February 28, 2003
Biography of Nellie Amour


Helena Bonham-Carter, circa Howard's End.


A combination of Ernie Pyle, and Hermione Granger.

Background and History:

Ms. Amour was born 34 years ago in Shadow Kashfa in the city of Jidrash.

She is the Daughter of Jin Lo and Hekta Amour, and the Niece of Lord Ylang de Caerphilly and Baroness Liliane de Cellejon y Ruudkild. Being from a well to do family provided Nellie with great opportunities in life.

After graduating from the Kasfa Polytechnic, Nellie moved on to studies in Dom-Daniel. At this point in her life, sorcerery was a big focus and she pursued it with gusto. She was excepted at the Burning Peak School after impressing Prof. Kuwirrish during her Interview. During her time in Dom-Daniel Nellie was befriended by Sheellba of the Eyeless Face, and received in-depth lessons in scrying and truth questing. After graduating from the Burning Peak School Nellie was excepted into the Brotherhood and maintains several memberships to this day.

Upon leaving Dom-Daniel, Nellie moved to Rebma and at that point decided to take writing as a career. She wrote poetry and several short stories and became friends with Lady Kyli Umbogeaux and Lady Maneau Orlean of Rebma. They became her patrons during her stay there.

Embeth Wodehouse, empressed with Nellie's writing, offered her a contract with the Royal Way and the Rest is history. Along with her work on the Royal Way, Nellie freelances for the weekly ShadowWord and has written several Books.

Friends and Associates:

Lady Kyli Umbogeaux of Rebma
Lady Maneau Orlean of Rebma
Sheellba of the Eyeless Face of Dom-Daniel
Patrice Chalune of Amber
Adriana Miramon of Amber
Dame Nyctasia Kandive of Amber
Prof. Kuwirrish of Dom-Daniel
Embeth Wodehouse

Works by Nellie Amour:

Burning Peak: A History
The Dummies Guide to Belkin
The Collected Works of Nellie Amour
A Conspiracy of Red Heads: Bleys, Brand and Fiona
The Saga of Deela the Desecratetrix
The Caress of Rebma: Short Stories and Poems
Of Kashfa, Begma, and Erengor: of Peace and Claims
Regent Gerard: Breaking the Tide of Chaos
Begman Crimes Against Humanity!
Memories of Kashfa
The Universe of a Princess: A Collection Interviews with HRH Morwyn

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February 27, 2003
Reply from J.

Prince Diego, greetings

Lady Gwyneth is the only Trump Artist of note who is not affiliated with any court. She has a well-deserved reputation for discretion and for honoring her agreements. She is missed by any number of former clients. As to my own testimony, you are in error. A cabal of my competitors has spent centuries blackening my name and reputation. They have been largely successful, so I doubt that my opinion would sway Queen Moire in any useful way.

Your properties and activities in Dom-daniel are and have been no concern of mine.

Concerning the activities of the Lords of Chaos, your information is likely to be far more complete than mine. That they are active in Johrom and in the center of the philotheriomorphic region of shadow is no doubt known to you. One rather arrogant individual is flitting about in the company of your Princess Toriana. House Chanicut demonstrated strong tendencies towards religious fanaticism and inflexibility. That bodes well for the Rebman vendetta. Chaos itself is a tempting mystery, but one where the risks of exploration overweigh the likely benefits by a considerable margin. I leave such adventures to the young.

I have no messages for Amber or Rebma. We have done well for centuries by ignoring each other.


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Two Letters

Dear Ms. Wodehouse- editor, the royal way
We are delighted that you have decided to attempt to improve your greatly tarnished reputation for journalistic integrity by referencing a first hand source, or at least a non-fictive one.
We are happy to welcome you to the Vulnavian press corps. We currently have representatives from 2 shadows, and 13 countries stationed in our capital city.

The first stage is to familiarize yourself with the regional laws Your candidate and editor agreed to uphold according to page 4 sub paragraph 3 of your application, laws that are also subject to our full extradition treaty with Amber. We have enclosed the 57 page abbreviated guide to journalism practices in Vulnavia to prepare for your trip. Accommodations have been made for your representative in our spacious journalist quarters, and a customary interview with the state board of journalistic ethics and information accuracy has been scheduled. We believe you will find it both informative, and educational enough to inspire your entire organization to an entirely new plateau of professionalism.
enclosed is your reporters detailed itinerary, and contact list with the names of her mandatory security escort.

welcome aboard!
Marsha Sherwin, Executive Director of Foreign affairs

dear Jelerak
thank you for your prompt reply.
Firstly let me apologize for your contact with Torriana and Jacob. At times they can require an aggressive set of diplomatic skills for those of us on the inside as well.
I am contacting you on 3 matters.
1- confirming the nature of your relationship with Gweneth in order to clear her name.
2- Confirm your status of non-aggression in relation to My properties in Dom-daniel
3- a request for information in relation to agents of chaos.

Firstly, I have personally contacted the queen of Rebma, to begin to absolve Gweneth from a situation I believe is related more to a conflict of personalities then any genuine wrong doing, and a testimonial from your representatives could go a long way towards accomplishing that goal. I have already received multiple testimonials from parties affiliated with Dom- Daniel. I am sure Gweneth would value any aid you can provide in this matter. Also the possible continuation of any business arrangements you had with her in relation to the war effort might be possible.

Secondly the staff of my newly purchased property in Dom-Daniel has some concern in regards to your malevolence against our holding there, and I am merely seeking a clarification of your non-aggressive position to reassure them.

Thirdly I am also very interested in any information you have relating to activities in the courts of chaos, particularly those of house chandicot. I am not sure what compensation you would require, but I do have direct access to the leaders of Amber, Rebma, and a host of my own resources to draw on. Additionally I would be happy to convey any messages to the leadership you would wish in the future.

(what follows is instructions for a more anonymous method of contact)

many thanks, and I look forward to hearing form you soon
Prince Diego

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February 26, 2003
Headlines - Sessions 25-26

La Cita

"P. Benedict provides guidance on how to deal with the Hellgrim's in Purgatory"

"P. Martin enjoys his new found freedom with P. Jacob, and P. Dara"

"The Return of P. Mirelle: a bad egg come clean"

The Times

"R. Gerard welcomes back the Prodigal daughter P. Mirelle with open arms"

"R. Gerard wisely rescinds his fathers banishment order of P. Mirelle"

"P. Benedict Provides needed guidance to the younger generation"

Le Progres

"P. Martin shows the girls a good time with his return to Amber"

"Alexa painted as Chaosian/Gryphon spy"

"P. Rinaldo rumored to have been involved in undercover sting operation targeting agent Alexa"

The Herald Unicorn

"House Jesby renews attack in Shadow Johrom"

"P. Flora and P. Jacob leave in haste to stop new Jesby threat"

"Rodrigo the singing Clacker considers the options of Performance Art"


"P. Gelina and P. Corwins children learn the ropes in Amber from D. Lornaya Chantris"

"P. Jacob and P. Martin Prove they are there fathers sons in a night at "Bloody Jeans"

Die Tageszeitung

"P. Diego shows his generous side: showering P. 13 with the wealth of Vulnavia"

"P. Toriana's rescuing ways: an interview with P Benedict and his views on his favorite Niece"

O Povo

"P. Diego is rumored to be in league with "He-who-shall-not-be-named""

"P. Vialle, P. Dierdre, and P. Douglas handled with kid gloves on visit to Amber"

"P. Mirelle is P. 13's long lost Mother"

The Royal Way

"The interview with P. Fineas and L. Ky Tung"

"A letter to our Editor Embeth Wodehouse from P. Diego"

"A letter in defense of P. Diego from P. Fineas"

"First Alexa then "He-who-shall-not-be-named" - What new surprises does P. Diego have in store for Amber"

"Our reporter Nellie Amour Denied access to Vulnavia on P. Diego's orders: what does he have to hide?"

"The Gracious P. Gelina shares her views on peace and love in the Universe"

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Session 26

Where is everyone?

  • Toriana is in Delwin's keep.
  • Jacob is hungover in Amber.
  • 13 is in Amber with Benedict.
  • Fineas is in Franc.
  • Diego is in hot water (appropriately, in Rebma).


Zhartra is looking around at the guys looking around and has decided this is stupid. She asks Toriana to go out of site and see what they really know. They are not local and were not Delwinís people. Toriana searches for the ghosts and there are no ghosts. Zhartra and Toriana attempt to determine the magic and energies in the area. They discuss who could and would have been able to do this. Zhartra and Toriana catalog the things left behind and it takes quite some time to do. Conjury, sorcery and coins were used to cleanse the area of the magic used.


Jacob takes Flora's hangover pill with some trepidation. Flora changes her outfit and they are going to head to Johrom and check out all the logrus activity. Jacob doesnít wait for Flora and goes ahead to Johrom while she is changing. He trumps to Ahzvan and begins preparations. There is a lot of communication traffic and most of it is moving back towards the home island. Some people have come in via logrus and there was some kind of altercation. Jacob has Itzamna stealth up Zariel and then he is debating whom to have teleport Zariel into the atmosphere. Jacob trumps Toriana for help on the teleporting spell. Toriana excuses herself from Zhartra to help Jacob with his problem. Jacob also wants the spell to be stealthy.


13 and Benedict are spending quality time together. They discuss who would have left 13 in the shadow where he was left. They discuss the technology levels and what needs to be done now. 13 asks Benedict about taking over the Tir front and if he is going to take that on. Benedict tells him that he may have some job in regards to the Tir for 13. 13 takes his leave and goes to breakfast and learns that Jacob has to clean the office. 13 waits for Dara to finish up her cleaning and declines her offer to assist her with the cleaning. While he waits he goes to see his mother.


