May 31, 2003
Things of Power

BARAN'S EXTRA HAND was a construct grown from his blood by a particular genius loci. It was stored extradimensionally, in subspace, like the increasingly common Chaos trick. The hand was the size of a big horse and tough as a wild boar, it could levitate a bit.

BLOOD resonates with the universe. Dworkin made the Primal Pattern from his blood and it is believed that the Serpent made the Logrus with Its blood. The more power you have, the more mystically significant your blood is. Spells of similarity or contaigion done with the target's blood don't work against those with greater powers.

BLOOD ARTIFACTS are made from the iron or carbon in the blood of people with power. Since it takes about 20 pints to make a nickle-sized mass of iron and a few ounces of carbon, this is a slow task. Blood artifacts are made to some particular purpose and have or can enhance the powers of their maker. Some feel that Blood artifacts should be made in the right place (found via shadowwalking), right time and with extreme ritual. Some Blood artifacts, like Werewindle, have personalities of a sort. The more powerful Blood artifacts are difficult to hide from power-senses. Examples: Werewindle, Greyswandir, Oberon's (now the Regent's) sword, Toriana's ring, Flora's ring, Zhartra's sword.

BLOOD CREATURES are constructs made from a shapeshifter's blood. Simpler is easier, so they usually lack things like a reproductive system. Blood beast spies have to be reabsorbed (eaten, usually) to transfer their information unless they are large enough to be semisapient. Blood symbiotes are possible, as artificial organs or for enhancing and controlling creatures. Dispersed Blood beasts are usually controlled through pheromones or ultrasonics.

BROKEN PATTERNS are inferior 'shadows' of the real four. They, cosmographically speaking, spiral out from the triple center nearly to the border. The farther out they are, the more dangerous and the less likely that the power will be stable in an initiate. Broken patterns look like the real ones, in negative, with breaks. Reddish-orange not-electric fire flows out of the center and escapes through the breaks. The breaks change. The would-be initiate walks the power flow and if a break changes, cutting off the flow he's currently in, he dies. The BPs get more dangerous because there are more breaks and they change more often. Pattern probability control can temporarily stabilize a BP. BP benefits include near-immortality, Amberite-like regeneration, the universal translator trick, limited shadow walking and he ability to glitch things.

"COINS" are made of curdled magical energy, folded into an extremely effecient matrix. They are very psychosensitive and need to be shielded when not in use. If released uncontrolled they don't explode, they turn into a wave of transformative magic. Powers help resist personal changes.

THE CROWN OF CHAOS is the focus of all the harvested magical energy of all the Courts of Chaos. It isn't known if Zhartra took it with her when she took the King of Chaos' head off.

THE GRAND ATLAS is the ongoing work of the Daebekkar Society to map and catalogue all the worlds, and all the interesting parts of the worlds, reachable via the networks of Shadow Paths. The Society has been doing this for about 600 years. The GA is published in a Standard (Thari) Edition, on stuff that looks a lot like paper but is 100 times tougher, in runs of maybe one dozen. (The Brotherhood has an 'interactive' magical copy they've made, but it's buggy. The Rebman one works very well. Princess Florimel's people are making a computerized version in her shadow.) As intelectual piracy laws are uninforceable cross shadow they simply charge a fortune, a LARGE fortune, for each set, and smaller fortunes for regional atlases. The full edition includes all the available articles about everywhere. It fills a good-sized room's shelves. The short edition just has abbreviated notes about each place's relevant features, natural, political, cultural, magical, etc. Amber, Rebma, the Brotherhood of Wizards and the arch-wizard Jelerak (rumor) all subscribe. Amber and Rebma sell copies to their own great trading houses and charge reasonable fees for lesser houses to use a 'public' copy. A fairly large number of trading nations in the network buy regional copies of the short edition. Being a Daebekkar sponsor is a prestigious (and costly) thing across the network. It's sexier to be or have been a Daebekkar and actually gone exploring.

JELERAK'S STAFF (the Pez Stick of Doom) looks, in retrospect, a lot like a Blood artifact. He stores "coins" in it and does spells through it, fast.

THE JEWEL OF JUDGMENT is supposedly an Abyssal Thing associated from earliest times with the Serpent, known in Chaos as the EYE OF THE SERPENT. Used to make the Primal Pattern, Corwin's Pattern and possibly the Logrus. For Pattern initiates it greatly enhances their Pattern abilities. Red.

THE JEWEL OF AMBER is a lesser copy in green of the JoJ. Long used to stabilize Rebma and the stair Faiella-bionin, it is now held by the Regent. Benedict, Flora, Toriana, Jacob, 13, Fineas, Rinaldo, Martin and Dara have all attuned to it.

THE JEWEL OF REBMA is a lesser copy in blue of the JoJ. Moire has been attuned to it for centuries, giving her full Pattern powers.

THE JEWEL OF TIR TARNGIR is a lesser copy in violet of the JoJ. Long used to bind the half-unreal remnants of Tir Tarngir in existance as Tir-na Nog'th, the Jewel is now the property of the Empress and Emperor of Tir Tarngir, given to her by the Cat and endowing her with full Pattern powers.

SPELL RACKS are made from all kinds of things but the very best ones are rods (wands, staves) from Fangorn and gold alloy rings from somewhere in the Rebman network. Some captured Chaosian racks, shaped like wrist bracers, are even better, with up to double capacity.

TRUMPS are of two types: sketches and full Trumps. Sketches can be made quickly and are only mildly resistant to magic. Their 'target lock' starts to fade after a week and they must be used regularly for communication to prevent decay. Full Trumps don't lose their 'target lock' ever. They're about twice as physically resilient as they should be based on materials. They are highly resistant to magic or powers-- except for those of their makers. Dworkin-made Trumps are invulnerable to normal wear and tear, are as tough as sheet steel, have improved range and ease of use.

