April 30, 2003
Journal Upcoming

Due to technical difficulties, the log hasn't been available on any 'real' computer since I typed it up. That should be rectified today sometimes.

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April 29, 2003
coiling around some problems (journal 30.2)

the fiscal fiasco
I wonder who put benedict up to this coinage mistake, this is worse then his foolishly making disparaging remarks about zeppelins.
it is unlikely torrianna would enter the distasteful real world look enough to realize the problem. It is unlikely Jacob possesses the rudimentary mathematical ability. it is doubtful reese would stay in Amber long enough.
They limit my ability to research, and they limited my ability to build. it would give one pause to wonder why the brought me on board at all.

I typically like to enjoy an hour or so with Kylikki after a day in the lab. It starts in with cocktails, and continues in a conventional enough manner, Then closes with a using favorite shape of mine as we prepare for one final round before going to sleep. The form is a serpentine variation on my analytical form (i'll spare you the garden of eden analogy). I coil around the majority of her body, leaving a loop behind her neck to serve as a pillow before I curl around to rest what passes for my head in her ample bosom. On the other end I leave the tail end inside her body where it establishes a link with her autonomic nervous system that relaxes her, insures a good nights sleep, and synchronizes our metabolisms. to the outsider it might look uncomfortable, but it is far from it. the more we lay together this way the more intimate it becomes, I can work on all her back muscles, and contour myself to her frame. It is clear that she has developed a sweet tooth for shape-shifting.
I bring this up because I had a life like statue of Moire moved to my office for repairs after a finger was broken. I checked the wards in the section I was in, because I couldn't resist a little coil.

It is always good to see my sister. she seems to like her house so far, I hope she gets some use out of it, or at least doesn't act so embarrassingly in public like she did with the brat. I hope she knows a true gentleman would never court a lady of such easy virtue. she means the world to me, and I would like to be an uncle to a child that is not going to grow up to be typical amber stock some day. I worry that Rebma doesn't have the resources to deal with major trouble on multiple fronts. Lewella might start a family if things are quiet for a few years, and the spirit moves her. I really wish my solution could be implemented in the near future

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Amber's disastrous fiscal policy (journal 30.1)

I was optimistic that I wouldn't experience my first benedict related disappointment so soon.
I can't believe he just didn't come to me, and tell me to hold off on spending money in certain areas, and instead passes a law that states all imported wealth must be converted into a limited amount of amber currency before exchanges take place. This could very well result in a deflationary spiral that is larger then they considered.

I currently have a fairly high expense profile in amber, with local charities, the hospital, trade expenses, the school, and the ever growing estate. I am going to have to place employees at the hospital on a contract or transitory basis to keep them paid in vulnavian currency. I have no choice but to dramatically cut back the great deal of speculative ventures I had planned with Amber's noble houses, reduce charitable giving, move transactions to just outside the golden circle, and cut overall advertising to less then 17 percent of it's current allotment. I had also planned to have more dealings with the shadow atlas people, now I will have to go through the Dom-Daniel offices.
This means a huge amount of book keeping headaches as I move expenses around. I had deliberately kept a fair amount of my banking in amber as a gesture of goodwill, and to insure transparent accounting practices, and now I am going to have to move wealth to Rebma, Bamerica, and Baskerville. It is a good thing I bought some advertising space In Die Tag, Herald, and Times as far as a year out as part of block purchasing, and to prove the sincerity of my cooperative offers .
I am going to start My massive guild Bank in Dom daniel earlier then I had planned to make up for another short-sighted amber policy. This also means I can afford to issue fewer contracts to Amber businesses. I am going to have to issue the next round of Burning Crab contracts exclusively to Rebman houses as well as slowing hospital construction. This Joke policy reminds me of something the Bamericans tried once.
The sad thing is I can already see the headlines detailing my attempts to buy influence when the fact is I could have spent the same amount of money in shadow, and gotten much more, but I chose to try to help the people of amber. I chose to act like a civically accountable noble.
This is what happens when you place people with a military bent in charge of civilian affairs.

It hardly seems fair, after months of pumping massive cash injections into amber, I only get to enjoy a week of ass-kissing instead of months of earned respect until the political tide turns back against me. I could have and should have used all that money to buy a shadow less jaded. I think it will now take more time for relations to stablize between our territories. I am being forced to join the rest of the princes in having a lesser material commitment to the well being of amber- not a strategy for success.

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April 27, 2003
Fineas Journal- Session 30

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 60 PDS 9:30AM :

After writing a letter to Diego, Die Tageszeitung and Mother, I have decided to put a plan into motion designed to result in the discrediting of Die Tageszeitung and Kedric Kandive. Initially I had suggestions planted amongst the investigative reporter community regarding the mercenary nature of certain press organizations. I wanted them to look into the cash pumped into the industry and write about how the public perspective seems to be for sale to the highest bidder. This should bear some limited fruit in the coming weeks, certainly setting the stage for the main portion of my plan. I have hopes that by making an example of Die Tageszeitung, I may be able to avoid having to ruin the Herald Unicorn as well. In the past they had been relatively friendly and I hope to encourage them to regain their old perspective. We shall see.

Pursuant to my plan, I wanted as few people involved as possible. I will need to hire two shadow dwellers and put my intelligence director to work at most. No one else is to be intimately involved. I have asked Elmore to come perform a security sweep of my property this morning. Once that is done, I will send Nellie off on errands so she does not get underfoot.

It is now time for Galena to walk the Pattern. I promised to be there to cheer her on and so I shall. She has strengthened herself considerably since I brought her to Amber and I have little fear for her.

Day 60 PDS 12:30PM:

Galena succeeded admirably. I have no more regrets bringing her to Amber. She has adapted and I anticipate her contributions to enhance the stability and prosperity of our people. Her excitement was evident as she completed the walk and she obviously wanted to put her powers to immediate use, at least until she noticed how utterly tired she was. She is sleeping it off now.

Elmore found nothing but a few periphery spies from the press watching my comings and goings. Certainly nothing serious. I have sent Nellie off to Kashfa to obtain the complete writings of Valeri Kasynovich so that I may better understand my enemy. I set the initial stages of my plan into motion.

As I was working on a trump in Lynxia, I was trumped by Benedict asking me to attend a training session in the Mirror Realm to learn how to operate there. It would take up a couple of days of my time, but I really saw no alternative so I cleaned up and reported for duty.

Day 62 PDS 8:30PM:

My training is now more or less complete. The Mirror Realm offers some interesting challenges and possibilities where combat is concerned. All in all, two days well spent. I found myself enjoying spending quality time with Benedict and Sir Bors. I studiously avoided the subject of Amber politics for which I am sure Benedict was grateful. No one likes a whiner and I will do my best to avoid being seen as such.

Now that my time is my own again, I have a great deal to do in a short time. My entries shall be sparse until these tasks are done.

Day 64 PDS 11:00PM:

Up to this point my plan has gone smoothly. In an hour the hook should be set and Valeri Kasynovich firmly walking the path that will result in his professional doom. Should he prove more unpredictable than I anticipate, I have a backup plan as well. One less satisfying but possibly better from a political standpoint. I must be patient and wait to see if Valeri hangs himself with the noose I have arranged for him. If he were a conscientious and unbigoted man I would have great concern for the success of the plan, but since he exhibits many of the very worst traits in those regards I am confident he will run off the cliff like a good little lemming.

Day 65 PDS 7:30 AM:

My night was very busy but everything so far has come off smoothly. Today I shall get back to more important business and see what I can do to help Thirteen with the Helgrams. I also want to enlist him to help fortify the Keep area against unwanted intrusions from the assassin of Sand and Delwin. Nellie has returned and I have sent her to enlist a few specialists from Dom Daniel to assist in my own manor's periphery alarms and defenses.

Day 65 PDS 9:30PM:

When I met up with Thirteen he was in Flora's shadow doing research. I joined him there to find Toriana and Jacob were also in attendance. They had learned the papers found with the heads in the box were fakes. I was not in the least surprised. We discussed a few matters and I was able to impose upon both Tori and Thirteen to see the the Keeps defenses while Jacob helped me by enchanting my scabbard to muffle the emissions of Werewindle. I think Werewindle gave Jacob a bit of a fright when he examined it. At one point he turned even paler than usual and quickly handed it back to me. I guess the notion of handling a chunk of Dworkin did not appeal to him.

When all were finished, Jacob went off to take possession of Delwin's keep while Tori, Thirteen and I are heading back to Purgatory to attempt to rescue a couple of locals involved in the Helgram program. I anticipate failure, but it should be an opportunity to screw with the Helgrams. It is important that they not operate with impunity in our sphere of influence without paying some sort of tribute to Amber. I intend for that tribute to be in blood.

Day 66 PDS 2:30 AM:

Well, the headlines in the papers of Prewtna Purgatory should be interesting today. I had a brief moment of regret when my white phosphorous grenade incinerated an innocent bystander instead of the Helgram it was meant for. The rescue failed as I expected and both young men were executed by the Helgram who's head I now hold as a trophy.

It started well enough when we teleported to the campus area. We were greeted by a magical hologram of Incarnadine who more or less shot her mouth off once too often. I destroyed the transmission with Werewindle in my annoyance and the hunt was on. We were soon met by a delaying force of mercenaries but they proved of little difficulty. We shot our way into the building but our quarry had fled through steam tunnels towards the center of campus. Thirteen and crew followed through the tunnels while I ran overland to try and catch them as they emerged. We were a little late and they had reached a sports car before I could stop them. I shot up the tires, but they were of the solid variety and that did not stop them. I resorted to Pattern to shut down the engine. It was at that point the two men were executed and a Helgram took off on foot.