Fineas checks in with Impereur Bono and finds that the preparations for invading Brittan are complete. Fineas Gates the Franq armies to within striking distance of Lunnon. He experiments with using Werewindle and divises a SOP of having Werewindle handle Pattern defense, leaving Fineas free to fight all-out. Fineas enjoys the conquest and partakes in some of the looting. When things are well in hand Fineas congratulates his man on the victory. He returns to Amber when this is over. He makes sure Ky Tung is compensated for her ship and sends her shopping for a new one. Fineas talks with Liam about getting a vacation house in Rebma. Miramon connections will help selecting one while Fineas arranges for permissions via Count Taran.


Diego has upset Queen Moire and tries to explain his way out of it. Moire is actually pleased at what Fineas did. The dinner ends and Diego is off to Dom Daniel. There is a letter waiting for him from Jelerak. The letter is asking him what matters he wants to discuss. He is to put a response back in the same envelope. He is going to think about how he wants to reply. Diego sends a note to Benedict and Benedict accepts it. Diego gives him permission to contact him later. He sends another note to Amber for Reese. He goes back to Dom Daniel. He wants a detailed report on Tanitheel who he believes is a Chaos spy. He then trumps Llewella and asks her to give a message to Corwinís kids to give to Corwin. He then trumps to Lynxia to work on his slugs. Diego trumps to the castle and grabs up some spell racks. He has some party to welcome someone back. Diego gives him some gifts. SECRET STUFF.


Toriana trumps back to Zhartra. Zhartra is digging up bodies and trying to see how they died. 200 dead is what we figure. They decide to go to Sandís castle. Zhartra is going to Sandís castle and pick up some of her people. Toriana is going to stay behind at Delwinís and free enough servantsí minds to try and get the castle back in working order. Toriana trumps Heinrich to let him know what she is doing and that she is going to need some protection while she is doing this. Heinrich borrows 40 of Jacobís Oscray. Toriana works her way through repairing their minds while the Oscray stand guards.


Zariel is off and in the air without a hitch and Jacob has an arrangement to contact him in three hours. The troops seem to be readying for movement. Jacob needs a map of the area. Jacob sketches out the area he is seeing and Flora lets him know there is necromancy and fire present. Zariel lets Jacob know that a logrus master is about. Flora is Trumped by the Johroman spy closest to the enemy high command. She tries to pull him through while a Logrus tendril tries to pull him back. The power mix opens an actual hole in the air, allowing shots to be fired through both ways. Flora strains to keep the contact open and pull the spy through. Jacob looks over her shoulder and begins to throw lead at them. The spy tells them the enemy commanders intend to kill everyone in the capitol in some necromantic deathfest to power a "road" to attack what is probably the Gryphons in Tir Tarngir. They realize the enemy city is ringed with planted incendiaries focused on a big power-sign with both fire and necromantic elements.


13 checks to see if Dara is done cleaning the office now -- she is. 13 has some riding to do. They go to Gerardís villa where Lirazal is staying. Dara believes she will be a distraction to the situation and 13 welcomes a distraction. He wants to talk about house Helgram, and Purgatory. Lirazel gives him a freebie that Helgrams go to a lot of trouble to disguise themselves -- multiple false IDs, shared IDs or roles, several shapes to go with them... Lirazel tells him that Helgrams have always been weak on brute force. Lirazel offers up a wedding idea for Fineas to make peace. 13 joins back up with his mother and they exchange pleasantries. She tells him the people responsible for putting him where he was have been dealt with some of the slowly and painfully. They discuss the war in Chaos and which house would or perhaps should win. 13 heads back to the castle. 13 has a large pile of stuff from Diego that has been delivered. He parcels out the treasure and puts it into the appropriate safekeeps, money in the safe and silver to the armory.


Fineas runs into 13 putting the coins into the safe. 13 notices the sword that Fineas is currently wearing. 13 introduces Fineas to his mother Mirelle. She has large Gerard size handprints on her throat. Mirelle reveals to Fineas that 13ís real name is Paul Devin. 13 has chased the Helgrams out of limbo in purgatory. Fineas offers to help if he is needed and suggests he touch base with Flora on ideas. Fineas has the Hendrake situation under control. Fineas gives him a copy of the letter he gave to Marcus and his response. They talk about the Tir and the short plan for it. Fineas talks to 13 about the abyss monsters that are wondering around. They discuss the information that Toriana gave Fineas about the 8 new kids. Fineas goes to find his toga outfit to pick up his duties in Remia. A page delivers a message to Fineas.


Diego continues the flurry of note writing. He sends a note to Jelerak. He invites Martin to go a on a boat with him. Martin will show up for part of it. Martin discusses shape shifting with Diego. Dara declined an invite, Reynaldo declined the invite, and he invites Tanitheel to join him on a mission to do recon. She says she will have to run it past the regent and Benedict to have it prioritized. Reynaldo shows up for a little bit but he is not able to stay long. Diego goes to New York on a shadow path and wants to meet with one Dr. Savage. Diego trumps him to Dom Daniel and gives him a tour. He gives him a Ďlessoní on Gerardís history with Diego Ďexpositioní. Doc helps him get to see the president, whom Diego then transforms from a wheelchair-bound frail person to a model of health. Carte blanche ensues. Diego goes on a publicity stunt to try and drum up some positive press.


Toriana goes to Sandís castle with Zhartra and they are able to locate some ghosts and Zhartra tells Toriana to make herself useful and they have a discussion about usefulness and Zhartra takes Toriana to a couch and lets her sleep for a bit. The ghosts are still there and after her nap she tries to talk to them. The same guy is involved but it looks like a different set of people. The same story as before but it was left a little messier. When they finally leave the castle they are stopped by a band of people who accuse them of doing the mayhem at the castle. Toriana talks the crowd down and then they are finally sent to see the corpse of the bird. Zhartra and Toriana decide a visit to Dom Daniel is in order.

Jacob has conflict about what route to take. Jacob trumps Fineas for advice while Flora lays on the floor shuddering -- Trump-Logrus contact is evidently unpleasant. He lays out what is going on in short and then Fineas tells him they should discuss in a more secure line. Fineas pulls him through and then pulls out a trump and tells Jacob to bide a moment. They then talk about what is going on where the pattern using Griffins are going to overthrow the Chaos lords Griffin and ally themselves with Amber. They discuss the Jesbyís plan to attack the Griffins. When they are done discussing the situation Jacob trumps Toriana for ideas on stopping the Jesbyís. She forgets who she is talking to and, offhand, jokingly suggests sinking the island. Jacob envisions a shadow storm.

13 is approached again about attuning the jewel and he now decides he wants to attune the jewel. Gerard takes 13 to the battlements and teaches him how to use the jewel and lets him play with it. 13 then talks to Dara and sees if she wants to see if the Helgram people have been using it or not. She agrees to do this with her hellmaids. They trump into Castle Johannes and everyone goes where they need to go. 13 heads into Limbo and is very sneaky. He checks to see if they have the rovers setup. They're working on it. 13 spends some time and effort making them lucky in their research.

Fineas goes to the armory and gets geared up. He trumps Benedict and they discuss the next step. Fineas talks with the pattern using chaos lord on the plans and where the duke is currently at. She would like some help clearing out the palace and has asked for snipers and troops to help them. Fineas volunteers to come help and get some more assistance from some good shots. Fineas trumps Benedict to fill him in on the situation. Benedict wants a view of what the troops are. Fineas suggests he trumps Jacob who has more information. They are trying to make a black road. Fineas loans Werewindle to Benedict rather than take the Pattern Lighthouse with him on a commando mission among Chaos lords. Fineas gears up and explains what is going to be going on to the Guardsmen and to Savaton, who'll be rejoining his siblings now. Vayla pulls them through and has them put on the annoying feather-and-gold hats that will identify them as her guards.

Diego sets up a tiny base. He has BDR in the palm of his hand. He convinces Gerard to let him use the little jewel (3 days earlier). He goes off to Avalon and then to sorec shadow? He maybe gets some of his people through.

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13's Debriefing - Session 26


Gifts, Hoo-haws, and Gee-gaws

Everything has been checked. No bugs. No wires. No spy devices of any kind. No coins that will turn into bugs. No gems that contain poisonous gas. Everything checks out ok.

Based on my Education at the hands of Duchess Lornaya Chantris, I must send a note of thanks To Diego. This is easy enough to do, and to have it sent via the next outgoing Vulnavian ship.

But it is curious, as I have done nothing to deserve such a boon. Also curious is the fact that there is no note or message to explain the large heap of goodies. The money is easy enough…put that back into the Coffers of the Royal treasury. This simple act seems to please Gerard very much. Why Diego did not do this himself only adds to the mystery. Maybe the news articles and rumors have some truth to them after all. The silver I had distributed to the weapons makers for our use. This donation to the cause has made both Count Emrys Feldane, and Sir John Gaunt very delighted.

The Gems I had shipped to Nampara. Some of them would nice little trinkets for Sabine, and the rest will be good for bribes and greasing some future wheels.

But as to what to think of Diego's act of generosity I really have no clue. Gifts were not done in the Village. Mostly because they would end up in the ocean shortly after receiving them.

No one trusted them.

The Gifts or the Gift giver.


I will need to talk to those who are used to dealing with gifts for some input. Ideas as to why Diego did this and the correct course of action to follow in the aftermath of the gifts.

The hoo-haw seems to be Fineas' new toy. It glows like the midday sun. It is chock full of Pattern energy and has a lot of power. There is a feeling of intelligence about it. I would love to get my hands on for a few minutes and see the how and why of it. My guess would be that it is an extreme use of Pattern user blood. I cannot fathom the amount used. Gallons would be a good starting point. I did offer to make a Shielding scabbard form him so he is less of a beacon out in shadow. He seems unconcerned. It must have some ability hide it's self.

Dara was a dear and taught us a little trick that she and the Hellmaid's use. Very handy.