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May 25, 2003
Fineas Journal- Session 32

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 71 PDS 2:30PM :

How quickly a day can turn to shit.

I had begun the preparations for a brief celebration in Rebma, meant to thank the Rebman people for their support of Amber in what appears to be a concluded war. I was called to Amber when I was informed of events deep in chaosian shadow. Cousin Diego had successfully rescued Uncle Bleys and had brought him with Llewella’s help back to the safety of Amber. This in and of itself did not concern me as much as you might think. In fact, I salute Diego’s guts and ingenuity in accomplishing the feat while maintaining his hide intact. No, what well and truly fucked up my mood was the information that during his rescue he encountered an apparent agent of chaos within the mirror realm.

Why is this so bad you ask? Consider that we now have a relatively unexplored route straight to Amber and its environs for an army of chaos to take if they so wish. A route which we do not have adequately covered and that may not be guardable in any meaningful fashion. Even by destroying mirrors in Amber, they will be able to approach much closer to Amber without interference than had been the case through normal shadow. My only consolation is that they probably have not had sufficient time to exploit this path with the civil war in chaos dragging on. As soon as there is a winner there, our goose could be cooked unless we can somehow plug the route.

Even if a chaosian army is not yet enroute, they could do immense damage to our realm by creating an exit for the Moonriders of Ghenesh to ravage our lands once again. We can only hope they have not found the way to that dire land.

Day 71 PDS 4:30PM:

This day just keeps getting better and better. Benedict has decided to engage in some ill timed genocide of the Garou in response to the maiming of Dara by one of their lords recently. Normally I would consider Benedict one of the cooler heads in the realm, but his indulgence seems foolish given the news we have received. My estimation of his wisdom has dropped a notch or two. To compound the folly, he has taken Gerard, Martin and Mirelle with him, leaving the throne under the oversight of Flora.

Bleys was in need of untainted blood, so I donated some of mine to help him through the detoxification process. He is a mess. Diego was working with him for a while but had to rest after the toxins began to effect him as well. Toriana was called in to help in keeping Bleys under some form of control. I have been splitting the watch duty with her, but Flora has called a family meeting and I will need to attend shortly.

Day 71 PDS 8:30PM:

The meeting was relatively short. All those not off killing Garou were present. The information about the Mirror threat was repeated for those not yet in the know and some discussion took place about the binder’s business. I advised we prepare a military force for immediate action in the mirrorverse. To emphasize the degree of the threat, I was less than diplomatic about what I saw as the necessity. After the meeting, I set my brownies to work building a trap for anyone trying to enter my manor from the mirrorverse. I then spoke with Flora about what should be done. I am being sent to Tir Tarngir to bring Rhanda’s father to Amber to assist Kelamon in attuning to the mirror power as well as negotiate an alliance against the new threat.

Day 72 PDS 11:00AM:

I spoke at length with Marcus & company about the threat. They are reluctant to commit any of the shroudlings to scout out the chaos area without backup. The problem is an Amberite must not be seen there or the enemy will respond before we are ready. On top of that, there is concern that Kelamon’s attunement might result in her ending up in chaos. One idea involved having a trump escape route available if that occurs. I know Llewella is scouting chaos, so I trumped her and explained the possible need in the near future for her to be ready to pull out Kelamon and Rastafas. She was agreeable, especially after I offered her my help in the blood feud with Channicutt if she needs it. When we finished our discussion I brought the shroudling chief to Amber as instructed.

Day 72 PDS 3:30 PM:

It was my turn to watch over Bleys again, so I read to him aloud the wondrous verse of Oberon that I found in Tir Tarngir. I think he failed to appreciate its finer points, but he was lucid enough to ask me who I was. I told him I was a nephew but no more, then expounded on my theories of hidden meanings within Oberon’s verse. He responded “just shoot me”. I might have been tempted but for the fact I think we are going to need him well and ready for action in the all too near future. Diego is nowhere to be seen. With Flora in nominal charge and Toriana usurping the treatment of Bleys, I am not surprised. I will need to find him to talk about further scouting of the chaos mirror area.

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I rushed to speak with Benedict. I tried communication, but he seemed to have been possessed by the spirit of his neanderthal brother. (g.m.s. - gerard menstrual syndrome: not only do you become moody, but your ability to reason drops to a level below grammar school as well). After risking my life, and coming back bloodied with valuable information I still get the holier then thou treatment. I presented plans, and instead of taking what is good, and having a real discussion and solving problems it immediately becomes about punching holes in the plan while acting as if I should be grateful for the noblesse oblige. After about he punched the third hole in my plan (holes that were created, by the fact that there is no information sharing down from the highest levels, so you would think he could spare some criticism) I start to loose focus like I do when torriana gets indignant that her world doesn't interact with objective reality. I start imagining a trombone playing in the background. I remember the time I saw the Louie Barmstrong Hot Eight with my wife, and they played the song "empty out my bucket"

...every time I start feeling high you gotta knock me down a few pegs
flatten my tires
pluck my plume with some pliers
take all of my good rooster eggs
do you have to empty out my bucket just to fill your pail?
pump all the suds out of my bath tub heart
so you can wash your hair
you've got your hand in my pocket,
pull the plug from the socket, and suck the wind right out of my sails.
... you'd give anything to see me fail.

