November 30, 2002
Session 20

Where is everyone?

· Diego - Preparing to attune the Amber jewel and join the fight in Shandora.
· Fineas - Assembling the troops in Shandora.
· Thirteen - in Shadow Danube, defeating hordes (1) of the monkey undead.
· Jacob - Arriving in Shandora with several ships worth of foodstuffs and supplies.
· Toriana - In Amber

Does secret stuff in Amber. Flora helps. Toriana returns the rest of the group and screams something about 'we're all going to die', and no one is surprised, because of the whole Flora thing.

Trumps Morwyn and hands her another letter. Quick summary: 'I'm desperate to cement my ... Heh ... "relationship" with Moi-uhh, I mean Rebma.'

Since he's in Amber and has been asked, he attunes the Lesser Trinket of Amber.

Gerard is sending off Tanitheel to Tir Tairngire to scout out areas to make trumps of.

Morwyn makes herself and a small group of Tritons available for naval actions if necessary.

[Log author loses consciousness for a moment -- he's guessing that Diego was scamming Moiré and Llewella some more.]

Fin works on divvying up troops, trying to keep various antagonistic family members apart. Spreads out troops, prepares back-ups, assigns tasks, distributes trumps and basically prepares to spank Hendrake.

Hendrake seems to be using ghosts to transfer messages. Derkon doesn't think they can mess up the Hendrake necromancers very well, since several are quite good -- better than he is. Some thought is given to providing the armies with recon.

Thirteen dispatches swan maids -- useful in Shadows dominated by shape shifters. He trumps Dara in Lynxia and gets her opinions on how the Helgrams will react to offers of peace or withdrawal from their occupied Shadows. Dara doesn't imagine that the Helgrams would be very interesting in continuing their drive for Amber. Certainly the werewolves would be useful in a Chaos civil war.

Thirteen ponders Kirsten surviving the Varnian Blood Feeding. The word 'blood' makes an appearance in casual conversation approximately fifteen thousand times in twenty minutes. Yr. Gntl. Log Kpr. is cordially appalled.

Kirsten is having difficulties with having a vial of Uber vampire blood to assimilate. Sentient cow-blood isn't good enough and Thirteen is not remotely interesting in sharing his blood, so he acquires some Chaosite blood from some of Amber's captives. Kirsten is having some issues with controlling the powers of the antediluvians and the powers roil around the room for awhile before she subsides into slumber.

Picks up enough power to make ammo for his pistols and a rifle.

Sets up an air elemental/swanmaid/Zariel recon team for the battle and then trumps Toriana to arrange for her to help him mess up Logrus masters during the battle.

Does secret stuff. [Log keeper takes a nap.]

The battle begins. Diego is recon. Fineas directs. Jacob waits for Logrus or major magical activity so he can screw with it.

Nothings really happening with the Logrus, so he and Tori trump in 1500 Persians on horseback to flank the enemy cavalry. THAT earns a Logrus tendril, which Jacob fends it off while Tori keeps the gate [barely] open. The Persians don't have guns, but they have bows with better range and rate of fire. Looks good. Flora opens up Gatling guns from a high spot on approaching beast men. Beastmen go for the western harbor first and Diego brings his crab men out of the surf to pin them on the peninsula that the forts are on, effectively pinning them between the forts and the crabs.

On the east side, Rinaldo and an army of hash-smoking religious zealots are storming in toward the eastern harbor fort, in hopes of drawing the eastern forces down.

At one point Toriana figures out that Chaosites are using coins on every single magical effect and Logrus use, so when a group of 3 or 4 tries to use Logrus to move away, she unbinds the presumed coin, which unbinds the Chaos Lords OTHER coins, which basically releases chaotic magical effect over a two-mile area. The Aquitaine general start firing cannon into the mess. Most of the Persian horsemen have changed or die. A cannon hits Chinaway. He's looked much better... it might not have killed him outright if the coin-release hadn't turned his armor into monarch butterflies.

With Chinaway's death, the other Hendrakes coin-teleport to the ocean and run like crazy. Jacob informs Griv of the Hendrake power shift.

Goes to van Klatka's castle to negotiate a peace accord (while prominently displaying the Uber Vamp's head. Von Klatka is quite interested in seeing the writing on the wall. They discuss how to work out how to fight together -- Thirteen explains the Field Ration Cows -- distasteful, but workable.

Thirteen repeats this process ad nauseum until he's collected up a very respectable group of vampire allies.

This all goes swimmingly until he encounters the Glencora earth witches. The head priestess arranges for a 'private audience' with Thirteen, but he's not entirely sure that that's such a good idea.

Sends the Oscray back with awards and gear and glitteries. Sends the Persians to Carnival except for the four hundred or so Persians who need to be fixed in some way due to the raw magic.. The legionnaires enjoy the great big orgy party that follows [as do the other troops].

Does a little "I Killed Chinaway" dance. Tori goes to Tir Tairngire to teleport Tanitheel to the other side [the moon]. Does that. Trumps back to Amber. Somewhere in here also lets people know that her current intelligence on the Courts indicates that Corwin, Bleys and Benedict are all still alive. Corwin is possibly hiding away at his own Pattern, Bleys is roving the Shadows around the Courts in something of a mad stupor, and Benedict is the guest of the Queen of Air and Darkness (who actually beat him in a fight during Patternfall -- her true identity, such as it applies to someone of her nature, is unknown).

Triage's the wounded, contains Tor the captured Hendrake [no Logrus, no Sorcery.] Chats with Gerard, who finds him oddly bloodthirsty. Gerard gets his stern look on and tells Diego not to do things in public that make commoners think less of the Family. Diego gets defensive.

Recaptures the Shandora capitol. Tori destroys the necro-gate Hendrake was using. Gives thanks to everyone involved. Sees to cleaning up the battlefield (silver cannonballs are niiiiice). Works out the logistics of recovery in the area. Sets up some of the hero generals, esp. Prince Jugen. Works out particulars of payment for services rendered with General Bono.

Mentions the 'bastard list' of bad Amber offspring to Gerard and needing to see that several of them are not only left alone but killed.

Glencora finds Thirteen, that is, his arguments, quite compelling, although she'd prefer not to have to deal with vampires. It all looks good for the next big offensive against the Evil South.

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Jacob's Journal - 19

More from Jacob's Journal

Got the name of the Manticore I killed. Dangerous, so says the knee. Got out of sight before dropping -- kept the family’s image intact this time.


Gerard said I can use the trinket to help Griv’s folks survive broken pattern. Cinched it. Signed out a chunk of coin while I was in the castle.


Life’s easier when Fin’s running a fight -- fellah knows where he needs to be.


Told Griv about running the b.p. He’s got about 20 folks. Should take about two days.


Tori can surprise you sometimes. In a good way.


Griv's people are done. One dead. Tired.


Adelai found two container ships. Dropped in with some legionnaires. Short work. Knee’s sore but works. Pushed on to Shandora and Fin’s fight.


No one to command, plenty to kill. Should be a good day.

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Jacob's Journal - 18

More notes from Jacob's worn and abused diary.

Adelai knows where to get food for Fins’ troops. He’ll handle it. Three days.


Gerard wants me to tune a power crystal. Not the Jewel, but something like. Put him off for now -- mostly useful ‘round Amber, which I ain't. Had some recording of Benedict losing to Court Enemy #1. Demon bitch. Too fast.


Diego’s shindig turned out about like you’d expect. Knee'll be a few days healing.

Holed up in T with Nelson. Got Zamna to help with the patching. Adelai'll handle the food. I’ll pay for it. Lit out for Tori’s place. Sent Nelson back to cat with Kel.

Gerard said to just take money from the castle for Fin’s food. Must be more than enough.

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Jacob's Journal - 17

A few notes scribbled in Jacob's Saddlebags:

Sent traitors’ horses through to BB/Arden. Might put them into breeding set up.


Santi agreed to train the boys for fighting. Had him trail along a bit while I looked for more of his heavy-worlders. Found a lost Indian tribe. Sent through to land of milk & honey. Sent Santi to Arden w/ instructions. Redirected horses to tribe. Should be decent horsemen.

Went looking for larger tribe. Located five-tribes grouping a few months short of trouble with settlers. Warned them. Aren’t ready to move yet. Expected. Come back in a few weeks and check. Should come eventually.


Felt something out Chaos way. Got Tori who says the king is dead. Called Griv -- ditto story -- wants a democracy in Chaos. Didn’t make the easy joke. Got Griv a real trump of me, with cautions.

Can maybe call off some recruitment. Hopefully haven’t put things in too far with the tribes.


Missed Rinaldo’s investiture. Looks like I’ll make Diego’s. Damn sure I got the planning backwards there.


Fineas is making a play in Shandora to put Hendrake on the outs. Has troops, needs food. Think I can arrange something with Dad’s friend Adelai (in T).


Tori in Texorami -- there’s a mix-up. Got a trump of the place and one for her spa-palace, so one for two.

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November 29, 2002
Game on for Saturday; diary change

We're on for Saturday at the usual 4pm at Chez Testerman. Chinese from the usual place sounds good to me.


This spend is as it has been, with diaries actually due in just befor the spend kicks in -- session 21.