The Gee-gaw is that my Mother did name me something after all. Paul-Devon. This should make Toriana very happy and put an end to her Reese fixation, unless of course Reese really is a Pooka of hers. Any delusions after this are really her and her Fathers problem. Mother also seems pleased with Sabine, though she is concerned with fact that I maybe sleeping with the rest of the Universe it seems. Mother comes across like dour Jacob.

Benedict is an odd sort. You can see the babysitter residing behind his eyes. Though I feel that this is something he is loath to do. Good.

He seemed pleased with how I am dealing with the Hellgrim's, and only made a few suggestions. One of which was to deal with the Garu shadow first. I really have no desire to deal with it at all, putting it off till the end when some other event might make it moot.

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February 25, 2003
There's Nothing Like Amber

Amber itself is almost addictive. It's clear in the books that no matter how much they like other places, there's nothing quite like Amber. In CRY HAVOC that extends to Rebma and Tir Tarngir. After a while you miss it. Dislike of the people there or memories associated it will not entirely negate a longing for Amber/Rebma/TT. You will naturally have favored places, like the City itself, Arden, the sea, Rebma City, etc.

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February 24, 2003
Doctor Delacroix journal entries session 26

I have never experienced such a strong growth, and extreme loss in such a short period. I think the lack of sleep is starting to affect me.
I can finally enjoy acceptable conversation with some one clearly committed to the path of virtue. The advice my Grandfather offers is proving to be invaluable.
I am somewhat troubled by some of Clark's views, as I do not feel they are entirely ethically mandated, nor supported by biological evidence. We will discuss this later as our disagreements are trivial in comparision to what is becoming routine.

I have decided to open doors to Reese, because his inaction has been better then the misdeeds of the others. My veiw of his cowardice has been modifed by recent events.

I think I will open my secret deep drinking cavern for the first time in seven years soon.

(here is a draft of what I needed to say to gerhard- This unedited..as I presented it to my grandfather)
It is clear the most important thing to you is the war, and the most important things to me are safety, and respect. My whole coronation gala was basically a fine for not doing anything about Whora, to gain a boon for my people, establish enduring economic relations, and receive the respect that should have existed in the first place, not stroking my ego, as evidenced by the completely lack of displays relating to my numerous personal achievements.

I am troubled by the degree to which you defer to your fathers leadership as an example. It is clear he was able to accomplish some impressive feats, but in the final analysis He is also accountable for some terrible failures that resulted in the loss of far too much blood, and the very bad situation we have today. In the end if you will have the same situation, if you don't make some changes you will have the same result, although I doubt it will be by my hand. I think the main problem is greater then simply the stunningly lack of accountability when grossly unacceptable conduct occurs (i.e. mass necromancy), but there is also a lack of reward for valor (i.e. putting yourself at risk to kill slimies, or other aid to amber). It is my experience If people are not systemically rewarded, they will seek their own rewards, in your generation I believe this took the form of sibling rivalry. In mine I suspect something even more sinister, as we have even less commonality in upbringing. Monkeys in my laboratories are subject to more conditioning then amberites, and they don't have the power to reap the unspeakable. The others did not have the good fortune of my privileged upbringing, but I am not content to accept second best, and consistently watch you run what should be the greatest of kingdoms like a chaosite loving banana republic.

personally, I owe to much to too many people not to subject my actions to cost benefit analysis. one key area that you have greatly reduced value to me is in limiting my ability to research with this damnable new policy about prisoners. they are not people, would you object to me cutting open a swine in order to insure the health, and safety of our people? From one prisoner I was able to devise a chemical free method of containing shape-shifting, several new methods of detecting shape-shifters underwater, three new blood creatures, and exciting new imprisonment procedures. This could very well cost us the war over the long haul.
( a detail cost/benefit analysis ledger detailing my entire relationship with amber followed- needless to say I do have some continuing issues with the balance)

I feel oberons second greatest failure was the lack of a larger sustainable infrastructure held by royal hands, by focusing more exclusively on martial endeavors early on, our ability to retain coherent military force in the long term was diminished. Also there would be the additional benefit of personnel being able to be converted much more readily to peacetime use. If some of the Oberon's children had vested interests in fostering the well being of others, much trouble could have been avoided. Also I think we can learn from the example of Rebma, who in many ways, does more with less.

I feel that these 2 items need to be addressed as promptly as possible.

I don't think you understand what a gross error in judgment the secret assassination was. I can think of no valid reason why his family here was not notified. I would have to say that a chaosite spy would have accomplished a huge amount if they created a potential rift between Amber and the crown princess of Rebma, a prince, and a whole new universe. we don't need to do this sort of thing ourselves. I could have easily captured Van Eyck, held him, and eventually deferred to an orthodox legal judgment, in fact I would have been obligated to do so via our treaties.

Completely ignoring the fact that where I come from killing a man's brother, then, I suspect, improperly disposing of the body, without telling him, has as much ethical common sense as pissing on someone's plate while they are eating.
Ignoring the fact that I have given more lives in service to Amber in the span of a few short months then I have sacrificed for my own country in over 180 years, and I have earned more then the required respect.
Blissfully ignorant of the fact that I have done everything you asked, and fought fearlessly for you even while you have made some damaging decisions.
Not mentioning that, based on the data I have, complete rehabilitation of van eyck, in one of our facilities, with the aid of Torianna, would have been 97.463 percent likely within 24 months.
Ignoring all these very clear facts....
Is it really a good idea to completely infuriate some one with more then all the powers of lirazel, more contacts, and over 100 times the resources, who is otherwise a strident foe of your enemy? I am grateful I have good people around me, that talked me out of a chain of events that would have proved damning for both of us.
In this case you have completely lost the way, and are treating chaosites, who have committed more atrocities, in manner better then your own flesh and blood. This is a gross violation of all we should hold dear. You have needlessly sacrificed a great deal of the trust I placed in you with extreme difficulty. There is going to be a time when you will need that trust.

you have done nothing with the royal way, and yet you say they can do what they want as long as they obey, but yet you ignore them when they disobey the request of a prince. I may be the only shape-shifter, but it is clear I am not the only one who can talk out of both sides of my ass. You go a long way to constantly justify your own inertia.

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Trump call from Gerard

Everybody gets one, or gets it mentioned in some other conversation:
Douglas, Deirdre and Vialle are to be kept from battles, regardless of their wishes.

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Fineas' Journal- Session 26

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 49 PDS 6:00 PM:

Things have been a little hectic the last couple days so I have not kept up on my notes. It started with my fulfilling my obligation to Bono to help him conquer Britane. In the event it went pretty smoothly over a couple of days. The burning of Lundun was kept to a minimum but there is only so much you can do to curtail the enthusiasm of victorious troops. My direct participation was minimal beyond the transportation of the army and a few instances of probability control to cause problems with the enemy fleet in the river. Bono was beside himself with glee once the palace was captured. I did not ask what became of the prior royal family but I suspect it was not pleasant. He will be busy establishing the new order for some time, but I let him know I could be called upon for further assistance if necessary. Despite plentiful opportunity I did manage to appropriate a few nice items to furnish my manor without killing anyone. Redistribution of wealth is always a messy business upon the conclusion of a war but I did not want to partake in the more vindictive looting taking place all over the city. One of the more unfortunate customs of war I am afraid.

Upon my return I had a chance to meet with a few people that I had not spoken to in far too long. I met with Liam and arranged to grant House Miramon primary access to Bono's shadow in reward for his good service. I will probably set up some sort of ambassador there, perhaps a Miramon to facilitate contacts. I ran into Thirteen in the castle and got caught up with him. He is confident the Hellgrams have vacated at least one shadow but are still firmly entrenched in another. Still work to be done there. His operations appeared to be near the point of infringing upon events in Tir Tarngir so I briefed him privately on what is transpiring there. A short while later I was trumped by Jacob who wanted to discuss new developments in Johrom. His intelligence indicated the Jesby's were preparing to create a black road and hit House Gryphon as a new priority target. All well and good if they hit anywhere besides Tir Tarngir. Unfortunately the Tir is their most likely objective.

I filled Jacob in on Tir events and urged him to prevent the Jesbys from attacking the Tir at all costs. I then trumped Vayla to find out where they were at in their program and to warn her of impending Jesby interference. She told me that Marcus had assassinated Illyan and the coup was in progress. Fighting was going on as we spoke. I offered Amber's help and she allowed that a very small force, disguised as her retainers, would be most welcome. I told her I would get a few men and come to assist with weapons and ammunition.

I have to admit I am not entirely happy about having to go there by myself. At some point risks must be taken and the goal of a friendly non-chaos controlled Tir is worth a lot of risk in my book. I want to leave Rinaldo behind primarily to cover my backside but also because I want Marcus more beholden to me than my brother. I also feel a bit braver knowing Benedict is free to exact retribution should any treachery arise. I trumped Benedict to alert him to what was going on and gave him temporary custody of Werewindle. It is much too obvious an artifact to take to the Tir and Uncle Ben may find it useful in interdicting any black road that does get generated. It's ability to hold a Pattern defense up for me while I fight is extremely desirable, but in a low profile mission it is more hindrance than asset. I will need to spend more time learning to use it before I commit to carrying it with me into all situations.

I now find myself wearing some ridiculous outfit that Vayla's retainers commonly attire themselves in along with five Amber rangers. I brought Savaton, extra weapons , ammunition and Charlene. We are in the Tir proper awaiting the opportunity to strike. If I survive this day I will continue to document events in this journal. If not, I hope the reader will convey this journal to my brother Rinaldo who I name as my heir. I just pray to the unicorn that if I meet my demise here I have enough time to strip off this degrading attire and issue a suitably vehement curse upon our enemies. Tally Ho!

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February 22, 2003
Jacob's Journal - 25

I donít remember much about last night.