I tell him I will have to revise the rest of my plan, in light of the new information. I doubt he could handle my discovery today.
I was looking forward to periodically sitting down for a drink with Benedict, and trying to work out problems, but.. then arrogance is the least troubling of the pathological behaviors in amber, but the most consistent.
why recruit someone with centuries of experience in running a kingdom roughly the size of amber, if they don't want an advisor?
they don't want to share information.
they don't want me interested
when things are broke, or not working to their maximum potential, I fix them. It is what I do. It doesn't matter if they are people or things. If i am not allowed to fix them, I have other valuable things to do with my time.
time to leave, time to stop trying to make this work...AGAIN.Time to stop leaving slots open on my dance card for this torturous infernal sodomy conga line that never goes anywhere, just runs around in a circle as everyone tries to best the person in front of them in line.

there is also this troubling other matter

the line has been crossed
the wrong battlefield redefined
and the old wounds are new

I have not even considered Heinrich, Sabine, or Ky-tung as cannon fodder in this masked war inside a war where only the enemy is worthy of ethical considerations. targeting affairs of the heart at all is unacceptable. Most families know to stop the mind games when the universe is about to collapse. I wish there was a way to draw up a coherent suspect list, but I know they changed the way moire feels.

whora is on the throne.
Torriana doesn't have to like me, but I fail to see how acting like an adult would be lethal to her.
I trumped her father, again attempting to communicate, and as usual
he sickened me. his smell sickens me.
nauseous shambling apelike imbecile.
unblinking unknowing and inert yet inherently wicked like a block of stone chipped from the Bindings that hold the great malefactor himself in the ninth ring of hell chipped from the black after absorbing his foul essence over millennia. The foulness of the devil king festering at it core like a cancer and leaking it's foul stench at the cracks causing near by plant life to rot. imagination-less and self satisfied surrounded by the feral strays he gathered. all hail the pinhead hero!! the purest concentration of evil and stupid existing outside of a centrifuge in chaos.
long ago we ran from chaos, now we cut deals with slimies, and make half hearted attempts to get back. looking like a weak pathetic sandpiper running against the waves

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May 24, 2003
Jacob's Journal -- 31

I continued to search for hints in the recovered book the sylph had recreated for me at Delwin's keep. There three critters that look noteworthy in the things I’ve gone through so far --

The Hounds: There were 8 of the damned things so I had to call Alessandra (Sand) up for help. Again, no sign of their alleged time-travelling ability. Haven't used the tetsubo for a long time. Good thing I put the carbochon blood-diamonds on it. I and Sand reinforced and powered up a giant oak and herded/tricked the Hounds into it. Spent a couple of days at Shingu Spa with sis after and caught up on what she's been up to.
Zhothaqquah: Old Toad got loose enough to gather another cult via the telepathy that makes his progenitor's line so fucking dangerous. Reinforced Its dolomite throne -- It hadn't quite worked Its way off the thing -- and re-bound It to the stone. The spalls on Zh's chest from the rocket launcher he'd used last time had healed up.
Lrii: Hate that name. The mega-salamandros had burned half a subcontinent by the time I got there. News slowed by the first Brotherhood types on the scene ending up as small clouds of ash. I forced it into the middle of the waste and into a granite plateau, bound into the rock, the middle of which is now a magma lake. Fairly straightforward, pure Pattern and Binding.

As I’m reading I hear a thump outside and one of the Remans comes rushing to tell me what I can already see out of the window: there's a massive stone... cat (bout the size of two elephants) just outside the keep. The way I figured it, there was a good chance I couldn’t take it in a fair fight and there wasn’t a good way to make it an unfair fight with no warning, so I decided to go along with its offer to parlay and rode out to meet. The thing introduced itself as Helel, one of the things that was bound back in Dworkin’s time, round about when he made the pattern. Helel’s apologetic over that ‘mix up’ and want to show his good intentions by letting me know about some abyssal critters that are on the move through nearby lands... some sort of hoojums that crawl down your throat and eat your soul, then walk around in your body. Reproductive as hell, apparently.

Oh, and bye the bye he mentions that Toriana was the one that let him go just lately. I think to make my job easier the first thing to do would be binding some of my own kin.

At any rate, he says he can lead me to this critters as a sign of good faith and I ride off with him. We chat a spell and I bring him up to speed on recent news as best I can. He’s had a lot of time to think in the last couple thousand years and has a lot to say.

We commandeered a castle that looked down over the road the things were coming towards us on. They were in peasant bodies... there were about 60 infected mixed in with about 600 normal mundanes, so some sorting was in order. Helel also said he thought there were more moving along behind them at night in their real bodies (that don’t deal with Sunlight too well, then he lit out.

Long story short: abyssal critters are disturbing as hell, but they die just fine. I called up 13 and Fineas and we cored out the peasant stock, moved to the cave the others were hiding in, and just used their hideout as their prison. Problem solved. Creepy as hell, but problem solved.

After seeing me use the Binding, Thirteen got the idea that I might be able to do something with a wayward servant of his. Seems he’s got a little vampiress that’s useful enough, but too dangerous and reckless by half.

Yeah, can’t figure how that’d make em think of me.

Anyway, he’s hoping I can lay a geas on her in some fashion to keep her in line without just chopping off her head. We’ll see. Might be a good test at any rate.

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Journal, Toriana - 31

The World of a Princess
Journal 31

I am again in Arden but in odd company again. It’s not the worst company I could imagine myself with but not exactly what I expect either. I am with Fineas and Thirteen. We all head back to the shadow and I decide I want to locate the person at the epicenter of this chaos and try it with a locator spell. This takes some time and the boys watch my back for incoming logrus. Thirteen is called inside for awhile but Fineas holds his position and later when he comes back he says he has arranged a meeting and I should go swear an oath and go with him, so I do.

I decide not to go wearing my own face because that would just be boring so I decide to play with Thirteen a bit and go as Sabine. I even messed with him in the same manner she would, but I did not go further than would be polite. Thirteen does all the talking, which is fine because this is his show and I am already having fun just being Sabine. I am looking at the Helgram and she not only wore a mask but also a spell to alter her face. That is so cute and I am again amused.

When the meeting is over Thirteen questions Baran and he spilled everything to whomever would listen. We decided to take him to Dom Daniel, while he is still drugged, and leave him where he was found. I guess this did not turn out so well and I disguise myself as Sabine again and purchase some of the leftovers for the girls whom Thirteen travels with. I barely remembered to remove the Sabine spell before trumping back to the castle to hand out the presents.