The chase was fun but somewhat devastating to the local population. I thought I had caught our Helgram inside of a van, but my grenade went off too late and only killed the innocent driver. Thirteen was able to hit him with his damned cannon as he scrambled out of the van. He was pretty much blown in half. If he was not dead, he would be shortly so I quickly decapitated him before he could work some last bit of mischief. The information he carried was destroyed in the van fire and a large retributive strike was on its way from Incarnadine so we trumped the hell out of there before the bomb hit. End result was one dead Helgram (their first of the war I believe) and the setback of their operation. Incarnadine is still loose and likely very pissed. I am sure we will see more of her soon.

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OK, I've got spends for 13 and Diego, though Diego's doesn't mention the Mirrormastery initiation.

I think John told me his over the phone but I didn't have anything handy to write with. Note: The intensive 12 hour session in the Mirrorworld can justify either 1 or 2 points of Mirrorworld Adaptation. 1 point clears up most of the sensory problems and you can fight pretty much normally. The second point lets you navigate somewhat -- without it even retracing your route is very difficult.

I've got an xcel sheet from 4/2/03 for Jacob.

Don't see anything for Tori.

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April 26, 2003

CHAOS SITREP, session 30

Suffered early losses from Jesby and Chanicut. They dispersed to prepared positions and have continued to broker information. Rumored to be wooing Hendrake.

Started off fighting it out with Jesby, now at truce with them after heavy losses. Said to blame their misfortunes on Helgram but are having trouble coming to grips with them.

Currently faced off against Jesby. The Tir Tarngir rebellion has not helped their situation or reputation.

Stayed out of the early stages of the civil war while, most now believe, maneuvering the others into damaging conflicts.

Started the war greatly weakened by their losses in the Patternfall War – wherein they did most of the fighting and dying. Kept on the defensive. Said to be courted by Helgram, Basilisk (traditional foes) and Jesby.

Got the better of their early fighting with Chanicut, now at truce with them. Concentrating on Gryphon. Not yet showing hostility towards Helgram.

Forted up while other houses tried to get them to attack their foes. Some of the Manticora lords show signs of having got lured in.

Stayed neutral due to lack of interest. Mandor Sawall, the Duke’s heir, leads a small faction (all Sawall factions are small) that wants to join in the fray.

The four strongest lesser (non-royal) Houses have formed a loose but effective defensive alliance to ensure their neutrality. House CRANE (diplomats, courtiers, bards, middlemen), House BROCK (builders, fortresses, engineers), House ARAKHEEN (masters of magic by great masses of people) and House KRAKEN (weirdos, known for a lesser power called the Terrible Glow) have resisted all attempts at bullying or enticement so far.

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Currency Restrictions

Acting Regent Benedict has instituted currency restrictions. Payments in Amber and Lynxia must be made with Amber coinage or instruments, effective at the end of the month. [2 weeks]

This is traditional when a great house or a royal starts up a round of inflation. Castle pages will inform the newer members of the family, using their best imitations of Benedict's voice and manner, when next they visit the Castle.

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April 25, 2003
A Private Letter to Jasra

Congratulations Mother!

Your reclaiming of the throne was masterfully done as I expected. Now that you have had a while to consolidate, I wanted to bring an opportunity to your attention. I am anticipating an opening or two on the staff of the Amber Enterprise Institute relatively soon, perhaps within a few weeks. I would suggest that a Kashfan scholar of loyal outlook be advanced as a candidate member. If two openings or more occur I may put Nellie forth as a candidate, assuming she would be interested as well.

As you may be aware, a Begman expatriot with a poison pen has decided to engage in a campaign of slander against Rinaldo and myself. Please do not take any action yourself, I believe I have the solution under way. If my solution turns out to be unsatisfactory, I intend to rely upon a backup plan that will require an agreement with Diego. He has a somewhat similar problem, though his is of his own making. In either case the body count will be kept to a minimum and there should be no backlash towards Kashfa.

With regards to another matter, I have sent the preponderance of my samurai to the keep to assist in its defense. I am concerned that an unknown agent has assassinated Sand and Delwin and may find the Keep a tempting target if he learns of it. I will be making future additions to the defenses and will need to set up a headquarters there. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I believe the danger to be real. I would like to enlist the aid of Thirteen and possibly Toriana in strengthening some of the outer magical defenses with your permission. Please let me know if this is acceptable.

Your Loving Son,


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April 24, 2003
the amber enterprise institute

#23 Rue de Kolver
Amber City

Mission Statement:

The Amber Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of Monarchy—A strong Supreme ruler, private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and a strong foreign policy and defense of the realm—through scholarly research, open debate, and publications. Founded in the First year of the Regency and located in Amber City, AEI is Amber's largest and most respected "think tank."

AEI research covers economics and trade; social welfare; government tax, spending, regulatory, and legal policies; Amber politics; Golden Circle affairs; and Defense of the Realm and foreign policies. The Institute publishes dozens of books and hundreds of articles and reports each year, and an influential policy magazine, The Amber Enterprise. AEI publications are distributed widely to government officials and Nobility, business executives, journalists, and academics; its conferences, seminars, and lectures are regularly covered by Amber's news agencies.

The Institute's thirty resident scholars and fellows include some of Amber's foremost economists, legal scholars, political scientists, and foreign policy experts. The resident faculty is augmented by a network of more than Fifty adjunct scholars at universities and policy institutes throughout the Amber, The Golden Circle Kingdom's and Shadow. AEI scholars testify frequently before the Chancellor's committees, provide expert consultation to all branches of government, and are cited and reprinted in the Amber media more often than those of any other think tank.

The Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization supported primarily by grants and contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals. AEI is strictly nonpartisan and takes no institutional positions on pending Laws or other policy questions.

Selected Members and Fellows:

Duke Viton Feldane - President (*)
Count Fenton Bayle - Treasurer (*)
Plac Herrara - Sectary (**)

Senior Fellows:

Mdm. Ambrosia (*)
Morgan Legree (**)
Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich (**)
ADM. Sir Strake (*)


Countess Elsia Chantris(**)
Earl Adm. Steffen Chantris(**)
Joph Chalune(*)
Mortimer Clavius(*)
Bing Einhorn(*)
Wade Feldane(*)
Pym Fortune(*)
Maj. Sir Thom Frut(*)
Countess Mira Kandive(**)
Forrest Kandive(**)
Kedric Kandive(**)
Theron Kandive(**)
John Mettesoln(*)
Tristen Pomphry(*)
Niles Quoyle(*)
Eugen Schwartz(*)
Moleena Telengra(*)
Drew Warhaul(*)
Logan Wing IV(*)

(*) NPC's created for contributions, Significant Others of NPC's created for contributions, or NPC's referenced off of other NPC's Biographies.

(**) NPC's created by our GM Randy Trimmer, or NPC's referred to in the Amber Books.

Randy, Please let me know if the NPC selection is ok.

For the warm glow of a contribution!

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Questions for Randy

How different was the political set up in Amber 12 years ago? Was Feldane in the same position at that time? Which houses were dominant and which were still on the way up?

With regards to Diego's treaty with Amber. He has mentioned an extradition treaty exists. Does it work in both directions, i.e. if the vile Valeri Kasynovich were to flee to Vulnavia to flee prosecution, could he be extradited and is this common knowledge amongst the population?

In what form did the payment for advertising for Diego take? Was it a paper transfer of funds, actual exchange of currency or a non public method that would require investigation to determine?

What is the Amber Enterprise Institute and who else of note is a member?

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PM Emrys Feldane & security

Given his position, making sure that PM Emrys Feldane wasn't replaced by some shapeshifter or double has been a priority from the beginning. He got tested daily, blood tests by Tanitheel (taste) or others (magic), at his own insistance. This is more or less public knowledge so as to lessen the desire to attempt a substitution. He also has at top level security detail to guard him all the time, as do his secretaries. (These are secretaries in the Secretary of the Interior sense, but the bureaucracy is so small that they meet personally most every day and they are very much his assistants. With Emrys on vacation the secretaries report to Benedict personally.) Emrys is said to be on vacation at his estate in Lynxia.

Blood tests will reveal a lot to a tester with the right tools and database. Tanitheel can detect by taste shapeshifting power (despite drugs) and type (true shapeshifting, lycanthropy, wereswans, etc.), Pattern, Broken Pattern, Logrus, Magic, Trump Artistry, and most shadow power sources' presence and can ID some (Bel, the Bright Lady and a few others) specifically. She can also ID many kinds of drugs, including several types of antishapeshifting ones. She attributes her abilites to shapeshifting power, experience and her partially vampiric nature. Weir and others can get pretty good but lack her wide experience and conoisseur's palate. (Tanitheel's ID is tested via psychic contact with Gerard or Benedict.) Gerard has, in the course of many battles, tasted a variety of blood (not on purpose, blood splashed or spurted onto his face) and says that, yes, some things are apparent from the taste but that it is not a skill he wishes to develop.

Magical tests -- the very sophisticated ones developed by Amber with Rebman help and Tanitheel's imput -- can sort most of that but it takes time to do them all. There are many, well-guarded testing sets in the Castle. There are tests for the testing sets.