Thatís not exactly accurate: I remember the facts clearly enough, but I donít quite recall the Ďlogicí steps that got us from one event to the next.

To begin with Martin and I decided we needed to get out of the castle and have a decent dinner. We settled on a good place in the city, and while the food was decent enough, it lacked in the way of interest. The only thing notable that happened was Daraís arrival. She and Martin seemed a bit at odds for a bit, but came to an understanding after some time.

We were none of us the sort of people to sit in that sort of place for long, so eventually talk turned away from Vialle and Dad and the politics of Amber and Rebma and on to where we could find a livelier business establishment. Dara suggested Bloody Peteís and invited herself along. The place was good enough, but most folk seemed to know we were royals, which put a damper on things until about the sixth or seventh (or eighth or somethingth) drink, when we decided to wander through dangerous back alleys as a means of upping our chances for excitement.

As I said, I donít recall the particulars as to why we decided this was a good idea.

During the ensuring mugging/brawl, talk of Chinawayís skull came up -- specifically, Dara and Martin wanted badly to do something to it. What exactly was unclear, but that something needed to happen to it was inarguable (not that I was inclined to anyway). Fortified with a plan, we stumble-strode up to the Castle and set Zariel the task of finding the thing while we went through the family stores and armory.

Zariel eventually reported that the skull was in Gerardís study, which was (luckily) unoccupied but (less luckily) locked up tighter than Gwynethís garters. Thinking a window would be open, I ordered Zariel to carry the skull outside, then bring it down to us, not thinking that he might have to (a) break a window to do so or (b) generate surprisingly high winds inside Gerard's office while lifting the great heavy thing -- I think the problems that arose later might have been lessened if Chinaway hadnít been such a simian-browed thug in appearance.

At any rate, we acquired the skull and set about figuring out what exactly needed to happen to it -- thanks to some meddling from Badger, we decided on a combination humidor/ashtray/cutter/lighter modification that would go admirably in the castleís trophy room -- we also ordered Badger to take care of the particulars, since he was so keen to muck around with it.

The guards found us in the Yellow Room the next morning (which by this point was only a few hours later) and escorted us up to Gerardís office where we were given the simple Royal Directive of ďclean this upĒ and a Royal Pointing at the hundreds scrolls and loose papers Zarielís departure had scattered. Little more was said about it, and the job went quickly enough, although I did slow things down here and there by stopping to scan an interesting page -- Iíll have to figure out how to bring up some of the information on those pages to Gerard without reminding him about how I would have had to have read them in the first place.

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Journal, Toriana - 25

The World of a Princess
Journal 25

New Rule: If the Queen of Air and Darkness is concerned about it, you should be too. It occurred to me sometime last night that I have not heard anything from the search of Delwin and Sand. I figured I would ask dad about the progress of the search. It seems little has been attempted. As the finder of lost relatives I shall again set out to find more lost relatives. Dad thinks I am probably the best person for this task anyway. Where to start when the trail is older than you areÖ

I am not sure why I did it, and to say it would be easy thing to do is quite crazy but I trumped Gelerack. Somehow it seemed like a good idea at the time from the limited intelligence reports that I had. We attempted to negotiate terms of help but were unable to come to an agreement. I started to think about Zhartra and so I did a little name-dropping. For a guy that has been around forever he sure doesnít get out much. I did my best to convey the awe that she is but he had no idea who she was. He has agreed to meet with her and see if they can negotiate terms.

Zhartra does want to meet with him and find out any information he can provide. I did my best to act like I wanted her to kick his ass just to entice him into coming to terms and to convey that there was no doubt in my mind if there was a showdown who would win. I was acting all antsy. I am sure if it helped. He gave her the information she was looking for.

She and I set off together to look for Sandís castle that Gelerack told us about. Her way of getting around is disorienting and she has me do it my way. Well my other way seems how I canít draw a trump, which is my preferred way and real way. I am pretty sure she means pattern. She thinks it is way to slow and says she will call me when she gets to where she is going. She tells me about 8 new children of Floraís and this isnít good at all. They are all much younger then the last batch.

I talk to mom for a bit and then remember that I should let someone who likes knowing the child count know about the 8 new ones. I trump Fineas and let him know. He seems less than amused and the conversation really doesnít go much further then the information I have to drop on him. I then finish up talking with mom. We really hadnít caught up since last time I saw her and I wanted to kill Diego. Not that that has changed but there are rules about such things.

Jacob trumps me and asks me where the skull from Chinaway is and I have no idea. He wants to know if I can acquire it for him. I let him know I will try and then I find dadís door to his room shut and ewwwww bad shut the brain down noises coming from his room. Definitely not time to disturb him. I walk away and let Jacob know it will be morning before he can have it. Boy is he hammered I hope he waits until morning.

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13's Debriefing - Session 25

I walked away From her. It was the only thing I could think of to do. I threw down the STEN and walked away.

I could tell from her voice that she was stunned by this.

She asked where I thought I was going. I told her to the Shadow Purgatory and the city of Queento since the Hellgrim's where my responsibility to defeat.

She was still in a state of shock.

"Well where's the bastard Oberon?" she asked.

"Died Saving the Universe, or maybe part of him is living on in Dworkin's mind, I'm not sure that Jacob understood what was going on completely."

That Hit her like a two-by-four...

"But what about Brand?"




"Eric, Bleys, Corwin, Caine, Dierdre...."

"Dead, Dead, unknown, Dead, Dead..."

Shock and horror crept acrossed her face.

"...Gerard, Flora, Llawella, and Random"

"regent gerard is in Amber, Flora in fighting the Jesby's in Johrom, Llawella is recovering in Rebma, and King Random died in Gerard's Arms after the defeat at Patternfall.

More shock and more horror.

"You are welcome to come with me Purgatory while I get things set up and then we can go to Amber."

In stunned silence she climbed into one of the trucks.

In Purgatory Boran was now in charge...Dara having gone back to Amber for some unknown reason.

I got in touch with Tenoch to get things set up in Queento in regards to the Crew I hauled in from the Village. He wanted more gold, but was willing.

Boran told me that he had found out a few things, but really needed to have more support from the rest of the crew. I told him that I was heading back to Amber and would round everybody up and bring them back here.

Merrille and I trumped back to Amber via Gerard's trump. Gerard was shocked to find out that Mayoral thought that there was a royal warrant on her head, but told her that if there was it would be reminded.

As Gerard filled her in on what she had missed out on in the last 3 decades, she slowly got drunk and passed out.

I summoned a page (Her name was Micah) and had a room made up for dear old mom. I carried her up stairs to her room.

Sabine and I partook of the Castles bathing and massage facilities and got ready for the party that was been held this evening.

surprise, surprise....

Tori had found Benedict...The babysitter had been found. I am not to happy about this, but I will pick his brains for info and tactics on how to deal with the Hellgrim's.

Also here were Three more of Corwin's kids. Douglas, Vialle, and Dierdre. Not very original our uncle Corwin.

Llawella was up and about now. This was a good thing.

And a curious woman by the name of Galena. She had been found by Fineas.

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Amber city contribution

House Telenga
A small and up and coming noble house of a purchased commission. They are a natural fit for Vulnavia because the household head, and his wives are disinherited expatriates from an African monarchy. They were not considered a threat to the major houses, because while having large amounts of cash, they had only one broken pattern user, and had lost all their lands. The family was kept afloat by a contact that enabled them to import high caliber lamp oil that works in a goodly number of shadows, but mostly they were able work with the major houses to establish themselves. They lost one of their 12 sons heroically at Diego's coronation gala fiasco, and they were happy with the prestige it earned the family. They are currently importing Vulnavian rum, and might be considering an exclusive import contract.

Dragor Telenga- The head of the family is remarkably charming across all magnitude of cultural barriers. He has a strong and often intimidating presence with regal bearing. He stands roughly 7 feet tall with a very impressive physique for his age. He has taken to having the family wear local attire in public, but finds it remarkably restrictive.
Filla Telenga- the youngest of Dragor's wives. His feelings for her are considered to be the reason he had to leave his lands, due to her heritage being mulatto as well as mixed with blood from a rival kingdom. she is a fierce fighter with knives. She has one child, a son born in amber one year ago.
Moleena Telenga- The eldest of the wives. She is shrewd and feared. The rumor is that she can cast an evil eye like hex is supported by a surprising amount of circumstantial evidence.

House oolorpoo
House ooloropoo hails from a Rebman like shadow that is full of strident machismo. They consider Rebma an athema, because of matriarchy, and calling one a Rebman, to spite their extreme physiological similarity, is going to start an argument or a fight. The have served Amber well beyond the call of duty in the war, and are invaluable additions to the fleet. Their primary source of income comes from plants they grow on large plantations in their home shadow that are used to clean the hulls of ships, and make household cleaning agents as well. They are fascinated by clackers. They have recently revived their ancient custom of getting Maori like tattoos to further differentiate themselves from Rebma.
Lool Oolorpoo- head of the household is a tiny man who lost a leg in the war, as well as a hand. He has adapted his artificial hand specifically to hold a cane, that supports his artificial leg. He is able to use the combination in combat to great effect that was exhibited the last time he was asked about business in Rebma by a commoner. He is inventive and resourceful in the extreme.

two more Ladies of the evening

Know for her impressive butte formations, montana also performs with a local jazz ensemble before taking out her escort for the evening.

Famous for her tattoos that seems to change to better suit the moods of her numerous clients, and legendary contortion abilities.

wickett's home for the mental deranged
wickett was a shadow merchant with an eye for items that would sell well, and in exchange for his counsel on ruled with an iron hand by seemingly ageless nuns.
rumored to house a secret offspring Oberon was too ashamed of to claim

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February 12, 2003
Ky Tung's answers

Lady Ky Tung, Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm thirty one years old, the third child and second daughter of Viscount Shau Tung. My family supported my interest in the seafaring side of our business and I've risen to command various of our smaller vessels. My interests are sailing, exploration, exotic lands, art, dance and aiki-jiujitsu.