But the idea of the diaries is that they give both you and me a snapshot of what caught your/ your characters' attention so that I can use that information. Personally, my own diaries always helped me remember what the hell I was doing last session and to plan for the next. As GM, diaries weeks later are largely useless to me beyond their pure reading value.

So: for the spends after this one each diary will only be worth a point if I get it before or at the beginning of the following session. The first due (for 21) at the beginning of session 22 and the last for that spend at the beginning of session 26, when the points go into effect.

Ditto for Logs.

Maybe even moreso. How do you like this idea? The Log keeper gets 2 points for the log, IF it is posted by, say, Wednsday midnight. 1 point if after that midnight and before the next game. Please vote or suggest a better deadline.

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November 21, 2002
Fineas Journal- Session 19

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 5 PDS 7:30AM :

Just met with Le Empereur Bono. He seems understandably anxious to have his wife and son join him in freedom. I told him I would see to it immediately and we sat down to discuss whom I should contact amongst his former commanders. He came up with six names. Not as many as I had hoped, but it was a start. I resolved to start by contacting one currently commanding a regiment held in garrison away from the center of things. To ease my mission, Bono penned a few letters explaining that I was acting as his agent. I thanked him, arranged to have him visit our local physicians to treat a stomach ailment he was experiencing and left to find Tanitheel. I planned to utilize her skills in freeing the wife and son as soon as possible.

Day 5 PDS 11:30AM:

Tanitheel was receptive to my request and I took her to Franc to get acclimatized. I had rescued her from the tedium of listening to one of the Feldanes drone on and on about his bug collection and she seemed eager for action. Bono had provided information on where his family was held, so I filled her in and sent her on her way. I think this is the sort of mission she likes. She certainly seemed to relish the thought of making the locals feel like idiots. I learned she had been invited to yet another of Diego’s parties, so I promised her she would be free of my service to attend as soon as possible. She seemed to take my mission as the more important duty, but I did not want to cause her any grief with Diego and she certainly deserves a break. I will let her loose as soon as I can.

Day 6 PDS 10:30AM:

Tanitheel proved to be her normal efficient self and trumped me when she had custody of the family. We brought them through unconscious to avoid hysteria and I immediately brought them to Bono upon their awakening. They were disoriented but the family reunion was strangely touching. Bono’s wife is an interesting woman. She certainly knows how to put on the airs once she settled a bit. I contacted Liam to locate a suitably luxurious abode for them to stay in during their time in Amber. Things are progressing nicely but it is time to knuckle down and recruit my army. Tanitheel and I will be returning to Franc tomorrow. I plan to spend the rest of the day planning my approach and getting a quick tutorial on the customs of Franc from Bono.

Day 7 PDS 2:00PM:

I returned to Franc and sent Tanitheel off to locate my prospects. She soon found the first fellow in garrison, so I joined her there and sent a dinner invitation to the regimental commander. He has replied in the affirmative and I look forward to meeting him tonight. I spent some time wandering about the town. Issues of sanitation come to mind and I must educate my troops on the very basics it seems. Exposure to Amber should have an enlightening effect on Bono, perhaps to the point where he will introduce enhance sanitation methods upon his return to this world. I have hopes for the people here and would like to see them prosper. A long term source of medium technology troops would seem advisable in our war effort.

Day 7 PDS 9:30PM:

My dinner went well. The commander seems fond of his days under Bono’s empire and was able to give me a fair warning about one of the names on the list I am using. Scratch one regimental commander, but the remaining names are viable according to this fellow. We agreed that he would arrange an exercise for his men, enabling me to get them on the way to my staging area. We exchanged pleasantries most of the evening but I learned a great deal about the local situation. It seems my proposed commander of artillery is in a bit of a bad spot and I will need to hurry to get him under my wing. I sent Tanitheel ahead and look forward to meeting the man tomorrow.

Day 8 PDS 10:00PM:

I was very busy today and am only now able to scratch down the day’s events. I met with the artillery commander, arranged to slip his force out under fog cover and sent them on their way with a minimum of fuss. I likewise collected the garrison troops successfully. The next couple days I will gather the others. I trumped Jacob and helped him move some supplies towards my men with the timely assistance of Dara. He has done a great job, getting all the consumables I could possibly need. Dara helped greatly in moving the stuff much quicker. I owe them both.

This recruitment is all just so easy, much simpler than I had expected. I am learning a great deal about logistics, politics and the egos of men. On the down side, intelligence from Chandoria indicates the Hendrakes are on the move, advancing on the southern port cities in search of fresh necro fodder to power gates. I must oppose them sooner than I had wished and will need the assistance of some of the family to be effective.

Day 10 PDS 3:00PM:

My force is now adequate and I have had a little time to acclimatize the men with Bono’s help. I contacted Flora, Rinaldo, Diego, Jacob and a minor host of Broken Pattern initiates. I have given Rinaldo command of the Eastern forces (which I do not expect to play a great role), Jacob is with Prinz Eugen in Aquitaine with his forces along with Flora, and I have taken the southern center with Diego as my aide. Clackers are positioned in the waters nearby, I have my samurai ready for a surprise low tech reserve and Bono has undertaken the fortification of the city and will have tactical command of his troops. I plan to oversee the whole operation at a strategic level. Soon the enemy will be in striking distance and we shall see what we shall see.

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New features.

Took off "Most recent entries" and added "most recent comments" on the side bar. The list consists of the names of the 10 most recent commentors, sans duplicates (only the most recent comment for a particular post will be listed).

Example. Stan comments on Post X, then John Comments on Post X and Post Y, then Mike comments on Post Y, and finally Randy comments on Post Y and Post Z.

On the right, you would see:


Stan and Mike do not show up because, while they have made recent comments, none of them are the most recent for any particular post.

Mousing over each link will tell you which post the comment was regarding, and when the comment was made.

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Shrines in Amber City

2400 d'L Dewa 21

Around the City of Amber are several small shrines. Some are for the Elders of Amber, others are for Gods and Prophets of shadow worlds.

The Shrine to Oberon

The most impressive of the Shrines is at Plac du Roi. The main attraction is the Statue of King Oberon in all his glory. The statue was commissioned midway through his reign in the Year 1866 d'L Posya 15. The Statue holds the Jewel of Judgment and His head bears the Crown of Amber. The base of the Statue is where the shrine is. It is unobtrusive and is cared for by the Penetente d'Oberon. The Shrine itself is a small niche in the north side of the base. It is a place for offerings and notes for guidance from Oberon. The Penetente remove all items just after night fall. Any money or costly items left are distributed to those truly in need.

The Penetente select new Members from those who are worthy of the Advocation of Oberon.

The Shines to Caine

Another Shrine is the one to Caine in the Grand Plac. This one does not get much attention since it is far away from the docks. The sea going folk are the main patronizers of Prince Caine's benevolence. The statue was raised in the year 2387 d'L Posya 12. The is another shrine down in the dock lands area on the Promenade du Port. This one is frequented much more often. Most offerings to Caine involve a shot or dark rum poured over his lips (for the large statue in the Grand Plac just pour it on some part of his body). Caine has fallen out of favor due to his second reported death during the Patternfall war. Some true believers think that Caine is still alive and sailing the high seas, having given up on all things political.

Both of the Shrines to Caine are cared for by the League of Stevedores.

The Shrine to Gerard

A Shrine to our current Regent, Prince Gerard, is also in the Docklands area. It is on Rue de Stanch, Near the Amber Naval docks. Gerard is currently in favor due to the fact that he is still living. To the Common man, this makes him seem to be more able to take care of and influence affairs out in shadow. Offerings to Gerard are removed at Nightfall by the new Naval Ratings, and Items of value are given to the widows and orphans of the Amber Navy. An appropriate offering to Gerard is any item of strength and power, or some times a good bottle of Bayle's best. The Shrine to Gerard is the most recent of the Elder shrines, Raised in year 2382 d'L Desta 2.

The Shrine to Brand

This is a secret Shrine erected by those who believe that Brand was right in all things. This shrine is hidden in the wall along the Impasse Sombre. It is watched day and night by some of his followers. The offering to the Brand Shine is usually blood. The better the Blood the better the Offering. The followers of Brand by the fact that they have removed there left Pinky finger. No known date on its erection.

The Shrine to Bel

As a god of a very Magical shadow Bel is of some standing in Amber. Mostly the devotees of Bel offer small items that they have conjured, or conjured items that they have bought. Bel's shrine is located on Rue de la Chope. Bel shrine was erected in 2254 d'L Ogan 9.

The Shrine to Umar

Umar is both a trickster God, and a God of travel in a far off shadow. He is favored by land faring travelers and the offerings he receives are small by nature. Small fruits or nuts, coins, buttons, keys, glasses, or other small items that can be lost or fall out of your purse. Umar's shrine is located near the east gate in the Plac de L'est. The shrine to Umar was erected 2215 d'L Wadra 4.

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November 20, 2002
Headline News - Session 19

La cita

"City back to normal after the Gala attack"

"Noble's hit the Bricks; Fitness the new in thing amongst the Noble Houses"

"Gas lamps proposed for City lighting"


"City Guard's performance criticized after Attack"

"Lady Dara's Hellmaids new bearers of the Broken Pattern"

Le Progres

"Is Caridwen off the Market? Her regulars want to know"

"In the spirit of Prince Diego's Investiture the Girls of the Street of Silk Veils to auction off the dresses that they wore the Princes' Rinaldo's and Diego's Investitures. Proceeds to go to the war effort.