Thirteen and I are off again trying to find more trouble and we do so without much looking. There is a huge pool of blood and the creature staked to the top of a pole has been bound there with the binding power. We debate what to do and when all else fails I call Jhartra and she says to leave it be and reinforces it. Nifty.

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Knighthood is a big deal. It's also pretty rare though the royals naturally encounter more knights than other people.

Royals can't be knights. (Royals also don't get medals for valor or any of that sort of thing. What they get is the recognition and appreciation of their family.) Knights don't have to be Amber subjects or human, though nearly all are.

Knighthood is a reward and recognition of great service to the Crown and the nation. Specifics are vague but the concept has always been taken very seriously by the king and the regent. Knighthoods are not limited to nobles or soldiers. Productive land or (much more commonly) an income is part of the knighthood package, along with etiquette training for those who need it.

There are two tiers of knighthood. The top tier is the Order of the Unicorn, with knighthoods bestowed by the regent. Gerard has admitted a few females to the OU. Tanitheel was the first. Unicorn knights have social precedence over anybody but royals and, sometimes, foreign rulers though they may choose to not exercise it.

The second tier consists of the 'princely' orders in which candidates are nominated by an individual prince or princess and nearly always passed by the king/regent as a matter of course. Collectively these are the Order of the Star but are more often called after their associated prince/princess or after that royal's symbol. Corwin's were Knights of the Silver Rose, Gerard's are Knights of the Bronze Ship, etc. Numbers were limited to a dozen for each prince or princess. Most Star knights were lost in Chaos and several of those tasked to remain in Amber died fighting the invaders. Star knights have social precedence over all nobles except the actual heads of the greater houses and their heirs.

Gerard hasn't mentioned the second kind of knights to the PCs. Toriana knows, of course, but [retcon alert] he told her they'd wait until the new princes had a proper appreciation for such things. Fineas probably knows.

Rebma has 5 Orders of descending renown.

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May 23, 2003
13's Debriefing - session 31

My cousins and I seem to be getting along better nowadays

Tori, Fineas and I really did a number on the Helgram's. I know that Fineas wasn't really happy about the outcome, but I felt it was the best chance to get them back on their side of the border. Yesterday was tons of explosive power, tomorrow might be worse with the added bonus of the Logrus masters. No having stolen parts of their research, achieved the release of Baran and the Hellmaid's, and getting the Helgram's to leave is a very good day.

When we got back to Bricktop's headquarters Baran and the Hellmaids were delivered per the agreement. They were all very stoned out of their gourds. Tori tried to figure out what Baran had told them, but she too was soon overcome by the lingering effects of the Drug. Even though his capture was really Dara's fault, I was not in a position to take it out on the current regent's Daughter. But Baran had pissed off Tori (and every other female out here including Kirsten), and he had provided the Helgram's with way too much info. I told him that he had fullfilled his contract to Amber and would be returning to Dom-Daniel shortly. As a Postscript: baran body parts are selling briskly in Dom-Daniel. Tori picked up bits for Sabine, Dara, Mom, Genevieve, and even Kirsten.

Badger led Tori and I to some sort of shapeshifting minor power in Inferno. Tori wanted to have it guarded, and I took a sample to play with…or maybe a little carrot for Kirsten. It has been a lot of fun hanging out with Tori. She is quite masterful with magic, though I do see a lot of the Helgram magic in her stylings.

I do find myself fascinated by the Helgram's. Each time I meet Incarnadine it is almost like the Helgrams are family. It's as if I understand them better…well better then some members of my Family. We made a deal exchange "ambassadors", and Tori and I had some thoughts as to who that should be. I think that Chaos must be like a larger version of the Village.

Today I met with Benedict for the first time since he has taken on the chore of Regency. He wares it with some misgivings. He was shocked to hear the Dara had been injured by the Garu in Inferno. I could see a small hint of fatherly concern breaking it's way through the hardened steel shell that is Benedict. He said that he would look into some non-family people for the exchange with the Helgrams.

Talked to Jacob about Binding Kirsten…it seems to be the only humane thing to do. I don't want to turn her loose back in Limbo again (Somebody would just have to deal with her in the future like Dara and I did with Varnai), and Genevieve has already done to much in keeping her in line to put her in that position permanently.

On a lighter note: Fineas, Jacob, Rinaldo and I had some good times rounding up a bunch of black spheres.

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May 22, 2003
Game Log - Session 31

Session 31

"If anybody needs a really powerful psychopathic 14 Year's Jacob"


That. Is. A. Really. BIG. Cat!

Starting Points:

Fineas - Arden
13 - Arden
Toriana - Arden
Jacob - Delwin's Castle
Diego - Dom-Daniel

13, Toriana, and Fineas

-They regroup in Arden. get some more supplies and trump Bricktop for quick transport back to Yendys. When the get back Fineas makes plans to go to Yabmob to see if the Helgram's have a toe hold there. Tori and 13 work on tracking down other Helgram cells using magic. Tori uses a locator spell and 13 uses passive Pattern scanning.

-About an hour after starting Tori and 13 are interrupted by their computer guys saying Incarnadine is trying to contact 13 via the internet. She tells that first off that the locator spell isn't going to work, and next invites them (Fineas has not left yet) to lunch. She wants to talk over the phone so 13 gives her a cell phone number and she calls back. 13 puts her on the speaker (Fineas barely contains his rage while listening to her) and she continues the conversation and they agree to a meeting place in Otiuq by the name of Cafe la Pepe. This involves a lot of solemn oaths to not attack, track or otherwise annoy each other before, during or for a while after the meeting. The oaths even cover poison, unlike last time.