Lady Ky Tung, Tell us about your dealings with Vulnavia, and your perception of that distant shadow.

I've met with some Vulnavian officers. They seem to be accomplished sailors and shrewd businessmen. Like many others, my family is studying the potential markets for Vulnavian wares; we see some good prospects. I gather that Vulnavia is a world of steel steamships and factories, with exotic features like guardian sea-monsters and advanced technological medicine. Hopefully I'll one day have the opportunity to visit Prince Diego's homeland.

A question to both: How did the two of you meet?

My uncle Jong hired Fineas on as a navigator on the Fortuntate Winds for that memorable voyage to Shadow Walayam. Fineas quickly showed that his rep as a master navigator was well-deserved. The hellish weather threw us together many times, hauling ropes, manning the pumps, setting bones... I'd been taught to keep, ah, romance ashore but one day it was just there. And mutual, thank Her.

Lady Ky Tung, What has your relationship with Prince Fineas meant for your trade business?

Nothing, so far, beyond what it means to everybody having several Princes and Princesses about giving Amber's enemies hell. Nothing is better for business than the scent of victory.

A question to both: Are there any plans of marriage in your near future?

Victory first, then we'll think about other things.

To Both of you: who feel should become Monarch of Amber?

What a question! Ask me about trade routes or comparitive hull design and I'm your woman, but that.... Either Prince Gerard or Prince Benedict would be an excellent king, I think, and Princess Florimel has recently shown us a serious and effective side. I'm just glad that everything points to them settling the question amiably and the rest of the royals giving whomever is chosen their full support.

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Fineas' Interview Responses

1. For our Dear readers, Prince Fineas, Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am the elder of two brothers at 34 years of age. Before I was approached by Gerard to join the official royal family, I spent a number of years working as a navigator on trade vessels for a number of houses, including Ky-Tung's. From that experience I have learned an appreciation for honest and hardworking people in all walks of life and from many nearby shadows. It was a part of my life I will always enjoy, free from responsibility beyond the ship I was on. I had known what my heritage was from a young age, but it was never real to me until I found myself walking the Pattern.

I enjoy the sea, music, arts, sport and intelligent conversation. I have been forced by circumstance to study a bit more history and culture of shadow, particularly political and military aspects and have discovered that I have an aptitude for it. I hope it serves the realm in good stead in our current struggle.

2. Prince Fineas, about your Mother Jasra?

My mother has always been a private person but I think she will not mind if I speak a bit about her. She is of the royal house of shadow Kashfa. She met my father during his travels in the Golden Circle many years ago. One thing led to another and they were wed some 40 years ago. Due to some family difficulties in Kashfa and the stresses in Amber at the time, she chose to take up residence in shadow with my father. Rinaldo and myself were born in shadow and raised with the usual noble education and upbringing.

3. Prince Fineas, why were you not brought into the open sooner?

My mother was uncertain as to the reception Rinaldo and I would face. In Kashfa we might be seen as pretenders to the throne, in Amber we were the children of Brand. At home we were safe and free to develop free of the preconceptions others may have based upon the actions of my father. When Gerard contacted me, it was the chance to redeem the family's honor. That motivation drives both Rinaldo and myself. We take honor very seriously and we have much to make up for.

4. Prince Fineas, your Brother Renaldo has also been made a Prince of Amber, tells us about your Relationship with him.

Our current relationship is good. We had our early phase of sibling rivalry but we have so much in common it is difficult not to be of like mind in things. Rinaldo is a bit more studious than I while I am the more physically inclined. Even so we are close in personality and preferences. Being a bit younger, he is still in the bloom of blessed youth and is a bit more gregarious as a result. We rely on each other a great deal.

5. Prince Fineas, where were you and Renaldo raised and when did you know you were of the royal blood?

We were raised in a nearby shadow, one that I must decline to name to respect my mother's wish for some degree of privacy. Suffice to say it is a high magic shadow and we were made aware of our heritage while we were still children. As I mentioned, it really did not sink in what that actually meant until we were brought face to face with Amber and the Pattern.

6. Prince Fineas, tell us about your feelings about the pace and extent of the war.

This war cannot be over soon enough. We have done well given the head start the enemy had on attacking us. Regent Gerard did a phenomenal job holding things together while he was alone. Now that more of us have taken up the call, I look for a speedy conclusion to hostilities in our favor. There is still much to be done. As long as I draw breath, I will be there to make sure it gets done.

7. Prince Fineas, which of the enemies of Amber worry you most?

The ones I don't know about. There are Houses of Chaos we have not yet encountered in shadow such as Sawall. We know they were affected by the foul geas laid by King Swayville. We have not run across them. That worries me the most.

10. A question to both: How did the two of you meet?

On board one of her family's ships of course. It was love at first sight in my case though you will have to ask Ky-Tung about her version. That first voyage together was certainly the most exciting I had experienced. Foul weather, rough seas and an urgent deadline all enhanced the excitement of sailing with such a delightful lady.

11. Prince Fineas, what has your relationship meant for Ky-Tung's family?

My assumption is that it has helped them land a bit more trade here and there. I have not had opportunity to sit down with them and discover how much has changed for them. I have kept Ky-Tung busy with missions for the realm and I intend to reward the family for their good service in such matters. Ky-Tung was actually the one to discover the region of Tir Tarngir for us and with the help of Princess Toriana actually found the place.

13. A question to both: Are there any plans of marriage in your near future?

Service to Amber must come first. With the war still ongoing, I have been unable to think about my personal happiness. Ask us again on victory day. I certainly hope we have a bright future together but wars are dangerous and one must stay focused to survive.

14. Prince Fineas, tell us about your new Manor House.

I love it's potential. I only wish we had peace so that I could give it the attention it needs. I chose the vineyard region because of the beauty of the area and the relative solitude. It will undergo a transformation as soon as I can devote time to personal matters. A home should reflect on the owner and right now it seems more like I am a guest in someone else's home, nice though it is. Perhaps when better days are at hand I will get it in shape and have an open house.

15. Prince Fineas, what are your thoughts on the Tir Tarngir Brownies, and their popularity in Amber.

I consider them more friends than servants. My heart was broken when I discovered how they had been treated in the Tir occupation. They are industrious, loyal and nearly indispensable to someone like myself. I intend to help them prosper in Amber and am very pleased that they are finding welcome here.

16. Prince Fineas, Give us your opinion on the return of the First Generation Princes/Princess'.
Your Thoughts on:
Regent Gerard?

The Regent has earned every accolade sent his way. He stood alone for years against the machinations of Chaos. I trust him with my life and I certainly trust him with the realm. He is phenomenal and I am proud to call him Uncle.

Prince Benedict?.

Prince Benedict is a living legend. I stand in awe of his ability and service to Amber. Words fail me.

Princess Flora?

Aunt Flora is the epitome of grace and beauty. Not the fragile beauty of a flower, but more the strong beauty one finds in the mightiest mountains and seas. Everlasting and impervious to the ravages of fortune. She is inspiring. Again, words fail here.

Princess Llewella?

Once again, grace comes to mind but of the more quiet serene kind. Her recovery from the heinous ministrations of Chaos fills me with pride. Not even the vilest sort of torture could corrupt her gentle spirit. It is an honor beyond measure to call her family. I have only recently met her but I completely love her charm and personality. She is a treasure to the family and I look forward to spending more time with her when circumstances allow.


I have not yet had opportunity to meet Mirelle and I know very little about her. I hope to remedy that soon.

17. Prince Fineas Can you give us your candid thoughts and assessments on your Generation.
Prince 13?

Prince Thirteen is a fascinating man. The need to cover many fronts simultaneously has prevented us from working together on more than a couple occasions but when we have been together the results have been excellent. I think he is very competent in a quiet sort of way. He gets things done with a minimum of fanfare. I greatly respect him both as a prince and as a cousin and I have no fear that he will ever do less than his best for Amber.

Princess Dara?

Princess Dara makes fighting for Amber fun. She has such a wonderful elemental spirit about her in combat that it takes away fear when you are around her. Thirteen and I count our lucky stars the day we were able to free her from Hendrake and bring her to her rightful home. She brings a tremendously valuable insight into the minds of our enemies. She is indispensable to Amber and a joy to be around.

Prince Diego?

Ah, Prince Diego. He is another fascinating man. He provided exemplary service at the two battles in which we served together. He is brave, gifted, generous to his friends and ruthless to his enemies. As a major figure in Vulnavia, he has additional pressures placed upon him that the rest of us can only imagine. I think sometimes those pressures boil over and result in some of the friction that has been reported in various publications. He is probably the most passionate of my cousins. A good man in spite of what some might suggest. He is the best healer and inventor in the family bar none. We are lucky to have him with us and I am pleased to call him family.

Princess Dierdre?

I have had only the briefest experience with Princess Dierdre. What I have seen reminds me much of Dara in a lot of ways. Although she will probably spend most of her life in Corwin's realm, I hope her presence in Amber is not an uncommon one.

Prince Douglas?

Another fresh face, he reminds me of a younger, more physical version of myself. I look forward to knowing him better in the coming days.

Lady Galena?

I can't say enough good things about Galena. She is everything that we should aspire to be. Generous, caring, talented and brave. She reminds me of Aunt Llewella in many ways and her presence can only enhance the realm. I pray she is able to take the Pattern and become Princess Galena in the very near future.

Prince Jacob?

Prince Jacob was fighting the creatures of Chaos while I was still in diapers. He has not gotten nearly enough credit for his service to the realm. He is a bit of a loner and does his best work where others never see it. He and I work very well together. I guess I sort of think of him as an older brother. Tough, resourceful and a no nonsense kind of guy. He is the man's man of Amber. Thank the Unicorn he is on our side.