The Herald Unicorn

"Princess Toriana takes a long holiday in Lynxia"

"Clackers come to Dom-Daniel"


"Prince Fineas in a hiring frenzy: What you need to know to get a job at his Villa"

"Physical trainers the new growth industry: How you can get a job by making the Noble's sweat.

The Shipping News

"The Vulnavian trade fleet leaves, a flurry of activity on the Docks"

"The Prince Caine shrine in need of repairs"

Die Tageszeitung

"Prince Diego's Dom-Daniel Hotel under going rushed expansion and upgrades"

"HRH Princess Morwyn feel right at home in the Throne"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Grande Promenade and Rue de Kolver Shops open for business after Gala attack"


"Der Spiel and A Print Above to publish works from the fiction section of the Tir Tarngir Library"

"The Latest revelation from the Tir Tarngir Library: Amalthea a shapeshifting Unicorn Fancier"

"The poetry of Prince Tybalt of Tir Tarngir"

The Royal Way

"Princess Flora weathers Prince Diego's Wrath"

"Will our Randy Princes marry their Women? Duchess Lornya Fields this question for us"

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November 19, 2002
13's Debriefing - Session 19

Transmission start....

The next Morning we took stock of our situation. We discussed the
possible Razorbeak problem. Right now, none had been seen or felt. I had
an idea of finding a creature that ate only Razorbeaks, But Badger said that
if the Razorbeaks were in this shadow full time everything in it would have
been eaten. Good point. The Air Mages of Alonzo said that they could set
up a detection ward and kill them with magic. This would be very in keeping
with the region and wouldn't raise any alarms. Good, make it so. They went
off to set something up. Next item on the agenda was finding some good
light cavalry. I would take that on since Badger and Sabine might have
some trouble with it. They decided to take on the problem of getting some
more supplies. I swear this is the one consuming problem of this
campaign...not enough food. Boran, Jurgan, and Gertruda would take one
platoon of Rangers and a two platoons of locals to investigate Fandril.

The next time I talk to Flora I need to ask her where she found her Human
Gurka troops. They would be really handy right about now. But, ever

I was able to find what I was looking for in either a nearby shadow, or some
other part of the current shadow. They called them selves Magyar's and
the were fantastic on horses. Could fight as good as I had seen outside of
amber. They were mercenaries, which was perfect really. There were four
groups of 1000 I would have wanted to get all four, but that would only
raise the bidding, so I set my sights on the best and the third best groups.
Before the bidding I wondered off to find a wagon train of people that
were hauling wagons full of gold back to somewhere. Using my weapons and
a lot of magic I was able to drive off the defenders and hauled the booty
back to the auction.

The bidding was tense but using my abilities I was able to persuade
everybody that they really wanted the second and forth groups. I paid the
Clan elders their gold and Briefed my new recruits. They were a gung-ho at
first but this waned after a few shadow shifts. I was able to convince
them that they were almost to where I needed them. This brought up
honor issues and they toughed it out.

When we got back to Castle Yohannes, I turned the troops over to Pope
Alexander for indoctrination. He was in his element. Sabine and Badger
were successful in finding more food stuffs. It should last us about a
month. I would need to get the Glencoran's on board soon. When Boran,
Yurgan, and Gertruda came back we discussed the how best to take on the
Fandril's. Boran wanted to know if we had made them any offer yet. "No"
I told him "we had rebuffed several of there probings...and killed several of
their patrols that had wondered into our area, but we hadn't made him any
offers". We needed to do this quick. I trumped SJG and asked him if
Tanitheel was available. "No" he said, "but if you need flyers I could give
you two Swan Maids". Well it was better then a poke in the eye with a big
fist, so I told him that the Swan maids would do fine.

I gave them one of my trumps and told them to get as near as they could to
Castle Fandril and trump me so we could make a quick approach. While they
were flying to Castle Fandril, Yurgan, Gertruda, and myself worked and
trained the new recruits.

The next day the Swan Maids trumped me. They were in a good position. I
had Badger and Sabine get everybody together and we started to send
them through. In the end, Standing outside Castle Fandril were Boran,
Kirsten (under a parasol), Badger, Sabine, Yurgan, Gertruda, Pope
Alexander, 500 of the Swiss Merc's, 2 of the Air Mages, the two Swan
Maids and me. I challenged Fandril to come out and treat with me. He
came out and was shocked at the army that I was able to sneak past his
defenses. He wanted to challenge me to a fight. I asked him what kind of
fight he wanted to do and he thought about it and said "magic to first
blood". Fine, I prepped all of my shield and we went at it. He was no match
and gave up quickly. He tried to make sure that I was not a Vampire, so I
took of my shirt and stood out in the midday sun. This seemed to placate
him and he got down on his knee and pledged his loyalty to me (I had him
kiss Pope Alexanders ring...this seemed to make both of them very happy).
Afterwards Boran gave a little demonstration of his power. He could make
his hand huge, and disembodied. This seemed to unnerve some people, and
other were wanting to know how he did it.

The core Group (Badger, Boran, Sabine, Kirsten Yurgan, Gertruda and now
Fandril) went into Castle Fandril to discuss our next move. Varnai was the
next target. Fandril and especially Kirsten talked in awe and fear of the
Vampire Varnai. He was 9 feet tall, weighed several tons, had ghost army's,
could not be killed by any of the standard Vampire killing modes, loved
running water, could wound anybody he could see (line of sight, any
distance), and was out hunting day and night. Herumph. Ghost army's
sounded right up Derkon's alley. I trumped him.

He was nursing a large drink and shaking a bit. His aura was very dark,
almost a dark as Jacob's the last time I saw him. I told him of the Vampire
and the Ghost Army's and he shuddered a bit, but agreed to help. He would
need to get some things would I please trump him in about an
hour. Sure, no problem.

Next I trumped Dara to see if she was free to help. She said that she was
in Shandora helping a bit, but was at a point that she was beginning to feel
uncomfortable...she was close to breaking her agreement to not attack the
Hendrake's. She sent a message to Fineas telling him that she had done all
that she was capable, and would now fulfill her agreement with me. I pulled
through her and several (50) of her Hellmaids (Badger, Sabine and I all
noticed that about 12 of them were now broken pattern users). Kirsten
filled us in on the theoretical ways to kill Varnai. Most of what Kirsten
theorized about, sounded like we could do with Pattern hexing and
probability control.

When Kirsten was done I trumped Derkon to see if he was ready. He was
and I pulled him and one of his assistants through. Kirsten started to make
a real good crawdad imitation (she put her arms up and backed up to the
wall) when Derkon came through. This is the first time in a long time that I
had seen her so freaked out. Good, nice to know.

I sent the Swan Maid off to find a place to trump everybody through. in
the mean time Dara and I had a Pattern contest to see who was better...I
won (either she was holding back, or I am actually better then her). It was
decided that I was going to be the person that was to keep Varnai and his
powers pined down using Pattern Probability and hexing. The next day the
Swan Maids trumped me and told me that they were in position and ready to
go. I sent through everybody including Fandril and a couple of his Mages.

The hunt took us to a ruined city. The entire place was a wasteland.
Nothing was alive...except us. Derkon dealt with the ghost's (I had asked
him to collect them...this produced another prolonged shudder). I was
tracking Varnai using a combination Pattern and magic. The air Mages were
making sure no Razerbeaks were present. So off we went. Dara and her
HellMaids cornered Varnai and took him with no losses and only light
damage. Kirsten, Fandril, and the Air mages were at once in awe and fear
of what they had just witnessed. Dara took Varnai's head while the rest of
us chopped and burned the body and I had the Swan Maids scatter the ashs
in a large area inbetween here and Castle Fandril. I collected a vial of Blood
to give to Kirsten to see how it might improve her abilities.

I trump everybody back to Castle Yohannes. I take Kirsten down to the
Basement and chain her to the wall. She was a bit scared and started
begging me not to kill her. I told her that I had a gift for her, and held out
the Vial of Varnai's blood. She licked her lips greedily as I unstoppered it.
She opened her mouth wide and I dribbled it in. She started to shake and
act like a wild child. I pulled up a chair, hoped that the chains would hold,
and started to think happy thoughts about her and her new powers. Hoping
that they, though her, would serve me well.

Transmission end....

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13's Debriefing - Session 18

Transmission start....

The next morning I assembled my group and headed to Nampara to use the
Trump painting of Dom-Daniel. The City of Dom-daniel was shrouded in the last hint of twilight as the Rainbow Hue's fell away from us as we stepped into the court yard of the Old Citadel School.