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April 23, 2003
A Letter to Die Tageszeitung

Dear Sirs,

I read with some dismay your characterization of events during Gerard's regency in your article ""P. Gerard's hamfisted attempts to make P. Diego into a General instead of using his considerable talents wisely"

First of all the article implies that Prince Diego is not suited to military command. I can assure you that is not the case. His leadership has been proven in combat against both the Gryphons and the Hendrakes in recent months. Whether or not some wish to acknowledge it, he is a fine general and always has been.

Secondly the article seems, shall we say, ungrateful for Gerard's long service holding the scum of Chaos at bay. I wish to point out that over a decade passed with only Gerard to oppose their landward march on Amber and Queen Moire to oppose the seaward advance. The greatest blows to stop the forces of darkness came under his regency in the last few months. A little appreciation of his service to Amber is in order. I hope that such appreciation is more in evidence in the future.


Prince Fineas of Amber

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Biography of Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich


Bob Hoskins


Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly

Background and History:

Born in Mindle, Begma, Valeri never let facts get in the way of a good argument. He grew up on the streets and graduated from the school of hard knocks. As a reportee, his reputation grew during Begma's war with Kashfa over Erengor. A rabid Begman supporter and now that he has moved on to greener pastures in Amber…and become a Rabid Amber supporter.

He has written several books about the Kashfan crimes against Humanity, and the Terror of Queen Jasra. He was a supporter of Regent Kasman and the peace that he brought to Kasfa and the Region.

He was hired by the Harold Unicorn 12 years ago, but was let go for several public slander and libel trials. He has always stated that he was the target of a Pro-Kasfan, Pro-Chaosian Cabal. He wrote a book on the subject that purported to show who he was crucified by certain Editors and with possible involvement from Regent Gerard. This book was on the Bestseller list in Begman for 13 months, and is only available in Begma.

Recently he had been hired by the Die Tageszeitung to be their OP/ED editor and Star reporter. He has taken a shine to Prince Diego and has Privately stated that Diego has the making of a fine Leader (i.e. King). He has also privately stated that He has grown tired of the Cult of personality that has grown up around Prince Fineas. He sees Princes Fineas and Rinaldo as unwanted extensions of Jasra's and Kasfan influence. He Feels that for all of the Positive things that Prince Diego is doing, he is not recieving any credit.

Valeri is impressed with Prince Diego's dogged determination to solder on, dispite being beaten like a poor, red-headed stepchild by Embeth Wodehouse and the former Regent's Government. During the 4 hour all Diego press Briefing, Valeri came very close to Shouting "So there is justice in Amber after all for Prince Diego", but refrained do to the potential unseemlyness of it all.

He has been instrumental in having the Die Tageszeitung back Prince Diego. He has privately called for the arrest of Embeth Wodehouse for Treason against Amber (and has said that he would melt her Medal's down to make cuff links). He has been working on ways to implicate her in working for the Basalisk's to undermine Prince Diego.

He has a Wife (Latoria) that lives in Begma with 3 Children (Valerionov, Ivanova, and Mila). He keeps a residence in Amber. He is a member of the Amber Enterprise Institute. He is a strong supporter of the Benedict Regency.

Friends and Associates:

Hildy Fedrizzi (reporter - THU)

Campbell Gooch - (reporter - DTZ)

Marc Kuban - (Begman Ambassador to Amber)

Forrest Kandive

Agnes Meder - (reporter - THU)

Works by Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich:

"Lies and Slander: Amber's Enemies from within"

"Kasfa: Snake pit of Lies"

"Kasfan War Crimes: the untold truth"

"Jasra: she bitches, she scores - or how she became the power broker of Amber through the luck of insemination"

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A letter to the Times

From the Desk of Prince 13

to The Times via The Press Gang, LLP

Dear Sirs

The recent attacks on Prince Fineas, are from my point of view, unwarranted. He has been a steadfast supporter and standard bearer for Amber and the Family. His lists of accomplishments thus far are unsurpassed and should be celebrated in all corners of the Kingdom. In my humble opinion, Prince Fineas is the First among equals.

As to the comments upon my conduct of the war, I hope that future events speak for themselves.

In closing, I must dash, a good many Hellgram's to kill.

Best regards, 13, Prince of Amber

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Scrolling down, I suddenly understand why the Cry Havoc page won't pull over to my palm due to size restrictions.

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April 21, 2003
The Complete History of Articles by Nellie Armour


"Queen Jasra Liberates Kasfa"

"Prince Fineas Rallies the Family in defense of Avalon"

The Royal Way

"An Interview with Queen Jasra"

"P. Flora Reveals the Complete Scope of the Johrom Victory"

"The Interview with P. Fineas and L. Ky-Tung"

"The gracious P. Gelina Shares her views on Peace and Love in the Universe"

"Who's Who, What do they like, and what are they like: a guide to the new Royal's of Amber"

"HRH Morwyn Proves that she still has the right stuff: taking the Reign's in Rebma"

Posted by Stan at 08:45 PM
Letter to Diego

Greetings Cousin,

I hope this note finds you well. My mother, Queen Jasra of Kashfa has detailed your desire to remit the services of Nellie Amor to Amber for inconveniencing our war effort. Accordingly she has authorized me to conscript the services of Ms. Amor for our cause which I have done. I have attached her to my personal staff as a sorceror for the one year period you requested. I will keep her out of your affairs so that you may operate unimpeded in the future. She seems relatively competent so I am sure I will be able to get a great deal of utility for our war effort from her services.

Further congratulations are in order for the successful opening of your new clinic in Amber and conjury school in Dom Daniel. If I may be of assistance in any way with security matters or investigations into recent unfortunate events, please let me know.

Warm Regards,


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April 20, 2003
correspondences and domestic bliss

Dear Benedict,
I have no idea what you did to Amber's tragically under-regulated press corps, but I pray it didn't involve undue bloodshed on my behalf, not that I would be object to some carnage in the offices of the Royal Way. Thank you.
I left our last discussion with some reservations, but mostly enthusiasm for some new ideas i feel can now be implemented prior to your brother's return. I will look forward to talking to you soon, but my schedule has been delayed due to an internal security breach.

Dear Ms. Amor
( This is an draft copy that more clearly reflects the author, the version sent was vastly more innocuous )
I bear no desire to increase the circulation of the detestable Royal way, any more then I would like to expand the reach of the chaos propaganda ministry, If indeed the two are divorcable at all. However I am reasonable, and I will return the favor of answering my queries with a modest offering.
Q: what is my opinion of... Galina
A: I recently had the pleasure of providing Galina with a tour of my home, and providing her with an assortment of gifts and offers to ease her transition into her new life. I look forward to working with her on humanitarian projects in the future.
Q: what is your opinion of Mirelle?
A: I have yet to meet Mirelle, but I can only express the profoundest sympathy for what she had to endure. loosing a child is the worst sensation there is.

Dear Jasra
Congratulations on your rapid return to power. You have my support. I am eager to reach a conclusion in the matter in which I contacted your predecessor . (Amor details follow). I would like to make the same offer to you.

I hardly have time to attend to domestic situations, but an intriguing one occurred just recently. I placed my back-up male sweinhund among Kylikki's escort. a couple days later her guards were awakened by screaming. Kylikki was standing in her nightgown shrieking, and pointing to the point on the floor where the sweinhund was infragante with her chocolate lab. Normally I am one to find beauty all across nature, but even I am forced to admit this union is going to provide us with some wickedly ugly puppies. I didn't predict this, especially given the fact that sweinhunds cannot even interbreed with the source species I created them from. Several conventional measures have been attempted to separate the happy couple, and failed. Nor am I willing to commit supernatural resources to such a trivial project.
I tried having the sweinhund placed back on patrol near the nature preserve, but he would just go up the edge of the first fence, and make the loudest, sickest, and saddest howl you could never imagine. The guards I place in that area must have an extreme tolerance for the unusual, but even they started complaining.
After some effort the two animals have wound up becoming a strange family inside a stranger family. I am getting to see Kylikki's maternal instincts come to the fore in caring for her pet., however as it's pregnancy progresses it is my aid it will require.

Lumpy- the dictatorship of ignorance. The more I think about it, the more I feel free of it, the more I feel I need to support Benedict. I still have to wonder about the ethics of a person who would take all the resources we have be given, and find satisfaction in the life of a soldier.
I find out the gutter press has been informed that I have "no role" in the war, and then I think back to being compared to bleys, I just want to explode. did bleys give gerard the lives of 8 of his friends? If i had the power gerard would be a ward of the state, and not allowed to even have pets.
I did notice fineas got his first less then favorable press, now if every headline could declare him a necromantic child molester for the next several months, his coverage as a whole might be close to classifiable as balanced.

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April 19, 2003

Doyce brought up an idea from Nobilis that might be fun. You guys play some of the NPCs when your PC isn't in the scene. This would be characters like Chango, Kirstin, Heinrik, Pontifex Augustus and so on. Sometimes some of the cousins: Dara, Martin, Rinaldo, Galina, Morwyn. Not parents, rulers, PCs' lovers, uberpowerful types (Zhartra, Dworkin), or, usually, bad guys.

How much a particular NPC becomes your personal secondary is up in the air. Some would be easier to rotate control of than others. Chango and Kirstin are pretty easy to get into. Tanitheel and Sir John would take a little work and prep time. Also, you'd be playing the secondaries only when your primary is not in the scene with them. And, of course, the secondaries are bit players in other peoples' turns.