HRH Morwyn?

Princess Morwyn is incredible. She is a true queen just waiting for a realm to rule. She is by far the best trained of us for the duties of running a realm yet still keeps touch with the people. She has a warrior's heart, eager to test herself against worthy foes. We served together during the defeat of the Chanicutt invasion and I was greatly impressed with her composure and ability to command. It was all I could do to convince her not to hurl herself into the fray at Prince Diego's gala. One day she will make a tremendous monarch and Queen Moire should be very proud.

Princess Toriana?

Who else has done as much to bring our missing family members home? She is relentless in her efforts to save our prisoners in Chaos. Her intelligence and resolve are unmatched in my generation. Certainly we all owe her a great debt in bringing the family together again. I think it safe to say she has a delightful fun loving side that we too seldom get to see. She is always able to surprise me with some new facet of her being. She certainly keeps me on my toes far more than any of my other cousins and she inspires us to strive harder.

Princess Vialle?

A very soothing young lady. She is highly intelligent and insightful. I have spent only a very short time with her but I expect she will be a force to be reckoned with in her father's realm. She is another cousin I look forward to spending more time with.

18. Prince Fineas, are you and your brother Rinaldo in fact the sons of Brand and was he truly a traitor?

We are indeed the children of Brand. My father delved too deeply into strange powers and it drove him insane over a number of years. Towards the end his madness was all encompassing and it led him to unfortunate acts for which Rinaldo and I must strive to make right. We will not follow in his footsteps. We must not follow in his footsteps.

19. Prince Fineas, How did you reacquire the sword Werewindle?

A somewhat convoluted story. We were recently contacted by a reputed ancestor who still has contacts in Chaos. Through this contact, I learned that a chaosian house had acquired the sword from an abyss scavenger and was keeping it as an undeserved trophy. This was intolerable. Since the war was preventing me from undertaking a personal mission to retrieve the sword, I convinced my ancestor that it would be in the best interest of both of us if the sword was returned to Amber. In return for my future assistance in subduing some particularly nasty monsters roaming deep shadow, the sword would be liberated from the chaosians by my ancestor's agents and returned. This was done. At some point when duty to Amber allows, I must face horrendous creatures and bind or destroy them to discharge this debt. I intend to do so, not just to repay the debt but to insure such creatures never make it to our shadows to wreak havoc.

20. To Both of you: who feel should become Monarch of Amber?

Regent Gerard , Prince Benedict and Princess Flora have all done great service to Amber. I imagine they will decide amongst themselves how to deal with the succession. I will support their decision whatever it may be and I feel all my cousins will do the same. The days of squabbling over the throne are long past. It may very well be that no monarch is chosen for a considerable amount of time until more of the family is gathered and has had time to mature. Amber is in good hands and there is no rush to make a decision of that magnitude.

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February 09, 2003
A letter to Benedict

Dear Benedict
It was a genuine pleasure to finally meet you, and I look forward to continuing our discussions concerning the war, tactics, and the future of amber as soon as possible.

To show my respect for your concern expressed in relation the welfare of my people and I, We would like to offer you a modest sample of the boons that sentiment can endear. enclosed is a list of the items I am having delivered this afternoon with the always excellent aid of Kelamon, and the people of Mapungubwe, please feel free to use or distribute it as you will. If should you have any troop support needs in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. A great deal more of supplies will be arriving this month as the ship filled with supplies I have ordered will begin reaching the island in mass starting in 9 days. we have had to expand our docking facilities exclusively to accommodate the additional volume.

warmest reguards - Lord Diego

item listing---
$ 5 million in gold/ other metals
$ 14 million in precious gems and jewelry
one half ton of refined silver
3 weaponized magic coin arrows in shielded case (with instructions)
vouchers for 12,000 field ration packets
detailed plans and schematics for turn of the century tanks, and water craft
19 barrels of rum
one ton universal medical supplies ( scrubs, iodine, crutches, wheelchairs, incredible amounts of gauze, assorted medical tools, casting supplies, books, e.t.c.)
dated vouchers for 2 tons of refined metals From Dom-Daniel mountain
50 industrial bolts of uniform grade fabric
21 rolls of barbwire (50 yards each)
6 canoes (also used as containers )
7500 calabashes (canteens)
100 cavalry sabers
1000 spears
2000 combat knives
10 bolts reinforced leather
100 individual vouchers for full medical treatment
6 vouchers for age extension treatments for remotely positioned staff
3000 pounds of produce
vouchers for 1100 hours of Drakke services
100 vouchers for Vulnavian first aid training
1000 bedrolls
126 pup tents
1000 mess kits
1200 units of canned fruit
2000 units canned meats
100 Amber usable rifles
other assorted millitary support supplies for 20,000
18 wagons
30 carts
assortment of luxury personal items

all is well organized, clearly labeled, and more then properly contained

(overall value in excess of 22 million)

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February 08, 2003
Game log session 25

gets trumps of Sand and Delwin, tries them out no avail after discovering an alien blocking sensation. She moves to the well taking her perpetually beleaguered body guard with the patience of job, moves to meet jasra, and trumps Jelerak after preparation.
talks with Jelerak, and asks about Sand and Delwin, offering a truce in exchange for information, then arranges to bring out the big guns, speaks to zhartra, then heads back to amber
Briefs Zhartra on Jelerak, and they talk with him, Tori tries to add to the intimidation value, Zhartra gets the info in regards to her missing associates handily. then she shows Zhartra what is blocking the trump, and then goes off to find Sand and Delwin.
goes of to her castle in Rebma, catches up on gossip, and indulges herself then tracks the roving party that has turned from scouting chaos, she actually skis!
informs people of flora's 8 new offspring, suggests Diego be tapped to scout chaos.
goes with her chaosite buddy, Zhartra, to find Delwin at his keep, and is informed he has been gone for a few weeks.

trumps Martin, discovers that he is not interested in house sitting.
trumps morwyn pulls her through and informs her of van eyck's secret assassination
arranges another meeting with Moire
tries to arrange a party at his place in amber, free from press jackals -unclear if there were any takers.
talks to the head of the brotherhood, and the bright lady about getting supernatural counter espionage forces, gives eldovan a tour of his new facilities, and becomes an elite member of the brotherhood who is able to access some of their security teams. has the brotherhood gather testimonials on behalf of gweneth. goes and begins the spell to summon his grandfather, the founder of Vulnavia, and known in brother hood circles as the whistling death. moves 150 drakke to work on the vulnavian civil defense tunnel network
finally meets benedict, and discusses the need for an evoloution in amber's tactics, general items, and intimates a desire for him to assume the throne.
Goes to Mapungubwe, taking a convoy of metal to be made into weapons. meets with the king to bring him up to date and the Amber situation, and to warn him. picks up M'Wassi, a princess, and offers her broken pattern. goes to his lynxia estate her, kylikki and some more recruits, to begin work on augmented soldiers, and continue months of work preparing people for the broken pattern, busies himself in Vulnavia and Lynxia until his meeting with the lovely and talented Queen Moire.
finally meets with Queen Moire in Rebma, and the dozen or so left over items from the prior meeting are hashed out. He informs her of the assassination, and that he suspects there is a traitor high up in Rebma. He is informed Gweneth will be going to Corwin's shadow to teach trump. the meeting is to be continued next session.

Talks with our dear autistic regent about the letter to marcus, Morwyn-n-Moire are to be in on the information. Moire is trumped and agrees that selling the tir to perdition is a good idea, she is filled in on the marcus plan. additionally supporting the rebellion of the whore-spawn of flora is discussed. Moire is thanked
gets ahold of Renaldo at the keep where is is being artistic, Alexa is trumped, fineas hands through a letter. he hands through a letter and trumps. discovers that marcus would be in charge of the Tir. discovers Gerlois, a choasite he shot during prince D's holding action at the Tir, survived
goes to relieve her from reman duties, secretly draws trumps, bonds with tanitheel, and tells her he wants to recruit more of her race.
Visits count Tyran with Ky-tung and skis.discusses joint operations with the rebmans in an odd area of shadow learns of betting pools on diego and moire. discusses amber and remba relations as well as gweneth.
Talks with Savaton, mentions the deal with the Tir. discusses his incarceration. Finds out the whore-spawn are unhappy with their treatment by the gryphons.
politics in chaos is discussed. talks about moving the prisoner from the all too cush hotel gerhard. It is decided that Savaton will be given a cover, and treated to the pampering that our estemmed regent seems to find becoming for members of chaos's damned and doomed race.

13 (Reese)
walks away from his mother, then talks with her briefly informing her of amber, and it's recent cast of characters as he moves towards quito being possibly followed. Is highly supect of his mother, due to the ease with which he was able to enter his former holding facility.
talks with Barak, Sabine, and Gerhard. talks more with Sabine, then meets with his mother in a safe place in amber, learns his mom is a real firecracker.
Discovers more of his tragic history from his dear sweet mother, only to cruelly spurn years of pent-up maternal affection. Dear, sweet, momma then continues on a well justified venomous rant about Oberon, and discusses reese's family tree. she gets a room, 13 talks with Gerhard, and meets new people.
takes a well earned break with a bath and massage will waiting for dinner. strangely enjoys watching a well greased gerhard wrestle with Corwin's children.
talks with Corwin's cherubs
has a nice dinner with the family talking at length with benedict, meets galena
a great deal of information is exchanged, Tanitheel performs party tricks.