-Tori, and 13 teleport there and go to the restaurant. Fineas leaves in disgust for some business he needs to take care of. Incarnadine shows up -- vial Logrus from outside the shadow -- wearing a concealing robe, full-head mask and illusions disguising her eyes. Tori doesn't know if she should be disappointed or flattered. The Borders of Chaos and Amber are discussed over dinner. Incarnadine seems surprised that Amber claims everything out to the Dancing Mountains, but agrees to leave. Helgram doesn't want a vendetta with Amber, especially not during a civil war. It is agreed that the Helgram's can tack there research back to Chaos with them. She says that they already have enough Garu, wizards from Limbo and spy techniques from Purgatory and don't need anymore. Incarnadine brings up the possibility of Amber and the Helgram's trading representatives. Tori and 13 agree to this and set up people for contact purposes. Contact can by Trumps of underlings -- no Helgram is going to let Tori make a Trump of them. She agrees to that the Helgram's will leave Amber territory within 24 hours and she will return any captured Hellmaid's and Baran. Everybody leaves without been poisoned. Back in Yendys Heinrich, Yurgan, and Gertruda detect no Blood beasts.


-Works on becoming used to the Mirrorverse environment.

-He takes his Expendables from Arden to Chandora to work on repopulating, replanting, and recovery. He arrives in Chantrisport. Tracks down food, Supplies, and Whores.

-Next Fineas heads off to Fangorn to recruit some of the best enviro-beasts to aid in the recovery of Chandora. He gets three tree-lords (ents), a dozen dryads and a company of elfy foresters.

-After that goes to Remus to get things moving forward there. Does his whole Intershadow Man of Mystery thing, Baby!


-Talks to the Old Citadel folks about their investigation of Deigo's Magic Schools defenses. They tell him he was screwed over by his contractors. Contracts them to fix the problem.

-Talks to Sorak and Dawadiray about Gifts and shape shifting. Sorak is freaked by the idea of becoming a shapeshifter. Dawadiray is interested, especially if it will lead to a job with lots of shadow travel.

-Kylliki...Good times.

-Goes to Amber and removes all of his money from the Banks. Gives $12m to the Amber treasury, and the rest he is going to spread around in the GCK's.

-Goes to Lynxia and heals a bunch of people...some of this is to feel good the rest of it is for publicity purposes.

-Trumps in a bunch of food from Vulnavia.

-Goes back to Amber and goes into a Rage when he finds out that Lirazel has been released from her Bond. She has set up shop in an Amber Government building in Downtown Amber.

-Meets with the Friend of Vulnavia (FOV) organization. He invites Caridwen. She politely tells him that she has other plans. (Courtesans at her level don't hire out for parties unless it's maybe a small party of princes.) He Showers the FOV's with swag.

-Diego goes to the Castle and procures a trump of the Dancing mountains, and trumps there. Hours of attempts at crossing the border via the Mirrorverse fail miserably; apparently it's an advanced trick. He Trumps to Llewella in the Rebman spy camp and then to his uncle Garcia, who has good info on where Bleys is currently.


-At Delwin's Castle he searches for info on "hounds" bound into a tree, something called Zohthatqqua and a super-salamandros. Before he can leave he hears a LOUD THUMP. He slowly turns to face it and sees a winged black cat the size of two really large Elephants sitting calmly a ways outside the castle walls. It calls out that it wants to talk. On closer examination the creature seems to be a lot heavier than the twenty-plus tons it should weigh and has stony skin, the feathers are stylized, almost bladelike, and its eyes glow like yellow fire. Jacob greets the cat and after a short confrontation they decide to talk. The CAT -- better yet WINGED JAGUAR so as to not confuse it with the Unicorn's brother -- is named Helel and he brings news of black sphere things running amuck in a shadow not far from here. Helel also tells him that he is one of the Elderkin that was bound by Dworkin several thousands of years ago for attacking with him. Helel had been convinced (duped) that the Pattern would destabilize reality. After being bound to one spot watching things not destabilize he now admits that Dworkin was correct. He also tells Jacob that Toriana accidently freed him (tooo-RIIII you have a lot of 'splaining to do!). Helel wants Jacob to put in a good word for him with Zhartra and the other Binders. Helel says he harbors no grudges. The WJ tells Jacob that he will lead him to the shadow where the Black Sphere's are. They leave much to the residents of Delwin's Castle's relief.

13, Toriana

-A drugged Baran and the Hellmaid's arrive in Yendys. 13 Tells Baran that his services are no longer needed and his contract is complete. 13 has Toriana trump him to Dom-Daniel where he is soon discovered, drugged and helpless, by women he had wronged or their friends. The trade in Baran body parts soon become quit brisk. The Hellmaid's are sent to Lynxia. The Helgrams leave ahead of schedule, FIVE Logrus trails, and avoid the big path to the border.

-13 Tries to contact Dara to tell her the news, but is unable to trump her. He tries Badger next and finds out that Dara had been in a huge fight with a Garu warlord and was torn up pretty badly before she finally won. Badger tells him the Mirelle is in charge now. 13 trumps Mirrelle and they talk about the deal with the Helgram's. She says that they have a few things to clean up but should be done in a day or two. Badger interjects about the huge power source off deep on one other the other shadows. He wants to know of 13 and Toriana want to investigate it. We sure do,

-After a long Journey they arrive at the "beast on the Pole" power source. 13 takes a sample and Badger tells them it is some sort of Shape Shifting power source. He was a normal werebadger when he found it and bathed in and drank the Beast's blood. He survived the uncontrollable, impossibly-quick shapeshifting and madness that followed and was then a shifter of a higher order, like a Chaosian or a Gheneshan. Toriana Trumps Zhartra in.

-Fineas decides to throw a party in Remia. He makes contacts and friends. He meets Solus, a Remian of the Patrician class. They come to an agreement. Fineas will help Solus move up the power ladder and when Solus is able to provide some Legions he will do so. It is agreed that rotating three legions around would be the best for Remia and the troops involved.

-Makes a quick dash out to shadow to collect tons o' funds for Solus and takes his hauls back to Remia.

-Fineas completes all of his Remia tasks and heads back to Amber and has a mildly frustrating conversation with Ky-tung.