This could also be expanded to help out when your PC starts a project that should take weeks of time and attention, like Fineas' project in Rema. Playing things like that out in detail requires lots of work from me unless I can steal most of it from somewhere. On the other hand we could periodically hit the highlights and then spend much of your turns on a chosen secondary character, probably one of the cousins or Sir John, etc.

Another, unrelated, possibility for the extended projects scenarios is to let you unconsciously speed up the shadows when it's really important to you and you stay there continuously. Up to, say, 4:1.

Playing secondaries would also let a Corwinesque (dull and difficult to escape) imprisonment scenario be something other than a black hole for a player. Not that I had any such scenarios in mind but it's a big topic on the Amberlist right now, with several strongly held contrasting opinions.

What do you think?

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April 17, 2003
The Burning Crab School in Dom-Daniel

(much of the text is taken from an old brochure that was designed for tourists)
The Burning Crab School is designed to provide best in class services in education, manufacturing, warehousing, testing, and community providing everything that could be desired in a custom made conjuration paradise.

why bother with dangerous, ego-centric, expensive, and high maintenance sorcerers when you can have several comparatively sane individuals performing most of the simple supernatural tasks that would use a sorcerer for a fraction of the cost!?
Our academic course structure is designed to be modular, providing a rapid acquisition of a limited yet practical skill set, and get our students deployed as rapidly as possible providing highly useful services to their communities. This structure also serves to enable us to offer focused component training that is easily integrated with training from other area schools in several key areas. we specialize in medicine, warding, enchantments, communications, and manufacturing. several components can be put together with our advanced theory classes to produce all purpose conjurers as well.
Students may stay in our lavish residential facilities, as well as overnight rooms, or simply join us via secure trump gate from our extension campuses in Lynxia, Amber, and The elegant Casa Diego Hotel after enjoying it's nightly floor show.
One advantage of our unique structure is the integration of manufacturing facilities. Our students become part of the creation of the items they will be enchanting, learning both processes and materials.
Our manufacturing operations are going to be the largest In Dom-daniel. No expense has been spared in bringing the best in metal working, wood working, glass working, pottery, and other materials to the mountain. students have constant access to the majority of our work facilities. the mountain is well on it's way to containing three separate customizable mass manufacturing factories. To our knowledge the largest blast furnace to exist is right now under construction.
In order to store the vast amount of items being manufactured, we offer warehousing, and lab space for our members at well below standard rates with generous membership and alumni discounts. we also sell wares at a dedicated level of merchants and the lovely gift shop in the prestigious casa diego hotel, in addition to it's popular old tyme market days.
Our facilities are unique in their ability to test conjured items at any of our extension campuses via trump gate. Our students and members may also enjoy our elaborate recreational facilities In Amber and Lynxia.
In addition to the manufacturing, and academic life, we also offer one of the most attractive guild memberships In Dom-Daniel. Our members can enjoy substantial discounts on all the mountain's services as well as a members only bank, free seminars, and access to the fastest growing library in the region.

The school is starting to resemble gnosis mixed with willy wonka and rebman styles. It overall structure can be described as several fat wheels around a central vertical shaft that forms a water elemental powered elevator inside a hollow mountain.

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April 16, 2003
Jacob's Journal - 29

When I was... well, young, I suppose, though I’ve never counted years the same way as most of the folk around me -- young enough to still have been working in Mama J’s kitchen, so too young to shave -- people started disappearing.

Not too many and not too fast, but folk knew it was happening after awhile; it became clear. There was never no sign of what up and took ‘em but it was always clear something had -- we knew they hadn’t moved off (although surely enough people did, and with good reason) because their places were always left just the way they’d been, sometimes with things left half-done -- Josef’s house burnt clean down when he disappeared with his forge fire going full out.

I was pretty much like everyone else, trying to ignore it, until the little girl that helped her mother clean the guestrooms upstairs disappeared. She weren't nothing to me but another face and less than half the age that I looked at the time, but having it happen to someone there at Mama J's made it personal -- put it up in my face. It rankled.

I got up my nerve then -- stole a knife out the kitchen and Mama J’s shotgun and headed out into the hills around town.

The big decisions never seem so at the time.

The Queen Grams and I chinned for awhile about working the binding power and the sort of ties that came along with such a thing. It didn’t make no nevermind to me since most of what I had to agree to do I was already doing for my own self.

Rinaldo, I gather, agreed to the duty that comes along with the power as a way of staving off the moon-brain that comes along with use of the Black Well that his mother laid on him. He seems like a decent enough sort but I have to wonder about that -- a person motivated to do a thing by a threat to his life (granted, a self-inflicted threat) is generally less inclined to maintain that commitment when the threat goes away (this is the sort of thing I’m something of an expert on) -- it doesn’t seem like opting out at a later date is really much of an option in this case, but it’s possible he might mean it with all his heart now, in a way that simply won’t exist as the years go by.

For myself, I reckon that if I was going to tire of hunting down the dark things that go bump in the night it would have happened long before now.

Having assured Zhartra of my motivations, I went along with her to her mountain keep where Rinaldo was already waiting. Once there, she let us know there were really two things that needed doing; one was to design a proper oath to swear when we took the power, while the other was to do some book learning on the creatures we’d be taking the charge of. Problem was, most every thing on the second subject was written in Old Thari and since my personal education was somewhat lacking in the classics, I know Old Thari about as well as I do knitting, so there were three things that needed doing.

Rinaldo and I generated personal headaches for the next couple days, splitting our attention between books, mystic oaths (something I’m fairly well-versed on), and sparring with each other. That last bit was my idea, if you can to call it that -- by the end of the first afternoon I pretty well wanted to hit something and decided that I ought to look productive while I was doing it. The second time Zhartra joined in and took our measure.

Rinaldo’s fair dangerous in a fight and I do alright myself, so she only made us look outclassed, not ridiculous. The rest of the week went by in a blur of old handwritten books, new handwritten parchments (my oaths), the sound of people playing at killing each other, and the too-rare moments spent on a good soak.

Zhartra told us it was time to get on with it before we’d studied half what we’d need, but when you’re fixing to replace people already missing for months there isn’t much time to be had for studies and note-taking. She took us to a place as looked unremarkable to my eyes, though my skin told me a different story.

One after the other we recited our papers and made our promises and the Thing came down upon us like a great chain; wrapped us up and pulled itself inside and it was done.

Hours had passed. Or days. Minutes. There was no sun in that world to judge time so there was no way to tell. Zhartra, who’d brought us in by one of the Wells, told me to take us out, which I had to do by first Allowing our Pattern to reach to me -- the first steps toward using the new Power, I gather. My head is full of thoughts I don’t recognize -- strings my brain is using to tie this new Thing into a shape I can recognize and use.

I can’t decide if everything is different or just a clearer version of what already was.

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April 14, 2003
Amber sing along

Some Amber-rific fun in the vain of Nine Rednecks in Amber and a very Smurphy Amber…

And a Song for Diego (much better then the one he penned about P. Flora) here.

Via Divis Malkov on live Journal

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April 13, 2003
Food, Shape-shifting, and my Intimate Life

I was felling better then I have felt in a long time
then it hit me.
This vacation might result in another ill-mannered lumpy progeny.
Even from holiday he continues to assault me with the looming specter of his impending neglect.
Then I envisioned how Torriana would respond, and I felt better

I took a moment to sit down by the pool, and write a note to Benedict. Kylikki was swimming. It is easy to see why she elicited spontaneous marriage proposals from the royal guard. Even Clark took notice of her, and I thought that he had surgically removed all his potentially distracting organs long ago.
The related situation grows really infuriating.
I am looking down a near endless automat line of possible erotic bliss, but the entree I crave is under lock and key. Sometimes I want to eat a triple helping of everything else just to spite cruel fate. Most of the time all my other options, no matter how otherwise appealing, look like stale melba toast compared to divine nectar.
At times I get a little bored of Kylikki. There is a kind of youthfulness about her. naive would be to strong a word to use, given her life experience, but there is something savory in someone who has made decisions they regret. She has had almost all her decisions made for her. I have a hard time verbalizing my reservations about the whole affair. Maybe I am just asking for something as absurd as asking for Aristotle to come up during pillow talk. I only know of one better pick from the automat line. I am very found of 'likki in a number of ways, maybe I should treat myself to a second course or dessert while I wait.

I am forever having dinner with people, and I do it because to be of amber seems to mean having little or no moral fiber, and a big appetite. Truth be told, so much of eating is meaningless to me. It is a really inefficient use of my time. I wonder how amber ever got the little they accomplished done with the constant stuffing of their gullets. I just place just one of my time release calabashes with my special protein batter in a freshly grown orifice, and I am full for up to a 4 days.
I don't really enjoy food, or have any of the huge host of problems eating holds for others. If the food tastes bad, I change my taste buds. if the food isn't filling, I shrink my stomach. the food doesn't digest well, I change my digestive tract or just eject the food entirely. there isn't a vast amount of compounds I couldn't "eat".
As for the whole complexity of table manners, how do they apply to straining food from the water, projecting dissolving chemicals on to your meal, absorbing food directly into the digestive track, catching supper with your tongue, or ingesting it like a jellyfish? about every six months I get a real strong urge to skim fresh Atlantic krill.
another strike against the traditional meal is my medical altruism. it is much easier to filter out rum and protein batter then it is an wide smattering of local dishes when my blood is distilled into concentrated healing agents. sometimes I feel like a human beer keg with people lined up around the block.

you are probably getting the idea that shape-shifting leads to some interesting bar bets during long ocean voyages. You would be right. The one that immediately comes to mind is something I have come to consider a very good barometer of shape-shifter competence... shape-shifter musical flatulence. Once I got half way through a robust aria from Berdi's "Ba Braviata" before we had to clear the deck.