Jacob the impaler
bonds with martin, tells him about their father's property together they go to one of random's favorite jazz bars where they meet Dara.
Drinks with Martin and Dara. gets clothes from Dara's place, then they look for a bar fight, discuss use's for chinaways remains, and finally get the fight they have been looking for out on the street, Dara , and Jacob see who can take out the most ruffians.
Trumps Tori to see about getting the skull, tori trys to see Gerhard, but finds daddy and kelamon infragente. tori tells him about flora's 8 new children, and drunkenly rambles on with the princess. has zariel get the skull from Gerhard's office, really tearing up the place, and plots what to do with the skull.
wakes up with a monster hang over, and is ordered to sort papers in gerhards office, reads assorted reports, trumps all his minions, to get reports and fires eddie, his contact in rebma. trumps fineas to talk about the reman efforts. assigns chango the task of making chinaway's skull into a humidor/ ashtray. talks to Whora about whore-rom, and gets an anti-hangover pill, and grabs a striped horse.

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February 07, 2003
Other uses for 'Coins'

I'm not sure if it's clear that the Coins can be used for more than magic. They can be used to power Trump tricks like Gates. They can enhance (faster, easier) Shapeshifting. They can be used to power your body when you're exhausted, though the lack of nutrients will damage you if you try this for too long. They can boost your energy for Psychic battles -- they add to the Endurance component. They can boost your Pattern forcefulness, or make Pattern tricks easier. They can do the same for Logrus tricks, Well tricks, Binding tricks and so on.

When you pull one out of its shielding every mage, sensitive and spirit in the area will feel it like lovely radiant heat.

And, of course, they can be blown up in your hands and turn all your accoutrements to an equal mass of tribbles if you're GM is feeling kind, or fire ants if he's not.

Posted by Trimmer at 10:38 AM
February 05, 2003
Joining the Brotherhood

In chargen being a Brotherhood member cost a point or two, for the usefulness of knowledge and contacts. Were a PC to join now it would cost money and he/she would have to demonstrate magical competence. No point cost, but learn and gain contacts as you go.

Lots of people have memberships under false names. The Brotherhood doesn't check so long as the money is real.

Ditto for making Daebekkar contacts.

Posted by Trimmer at 09:11 PM
February 04, 2003
Diego's journal session 25

Often when things get bad I look for the strength and ethical guidence of my father.
when things are beyond awful, and nothing less then opening pandora's box will suffice, I call for my grandfather.

he should be here in the morning.

I finally got a chance to talk to benedict, and he seemed agreeable. I have high hopes for him. It is likely the height of folly to assume ethics could exist in Amber, but the majority of ethical behavior involves discipline, and it is clear he has it in abundence. I want to wait to bring him the full desperation of our situation, until he gets settled. What I wanted to say was...
Benedict, I will share give you the welcoming gift I doubt you will find elsewhere in amber, candor. I do this in great confidence as It has proven to be a damning trait of mine here.
Gerhard is the most incompetent of the scores of commanders I have ever served under, (... and this includes major Fredrickson who lost over fifty men and horses to sioux sqaws with papooses, because he failed to properly secure the munitions ). He has created an environment in which I feel patently unsafe, not to mention disrespected and unsupported. I have had to focus my efforts on establishing independent resources instead of killing scum because amber is unreliable. My ability to fight the war would be greatly enhanced if there was some one on the throne I could look in the eye. I have a complete lack of faith in the ability of the present regent to simply insure my welfare versus the other cousins, and because of that I have been forced to redirect hundreds of millions of dollars that had been reserved for the war effort to insuring security for myself, and my people. please let me get you a cushion for that throne now, my king.
I don't traffic in moral ambiguity or mince my words. Any one worth their salt would want the portion of their life back that was on flowery words for far more valuable endeavors. It is a weak mind that needs to be buttressed by unearned praise. However I do wish several local factions would take a whiff of objective reality periodically.

I haven't had the time to deal with the royal way, but I did see that my letter was published unedited, violating the direct request from a prince of amber. if pathetic lump regent do-nothing can't handle the situation, I will, and I can't say my solution will be more popular then enduring. fineas managed to issue a letter in defense of me. I doubt it was because of remorse for the disrespect he has shown me, considering he managed to turn it into yet another publicity stunt for Amber's favorite assassin. Is that suprising-no, Paradox, and inconsistancy are the lingua franca here. They are not exclusive to the colorful fictive speculations of the local press. for example....
-Amber doesn't want me to handle captives, amber gets mad when I give them to someone who can so I can be free to further the war effort.
-Amber doesn't compensate me for my battle expenses, then Amber gets mad at how I dispose of the booty my troops earn.
-Amber is at war with chaos. Amber crawls into bed with every chaosite house it can.
-Fineas outright kills a prisoner with impunity, then prisoner dies after using logrus on one of my people, and I have extracted valuable data only to be greeted by calls of my treason.
-I attempt to acknowledge my obligations to my people, and recoup a tenth of what I have invested in the war effort while establishing a material basis for good relations between Amber, and Vulnavia only to be accused of naked profiteering.
- the person who impales thousands of bound people, sucks out their souls for his own amusement then runs away from a vital battle, with people who have since sent attacked us, is hailed as a fearless hero
To paraphrase a colorful comment from my mother in-law, "If Amber had as many asses as it has faces, it would shit itself to death"

I keep remembering something my father said to me shortly before he died. I was upset with the fact that he had given had given some one what I felt at the time was far too light sentence, and he explained to me that " sociopaths are sociopaths to everyone, you can't take it personally". I keep thinking how I should apply his wisdom to amber.

I am looking forward to my next radio address. I finally get to bring some of my recent gains directly to the people. On my way to mapungubwe I was able to see what 2.5 months of raises, overtime and giant bonuses has done for the island. the ship compacity has greatly expanded, the zeppelin production facilities are well under hand, the tunnel network is growing, the improved electro shield is ready for testing, the elemental conduit is being dug, the belcher cannons can now defend the ports, the massive babbage engines are humming merrily, the new buses arrived from New York, and so many other things have really given the island a vibrant sense of new life for me. I must make sure that it's life is long and prosperous. I need to focus on vulnavian security before our massive foundation day celebrations.

I haven't had the chance to enjoy the company of a woman in too long. If it wasn't for lynxia I would never even be able to sleep at all, and still I haven't gotten near enough with all the concerns being generated. I tried to take a break with kylikki when I was working on some projects, but a patients unexpected muscle spasms put the kaboosh on our endeavors. M'wassi still looks very attractive as well, but I think opening one pandora's box a week is my limit. I pray the other pandoras boxes in my contingency plans are not opened either, I would hate to have something happen to me, causing the information and tissue samples well hidden in shadow delivered to unsavory hands.

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February 02, 2003
Fineas' Journal- Session 25

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 43 PDS 9:30AM :

The first thing I did this morning was round up Gerard and Benedict for a pow-wow before Benedict rests up to walk the Pattern again. I showed them the letter from Marcus and we discussed the situation. It did not take them long to agree to give Marcus the chance he claims he needs. Gerard will make an introduction to Queen Moire on my behalf and I will lay out the situation for her as soon as possible. I have an awful lot on my plate in the next few days so I hope she is agreeable and I can get on with other things soon.

Day 43 PDS 1:00PM:

It was a little amusing watching Gerard spiff up before he trumped Queen Moire. It sort of reminded me of a teenager getting ready for his first date, minus the panic. When he was ready he made the trump contact and soon I found myself in a private audience with Queen Moire. Well, at least as private as any conference with the Queen ever is. I am positive I was being watched (and covered) since I was allowed into her presence bearing Werewindle.

I got down to business quickly and explained the situation with Tir Tarngir, leaving nothing out. As I expected, she immediately saw the wisdom of dividing House Gryphon and made allowances that the new borders could be worked out over time after the coup succeeds. She also suggested we have a few specialized teams ready to assist the coup. A very wise suggestion. I will get with Benedict to see what he advises and learn if he would be amenable to leading the Amber contingent or if it should be delegated.

Her interest soon turned to my sword. I allowed her to see it and explained it was a family heirloom. I saw no reason to elaborate further and she seemed to respect my privacy in the matter. I soon took my leave with only the minimal pleasantries (I did not wish to take up any more of her time, we both have lots to do) but overall the encounter was an instructive and pleasant one. Perhaps some day soon I will have time to enjoy the hospitality of Rebma in more relaxed circumstances.

Day 43 PDS 8:30PM:

I returned to report to Gerard and obtained his approval for the things discussed so far. My next task was to find Rinaldo and seek his assistance in contacting Vayla/Alexa in order to pass along a response to Marcus.

Rinaldo was in Lynxia, taking advantage of the time flow to work on a trump of Vayla. Apparently he wanted to ďdiscussĒ things with her and had already finished one trump with another in the works. We chatted a bit and he explained Vayla had already contacted him and they had reconciled in a sort of way. Rinaldo did not seem too pissed at her so my curiousity was greatly aroused. I asked to use the trump and made a brief contact with her. She was unable to discuss things openly but said she would contact us when she was in a safe place.

Two hours local time later (probably twenty five minutes later her time) she contacted Rinaldo. I saw no way or real reason not to trust him with the information, so I passed my letter to Marcus and two trumps of myself on to her and we discussed a few things without getting into great detail. Vayla indicated Marcus would be taking the new throne of the Tir and those who were in on the plot wished Flora to attend the coronation (as a legitimizing factor I am sure). I would need to tell Flora about things soon, but not quite yet. If there is an elder Gryphon spy attached to us anywhere, it is most likely amongst her entourage.

Vayla is a real hottie as my less couth acquaintances would say. Far more attractive than the Alexa persona she took in Amber. I can see Rinaldoís interest. I think perhaps Caridwen may have to find a new main patron soon if my hunch is correct.

Day 44 PDS 1:00 PM:

I got around to relieving Tanitheel in Pax Remia this morning. She has done stellar work as usual. She informed me that she had trained two of the swanmays in using a faster hawk form. I made a trump sketch of a safe area so that I could return later to continue Reman recruitment activities. I will need to reach the capitol and learn the political situation to best determine how to recruit a legion or two more. Perhaps I will be able to use a variation of the Bono scenario here. In the meantime I am ready for a break and I promised Count Taran I would visit soon. Time to collect Ky and take a day off to recreate.