We went to the predetermined meeting place and found Boran almost
cowering in the corner. He greeted me and immediately launched in a long
winded and meandering apology for something involving Tori, Jacob, and
Gwyneth. It really made no sense, so I stopped him and made him start
over and explaining things as he went along. The long and the short of it is
that; while employed by another Mage (for whom Gwyneth was contracted
to do work for) he was sent to find out what had happened to Gwyneth.
After searching several of her properties Boran and his Employer came
across Tori messing around in one of Gwyneth's Palaces. When they
Confronted her about the whereabouts of Gwyneth Tori attacked them.
During this attack Tori Trumped in Jacob for support. The battle was a
stand off, With Jacob and Tori retreating through a trump. Boran's story
sounded like pure Tori...Attack first ask questions later. I chuckled at
Boran (which made him a bit more nervous) and the others joined in
(knowing glances all around). I told him that what was between His
Employer, Him, and Gwyneth was his own business. Being a "Gentleman" I
had no need to know who Employer was or what They long as it did
not interfere with his contract to Amber. Boran told me that there was no
conflict and was willing to hear what I had planned.

I started off by telling him that the urgency had lessened since the death
of King Swayvil. This was a bit of a shock to him. I hadn't realized that
the news had not traveled to Dom-Daniel yet. I filled him in on the details
and what Dara had passed onto me. He said that he would need to contact
his other employer about this and would I mind waiting. I told him "no", I
wouldn't since it would give me time to pass this info onto the more useful
mage schools in Dom-Daniel. I visited Old Citadel School and the Autumn
Moon School (Badger and Sabine wanted to be the ones to give everybody
the good news at their Alma Mater) since they had been the most helpful in
the fight with the Chaosians.

Everybody Met back up at Aix. Boran picked up the tab while we discussed
the Hellgram's and their Shadows. Boran had no problem with the battle

Back at Castle Yohannes I got everybody introduced and Settled. Pope
Alexander was very interested to meet with Boran. It was decided that the
Air Wizard at Castle Alonzo should go first. They would be granted a
chance to join of course, but if they did not, we would take them out. I put
Yurgan and Gertruda in charge of this operation. Boran and Kirsten were to
help. The Plan in sequence 1) Alonzo (Air Mages, 2) Fandril (fire wizard), 3) Varnai, 4) Von Klatka (Vampire), 5) Zherevyev (Vampire), and then make a deal with the Glencoran's (Uber-Gaian-Matriachial-Theocracy) to
supply our push to Coriolanopolis.

Sabine nudged me and said that we were now fashionably late for Diego's
Investiture. Good, no need to be nice after his treatment of Flora. I don't
care how much your horns are up, there is no good reason to want to have
sex with your Aunt.

As Sabine and I were cleaning up and getting dressed for Diego's big Gala,
Every alarm in Amber seemed to go off at once. I put my traveling clothes
back on and went to find SJG. He said that there was a Logrus attack in
the City of Amber. I made my way to the Armory and got my Boys Anti-
tank rifle and bullets and ran to the roof.

Toriana was there and a thought crossed my mind about winging her with a
shot but it soon passed. I had a Page bring me a chair, a cigar, a small table
with a nice brandy. I started to scope the city for a good target. I could
see several very large lion things that several of my family members were
fighting. Too much movement for a clear shot. Sabine, Badger, Chungo, and
Elmore showed up to strengthen the Castles magical defenses. a window I could see a Demon getting ready to shoot a crossbow
at somebody not in my field of vision. *BLAM* one more for good
measure...lower...*BLAM* I took off the Bastards arm and most of his
shoulder as I watched him fly across the room. He stared to shift as he
leapt out the window *BLAM* (a large hole in the brickwork) and he was
gone. Tori took an interest in what I was doing and took out a Trump card
and talked to somebody that I could only assume was down in the city. The
last words I heard from her was "pull me through" . Peace at last.

When everything was dying down Badger, Sabine and I made our way to the
remains of Diego's Gala. Diego was nowhere to be seen of course (Probably
off sniffing Moire's Throne), But Rinaldo and Fineas were there putting on
a good show for the Masses. Fineas was a treat to watch as he glad-handed
the Nobles and made small talk with the common folk. No wonder the Press
liked him so much.

While I was walking around I noticed two Clackers that were dead. I pulled
out my location Trump of Castle Yohannes and wrote a little note saying
that this food was a gift of Prince Diego and that everybody should enjoy.
Sabine gave me a nudge and told me that I was being naughty (with a wink)
as I shoved the bodies through. Sabine told me that she hoped that it was
gone by the time that we got back there sine she felt that eating Clackers
was only slightly less disgusting then Kirsten's cows.

We continued to party with Fineas' babe d'jur Ky Tung, his very inquisitive
Aide-d'camp, and Rinaldo until very late. We (Sabine, Badger, and me) went
back to Nampara to sleep.

The next morning I met with Mariana to see how she was doing in her new
position. I told her that she had done a wonderful job with the House and
that both she and Fritz were doing well with the Thari. They were both
almost to a point that they wouldn't need the translator spell any more.
They both would have a slight Shandorian accent (hers stronger then
Fritz's) but that would be fine. Not that anybody in the family had my
accent (Tori's was almost nasally from her time in Rebma, Diego's sound like
some of the more swarthy people of the Village. The ones who kept blaming
everthing on somebody named Franco. Jacob's was a long slow drawl.
Sometimes we thought that he would never finish a sentence. Fineas' was
similar to mine, but with a bit of a wink to it). I told her that as soon as
whatever passed for School around here started classes she should sign up
Fritz, My treat. She seemed very pleased with this. In her excitement she
told me that If I could swing it, she would really like some Brownies to help
out around here just like Fineas' Manor had. Who knew that Fineas'
recruitment of the Tir Tarngir Brownies would come back to haunt me like
this. I told her I would see what I could do as soon as I had some free

We trumped back to Castle Yohannes later in the afternoon as soon as
everybody had recovered from the Gala. The place was in a state of
excitement. It seemed that the Clackers went over very well, and they
were wanting more if I could get them (all things being possible...why not).
Yurgan, Gertruda and Boran briefed me on the taking of Castle Alonzo.
They didn't want to surrender and fought it out. Boran's hand was slightly
hurt and he was nursing it. The castle was taken with ease, and we even
gained a few of the apprentice Air Mages in the bargain. They had the
foresight to see how things were going and came over to our side.

Tomorrow Fandril.

Transmission end....

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November 18, 2002
Diego journal session 19

consolidated telegraph --night delivery
from: Vulnavian embassy- New York, New York
to: Irvine Fowler, Decca recordings-west coast division Santa Monica, California

thank you for the Bing Crosby recordings, they are a true pleasure >stop<
Hope you wife is still well, and enjoying her considerable weight loss >stop<
we enjoyed having her as a visitor to our island, she may return anytime >stop<
the ensemble she reccomended to you has released a new recording >stop<
it is very infectious, and likely a hit >stop<
even if we can only sell it in blue stores >stop<
it is called the "Tu Madre es Puta polka" >stop<
a courier will be arriving next week with our latest recordings >stop<
your wife mentioned your brother saul has developed chronic back pain >stop<
please send him to us for complimentary treatment >stop<
west coast tour being considered >stop<
warmest reguards - Lord Diego, Vulnavia >end<

I have made it back to an intact home, and the sand between my toes is intoxication.

Lewella is well, and what had given me identity here is no more. I miss my afternoons with Moire. I need another plot to get her attention. It isn't as if haven't done everything short of setting myself on fire already, but... I suspect in these new places it is all about the food chain, and where you are on it.
It seems the amber public will have a mixture of a custodial view of me, and a distancing view of me as well. I feel I averted a public relations disaster with generousity, and careful attention after the manticoras attack, but I am never likely going to be one with this place. I hope we can get some worthwhile trade contracts out of this mess. I've got Marsha on top of that.
with the salvage from the sunken armada, I should be able to get a mansion in lynxia, and get well on the way to becoming one of the best conjuring schools ever. we will have the best hospitality and boarding services across shadow of anyone with only 3 pupils, and places to stay in 3 shadows so far.
after this coming battle I will need to get some special new minions to establish an acceptable velocity of acheivement in dom daniel.

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Pattern walks: time retcon

From Amberlist, Me:

> Mike Sullivan mentioned 90 minutes as the time a Pattern walk takes. My
> players think it's more in the 15 - 20 minute range. What's the direct canon
> evidence?

Mike Sullivan:

Well, the Pattern's the size of a football field, right? Something like
100 yards by 50 yards?

And you're walking in a convoluted spiral, presumably slowly, given how
hard it seems to be to take each step.

I'd guess that the total length of the thing is something around 1.5 miles
(that's a bit less than the equivalent of walking around its widest spiral
10 times -- I figure that there are a lot more than 10 circuits, but they
get progressively smaller).

I used 90 minutes as an example, but that's actually my standard reading
for how long it takes somebody who's a novice at the Patternwalk, has a
low Pattern score, or a not terribly impressive Endurance score. They're
walking, I guess, at just over 1mph.

Me again:
That sounds about right. In CH the Patternwalks remain something of an ordeal regardless of your Endurance (it was always tiring for Corwin, so it's tiring for you), so high stats and experience will only cut the time in half. Figure a base of 60 minutes for non-novices and decent stats -- y'all -- which will go down a bit if you do it more. You guys could walk a Broken Pattern in half your normal Pattern time. The non-Blood of Amber types you're shepherding through the BP process take about 90 minutes. Using the J-o-Amber the shepherding isn't very hard for you, just time-consuming.