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NPC pics

I've started adding pictures to the NPC notes.

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April 11, 2003
Game Log - Session 29

Via Email from Mike

does a cyclops victory dance, and observes it's treasure, gets drunk with his new found boy-friends, then talks with their leader telemachus, learning of his background, he aids them in repairing their ship only to crash them into a reef, leaving them on an island that should hold their interest for some time. then he trumps out to lynxia, and enjoys dancing with ky-tung.

He trains Ky-tung on the way to Remia, and after much discussion he gets Ky to agree to appear as an elite slave, hires guards, and then crushes an internal rebellion. he goes to a major city, finds prestigious permeant housing. establishes him self in a major romanesque city leaving Ky tung to look into shipping, and learn the area while he trots of to work on multiple trumps

finishes up some trump work, gets a Ky progress report. Talks with mom about kashfa. bonds and talks to Benedict having gained a new found appreciation of masculine companionship earlier in the game. they talk to Diego about Tanitheel's people

P.D./ Reese / 13
Works with an exhausted kelamon on trumps of his new territory. he continues his quest for supernatural forces, He goes to sydney university where he finds some "nocturnal magic". he checks the dorms finding people working on magic in a computer room, it appears they are working with very basic lunar elementals.

gets information on the would-be spell casters and magically seals the room.

His captives call in heavy support named freddy, and he encounters a magic probe then people dressed as security guards show up. the pseudo guards start chanting quickly breaking through the seal while 13 hides. the people in the room are liberated, and the group drives away as 13 makes not of the plate number and forwards it along for tracing. the group goes to where they occupy the top floor of a hotel with a helipad.

In an alarmingly Torriania-esque fashion 13 goes to the front desk, and insists to see freddy, and they agree to meet him. when they do it, it is with submachine guns.

he dodges

hotel property is blown to smithereens

his desert eagles roar mightily

the battle continues as he ponders invoking his complex and intense attraction/repulsion love/ hate relationship with Toriana to aid in the battle.

talks with whora of babylon and shows off her spell rack. they discuss many issues with an suspiciously alarming lack of Diego slander including Kelamon's vacation, the mirror power, shape-shifting, the death of chinaway, pattern, weapons, jelerak, killing baran, reese, dara, and reese's sex life. goes to Benedict and gives him a trump and shows him the suspected killer of delwin and sand while discussing the investigation with him. she is for once in her life shown proper discipline, and is ordered to go to dom daniel, and continue her sleuthing. she brings the most patient man in the universe, heinrich, who brings chango. goes to her buddies at the old citadel and begins catching up while fishing for information.

she has a nice dinner at the old citadel. she checks in on Diego's school, and in a surprisingly considerate maneuver she notes how security can be improved. in talking to other schools she learns the person she was looking for was at belkin. she goes to belkin and look at temples

Jacob the impaler liquidator/ black-hearted
signs up for the binding power, discusses rinaldo's motivation, discusses warding the gems. The group of unfortunate inductees meets in chaos via Jasra's keep. zhartra gives them some books, and old thari is discussed. Jacob works on a translation prism.
attempts old thari, then spars with Zhartra, and Rinaldo. indulges in steam-room hedonism with the group. learns the subspace weapon hiding trick-discusses dworkin's pattern making form.
ponders the oath that is required with the binding power, then takes it as he ponders the infinite possibilities

tours amber city giving generously, and in genuinely good spirits, the likes of which have not been seen since Ebenezer left the ghost of christmas future.

Invests in joint operations with house kandive and Miramon, and grants them some contracts related to the school in Dom-Daniel

purchases a shadow atlas for the school's library.

heals the needy through the hospital he patronizes praise the local press for keeping him on his toes in regards to the coverage on his new hospital, while subtly slamming the royal pain.

makes more sweinhunds in Lynxia, bringing his total to 20.

redirects shamans from collecting elementals to internal security tasks

binds elementals to Vulnavian, and stockpile security tasks.

works on dom daniel, and prepares for Benedict's visit to his school.

has dinner with benedict, spars, and discusse a multitude of topics including the possibility of reconciliation with whora, while eluding to the fact that he had to endure multiple outrages under lumpy. personally insures alteration of the magic coin room, and fixes security holes that were pointed out in a anonymous note, that was sent out to multiple parties. decides he wants to give kylikki a modest education, and sets her up with a very select reading list, and top shelf tutors as will as a specialized dance instructor from bindonesia.` insists that she be actively engaged in local charity work.

drives a large convoy full of food, and imported consumer goods to Mapungubwe speaks with the King, and communes with the spirits offering praise on behalf of his fallen Mapung warriors, and conducts inquiries with guardian ancestral spirits, telling them to warn the nobles in case of specific intrusions offering a substantial sacrifice of his own blood.

discovers blood creatures spying on mapungubwe using sweinhunds, then works their remains in his lab while plotting what to do next.

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April 10, 2003
Fineas' Journal Session 29

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 53 PDS 4:00 PM:

The next time I decide to jump bad with a creature thirty times my mass, somebody slap me.

The cyclops is dead. I have a few lacerations, bruises and a couple of cracked ribs. I was lucky the fellows I decided to recruit were there to distract him or I would likely be dead. He had knocked me off a small cliff with a barrage of rocks and boulders kicked up by a near miss with a tree. The Greeks were amazed I lived with so few injuries. I was able to get even by hamstringing the cyclops and finally skewering his vitals.

We celebrated by desecrating the body in time honored fashion, then tried to find his lair. It was closed off by a huge boulder that would be difficult to move by hand. I organized them long enough to chop down a tree to use as a lever and we at last entered his cave. The odor was indescribable.

I claimed a bronze helmet found among the refuse as a souvenir. We found a vile concoction the cyclops had made but it was undrinkable as far as I was concerned. When I asked the Greeks about their ship, I found they had wrecked a short ways away but could make repairs in a few days. I told them I was a lost adventurer looking for men to aid me in my quests. Promises of gold and glory seemed to interest them so I began my pitch and will keep at it until we repair their ship.

Day 56 PDS, 8:00PM:

I just spent three days fixing the ship with a bunch of unwashed and unrefined bronze age braggarts and thugs. If I had to listen once more to the doings of their illustrious and divine ancestors, I fear I would have snapped and shown them some real wrath of the divine stuff. We pushed off and I began shifting shadow to waters enveloped by fog. I was seeking an island of my desire, one that would support these goobers until I have need of them. I wanted a decent sized place inhabited by peaceful natives, lots of food and no way off any time soon. Finding such a shadow took a while, but I succeeded in arranging our ship to wreck again within swimming distance of the island. I have taken the opportunity to escape and am now back in Lynxia for a bath and civilized company.

Day 57 PDS, 11:00AM:

Upon my recovery I decided to undertake Ky-Tung's training. I instructed her in shadow walking and let her try it on the way to Remia where I intended to set up shop. She picked it up fairly quickly but found it very tiring. Before we reached the capitol I hired a number of servants and guards. I only had to kill three of them later when they tried to rob me. The rest seem suitably cowed and unlikely to cause problems. I leased a villa and am beginning to set up shop here. It will take time but the initial steps are underway to become influential here. Ky scouted the naval facilities and I sent her home to see to her own ship. Now I need to go have my talk with Benedict. I want to ask for his permission to recruit one or two more of Tanitheel's people for Amber. I don't want to haul an entourage there, but I may need help so I also want his advice on who to take. I am mostly healed now, but I don't want to do it too soon either. I will probably need Mom or Rinaldo to help get me there and they are both occupied at the moment.

Day 58 PDS, 2:00PM:

I met with Benedict and we discussed things. He seems willing to give it a try but wants me to take along a decent sorceror. To make a long story short, I will be asking Thirteen for aid during the mission and Diego for backup. I was able to contact Diego and he was eager to offer his assistance. He has made available a wide variety of interesting weapons and toxins and has medical services on stand by. I have not yet contacted Thirteen but intend to do so shortly. I imagine we will first have to get some degree of resolution in his campaign first so I will offer him my help to wrap up things against Hellgram.

Day 58 PDS, 6:00PM:

I just relaxed to catch up on local news and to my dismay see that a ham handed campaign of character assassination against me has been undertaken by nearly all the press organizations. Most curious. A sudden plethora of articles extolling the virtues of Diego have also appeared. Knowing Diego, he would not be able to arrange such a drastic PR swing on his own. I also don't think he would be petty enough to target me for any slight I may have offered. Some other agency is at work here. I will need to watch and wait to see what is transpiring and who feels I need to be denigrated. In the meantime, I will continue to operate as before. I can't afford to be distracted from important tasks at the moment by Amber politics. There will be plenty of time later to take care of this.