-Deploys some more blood beast searchers (Armets).

-Finds his Grandfather, and they discuss the Bleys situation. His Grandfather pulls him through to somewhere in Chaos. They travel via the outskirts of the Chaosian Teleport-Gate Superhighway and only have to kill a couple of fellow travelers. Freaky Palace, lots of beautiful women and almost-women, and Large Humanoids -- very like the Avernans of Bleys' personal armies. They spot a couple of locals watching the palace from a distance. Diego shifts to look like a woman to infiltrate, then slips into the mirrorverse. As he works his way around the Mirrorscape he spies a Lizardoid spying on Bleys through a Mirror. Diego Magi-flutes it to sleep and then kills it.


-as they move through shadow Jacob finds it easy to keep up with Helel. They discuss the Black Spheres. The things -- "adumbrali" are only slightly material, they eat souls, they come from what sounds like sub-subspace, they aren't too powerful individually but they breed quickly if fed enough souls. Jake and Helel arrive at a Moat and Bailey, and Hilel pounces up on top for a better view -- Helel seems to have a private understanding with Gravity. Jacob makes his way up there and the two of the Check out the Black Spere's. Hilel says that his duty is done, and to pass on to Dworkin that he was correct. Exit Hilel.

13 and Toriana

-The Queen of A & D praises Dworkin's work. The Beast was a crazy Elderkin prone to shapeshifting everything in sight for the hell of it, but nearly impossible to kill. Tori wants The Beast guarded, killed or cleaned up somehow. Zhartra and the others think that it's fine where it is, in the middle of a wasteland full of mutant nasty things. Worse, the shapeshifters and vampire have a hard time not jumping into the Beast's blood, and the Amberites are all latent shapeshifters themselves. As Florimel told them, it's a bitch when you start changing spontaneously. Literally in her case.
Zhartra beefs up the bindings on the Beast's pole -- it is impaled on a 50 foot long spear stuck in the stone -- and suggests that everybody leave before the Vamp and the Three Weir go completely made with Desire for the pool of blood.

-Everybody departs for Amber.


-She trumps Jacob and tells him about the Bound creature on the Pole. He thanks her for all the work that she is providing and a little about Helel.

-She Talks to Benedict about Purgatory, the Beast on the Pole, and that it should be guarded. She provides Benedict a trump of the place. Benedict and her discuss possible future tasks.


-Continues his Discussion with Ky Tung. The subjects are: Kashfa, Her Family, Trade, and Broken Pattern training. Fineas tells her that he will talk to Azvan and his group about training her.

-Trumps Nellie and talks to her about Magical security at his manor, and setting up some blood beast detection spells/devices.


-Mika the Page delivers a letter to Tori. She reads it and finds it both annoying and amusing. She talks to Benedict about it, and he gives her his pat answer on the subject. It is decided that the letter is a set up of some kind.


- The mirror is a ceiling one and Bleys is below on a huge bed with five women. Three look bored. Deigo shifts himself male and oily, bursts through the Mirror, shoots the Watcher (crab demon-thing that's been feeding him hallucinogens for over four years while feeding on rich Amberite blood) on Bleys' neck with a poisoned dart and runs like hell. The Rampant Bleys grabs Diego, but thankfully for Diego he is really, really slippery right now, and Bleys is hardly at his fighting best. Diego runs away and Trumps to Garcia as fast as he can shadow. The palace started changing into something less pretty as soon as Bleys' screwing was interrupted. Diego and Garcia Trump to Llewella as Bleys hauls his entourage through shadow in a smooth progression of morphing architecture.

-Deigo tells Llewella about the current Bleys situation. She is disinclined to help. Diego, Garcia and his local hirelings backtrack and find Bleys, and everybody with him, sick as a hungover dog. There are more watchers and they look agitated. Diego Trumps Llewella again and fills her in. She comes through, unwilling to let even an "asshole" brother land in Chaosite captivity. Llewella trumps Bleys and drops him like a sack of potatoes. Diego cherry-picks 6 of Bleys' girls to take home.

-Llewella Trumps them to her camp, then Trumps them through to Queen Moire. None of the Rebmans are fond of Bleys. News of Chaosians in the Mirrorverse causes quite a sensation. Diego Trumps Benedict and informs him of the good news, and the bad.


-Jacob Trumps 13. They work on shooting the Black orbs that are infesting the Peasants around the Moat and Bailey. Much success. Blooded bullets work, blood-spells work some. Normal spells don't. Pattern does. The ones that are not infesting peasant prove to be a bit tougher. Jacob trumps Fineas. They catch the 'free' spheres, the ones not possessing people yet, in a cave hiding from the sunlight. Jacob binds them to the cave walls. Big Huzzah!

-13 asks Tanitheel about taking Kirsten in hand. Tanitheel doesn't see any hope of turning the little psychopath into a decent person, and she's not the one to be breaking Kirsten into obedience. She suggests that if Kirsten got loose and attacked Amber subjects that it would really, really piss off the Regent. Either one. Tanitheel is OK with training Genevieve as an agent though.

13 talks to Jacob about Binding Kirsten so that she is no longer a threat to herself or others unless ordered to do so. Jacob seem to think that this should work really well, and asks 13 to work on the exact wording of Kirsten's permanent geas.


-Continues trump call to Benedict: the conversation wanders over to shapeshifting and the Armits. not much else after this.

-Trumps Moire (ahahahahahahawwww Moire you make it hurt so good ahahahahawww) and gets Debriefed by her. They discuss Bleys and his prison. They talk about the Shroudlings; it looks like one or more of the missing 3 families has made an alliance or been enslaved in Chaos. He kisses her on the hand and goes back to Llewella's camp.

Jacob, 13 and Fineas

-Fineas heads back to Rebma to Party.

-Jacob and Rinaldo make sure the binding is going to hold.