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November 17, 2002
session 19 log

Session 19: A Brat, a Cat, and Things that Turn into Bats

Toriana turn one
endeavors to determine ways to manipulate the protective energy used by the queen of air, and darkness. trumps in her loyal entourage , and goes looking for similar energy across shadow, getting some exercise, goes to a place with fractal distortions in the sky, one strange tree, and a nasty aura. after a preliminary investigation trumps back to L with her ensemble.

Diego turn one
Llewella wakes up with limbs, and is extremely happy
Llewella and moire accept invitations to the party in the grand ballroom of his hotel in Dom Daniel..the Casa Diego
Diego invites Dara to celebration
leaves Marsha in amber to make sure the victims are taken care of, run hospitality hall, and get some trade contracts signed
the public image recovery process
gets Gerard to sign papers authorizing time off for the mass memorial service, and a fiscal balm for the victim's families
regenerates the injured, and....
1-some food goes to charity, 2- some items hand delivered to the grieving (posh care packages), with signed note from Diego expressing sympathy for their loss, and mentioning the loss of his own family to Chaosite influenced factions, 3- hold the chorus of tribute, same time the next day, and mention the other fallen, 4-the Vulnavian and some contract entertainers provided free of charge for memorial related services, 5-After remaining closed for a day out of respect. the hospitality hall remains open for people to visit at their leisure throughout the week with some displays from the victory hall, and auction room. - the overall volume of the auction is reduced, and converted to a silent auction with minimum bids. excess goods to be considered for gifts, and the Rebman celebration, 6- some excess rum is once again provided to rangers, and royal guards, 7- many items are transported to Rebma in preparation for the Diego/Llewella is well bash, 8-the famous Dogelli brothers from shadow Baskerville are tapped for creating high grade publication engravings with roughs sent to the subjects depicting Amberites in heroic battle (as always -tramp excepted, Morwyn included), 9-ads taken out in all papers expressing sympathy, with content similar to the note first sent to grieving. 10- donate the wildlife to the amber noble's publicly available zoo. 11- has personal staffers assist family businesses in recovery by filling in for a dead or injured

Fineas turn 1
brings back Bono, his napoleon from shadow. he recruits Tanitheel to help in returning Bono's family to him, and meets her as she is talking to an entomologist. discusses field officer recruitment with his new prize general, and takes the first movements towards recruitment.

Thirteen turn 1
looks to developing, and enhancing military force, and consolidating leads while impressing the natives of Halloweentown
meets with staff. Baran investigates Fandrel. people are sent out to find anti-razor beaks. badger and Sabine steal supplies/ works on finding gold, and light cavalry.

Jacob turn 1
gets healing from locals
pulls an Eastwood, and plays with pain
heads to Texorami
talks with Gerard about attuning to the jewel, signs out some money. and pulls out the gem.

Toriana turn 2
spends time working on spells while the troops recoup. practices manipulating energy, practices a little metallurgy, makes some trumps, talks to the tramp, returns to the tree with the nasty aura, and siphons energy.

Diego turn 2
sends some tobacco. and a barrel of rum to Rinaldo, as well as people to help in finding him a residence, and a party invite
prepares for the employee reward party- creates wards and enchantments
after testing an assortment of alcoholic beverages with Kylikki, has her go gently to sleep to avoid any unpleasantness
in party attendance are for various intervals are Rinaldo, Kelamon, moire, Llewella, Morwyn, ass. merchants from amber, Tanitheel, sir Bors, select amber royal guards, and select Rebmans, and Dom Daniel natives in addition to plentiful Vulnavian staffers. Toriana is not invited due to her gross abuse of party privileges. 4 bands play.the famous Vulnavian knife dance is performed Diego's select personal cafe/party band closes with a highly infectious new composition called the "tu madre es puta polka" , another veiled tramp slam. Diego goes to his room, and works for a couple hours after the party, then snuggles up to Kylikki.

Fineas turn 2
goes to bring in select under commanders for his general, meets a promising one at an inn for supper, has a pleasant and productive meal discussing loyalties, and logistics, as well as gaining information on the perceived competence of his prospective military leaders.

13 turn 2
gets troops
Alexander shines, and aids in troops integration
a castle assault plan is discussed
new troops acclimate while newer troops are coerced
a ridiculous challenge of strength happens that brings some more people in line

Jacob turn 2
gets a trump and coordinates on their supply chain with Fineas
finally attunes to the jewel of amber, then discusses pattern candidates with Gerard before heading back to Texorami where he speaks with Adelai. he speaks with Griv about pattern candidate, and Griv recommends about 20. Adelai has 2 container ships "available" for Jacob.

Toriana turn 3
trumps away from the death tree, and play with it's sapped energy like so much silly putty, and looks to a new source of similar mystic energy. finds a mountainside with a giant black cat statue the size of 2 elephants. gets a really solid energy drain going that frees a massive winged cat.

Diego turn 3
feels lost out of Rebma, trumps moire, and gets a rain check for a lunch engagement.ponders new ways to justify moire contact. trumps Llewella, and shows a massage therapist the way to work on her. is given carte blanche with a trump artist, and has him work on trumps of his homeland, and top military officers for himself and Morwyn. then goes to get an army of fierce carnivorous wasps in diabolical shadow. he stores them in an unoccupied shadow, and leaves them some food to help his army grow.

Fineas turn 3
goes out to first get an artillerist that comes highly recommended, and who is about to go out into battle. discusses extraction, and extracts. learns Bono's wife is demanding, and requires 20 servants. get Bono set to meet with troops, and discusses military plans with him. discovers the Hendrak ghouls are on the march and that likely he will need to move sooner then anticipated.

13 turn 3
Fandrel's submitted
Glencora folks discussed (theocracy-female druids)
Derkon the affable necromancer called in, who scares Kirsten
plots to attack a 9 ft. tall gorilla-like uber vampire that hunts in the Danube. swan maids are brought in.

Jacob turn 3
uses a jet plane, and puts his air elemental inside
sacks to supply ships. showing an unpredictable streak of mercy.
trumps Fineas and makes for a coherent supply chain. discovers Griv has 20 candidates ready for broken pattern, who hate chaos, but might not return the favor of being given broken pattern when asked.

Toriana turn 4
sucks the cat statue dry of energy. like flora on a sailor (well...o.k., not exactly like that). the cat creature comes back and and lands it's massive tonnage down. in it's conversation with Toriana it reveals it was imprisoned over 2000 years ago by Dworkin, and grants her a stone made from it's blood, and that she may call on it for a minor favor. Toriana mentions that Dworkin was tight with the queen of air and darkness. Heinrich doesn't trust the stone.

Diego turn 4
shadow travels to find the booty of 2 large freshly sunken colonial armadas. and via the aid of over a thousand clackers, and his Rebman trump artist he is able to have the storage capacity of the casa Diego exhausted, and has to move some of his people to other locations, and sends 1000 clackers to join the rebman army. provides the Rebman trump artist with a generous commission
prepares to attune, and march into battle.

Fineas turn 4
preps for battle trumps a potent ensemble of relatives including, Toriana, Diego, Jacob, the Kolvir harlot, and other major personalities. the Hendrake shape shifter is caught, and put on ice for Diego to dissect. tactics discussed

13 turn 4
vampires suppressed and oppressed
Danube gorilla vampire destroyed
Dara gets ahead Kirsten gets a blood snack and acts like she has had 10 bowls of super sugar children's breakfast cereal.

Jacob turn 4
powers up 20 of Griv's people and one dies, moves to help Fineas

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November 16, 2002
13's Debriefing - Session 17

Transmission start....

After last nights questioning of the Gryphon prisoners I really didn't have
the strength to make it to Nampara, so Sabine and I decided to stay in my
room in the Castle.

There was a knock at the Door. I ignored it. The knocking happened again.
Better get up make this damnable knocking stop. It was one of the Castle
Pages and he informed me that the Regent wanted to talk to me ASAP. I
found some clothing and followed the Page back to the Regent. He was
working out and when he saw me he told me that I shouldn't be drinking so
much. I mumbled something about making shadow paths and questioning the
Gryphon prisoner Kirron.

He shrugged off this info and told me that he was wanting the younger
members of the Family to attune to the Jewel of Amber. He told me that
it had some interesting powers and it could control the weather in Amber.
This didn't sound very useful to me, though I made noises that made it
sound like I was excited about the prospect.

I told him of my plan to Make a shadow path from the Helgram area to Tir
Tarngir in hopes of setting those two houses at each others throats. #2
chuckled at the notion and gave me his approval to proceed.

I headed off to the Bathes to clean up and found Sabine already enjoying
the facilities. I told her that Badger and I were going to give some On-
the-job-training for her Broken pattern ability today. She sounded pleased
and told me that she was going to go and get ready.

On the way out we stop and check up on the Coin maker. There are two
coins ready and as Sabine fishes them out of the shielding box, I do some
minor fixing and tweaking on the machine and start it up again. Jurgan and
Gertruda sniff around to see if anybody has been here or not.

Badger and I give Sabine some training as to what to do and we start to
make our way to the Werewolf-Helgram shadow when I sense that we are
being followed. I take over the patch construction and try and do my best
to cover up the path and circle around to try and capture our tracker.

The plan almost works. We come in behind them, but they are able to shape
shift in to a flying thing and get away without taking much damage.