Day 58 PDS, 9:00PM:

My day just keeps getting better. A short while ago I was trumped by my mother. She showed me a letter from Diego demanding that a reporter for the Royal Way be remanded into Amber service for a year because she inconvenienced him. Mother was more or less perplexed at how to reply. Obviously it would not do to turn a loyal subject over to the ministrations of what appears to be an unbalanced personality. I offered a way out by taking responsibility for Ms. Amor, in effect satisfying Diego's demand while protecting the prestige of Kashfa and not incidentally giving myself the services of a spell caster and reporter. Nellie was there with Mother so I discussed the situation with her, showing her the letter from Diego. She was more than happy to accept my protection under the appearance of being disciplined. I set her up a room in my manor and we discussed her new duties. She will be more of an asset than I first imagined.

Now, what to do about Diego? Is he truly out to get me or is he just flailing about blindly? He will bear close watching. I hope he can be reasoned with and will try that tact with him at first. If he can be made to realize I am not conspiring against him or out to ruin him perhaps we can avoid future problems. If I become convinced he is becoming an enemy to either myself or Amber in general, direct action may be required. For now I will give him the benefit of a doubt and see what he does with it..

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Headlines - Session 29.1

The Herald Unicorn

"P. Fineas: Party animal of Rebma"

"10 reasons why P. Fineas and P. Rinaldo failed to support their loving mother in Kashfa"

"Lets hope P. Benedict does not have the wool pulled over his eye's like P. Gerard did and makes the appropriate corrections in Amber's Defenses"

"P. 13: He is his Mothers child"

"Maybe it is all attitude: Why Toriana has failed to be supportive of P. Diego"

"Ungrateful P. Toriana lets P. Diego's gracious Gift rot in her Palatial Bedchamber in Castle Amber"

Die Tageszeitung

"So, how many Princelings does it take to conquer two small Shadows"

"Let's call a spade a spade: P. 13 has failed in Purgatory/Inferno"

"Missing in action: P. Fineas"

"Skiing, not scheming: P. Fineas takes the path of least resistance"

"P. Fineas would rather spend his time with "cheese-eating-surrender-monkey's" than aid Amber in its time of need"

"A glorious Partnership: P. Benedict mentoring P. Diego"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Advertising rates rise 75% over the past month"

"Vulnavian products gain in consumer recognition"

"Major trade houses report a 12.5% increase in Vulnavian imports"

"Smaller trade houses may fail due to rising advertising costs"

"Williams press agency may soon fail due to unforseen cost overruns"

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April 09, 2003
Headlines - Session 29

La Cita

"P. Diego Clarifies roll of his new medical center, all is in balance again"

"P. Diego has single-handedly kept the Kingdom in the Black"

"Kasman out, Jasra in - the Kasfan Coup"

The Times

"P. Diego shores up the Kingdoms coffers"

"P. Diego the largest weapons supplier to the Crown"

"P. Diego the inventor of most of Amber's new weapons against Chaos"

"P. Toriana tours Dom-Daniel's magic schools to see if they are up to snuff"

"Coup in Kasfa"

The Herald Unicorn

"P. Diego's Medical center no longer a treat to Amber's business sector"

"R. Kasman's head becomes part of longest game of Polo in Kasfan history"


"P. Rinaldo and P. Martin tapped for special missions for the crown"

"Queen Jasra liberates Kasfa"

"Local nobles Lord Ylang de Caerphilly and Baroness Liliane de Cellejon y Ruudkild hail the Benevolent Queen Jasra back to Kashfa"

"Viscount Shau Tung Plays decisive role in the Return of the Queen"

Le Progres

"The girls are already missing P. Rinaldo and P. Martin"

The Shipping News

"New Warehouse to be built to accommodate the increase in trade"

"Tir Tarngir representatives in city for Trade talks"

"Trade with Kashfa not disrupted in Coup"

Die Tageszeitung

"P. Benedict admits that P. Gerard dropped the ball in regards to P. Diego's generosity and talents"

"P. Toriana checks up on the Dom-Daniel magic schools to see which ones are going to have their contracts with Amber renewed"

"P. Gerard's hamfisted attempts to make P. Diego into a General instead of using his considerable talents wisely"

"Is there something sinister about all of the false praise of P. Fineas"

"P. Toriana treated to a grand tour of P. Diego's Conjuration School in Dom-Daniel"

"P. Diego's Conjuration school pledged to supply a new generation to magical talent for Amber's armed forces"

"P. Diego puts local doctors in their place at Medical Center dedication"

"A contrite Chancellor Emrys Feldane admits that Amber would be in worse shape if P. Diego hadn't been unfailingly supportive of an unsupportive Crown"

"Col. Sir Bors shows off P. Diego's new weapon designs effectiveness"

"P. Galina says that she feels ready for the test of her life"

"R. Kasman's rule comes crashing down under P. Benedicts benevolent guidance"

O Povo

"Sitting the record straight: C. Feldane briefs the media on P. Diego"

"P. Galina feels the time is right for her bring her message of Peace to the Universe"

"The Return of the Queen: P. Fineas and P. Rinaldo's Mother regains her reign"

"Viscount Shau Tung looking for role in new Kashfan Government"

Gazeta Mercantil

"The Crown discloses P. Diego's secret roll in war against Chaos"

"The Vulnavian fleet keeps the docks busy"

"The Medical Guild of Amber satisfied by with P. Diego's Pledges of co-operation"

"Tir Tangir Trade Rep's use P. Diego's trade model"

The Royal Way

"Chancellor Emrys Feldane's plans for the future"

"P. Benedict takes a firm hand in Amber affairs"

"P. Toriana burns the brightest in Tour of Dom-Daniel"

"As good as the Boy's: P. Flora and P. Llewella's view on there part in the war"

"An interview with Queen Jasra of Kashfa"

Quote o' the Game:

Toriana talking to Flora

"Hey do you want to see a great Rack, check this out!"

-Toriana was talking about the new Uber-spellrack…

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April 08, 2003
13's Debriefing - Session 29


I shall have to remember to pack Grenades into the space area. A slight oversight on my part. Kind of like when I neglected any sort of offensive spells. That which does not kill us makes us not only stronger, but wiser.

I have come to this conclusion late in the day. It started well enough, following a lead provided by Iain I found myself at the University of Technology Yendis. I cast about trying to track small magicy bits down. I had narrowed it down to an apartment building and what looked like a engineering building. I flipped a fifty cent coin and made my way to the dorm. As I got closer I was able to figure out that the spells that had been cast were of the very small category.

I moved back to the what I thought was an Engineering building. The building turned out to be an IT building (building no. 10). Walking in was very easy. Eluding the CCTV system was a little bit of and exercise, but a fun one. I made my way up to the third level and tracked the spell casters down. They were in a computer lab trying to teach a Sprite to decode something on the computer. The Sprite was held by the spell. The three geeks were of the usually geeky sort. One tall, dark and commanding. One very short and questioning. And the last was blond and Fey.

I made my way to an office just down the hall and started to magically lock them into the room. First off so I could have time to observe what they were doing, and secondly so I could see what they would do in a panic. The first part became mostly boring after a few hours, and the second part provided entertainment right up until early the next morning.

When they figured out that they had been sealed into the room magically, they at first panicked, and then they called "Freddy".

This is what has me in the pickle that I current find myself. Freddy and his friends swept in to the building like a para-military force and fled. I was able to follow them with some clever tricks. The trail led to the Ana Grand right on the south side of the Yendis Harbor. Very swank.

I walked in and was set upon by some sort of snooty frenchman by the name of Jean Luc. He introduced himself as his title; Concierge. After several minute of me telling him to call "Freddy's" room, with an audble sigh he finally relented.

I introduced myself as "Paul-Devon" of Amber moving. Speaking of moving, you should have seen how quickly they got people downstairs to shoot at me. This was when the desire for Grenades hit me. It took a while to take out my attackers using spells. I pulled out the Boys to fire through the elevator doors as they retreated. I was able to stop one of them. I pointed the Boys at him and told him to hand me the Mastoid gently but quickly. When this was done I coldcocked him. I lowered the hefty gun at Jean Luc and told him that there had better be no police on the way. He whispered "oui" and looked like he was about to go and do something useful for a change.

One thing that I heard as the others were fleeing up the elevator shafts..."he's one of the Opposition". An odd statement for a Hellgrim to make, and the fact that there are no Logrus tendril's currently zeroing in on my position. These must be some more "allies" for me to make. A bit harder now that I've cocked it up.

Out of Jean Luc's vision I pulled out the trumps I was going to need in the next few minutes. Jurgan and Gertruda (both currently in Rupmul Alauk)...Probably Zherevyev rather than Kirsten...And I might need to bring in the Big Gun...Tori.

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Happy Birthday to Us...

Just an FYI that I missed...

Session 28 was, for all intents and purposes, the one-year anniversary of the game. V. cool.

Now can anyone figure out how much game-time has gone by?

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April 07, 2003
some of the screening questions for Nellie - The Reply

Reply sent (session 26)

1-why haven't you contributed you supernatural talents directly to the war effort?

As a Kasfan Citizen I am in liege to My Regent Kasman of Kashfa. I have not been called upon to serve the in The Kasfan Military. The best thing I can do for the War effort is to report on it.

2-what ethical guidelines do you feel a practioner of the supernatural should practice?

In some way's, it is like being a Doctor. Do no harm. At least that was the doctrine that I was taught at the Burning Sphere School. Though as one moves out in to the real world, real world problems cloud pure doctrine. Each school of Magical thought has applications that can be used to be benefit the Universe as a whole, as well as cause great harm.