Day 45 PDS 10:00PM:

I learned a very strange new sport today called skiing. One straps a pair of long narrow boards, curved upward to a dull point in the front to oneís feet and slide down a snow covered mountain at relatively high speed. Ky was familiar with it already and had a lot of fun teaching me the rudimentary skill. I still sort of suck at it, but by the end of the day I could make it to the bottom of a fairly steep hill with a minimum of personal damage.

I had a nice chat with the count about his adventures in Chaos. It sounds like it was an exciting mission and gleaned some useful information about that end of things. The nature of shadow there is different apparently and it becomes easier in some ways to travel between shadows using sorcery as opposed to other powers. Broken Pattern becomes more difficult to use apparently. Good to know. Speaking of Broken Pattern, I almost brought the subject up to Ky this evening. As I was working myself up to it, she distracted me with a sudden and liberal application of sexual activity in a hot tub we were resting in. Perhaps I will get another chance soon to speak with her about it soon.

Day 46 PDS 12:00PM:

Some of the gossip I heard yesterday about Rebma and certain of my cousins made me realize that I need to keep better tabs on things. I need a private information service so I donít get blindsided. I have an idea about how to go about it and will pursue the initial steps this afternoon. I will probably start with getting more information on Flora/Diego/Toriana since that is the most likely source of problems. That means getting people into Rebma, Earth, Vulnavia and probably Dom Daniel/Belkin. Earth and Dom Daniel/Belkin should be easy. Rebma will be a bitch. Vulnavia is probably somewhere in between. I may need to approach Lirazel and Dara to see what chaos has to offer in intelligence gathering.

Once that is accomplished, I will certainly need eyes and ears in the new Tir realm if Marcus succeeds. I may need to debrief the brownies more thoroughly. Certainly I will need to contact the Tiger if I can. So much to do!

Day 46 PDS 6:00PM:

I obtained permission from Gerard to brief Savaton on what is transpiring. He is doing better but is obviously still uncomfortable and is kept quite full of anti-shapeshifting drugs. I outlined our communication with Marcus and we discussed alternatives. We settled on leaking information to Lirazel that he was killed trying to escape and moving him out to a safe shadow under parole. Either we can trust him or we canít and this will be a good way to find out. I have secured agreement from Gerard to move him to my residence in Inakhos where he can continue to observe how things work in our end of shadow. It will not hurt to have him in my personal debt as well so I will arrange that his stay is as enjoyable as possible.

In a side note, I had an interesting bit of information tossed my way by Tori. It seems eight more of Floraís eggs were used and we have eight more novice cousins in House Gryphon. Seven of them have already taken Pattern. I have to assume Marcus has taken them into account and has already either suborned them or arranged for their removal. If not, we could have a great deal of difficulty in the near future.

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February 01, 2003
Jacob's Journal - 24

I donít remember much of the celebration party as followed after our missions against Jesby -- thatís pry the result of either radiation poisoning or too much drinking -- I havenít experienced the former enough to compare it to the later, so Iíll just have to guess and blame the booze.

I seem to remember dancing though, which doesnít really happen when I drink, so maybe it was the radiation.

Or Tananda.

Next morning Fineas was busy, so I decided to get a move on without him and see if I could locate the Shadow where Iíd found those fine Reman troops and not-so-fine Persians. Hellriding with a hangover is... well, I donít recommend it.

I got to the Shadow easy enough, found some local clothes (actually, I made a point of Ďfindingí them in my saddlebags, which is a good trick -- if your head doesnít split open from the sheer effort of it. I stumbled into town on a new/old horse, all beat up and road-burned, claiming to be the last surviving member of the same Reman outfit that Iíd rescued from destruction the last time I was here. My story was pretty solid, since I damn well knew that the whole group wasnít anywhere to be found in these parts, plus I knew the names of most of the officers by now, right down to some of their more memorable habits.

Everything was working fine until someone trumped me, so I started retching and stumbled out of the officerís mess to take the call in a private room.

Turns out itís Fineas himself, but thereís been some new stir back in Amber -- Corwin and his kids have been found (by Toriana, natch) and the kidís have dropped into to meet everyone. My presence is necessary, so I make a call to Tanitheel, brief her, and have her shapeshift into me until I get back -- should be pretty damn easy, since Iím officially passed out in an officerís quarters, sleeping and drinking broth.

I get cleaned up and cover my road rash in some frippery that Nelson found for me. What I wasnít expecting in this meeting was for Martin to show up -- last I heard he was still in the Courts of Chaos and no one bothered to tell me otherwise, but after all itís only my damned BROTHER so why would anyone mention it? Anyrate he seems alright, though he mentioned that Hendrake had kept him captive by forcing him into the shape of a big lizard for the last four years. I looked sympathetic while making some plans in my head on how to start killing Hendrakes without anyone finding out too quick -- that house is going to choke on the Ties that Bind Iím thinking.

I got him one of my Trumps so he can get ahold of me for whatever reason and put Nelson at his disposal, since he knows the city and I sure as hell ainít using him for much right now. I want to take him out Texorami way and compare notes for a few days -- he didnít really get much time with Dad, so I think I might be able to tell him a little more than he already knows, maybe. I think we both need to chat with Vialle.

Vialle-Dadís-wife, not Vialle-Corwinís-daughter, that is. I gather the second takes after the first in relative spookiness and gitchery, though. That should be an interesting time.

Benedict seems alright after his stay with the Queen Grams and gave us a few interesting thoughts on how the rat-bastard Gryphons got into Avalonís gunpowder supply... someoneíll surely decide itís one more reason to vaporize the bastards. Canít say Iíd argue.

Finally, I had a chance to chat with Morwyn -- sheís surely not my favorite person, nor I herís I suspect -- sheís polite enough in a snowball sort of way, though. mostly I was curious as to how she found out about how I dealt with the Persian traitors within hours of it happening. I donít keep my Reman boys where people could have really talked to them at all, and sure as hell they donít speak the language and werenít socializing with anyone else, so it was a might peculiar and suspicious. Morwyn tells me she was briefed just a couple of hours before the bit with Floraís daughter that put us on the outs with each other, but didn't know where the info came from, then she made some calls. Turns out that the Rebman agent in Hunac that reported things to her... didn't. Well, he did -- thatís who people got the report from, but the guy she talked with just now doesnít know what the hell sheís talking about, which means the guy with the information back then was a plant or clone or some such. He's being checked over for altered memories. Morwynís pissed off about the whole thing since it makes their spy network look a bit hapless.

Me, I want to know who thought I was important enough to follow (I hadnít been in Amber that long), how the hell they did it, and why they thought that the perfect thing to do with the information was tell Rebma. In the end it hasnít caused Amber much in the way of harm (hell, the fact that itís kept Moire at armís length is an upside in my book), but itís caused me all manner of grief, which makes me wonder whoís got a mad-on for giving me migraines.

Itís not as though I donít have enough troubles as it is.

Posted by Doyce at 03:20 PM
Journal, Toriana - 24

I find myself looking around watching these elder members of the family discuss what it would take for Corwin to return to Amber. They are so different from the cousins that I have been dealing with. They are not talking over each other, and no one draws a weapon on anyone else, and no cheap comments, itís like theyíre family. I watch the conversation happen because I am not really part of it. I know when to keep quiet and just watch.

He has three kids here and a kick ass sword. I watch the interaction between all the players. You can tell Corwinís sword and the one Zhartra has. While they are talking I am allowed to look at and hold both. They are both wonderful but different. I wonder what Fineas will do with the sword. I wonder what price he will have to pay for it. I saw what Zhartra looked like when she returned with it and letís say it is a debt I would not like to owe.

Corwin wants the kids to come visit first and Benedict promises to look after them for Corwin. They are able to defend themselves and hopefully will not cause too many problems. My only concern is that they are not like Corwinís bastard child Diego. I am hopeful they may have been brought up properly and thus resemble Moirwyn.

Magic works here and it is easier then Amber but harder then Rebma. I also find that I am able to use pattern here but not with the results one would expect. The powers seem to be reduced to about half. This leads me to believe if Corwinís children have walked his pattern they should be able to use pattern in shadow and by Amber.

Zhartra wants me to get started on trumps and finding out if it is possible to use the wells as trump points of contact between Amber and Corwinís Avalon. I am shown around his city and by his well with the naked people. I do not bother them too much and I take a day and a half and make a trump of the well here. The naked people give me some looks but mostly I am left alone. When I am done I pull out Benedictís trump and create a trump gate. I have been very careful thus far when dealing with Zhartra to always pull out the trump before trumping. After all, Grandma doesnít need to know everything now does she? Benedict and company come through and there are fleeing naked people everywhere. Good to know the propensity for disturbing the peace we come by naturally.

I have time to wonder about this Corwin character and why he has all these cornball names for his kids. Why is he unable to make unique names and gives his children identities of their own. Lame. I talk to Vialle I figure it is only fair to warn her about her half brother and that he might make the moves on her.

Benedict leads us on in the morning and we follow points in shadow to the wells and I make trumps and we move on to the next one. Finally we are able to get to the point where a trump to Amber works and thankfully I gate us all home. Always of course pulling out a trump and not doing it from memory.
When we arrive back I decide it is time to check on the Chaos Logrus Master because I am want to make sure all is still well with him. I am sure he will be fine as long as he is not subject to too much stress. He is missing no not missing Diego has him. Oh how many ways can this go wrong. I finally catch up with Diego and he has murdered him. Yes this would be after we agreed not to murder any more prisoners. He gives me some sob story about his best friend dying. Oh well guess if you had left him alone it wouldnít have happened that is what you get for doing one too many experiments and torture sessions on a Logrus master. This has to be stopped I need to talk to father.


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