When we are sure that we had rid ourselves of our follower, I make my way
to the Helgram end and start to make the path strong and real. This is
going along well when Gerard trumps me to tell me that Rinaldo's
Investiture is soon and he was pulling me through to attend. We all came
through and got ready.

The investiture wasn't all that interesting except for Fineas' date and the
Fact that King Swayvil died. Prior tot the Death I talked to Dara about
what her plans were for the future she was vague but said that she would
talk to me about it later.

King Swayvil's death came to amber as a wave. Odd things were happening
in the Villa that Lirazel was staying at. Toriana and Fineas went to go and
investigate. Later I would find out about the Death at the impromptu
celebration back in Amber City.

I talk to an excited Dara and she told me that The Geas was lifted and
things may be getting back to normal. Chinaway may keep up his attack on
Amber but the other houses would be heading back to Chaos to lay claim to
the Throne. She also told me that she would be willing to help me out
against the Hellgrams if I needed it. I thanked her for the info and
continued on with the party.

Before retiring for the Evening I go downstairs to the Dungeon and Pay a
visit to Kirron and Alcazar. Alcazar seems really keen to part of a prisoner
swap. He also gives me some info on the Queen of Air and Darkness. She
sounds like somebody I would rather not deal with thank you very much.
Kirron on the other hand just spews forth more of his houses superiorness,
but soon he confides that Chaos will be in the grips of a Civil war and not as
interested in attacking Amber until the new King had been crowned.

I left them thinking that something good might be coming to them if they
were helpful and headed back up stairs to our bedroom.

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November 12, 2002
Session 18

When Manticora's attack!

Starting Points:

Fineas - Amber
13 - Dom-Daniel
Toriana - Amber
Jacob - Texorami
Diego - Amber


-Jacob seeks out and meets with Adali Niszka. They discuss the need to get a
hold of supplies and food. Adali suggests a container ship and knows where to
get one.

-Jacob is trumped by Gerard and is brought to Amber. The discuss the Jewel of
Amber and that Gerard feels all of the younger generation should be attuned to
it. Jacob gets ready for Diego's investiture and Gala.


-Talks to Gerard about her plan to rescue Benedict. Gerard wants to know who
she is planing to involve in her plan. She tells him Dara, Moire and maybe
someone else.


-Finalizes his Gala plans.

-Goes off to talk to Kelamon. She gives him a real trump of Lynxia. He heads
off to where he has stashed Dante's concubines and picks out Kylliki to
accompany him to Lynxia. In disguise he gets a room and passes the tab off on
to Gerard. While she prances around trying to get him to pay attention to her,
he works on conjured items and spells. When he gets done he joins her on the
bed and (don-DON-Don) he whips out Mojo....Fade to black.

-Diego removes her Chaosian brandings using his shapeshifting.

-Leaving her there he heads to Rebma where he showers Queen moire and HRH
Morwyn with flowers and other gifts. He talks to them about the war, his Tir
Tarngir front and Dom-daniel.


-With a cunning plan in his mind Fineas barrows on of the Royal fleet's Sloops
O'war Punisher and headed out in search of an Idea. He needed to find a great
General to help him with Avignon army. and spent some time searching several
islands for the combination that he was looking for. Soon he finds La Isla
D'Elbo and makes contact L'Emporer.

-Heads back to amber for Diegos's investiture and Gala.

-A note is passed...secret stuff.

-Back in Amber he plays with Tori's safe and gets ready. Checks up on the
Library and finds out that Diego had taken one of the Index Globes. He trumps
diego and talks to him about it. He can see that it is sitting in Llewella's
bedroom with Diego and Moire. Fineas rags on Diego a bit about taking the globe
(really he is just upset that Diego had given it to Moire) and tells him that he
will see him at his investiture. Before he signs off, Diego talks to him about the
Tir Tarngir front.

-Fineas trumps his mother and they talk about the Library and the Globes and
when would she be allowed to access to them. The Gala comes up and Fineas'
mother freaks him out when she proposes that she go as his Date. After much
herrumphing she kids him about it and tells him that she will go as one of his


-13 Meets with Boran to get him fulfill his contract to Amber. 13 is bemused by
Boran's confession that he didn't know Toriana was at Gwyneth's Palace when he
went there in service to another boss, and that Toriana and Jacob started the
attack and he was just defending himself. 13 laughed and told him that it
probably did her some good. He asked if their was going to be a conflict of
interest with his other employer and Boran told him no. Boran has reserved a
table at a great restaurant for them.

-13 tells Boran about the death of Swayvill and Boran slightly freaks. He tells
13 that he needs to go and tell his other employer this great news and heads

-13, Sabin, Badger, Jurgen, Gertruda go to several of the useful schools and
passes this info on to them as well.

-Everybody meets back up at the Restaurant and has a fantastic dinner.
Afterward they trump back to Castle Yohannes.


-Trumps Jacob just before he attunes to the Jewel of Amber and talks to him
about the Rescue of Benedict from the Queen of Air and Darkness. Jacob is not
very thrilled by this and tells Tori so.


Gerard shows him Lirazel's recording of Benedicts last fight and he is
impressed. He attunes to the Jewel.

The Gala

It all started off well. Much to Diego's surprise Gerard signed his Vulnavian
trade treaties. and the investiture part went fine. Jacob, Fineas Toriana (who
brought Flora as her guest), HRH Morwyn, Rinaldo all showed up. Security was
heightened more then normal. It all started to go down hill after Diego's short
ten minute speech. Toriana and Flora were the first to notice something wrong
when six large Manticora's (the mythic beast) were brought in via Logrus tendril.
Gerard and Diego went after the beasts, Fineas, Jacob and Rinaldo went after
the Logrus masters, and Toriana trumped to the castle. 13, Sabin, and Badger
showed up fashionably late and went about defending the castle from threats.
Sabine and Badger helped Chungo and Elmore with the magical defenses while 13
went and found his Boys anti-tank gun to try and kill off anything that could
been seen in the city. Diego and Gerard managed to kill all of the beastie
Manticora's (with some help from others), Gerard came out of the battle with a
few scrapes and bruises. Diego (in uber-clacker form) was not as lucky when one
of the Manticora's rolled over on him giving him the carapace of many fissures.
Jacob took on two of the Logrus masters and was victorious (Gerard joined in
later). He put on a clinic on hand to hand fighting for the people of Amber. He
took some pretty heavy damage and managed to crawl away (after the two logrus
master were dead) and trump Hunac and Inzomna. Fineas was mister flash and
dash he killed his Logrus maser with much flourish. When Toriana got to the
castle she went and got the Jewel of Amber to help her in defending the castle.
She went to the roof top and scanned the city for more Logrus masters and did
her best to frustrate the use of magic and logrus. when 13 got to the roof he
set down his chair, lit a cigar and sighted in on the city. As he was searching the
city for a good target he saw a Chaosian about to shoot a crossbow at somebody
(later it turned out to be Flora and Dara) so he fired at him first. 13's bullet
hit the crossbowman in the shoulder (taking the guy's arm off). The
crossbowman changed in to a millepede and fled in to the streets. Toriana, HRH
Morwyn and some handy Tridents managed to stop him before he got out of the
harbor. One of the Chaosians that Jacob shot is still alive and is taken to the
castle for safe keeping.


-after he got to safety of Hunac and talked to Inzomna for a bit, he trumped
Nelson and went to Texorami to recover from his wounds.


-After all of the excitement of the Gala, Toriana went back to work on her
Blood/mandala/machine that she was building to rescue Benedict.

-Talks to Jacob some more about the rescue of Benedict and the fact that Dara
is really Benedicts daughter and not some distant Grand-daughter. Jacob is not
really impressed by any of this and tells Toriana so. Toriana is a bit put off by
this, but gives Jacob a trump of Lynxia anyway.


-13 et al have a good time going through the remains of Diego's gala and trade
fair. They find some really good food and drink and join up with Rinaldo, Fineas,
Ky Tung and Fineas' latest aide-d'camp.

-13 sends two of the Clacker bodies through to Castle Yohannes for food.


-Does the body politic good. All flash and Dash and meet and greet at the
remains of Diego's Gala.

-Checks on the one of the Chasians (one of the Logrus Masters) that was
captured and decided that since it was brain dead (but if it recovered it would
be a risk to the castle) he should kill it. So he did. He chops the head off and
puts it in to a box with a witty note from him to the head of House Manticora
and was going to have it shipped via Lirazel and the Basilisks.


-Heals in a way that makes the natives of Lynxia uncomfortable to be around.
Goes back to Gala. Creeps out HRH Morwyn.

-Checks up on and finds out that Fineas had killed the Chaosian prisoner. Gets
very angry over this.


-Jacob and Nelson talk about chaos and what should be done there now that King
Swayvil was dead.

-Sends Nelson through to Amber to talk to Kelamon about getting some more

-Heals some more in Texorami.

-Finally decides to go to Lynxia.


-The Blood/mandala/machine is finally done and ready to go. Gets Moire, and
Morwyn to help her try and rescue Benedict. She beats her magical energies
against a powerfully protected wall until the Owner comes out to talk to her.
The Queen of Air and Darkness tells Tori to stop being so silly, besides benedict
was enjoying himself. Toriana demanded Benedicts release and when denied this
boon insulted and threatens the Queen of Air and Darkness. Soon Tori tires of
this and starts to refine some new plans to rescue Benedict.