Several student's and teachers from the Burning Sphere School were pledged to the war effort by Dr. Ryll, and served in the battle against House Chanicutt. Doing massive damage to the House Chanicutt's Fleet in the process. A benefit to Amber/Rebma but harmful to the Chanicutt's.

Just as it is rumored that Prince Diego himself is courting friendship with the Universe's greatest practitioner of the dark arts, all of magic's realms have some merit.

3-what is your ideal job and assignment? what direction would you like your career to take?

I am enjoying the current phase of my career, and would not change it one whit. I am able to write books when I please, and freelance articles out of Character for the Royal Way to carry. The Royal Way provides handsomely for my services, and I cannot complain. As to what my future plans are; I have no desire to subject my goals and desire's to outside Bureaucratic review.

4-why specifically are you interested in working in vulnavia?

Because Vulnavia currently it is a big mystery. Nobody knows anything about it, and I feel that the Amberian public has a right to a transparent society. As the new kid on the block, Amberian's have the need to see how Vulnavia stacks up against older, established trading partners.

5-what is your opinion of journalistic differences between Amber/Rebma/GCK?

Amber is very big picture. Amber and her people are concerned with everything and everybody. Anything that effects trade, be it war or peace. Amberians want to know what is going on in Amber, Rebma, the GCK and out in Shadow in general.

Rebma is slightly less concerned with the big picture, and more Rebman-centric. Rebman journalist needs are more along the lines of "what Queen Moire requires", or "the World of Magic". I enjoy the people, nobility, and the mage's of Rebma and maintain my main residence there.

The various GCK's are concerned with their own problems to deal with. Amber and Rebma are like big brothers to them. People in the GCK's want to know what is going on in Amber and Rebma only from the standpoint of how Amber/Rebma actions/relations are going to effect them.

6-what is you opinion of the war, and vulnavia in Amber/Rebma/GCK

Per the current War briefings, from Chancellor Emrys Feldane, state that Vulnavia is decidedly not participating in the War, So I would have no opinion in regards to the combination of the words "war" and "Vulnavia".

As to Amber/Rebma/and the GCK's:

The various GCK's have done what they can in the way of lending Mages and supplying the Trade Houses with War Material, the GCK's are not set up to be direct players in the war effort, something that Amber has done with some foresight.

Rebma's effort, other than the needed loan of Trump artists, has been primarily focused on House Chanicutt. HRH Morwyn has provided aid when requested by the Regent or the Family.

With the Addition of all the new Young Turk's to the Family seems to have brought the war to a sudden and dramatic closure. The Regent's wise guidance and firm but gentle grip on the reins of power have made a world of difference. He has made the Royal Family a Family in more then just name.

7-outside of the war effort what do you think is the most important priority for

Taking advantage of the Chaosian Civil war to Set up a situation that is beneficial to both Amber and Rebma.

8-what questions would you hypothetically like to ask prince diego/

Just the standard Regent Gerard Approved list:

Twenty Questions with Prince Diego and Lady Kylliki
Questions set by Hildagaard Rassmun, Written by Nellie Amour, Renderings by Emanuella Orleana.

1. RW: For our Dear readers, Prince Diego, Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
2. RW: Price Diego, about your Shadow Vulnavia.
3. RW: Prince Diego, why were you not brought into the Family sooner?
4. RW: Prince Diego, it is rumored that your Father is Prince Corwin, Do you wish to start a Relationship with him at this late date.
5. RW: Prince Diego, when did you know you were of the Royal blood?
6. RW: Prince Diego, tell us about your feelings about the pace and extent of the war.
7. RW: Prince Diego, which of the enemies of Amber concern you most?
8. RW: Lady Kylliki, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
9. RW: Lady Kylliki, Tell us about your dealings with Vulnavia, and how it compares with Amber.
10. RW: A question to both: How did the two of you meet?
11. RW: Prince Diego, what has your relationship meant for Kylliki's family?
12. RW: Lady Kylliki, What has your relationship with Prince Diego meant for you?
13. RW A question to both: Are there any plans of marriage in your near future?
14. RW: Prince Diego, tell us about your new Properties in Lynxia and Dom-Daniel.
15. RW: Prince Diego, Are you interested in pursuing ties to Rebma as well as Amber.
16. RW: Prince Diego, Give us your opinion on the return of the First Generation Princes/Princess'.
Your Thoughts on:
Regent Gerard?
Prince Benedict?
Princess Flora?
Princess Llewella?
17. RW: Prince Diego Can you give us your candid thoughts and assessments on your Generation.
Prince 13?
Princess Dara?
Prince Fineas?
Princess Dierdre?
Prince Douglas?
Princess Galena?
Prince Jacob?
HRH Morwyn
Princess Toriana?
Princess Vialle?
18. RW: Prince Diego, how has the founding of a school of Conjury helped your standing in Dom-Daniel ?
19. RW: Prince Diego, as the Teacher of new healing techniques in Amber, Rebma and Lynxia, do feel more can be done to provide care to those in need?
20. RW: To Both of you: who do you feel should become Monarch of Amber?

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Assorted filings of Dr. Delacroix session 29

1- letter to marcus
2- general journal excerpts
3- brape ecology
4- doc's sidekicks

(letter sent via trump along with Vulnavian ambassador, and the first three trade representatives)
dear marcus
I hope wedded bliss is treating you well.
I have extended an ambassador to you, and provided 3 general trade advisors I believe you will find extremely useful.
I would also like to make one of the first purchases from your new trading empire. I would like 3 billion dollars in cultural artifacts, and the following list of technologies, all from Barsum. Sorak has agreed to look for new territory for her people, provided the return of as much cultural heritage, and population as possible goes acceptably. I have no further interest in the territory either, beyond these objectives.
Dawadire has agreed to stay in my service in exchange for travel, and training.
Kylikki is eager to be given wealth and status in her home village, but overall will be remaining in my service as well.

I have recently purchased a shadow atlas, an item I believe you would find very useful, I welcome your staff to enjoy the use of ours, or I would be happy to make the appropriate introductions. This brings to mind a very lucrative possibility for you. If you still have any information on shadow data from chaosite sources, it could be highly valuable to the makers of the atlas as well as myself, amber and rebma. I would also be interesting in purchasing unique volumes for my library in dom daniel.

I have also enclosed several samples of different types of treaties that you might find useful. I think we all have an interest in clearly establishing territorial usage parameters in relation to the mirror power. I have enclosed a draft treaty in that regard for your consideration. I have also enclosed several draft treaties I would like you to consider in relation to my homeland ranging from mutual defense, non aggression and trade agreements.

I have other matters to discuss, and I will look forward to talking to you soon

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April 06, 2003

Blood's significance is metaphysical and enabling.

Dworkin's blood defined the Primal Pattern. The fundamental powers of the multiverse resonate through his blood, the blood of his descendants, and the blood of his people, the Lords of Chaos.

One would expect that blood was heavily involved in making the manifestations of the other powers: Logrus, etc.

So the blood of Amberites or other creatures with powers doesn't so much contain power as focuses or resonates with power. Spirits temporarily operate at higher levels. Vampires become real.

Blood beasts are somewhere between offspring or detached parts. Your finger has no Pattern powers on it's own. Your offspring have potential but not actual power. So Diego's blood beasts are more resistant to some things, and tougher, they can't defy Bleys' power any more than one of your pre-initiated children could.

Posted by Trimmer at 01:28 PM
April 05, 2003
Jacob's Journal -- 28

I’m not much for putting a shine on my boots and hobnobbing with the elite, but when needed, I’m told I clean up fairly well.

Truth be told, I can lay most of that on Random. Every so often when we were banging our way around Texorami, he’d get it in his head to take in an opera or some such nonsense, and he’d talk me into going along. I suspect he wasn’t doing it so much for the culture (though that was alright) as for the practice I’d get in acting like civilized folk when the situation called for it.

I get the impression he had at least two reasons for a lot of the things he did.

But, back to the duding up and the reason for same; Tori and Fineas and I (mostly Fineas) had helped out the Tir Gryphons well enough during their coup that they invited us and the rest of the family out to the crowning of one of their own (Marcus) as King and the wedding to follow. As I understood it, they had themselves the start of quite a Court going on there, so I took along one of my guys to leave behind and keep an eye on things after I was long gone. Antoine always had a head for intrigue and the like, so I thought he’d get on just fine.
Since this was a high-class function, I only took my very best weapons. I’d picked up a nice heavy gladius, made special by my Reman troops, but I thought it was a bit much for this, so I settled for the two revolvers in shoulder holsters, a few throwing knives here and there, and the good bowie knife. After all, we weren’t going to war.

Once we were set, I hopped over to the old cave where Tori and Fineas and I had set up our first plans to storm the Tir, took survey of the place as well as I could from there, then contacted Rinaldo and had him pull me the rest of the way through. Precautions can look a little like paranoia to people that haven’t been shot at much, I suppose, and Antoine was looking at me a little askance, but that’s all right; as long as I’m still around to be looked at funny, then I’m doing something right.

Rinaldo made me proper introductions with Veala and Marcus, neither of whom made me feel overdressed in the weapons department.

A few minutes into the wedding proceedings I realized (looking over at Fin and Thirteen) that in all my preparations I’d forgotten a lady for my arm -- seems as though that’s the sort of thing you do at these sorts of parties. On the other hand the only two besides myself who didn’t bring a proper date were Tori (came in with Benedict) and Diego (who brought some sort of harem). In that light, I probably erred on the side of caution.