-13 Heads back to Amber and talks to Benedict about the Helgram's, Limbo, Inferno, Purgatory, the Beast on the Pole, Binding Kirsten, and possible Broken Pattern attunement for one or two people that had helped him in the Helgram Campaign. Benedict did not know about Dara being hurt and the Fatherly side of him starts to come out.


-Diego ponders Trumping Bleys... (Who is currently in his room at the Castle, under guard, strapped -- dragonhide -- to Gerard's old but very solid bed.)

Ending points:

Jacob - Shadow of Black Spheres.
Toriana - Amber.
13 - Amber.
Fineas - Rebma...Shaking his groove thing.
Diego - Vulnavia, holding Bleys' Trump.

Posted by Stan at 08:24 PM
May 21, 2003
..and one more thing (some highlights from benedict's debriefing)

I would like to request request some manner of royal accommodation for the hospital, to insure it's prompt completion under currency restrictions. I have several suggestions for ways that I feel would be more effective to handle problems in the amber economy. I am in the process of contacting professionals, and am preparing a report in this matter

A thought I have is that galena might want to examine the corwin-verse to see if it has mirror-verse, and we should considered sending someone to inform them right away, and consider extending some manner of shroudling ambassador there as well. My guess is that it is unlikely that there would be a mirror-verse gateway to new avalon, but we would be better off if we ruled it out conclusively. another consideration would be third party use of the mirror-verse. to recruit tanitheel's people, and provide them an allied path to vindication against amber. once I have completed my next 3 objectives, I could undertake that mission with tanitheel, it would also give us a chance to enact the recruiting plan we spoke of earlier

one other way I could be of service is using an account of my time in chaos as a public morale booster, and a chance to begin some misdirection about our knowledge of chaos.

one thing that troubled me about the lack of attention to the rescue of your brother was the possibility of him being the second chaosite breeding experiment. I knew he would use the ability to create his own existence to pleasure himself, as we all would to some degree, but I did not consider it would be so completely geared towards validating his personal lusts for power, and lust in general. I have little doubt that a chaosite who fit his paradime could have made herself available for his pleasure. with an infinitude of women at his disposal, a periodic pregnancy might have served to only enhance his sense of virility. A prospective mother, either planted or imported could have been shuttled out, possibly through the mirror network. he has shown a penchant for indiscriminate procreation in the past. this would also explain why he was left to his own devices to spite being a potential danger. I will endeavor to retain his concubines in the second part of this endeavor. I believe it is critical that we obtain some manner of census from the man himself as promptly as possible after his return

remind me to speak of you regarding lirazel the next time we meet.

Posted by Doyce at 04:44 AM
May 19, 2003
Fineas' Journal Session 31

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 67 PDS 11:00 AM:

After our afternoon's entertainment yesterday, Thirteen found an invitation to contact that Helgram bitch Incarnadine on the network. He did so and she negotiated a meeting with him at a time and place of his choosing. Since I refused to pledge my nonaggression, I disinvited myself from the proceedings. Probably a mistake, but it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut during the conference call. Instead, I chose to arrange to fly to Yabmob to check out the computer and programming facilities there. It seemed to me to be the most likely headquarters for the Helgrams in this shadow. A long history of cultural mysticism, a burgeoning software industry and a large population steeped in poverty seemed the natural breeding ground for what the Helgrams are looking for.

Day 68 PDS 1:00 PM:

Well, at least I got to do a brief tour of Yabmob before I was called off. Thirteen contacted me to let me know that he had cut a deal with Incarnadine for the Helgrams to leave the shadow in a couple days after they have gotten what they wanted. Personally I find the whole arrangement distasteful. I have zero faith in the Helgrams not to continue their exploitation of our shadow in the shadows. At best, we can claim a victory for public consumption. At worst, we have given Helgram the time they need to win the throne of Chaos while maintaining tendrils of corruption in Purgatory. I would feel much better about the arrangement if we had dealt them a stinging defeat somewhere along the way. I still don't feel like they respect us and I can't help but feel we will pay for that sometime soon. Time to return to Amber and get a few things done. I want to check on the progress of my plan and possibly begin the next phase.

Day 68 3:00PM:

Things in Amber are still quiet so I have begun the project of reclaiming the shadow I dubbed "Ruin". I have gathered the expendables and will collect Bono's former enemies to repopulate the shadow. With some help from Fangorn, a few dozen trollops from shadow and the natural biological urges of my men, the necromantic taint of the place should be replaced with something more tolerable. Supplies are available from the Chandora campaign so that should not prove to be a limiting factor. It feels a little more satisfying to begin the construction of a world than the usual destruction that occurs in war. At some point in the near future, I will need to seed the place with colonists of a less criminally oriented aspect but for now this should get things started.

Ky-Tung left me a message and we spoke about her offering service to the regent. Except , with the usual female logic, she did not want to offer formalized service. I explained that making the offer would in fact place her at the beck and call of the regent as any other agent. If she wanted to help, it should be done much in the way she has been helping. That is, helping me when I need it. She seemed bored, so I asked her to take a force of three ships along with Azvan and explore/claim the area around the giant shadow she had found. Azvan was up for it, so I arranged things and sent them on their way. That should occupy her interest and Azvan can help her to learn her Broken Pattern abilities on the way.

Day 70 5:00PM:

I decided it was time to make an appearance at Remia, so I dropped in and began the arrangements to throw a party for the powers that be. I made the acquaintance of one of the poorer patrician families and have made arrangements to back one of their upcoming stars for a run at the consulship. His name is Sullus. I felt it prudent to enlighten him somewhat on the nature of the universe and what I wanted in return for backing his family with gold. He took it well. We formalized the agreement over the usual feasting and civil entertainment (though I am so tempted to import musicians with skill beyond the lyre or harp).