-Talks to Gerard about money. Is shocked by how much is in the treasury.

-Talks to Gerard about Toriana, the Queen of Air and Darkness, and Benedict.


-Talks to Kylliki about a position on his staff. She agrees readily.

-Talks to Kelamon about Trumps and Trump defenses.

-Visits Queen Moire and Llewella and checks on Llewella's progress.

-Talks to Moire about Tir Tarngir and what would be the best way to attack it.
Moire professes to be more knowledgeable about Navel warfare, but gives Diego
a few good ideas to get him started.

-Talks to Moire about the Tir Tarngir Library.

-Works on his Tir Tarngir battle Plan.

-Tanitheel and Evelyn decide to help Diego in Tir Tarngir.


-Tals to Gerard Tori, her Jewel of Amber safe, and her plan to rescue Benedict.
Fineas sees no good coming of it. Gerard try's to get Fineas to watch the replay
of Benedicts last battle, but Fineas bulks when he finds out that the box is
powered by the blood of the viewer. He seems to think that this box is being
used by the Basilisks to collect genetic samples of anybody of anybody who views
it. He seems to feel that the box should be destroyed.

-Trumps back to his Sloop 'o War and soon finds his perfect general. He takes
the little gut on a tour of Arden and convinces the General to join his cause in


-Checks in with Mariana and finds that she is doing a very good job at making
the new Villa run like clock work. Though she tells him that she wants Brownies
like Prince Fineas has.

-Heads back to Castle Yohannes and meets with the whole gang about the battle
plans. Boran tells him that the battle that he had yesterday went better then
expected and that the Fire mage's lands are now ours. A list of troop needs are
given to 13 to find and gather.

Ending points:

Jacob - Lynxia
Toriana - Amber
13 - Castle Yohannes
Fineas - In Arden with L'Emporer and his Grande Armee
Diego - Rebma, getting ready to go to Tir Tarngir

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November 05, 2002
Headline News - Session 18

La cita

"Prince Diego Slams Princess Flora in short Speech"

"House Manticora Attacks During Prince Diego's Investiture"

"Prince 13 Holds court in Dom-Daniel's Swanky Aix restaurant: Local Powerful Mages Feted"


"Ill timed attack rocks Amber's sense of safety"

"Prince Diego speaks ill of his betters during short speech"

Le Progres

"Are Prince Rinaldo and Caridwen Exclusive?"

"Are Virgins overrated?"

"The return of Gauche: One Drunk dredges up Prince Diego's Gala"

The Herald Unicorn

"Prince Jacob Kicks butt and takes Names during battle says eyewitness"

"Prince Diego: a return to the pettiness of the past?"

"House Manticora Attacks During Prince Diego's Investiture"

"A Bad Girl Makes Good: Dante's Byatch Kyllikki Snags Prince Diego in Lynxian Love Nest"

"Brownies: the must have household item for this year"


"Princes Fineas and Rinaldo save the day"

"Prince Fineas' shot saves Princess Flora and Lady Dara"

The Shipping News

"The Docks lightly damaged during battle"

"No Ships or Warehouses Damaged during battle"

Die Tageszeitung

"Prince 13 a no show at Prince Diego's Investiture: What did he know and when did he know it"

"House Manticora Attacks During Prince Diego's Investiture"

"Dame Kelamon explains all: the apple of her eye Princess Toriana"

"Prince Diego's home Shadow of Vulnavia a souce wonder based on displays at Gala"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Regent Gerard inks Vulnavian trade deal, Prince Diego seemed shocked"

"Small bidding war over Vulnavian trade goods"

"Glitzy Grande Promenade and Rue de Kolver Shops damaged in attack"

"Rodrigo the Singing Clacker get's exclusive contract in Rebma"

O Povo

"Prince 13 brings out the big gun"

"Last gasp attack ends House Manticora's threat to Amber"

"The Fighting Men of Amber: Regent Gerard and Prince Jacob"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: A rare, behind the scenes look at the Wonderful things that were on display at Prince Diego's Gala's"

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Headline News - Session 17

La cita

"Is Prince-to-be Diego’s Gala just a thinly disguised Trade Scam"

"The death of the King of Chaos: is the War over?"

"Johrom’s best come to Amber: Azvan and his Mother are Princess Flora’s Guests at Rinaldo’s Investiture"


"King Swayvill Dies"

"Prince-to-be Diego’s investiture delayed"

"Is Regent Gerard’s reign the "Golden era" of Amber?"

Le Progres

"Ambrosia, Caridwen and Veronica do there best not to outshine Amber’s "legit" ladies"

"The Girls do their part for Amber; A review of Prince Rinaldo’s Post investiture party"

The Herald Unicorn

"Will the death of King Swayvill’s prompt chaos in Chaos?"


"Interview with a Lady: Prince Fineas’ Ky Tung"

"Top Ten reason’s we like Princes Fineas and Rinaldo"

The Shipping News

"Vulnavian trade fleet pays Amber a visit"


"An Ode to Peace"

"Lost Poems of Ganelon Found in Rebman Used book store; a 4 part Series"

"Reviews of Books from the Tir Tarngir Library"

Die Tageszeitung

"Princess Toriana and PTB Diego; No shows at Prince Rinaldo’s Investiture"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Are trade wars in the wind?"

"Prince-to-be Diego invests in Dom-Daniel"

Royal Way

HRH Morwyn Discuss’ the healing of Princess Lewella"

"Princess Flora cuts a fashion swath through Prince Rinaldo’s Investiture"

"Is Green hair the new Purple? Princess Flora’s new Man Chomali"

"Steal this look: The Gowns and fashions of HRH Morwyn, Princess Flora, Lady Dara, and Ky Tung"

"Who’s Who, what do they like, and what are they like: a Guide to the new Royal’s of Amber"

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Diego's journal 18

The day that was to be thee big day, and generate a better life for my people wasn't capable of fulfilling my goals. I can admit it was partially flawed in conception, generating too much interest in a time of war, but I am not going to dismiss the possibility of 'family' hands in the matter either. I cannot believe that amber itself would be attacked by so few, with so little premeditation, a death wish, or an direct invitation.

the entire clan showed up for my coronation, but I do not suspect it was out of benevolent motivations, as none offered congratulations, nor managed to pay a visit to my sick bed when I was injured in defending their own population (save Morwyn, and tanitheel). However I am grateful they were able to have the stamina to pick the carcass of the goodwill celebration I prepared, by helping themselves to some abandoned hors devours. I would not begrudge them the food, but it is only an alarmingly clear reflection of values, and priorities.

I have offered no unjustified offense to any of them, and extended generosity far greater then that they have shown me. In fact I quite readily forgave jacob for pointing a loaded weapon at my sister, an extreme offense in any one's eyes, and would allow him to atone for his secondary degenerate act with the liberation of the lives he has eternally perverted. Perhaps even more disturbing is the assassination of one of our captive by fineas, prior to my examination of the body. I wonder why an offer was extend for me to join this "family" if I am to be denied the chance to test my new weaponry, and use my knowledge gained from decades of successful chaosite containment? perhaps it was only to give my sweet aunt flora the chance to insult me. why wouldn't fineas want me to look at the bodies while they lived?

Then I will just assume the alarming freedom of action granted to others to increasingly distance myself from this carrion orgy of cannibalistic egos, and what I suspect is some extremely black treachery. Gerhard's success is his failure to exert his own incompetence due to his indemic ineptitude. I have no desire to be a lion tamer in this hell, but some one with a sense of decency needs to reign in the beasts, and I need an affirmation that there is some order of distinction between us and the enemy.

As to taking the increasingly lamentable vows, the treaties I asked for were signed publicly and promptly to my suprise. I wouldn't have asked for them had I been inducted with respect, and integrity. the ceremony and speech were acceptable. I didn't expect my semi-concealed insult to flora's egocentric hedonism to be noticed, but to giving her an iota of what she deserves is reward in and of itself, after all, the standing orders are to shoot repeatedly on site, should she enter the my island. If she thinks she had it bad under the gryphons, she really has no idea what I am capable of.

according to our regent "the Gryphons in Tir Tarngir have several possible options". I suspect I am to be asked to half way fight a war, and not allowed my only acceptable options of "medium rare, well done, or cubed", in determining the ultimate fate of every single Gryphon. The immortality they have granted me becomes a curse if there isn't a threat behind it, if there isn't a assurance that grave danger will be visited upon the head of any one who triffles with an amberite, it just means we can be tortured longer. no compromise or contrition is required.

things are much more palatable when I move away from the castle
I have taken one of the women we rescued from the gryphon's as my own, I feel she was the most desirable, and best able to be integrated with my own population. I will spend more time with her in the near future, but I suspect genuine loyalty will develop if I continue to treat her well. I have set her up as the first official student of my new conjuring school. she will be well provided for, it is so hard to find women experienced in accommodating the unique needs of shapeshifters...she is a very appealing way to wet my appetite for the main course to come.