The Basilisk's contingent showed up late and unexpectedly, asking to hang out and ‘keep things safe’. By looking at those assembled (Benedict, Zhartra, and way down the list people like myself), you’d think we were safe enough to begin with, but if they wanted to watch the goings-on and take credit for it going off smoothly, that was their lookout. I didn’t think anyone was going to pay it much heed in either case.

The coronation and wedding went off smooth. We all tried to make nice in front of the strangers -- I even managed a few civil words with Flora -- wasted breath I’ll never get back, but she was nice enough to look at.

Now while everyone was jawing at one another, someone runs in with a box recovered from one of the Jesby airships (I gather there wasn’t much left of any of the ships larger than pieces like this). The box wasn’t remarkable as such, but the contents more than made up for it -- Sand and Delwin’s heads stared out at us, alongside some papers and other gee-gaws.

This... this bore some thinking about. The obvious culprit was Jesby, but it smelled like a frame up; too pat. Zhartra hied off not long after we got to talking about investigating the deaths, so I had a trump off Tori and called up to chat. She didn’t seem to be in the mood (Sand and Delwin were in a sense, her people, I gather, and had taken off with Rinaldo to attune this power that was suddenly very vacant two of its guardians.), but I bit down and kept talking, figuring she’d either start to listen or kill me pretty quick -- our kind doesn’t tend to take too long deciding things like that.

Tori’d given me a sketch of a fellah she thought was involved in the deaths, and I asked Grandma about that and more. Granny Z didn’t know much about it: ‘her’ people were more from the Chaos side of things -- Delwin and Sand had been Dworkin’s choice for this ‘binding’ job.

“Alright,” I said, “I go have a chat with Dworkin then.”

This seemed to give her some pause -- either because she hadn’t thought of it or she’d assumed I was smarter: Dworkin hasn’t been right in the head since... well, never, as far as anyone remembers, but it’s gotten worse since Oberon started riding side-saddle in his brain.

“He might kill you,” she said.

“Hell, he might have been the one killed Delwin and Sand, knowing his state of mind too, so I guess I better go visit with him.” I shrugged. "I've done it before."

She thought this new idea over for a bit, again she seemed torn between ‘Jacob might have something’ and ‘Jacob might have something that’s catching.’

“Very well,” she finally says, “I’m coming with you.”

Now that, I wasn’t expecting.

We found Dworkin on a beach somewhere in the middle of nowhere watching girl’s wearing nothing and playing volleyball -- immortal lechery is wasted on the young, apparently.

We waited til the game was over (Dworkin’s request) and had ourselves a talk, which is to say I talked and Zhartra stood where she could chop of Dworkin’s head if he went loco. Dworkin didn’t think it was Jesby -- his guess was that it was either something that my two kin had bound up that had gotten out (seemed too subtle), servants of something they’d bound that wanted out, or some other group that just wanted to raise some hell by releasing the Abyssal things they’d caught over the years.

After, Zhartra and I talked.

“So those two worked on this side of things, catching critters out of the Abyss and binding them away.”

She nodded.

“It’s likely that whoever did for them had some sort of tie into this power of yours.”

She nodded again.

“And you’ve got one neophyte replacement for the two people you used to have.”


My turn to nod. Hunting things down and keeping them out of any place they could do harm. Sounded like what I did already, just on a bigger scale. Plus, whoever did for Sand and Delwin would probably come after their replacements next.

I nodded again. “Alright, sign me up.”

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Creatures of the Borderlands

More reasons to stay away from the Borderlands -- things that have shown up there since the Patternfall War.


The truth about the beings known in the Borderlands as Succubi is a mystery, but it seems quite likely that these creatures are vampiric in nature (some of the more primitive specimens seem to gain sustenance from human blood) – the advanced members of this ‘species’ seem to actually feed directly off a victim’s shame, guilt, or (most commonly) fear.


Hell Jesters are wrinkled, hairless, horde creatures that cackle incessantly as they lope towards their victims. Lawmen and borderlands dwellers who have fought these creatures vouch for the distracting nature of the Jester’s laughter. (Some sort of disorienting or fear-inspiring mental attack.)

Jesters never strike from ambush; instead the approach their victims from a distance so that their unnerving laughter has the most effect. The Hell Jester hordes suffer huge losses to organized rifle fire or large automatic weapon like gatling guns (in shadows were such things function), but rarely seem to notice the losses.

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Journal, Toriana - 28

The World of a Princess
Journal 28

I need to return the box to whence it came. I have no intention of opening any gift from Diego and I tire of it dampening my room here in Amber. Yes I shall have it returned. These are the thoughts that greet me today as I wake up. I am fairly certain at this point the day is not going to go well.

I get dressed and head down to breakfast only to be intercepted by Uncle Benedict. He needs my help and no one else can do it. Man as if I no life of my own. I long for the days of Rebma where I had no real responsibility except for do not tick off the queen. I tell Benedict my idea for the trumps he wants and he thinks it is a very good idea. He also mentions that mom is gone on vacation and dad is gone on vacation and he is filling in. No wonder he is giving me his order and expecting it to be filled. Oh well there are worse options for filling dad’s shoes. This is a definite step up from Reynaldo.

There is to be some wedding coronation crap in the Tir. I guess I should attend and be courtlike and all. I have plenty of time to get ready and I make sure everything looks perfect and anything that is out of place or just almost right is made right with a touch of magic. You can take the girl out of Rebma… The wedding is fine and during the reception it is discovered that a wooden box containing Sand and Delwin’s heads. I guess this means I no longer have to investigate and go to Dom Daniel. I trump Zhartra and show her the box and she comes through. As we are standing there evaluating the magics the box and the content Diego starts routing through it like an old box from the attic with complete disregard for the dead and any spells that may lay untapped waiting to explode. Complete and total ignorance and one day soon I shall think it may cost him his life. It would if I was sending a box to my enemy and he was the enemy.

It is his work. I can tell it is a signature I know well know. I have had to fix the effects of him before. He is powerful that is not lost on me, but no one seems to think that is a problem. I use a mind link to Reese to give him more information that I do not wish to be shared out loud. He should know the signature it might be important. After Diego, Reese does not seem to be as bad and at least he is properly schooled and has respect for magic. One did not seem him rooting around for treasure in the blood of our ancestors.

I am sent to do Benedict’s wishes and I end up at the keep of Fineas’s mom. It looks like she has finally done some upkeep to the place, just a few more weeks and it might even be presentable for company. A month or more and perhaps even royal company might not be offended by the manner of the keep. Queen Moire and I have come to an agreement about Aunt Gwenith and I suspect I have nothing to worry about in that regard. I finish Benedict’s trumps and head back to Amber to give the trumps to him. I should like to have taken another day or two but the keep is not to my standards.

I finally have some time to myself and I decide to play with the new rack that was in the box. It is strange and it might take some time to unlock the secrets. I can be patient.

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At Stan's request...

A slightly less eye-jarring color scheme -- should still be reasonably readable.

Posted by Doyce at 01:30 AM
April 03, 2003

I figured out why some of my stuff didn't post from last session -- it was saving to 'draft' status instead of 'publish' -- I fixed it earlier today, so Jacob's last diary and my NPC contrib from last time are in the archives.

Posted by Doyce at 12:43 AM
Gal d'Avillez -- Commissioner of the City Watch

[I had fun with Mont du Crete last time, so here's another NPC.]

The commissioner of the Amber City Watch isn't from Amber and never served as a city watchman -- common sense said there was really no way he was ever going to be successful in the position. Common sense was wrong.

D'Avillez (dah-VEE-lez) has a well-earned reputation as a hard-assed old bastard; he's held the position of Commissioner for fifteen years and any wagers on when he'll retire is considered a sucker's bet.

City watchmen, hearing of the Regent's appointment immediately decided it was insanity -- how could someone without experience on the streets to the job? They learned quickly enough that while he might be new to the streets of Amber, d'Avillez definitely knew how things worked somewhere. He took over management of the city watch as though he'd been doing it 'since Oberon was a baby' and quickly improved the city's overall safety and crime rates.

That sort of thing appealed to the minds of the city watch, but he won their hearts when he publicly criticized the Castle' Royal Guard, opining that they should "Get off their arses and get a proper job."

(He was called on the carpet by the Regent for that remark, but most would say it was worth it for the loyalty he'd earned -- and perhaps that was the point.)

Gal's build is that of a wrestler. His hair is dark, shot through with silver, and pushed back to frame an angular face, grey-blue eyes, and a strong jaw.

Posted by Doyce at 12:09 AM
April 02, 2003
Re: Upcoming Spend Point Reduction

Due to obscure GM mathematical whimsy the point at which spends will drop by 5 points per will be 250 instead of 240. That's from your starting points of 160, which includes the 'free' 25 pts of Pattern and 10 points of non-power non-Attribute stuff.

Later on it drops again at 325.

This reflects an Amberite/Jewel initiate/Zhartra (4 medium to major powers you know of) base of 125.

The Chaosite/Gheneshan/House of Lir base is 100 -- they normally get 8/spend and drop at 200.

The next rung down is Broken Pattern initiates and other sorts with one medium power: base of 75.

Folk with only minor powers (magic, most shadow power sources, lycanthropy) have a base of 50.

At the other extreme, powerful Elderkin might be built on bases of 150, 175 or 200.

Posted by Trimmer at 11:23 PM