one is having this conversation with anyone else right now and everyone politely ignores him. Flora gives everyone a logrus lesson. The Church of the Serpent is the Chaos religion. The priests spend most of their time keeping the serpent asleep. Logrus masters go crazy eventually. Chaos peons -- all of them -- send magical energy to their lords via regular rituals. The King of Chaos skims off a large percentage which manifests as a crown of flame or curdled magic, similar to Toriana’s coin things.

Flora asks about the Tir. Gerard explains that fixing the Pattern changed things. She wants food, a very good feast.

Jacob trumps Griv and asks about the missing Gryphons. He heard of them but does not know where they are.

Gerard goes back to the fleet. Flora finds Tanitheel. Fineas has found his actors. Moire gives Gerard his tridents.

Toriana goes to the edge of Chaos and tries to get Llewella. No good she is drugged. She packs up and goes home.

Thirteen, Chango, and Elmore talk silver plating. Shows locals how to do it. Chango and Elmore are better at it. Thirteen seeks out Sir John finds Bors the second in command. He gets information on shadows. He is trying to find out where they would take Dara. They take Weir guardsmen Yurghen and Gertruda. Asks Kelemon for sketch of Hunac or Shandora. Kelemon suggests he ask Toriana. She then suggests he ask Flora.

Kelemon helps Thirteen take 5 people to Hunac through trump. Sabine is found and talks to Derkon about rewards. Thirteen then heads off to Shandora.

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June 03, 2002
13's Debriefing - Session 6

Transmission start....

I was led through the city under siege to the current leader of the Chantris
defence of the Shadow Shandora, General Gelban.

I asked him if I could borrow some of his mounted rifle troops so that I
could have a look at the Capital. Ever the genial fellow, he agreed and we
had a sip of some schnapps to seal the deal. We headed out just before
dusk, and were spied by one of the Hendrake's flying demons. We
continued on and were shortly intercepted by a company of the Hendrake's
troops. After taking heavy fire, we retreated back to the safety of
Chantrisport to wait for night fall.

While waiting, I received a trump call from the Brats mother, Kelamon. She
told me that she wanted to have a trump setting with me so that she could
make on of me. I'm not very happy about this, but keep smiling anyway.
When she considered the conversation over she handed me two letters and
signed off. The first is a questionnaire from #2 asking what we feel is the
best thing to do about the Amber Armory. The second is the History of
Amber according to #2. A bit light, and uninformative, but at least it's a
good read.

Under the cover of dark, things wnt much easier and we got to the city
undetected. This time I took two men that knew the capital and the
surrounding area by the names of Hans and Franz. As we approached the
city we can feel a loud, bass thrumming coming from the center of the city.
Hans and Franz are a bit off put by this, but I sense that it is like a great
engine starting to turn over. With trepidation, Hans and Franz led me
towards the loud "Thrumming". As we were making our way through the
city's square's, court's and back allies I am once again Trumped. I ignored
this one. It went on for a long time but eventually stopped. After I
caought my breath, we continued. Hans and Franz led me to a tall building
within a block of the Main Square. Through my scope I could see what
looked like the last survivors of the city, the Royal family, being lead to
slaughter in a great big glowing sphere. From the training that I received
from Derkon, I could tell that they had built a large Necro-gate and were
on there way to Hunac.

Seconds after the enthrallead Royal family walked to their doom, the
Sphere blew to bits, throwing everybody in the Square to the ground.
When this glorious opportunity presented it's self, who am I not to take it.
With Hans and Franz as lookouts, I preceded to fire at will into the square.
When I was down to one clip of ammo left, Hans pointed out that a group of
mounted demon women were on there way towards the building. We fled
into the street. I was casting my poison balls back at them as we fled.
Franz ducked into a doorway and Hans and I followed. I used a spell to bar
the door, and we ran through to the alley. Two of the Demon women were
in hot pursuit. I fired at one and dropped her and the other one kept
coming. With the last of my ammo I was able to drop the second. She was
still alive. I dragged her over and gave her to Hans and Franz and activated
the Trump of Amber and sent them through. I could hear the some more
of the Demon women on the Floor below me and I fled to the roof top.
When I was safe I Trumped to the safety of Amber.

The Castle Guard had the Demon woman and Hans and Franz pinned to the
floor when I came through. I hauled her up walking towards the Dungeon
and asked one of the guards to go get Col. Sir Bors. When he got there, I
already had her strapped down, and started to put some of my Village
Training to work. Her name is Marayka and she's a Hellmaid, and we found
out many great thing from her about Chaos, the Hendrake's, Dara, and the

When I was through in the Dungeon, I found Fineas being treated to a
Hero's welcome, just back from Hunac. We discuss all the happenings and
make some plans to undermine the Chaosians. We also find out about the
rescue of Princess Flora by the Brat. Her and #2 have a touching

Transmission end....

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