The hungers inside me that were unduly awakened by my aunts unfortunate, and costly attempt to gratify her own ego, have been recently brought to new heights in my rapidly growing feelings for Moire. I was planning to generally check out the holdings of the tir library, and find a book of poetry so I could brush up for her, but then it occurred to me that I could present her with a library globe, and have her give a reading list to gerhard, we (consequently I) would have a whole new line of coercion with her. Not apolitically astute move to take the globe to her, but then I have always responded poorly when a book-keeper tells me what I can't do. there will be no heights to which I won't soar, and no depths to which I will not sink to claim this woman. to spite being very difficult to read, and more then a little jaded, Moire has shown me her greatest weakness. this coupled with being on extremely good terms with those closest to her, will bring me my desire in time. I wonder what my sperm donor did to win her
I have decided to delay any attempt to rescue corwin until a decisive victory in this matter.

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November 03, 2002
Next Game

Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 11-16. How does that work for everyone?

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Fineas Journal- Session 18

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 2 PDS (Post Death of Swayvill), 9:00 AM

I wanted to get something accomplished before the Gala of Diego (henceforth referred to as the Fiasco), so I took command of a fast sloop and headed out into shadow. I had read a bit about a fellow from Flora’s pet shadow who sounded like exactly the sort of chap I needed for Chandora. He is long dead of course, but I should be able to locate a facsimile somewhere out in shadow. This man had spread like a plague over a continent using exactly the sort of armies as exist in Aquitaine. His world was inexperienced with magic, but that shortcoming is easily overcome. He understood maneuver, logistics, morale and most importantly had guts. His ego was formidable, but if I can deal with Toriana he will be child’s play.

During a lull in this man’s career, he was exiled with a loyal guard to a small island guarded by his enemies against his return. I wanted to catch my facsimile in just that situation. He must be eager to return to power and have an initial cadre of elite troops to start with. I would offer him the chance to defeat his greatest enemy in return for some service in Chandora. I needed his charisma and reputation with his army to ease the recruitment of a professional force, already veterans and not likely to break under pressure.

I sailed for many hours, shifting shadow to seek out my man. I felt I was getting closer but time had run out before the Fiasco was to begin, so I had the ship’s captain lay in at a convenient port and instructed him to trump me in 12 hours to continue our mission. I returned to Amber via trump and began cleaning up for the day’s activities. The ceremony was to start early afternoon with the investiture, followed by some crass treaty signing forced upon Gerard by Diego. Word had gotten out that a speech was scheduled and I was somewhat apprehensive about Diego’s choice of subject matter. At times he is socially clumsy and I had anxieties that he would put off some of the nobility or family when everyone’s support is critical now.

I contacted Mother and informed her of the Fiasco taking place. She indicated an interest as attending as one of my staff. I reluctantly agreed. She wanted to visit the library as well, so I made a brief inspection tour of its progress. I was rather annoyed to discover Diego had taken one of the globes without asking or informing me. After a few minutes, I decided that he more or less deserved one for his participation and my annoyance abated. At least until I trumped him and learned he had immediately presented it to Moire. We will never see it again. I hoped he at least presented it to her as a gift from Amber to Rebma, but given his lack of political savvy I have no doubts he just plunked it into her lap like a bouquet of flowers from a suitor. His complete lack of distinction between the interests of Amber and those of Rebma is disturbing. I shall have to remember that he can not be trusted with confidential intelligence.

The library itself was adapting to the globe shortfall, though some of the less important works will not be kept track of. I will need to establish some better security soon and I will speak to Gerard about it.

Speaking of Gerard, he was as good as his word and I was given access to the “bastard files”. The term holds dual meaning, believe me. The synopsis of each makes clear why they were not deemed suitable for elevation into the accepted ranks. I do think it would be amusing to introduce Diego to his other half sibling. I can’t help but giggle at the thought that Flora of all people holds the key to making such a meeting possible. Her temptation must be extreme. Still, if it were up to me I would have him eliminated before he becomes a problem.

I think I shall take the time to meet one of them, Galina Ostreyeva. She sounds interesting. It would not do to bring her to Amber, but she would be a fascinating aquaintance in some ways. Perhaps I will take up the piano and spend some time with her as a student. I would not want to inadvertently lead the Chaosian spies to her, so I will have to make sure my backtrail is very clear before I pay a visit to her shadow.

The other female cousin detailed sounds like a lively lady. Too dangerous to have an immediate use, but I may have to explore a relationship with her as well. She sounds like she may be a fount of interesting ideas that might have utility in Amber. I wonder if she has been made aware of her parentage and potential? If she has, then I fear she may eventually require termination as well.

Time to pick up Ky and head to the Fiasco.

Day 2 PDS, 2:00pm

It is a good thing everyone was heavily armed and halfway expecting trouble at the Fiasco. I did not put my submachinegun to use, but I did end up having a date with Charlene. A short while after the speech (which was not as horrible as I feared, though Diego took a clumsy jab at Flora), the sniffers reported a problem. Then Logrus was used from within the milling crowds, drawing large enchanted Manticoras to the plaza and setting them off on a killing spree. Predictably, much of my family ran to the defense and tried to put the creature’s down. I immediately advised Morwyn (in attendance with Triton bodyguards) to return to Rebma quickly. I admired her spunk for wanting to stay and fight at our sides, but the potential damage if she were hurt was too great to risk. It’s a shame more Rebmans are not like her. She did finally consent to leave after I appealed to her bodyguards to apply pressure on her. Once she was safely away, I pulled out my trumps to check on the status elsewhere. It was obvious to me that the manticoras were a diversion from the real danger. Sadly, I think I was the only one of the family present to realize this. As I was conversing with my agent in Arden, I sensed a malevolent approach out of the corner of my eye. Not waiting, I grabbed Ky and stepped through the trump contact before my assailant could react. I caught a few phrases of Chaos lilted Thari as we trumped away.

In Arden, I stripped off my uniform and got into my kill suit. I picked up Charlene my blessed sniper rifle and the ammo I had not used in Tir Tarngir and trumped Rinaldo to return to commence my hunt. He pulled me through and I informed him that we were targeted by assassins. He grew grim and endeavored to cover my back while I surveyed the crowds from a concealed rooftop. I watched the centers of action where I could see family engaging the monsters. I watched Diego in crab form playing with one, but I felt he had it more or less under control so I held fire. Manticores were of no interest to me. Looking for stalkers, I finally identified one sneaking up on Gerard as he fought a manticore. It looked like he was about to strike, so I shot him in the head. I was rewarded with the flare of chaos blood and magic. He had obviously had a shield of some sort up, but dear Charlene was up to the task. He dropped and burned a bit. I could see no others, so I shifted position to try and get a bead on some other gunfire I heard in a different direction. It sounded like Jacob’s pistols. By the time I got there, I found another dead assassin and no sign of Jacob. I then heard a distant boom that I thought might be one of Thirteen’s favored weapons, a god awfully big anti-tank rifle. Some more shouting resulted and some sort of pursuit took place towards the docks.

By the time I got to that area, the fun and games were over. Thirteen had winged an assassin but it had crawled into the sea and Morwyn had been called back to deal with it. She lost another Triton doing so, but the assassin was slain. Word had gotten out that Jacob had killed one but had been injured in the fray and trumped himself away. If he could trump, I was not overly worried about him. He’s a pretty tough bastard and from what I could tell only had a leg wound of some sort. The one I dropped was not dead, but was comatose with my bullet in his brain. We hauled him off to the castle then tried to get things back in order. I oversaw the establishment of order, had the dead removed and had the carcasses of the beasts attended to. The final casualty list was not as severe as I had feared. As an attack, it failed utterly. We learned that they were from House Manticore and were the last of the ones sent into our end of the universe. Since I was already targeted, I resolved on a bit of bravado and returned to the castle. I inquired into the likelihood of my prisoner recovering from his brain injury. It seemed unlikely, but we had no means available to handle someone that dangerous so I made a decision to finish him off. I had his head removed, enchanted and packed in salt. I then crated it up and turned it over to House Basilisk for delivery to what remained of House Manticore in chaos with a note “Courtesy of Prince Fineas”. That should annoy them. If they are going to try and assassinate me, I might as well give them a reason.

Day 4 PDS 9:00am

I returned to the sloop and continued my search. I found the man I am looking for and spent a while infiltrating his compound and making contact. “The Emperor” was amenable to my offer after I proved to him what I could do. I offered to rescue his family as well, so I will be spending some time shuttling back and forth between Arden and La Belle Frank. I will be gating his personal guard first to Arden, then to a marshalling shadow nearer to Chandora. In the coming days I will be absconding with entire regiments with his help until I have the force I need. It should be fun. A nice break from dealing with the family and politics of Amber.

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Re: armor and acrobatics

Gerard's line about being able to do acrobatics in properly fitted armor is something I recall from an article on the subject. SCA people discovered that to be true. Sure, it's 50 or 60 pounds but it's really well distributed and doesn't foul up your balance. Not that you're as good at acrobatics in armor as out of it, but you can still do it. Given Amberite/ buff Chaosite muscles and really top of the line armor, you can be quite nimble.

The Manticora who almost escaped left armor with clever quick-release features and some cut cord (from making a tourniquet). The weasel-serpent form was missing a leg, but had 7 more to make speed with.

Posted by Trimmer at 10:58 AM