I will finance his rise to office and he will make available two or three legions on a rotating basis for my use in shadow. I am sure he intends to exploit my help as much as possible. That's OK because I really want about five legions and am prepared to work him hard to make that possible. With our own war apparently drawing to a close, I intend to spend much more time here to cement my position. In time I will need to find a good source for technologically advanced troops but for now a few legions will do. I will have to see what the barbarians of this shadow have to offer as well.

Day 71 10:00 AM:

I felt it prudent to check on the progress of my new abode in Rebma, so I dressed down and made my way to the soggy city. I was not there long when I got a trump asking for assistance in slaying a few pesky peasants. Intrigued, I accepted and joined Thirteen and Jacob somewhere out in deep shadow. Apparently some infestation from the abyss had taken over a number of locals and they needed to be exterminated. It was a straightforward job and only took twenty or so minutes to chase down all the ones that needed killing. A large number of unhosted parasites were then located and I watched as Jacob and Thirteen dithered over what to do. I suggested they simply bind the creatures into the ground using a binding circle and Jacob's new power. In the end this is what they did. I was glad, since I did not relish digging down to them to kill them and I did not feel like chasing them all over the shadow if they emerged and scattered.

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May 18, 2003
How Fast Do You Regrow Parts?

Let's see. Corwin regrew eyes and burned out nerves in 3 years for partial sight plus one for full recovery. This under bad conditions: discomfort and poor nutrition, but with lots of rest. Eyes are Tiny and Very Complex.

Llewella would have regrown her arms and legs under maximum Rebman care in about 4 months. With Dworkin's spawn Rebman deluxe care optimizes the regenerative process to a completely unnatural level -- all the surviving parts are postioned perfectly, nutrition to each cell is near-perfect, etc. Arms and legs are Complex, Large and Extensions. Diego's SS Regenerative Trance cut the time to just over 1 week.

After playing with the numbers:
The Base Regrowth time is 15-20 months, at END=30 real, for a small, simple part, like an earlobe or a chunk of your butt. The spread is for complex parts. At 15 they work, at 20 they work perfectly.

Regrowth Time Multipliers:
: +1 for Complex (lots of nerves: fingers), +3 for Very Complex (eyes, some vitals)
: +1 for Medium sized (hand, arm), +2 for Large (leg, multiple limbs)
: +1 for Extensions (legs, arms, eyes due to the tiny connection)
: +.5 for Poor Conditions

Regrowth Time Divisors:
: Your real End (adjusted for the Fast Regen/Cockroach Specialization), plus your points in Shapeshifting, /30 [ex: Corwin's real End is 70, he has Fast Regen 2, 105 is 3.5x 30, he regrows parts 3.5 x as fast as someone with 30 End.]
: /2 for Good Conditions, ample food, rest, comfort, cleanliness
: /4 for Very Good Conditions, like modern deluxe hospital care
: /8 for Optimal Conditions, like Rebman/Lynxian magic or nanotech medicine
: /50 to /100 with a Shapeshifting Regenerative Trance, depending on conditions, or even faster with the proper Specialization

Ex: Prince Joe gets two fingers shot off. Fingers are Complex but small: 15 mo x 2 = 30mo.
His END=40, he has Fast Regen 1 (x1.25=50), so his base Regen divisor = ~1.7. 30/1.7 = 17.6 mo.
--If Joe lets it heal on it's own, but manages Good care -- about the best you can manage while keeping active, if you're lucky -- They'll grow back in under 9 months.
--If Joe goes to Lynxia and is a good patient, they'll grow back in 2.2 months. [13 days Amber time.]
--If Joe goes to Tanitheel they'll grow back in about 7 days of trance in Amber or 5.5 days in Lynxia. [1.1 day Amber time] (The bigger the part, the better off you are in Lynxia or Rebma for Optimal care. Redistributing two fingers' worth of body mass is one thing, a leg's worth is another. You need Magic Nutrition, baby. And, of course, there's the 5:1 time time flow in Lynxia too.)
--If Joe goes to Diego it will cut a day or two off Tanitheel's time.

Ahhh. I feel much better now about shooting, hacking, burning parts off the PCs.

Posted by Trimmer at 12:59 PM
los Journal de Diego 31.1

Family- It's like square dancing with monsters at gun point, in this case somewhat literally. maybe the phrase "ball of the cannibal ghouls" works better. I wish life could be more about real family and less about the suspects your related to.

the ideal is to be perceived as helpful/benevolent with just the right amount of inconvenience and irritation to allow yourself enough freedom. In the case of myself and most of the family that comes from my good fortune of bearing what they might call "ethical baggage", and what I would call human decency. In the case of benedict I am attempting to be excessively helpful, cheerful, and candid. I think it is the cheerfulness that bothers him. I think anything unpragmatic grates on Benedict's nerves. I would think they would get over this sort of bogus fashionable decorum after a few millennia. somewhere out there in shadow is the non-sequtir the could shatter Benedict's mind. I would like to consider myself a fairly organized, dignified, and professional persona, but the level of faux superiority complex detachment I constantly encounter strikes me as frighteningly dispassionate and joyless. I don't care if bleys is a libidinal lunatic, I still pray he can raise the level of animated conversation around here. I am in "The Great Gatsby" as written by Lucifer (all the malaise, ennui and triple the intrigue)
I must say that I didn't regret my journey into Bley's fantasy world, but seeing it did offer insight into my own predicament. I have never been this lustful. I thought it was a delayed imprint of estrus from the time I have spent as a primate, and antelope. I thought it was about suppressed things reawakening. I now know what it is really about. It is nearly the only acceptable escape I have from the sense of powerlessness I have been experiencing.
speaking of powerlessness...
the most painful thing yet was seeing Moire again. I saw something different in her, something foreign. I think she has been fed lies by family. I expected something more formal, but our conversation was uncharacteristically devoid of all but the most obligatory pleasantries. I did my best to hold back intense feelings that ache every muscle in my soul, but maybe around someone with moire's talents that is like expecting to cork a volcano by simply sitting on it. All the boons amber could offer will never atone for this.
It is my turn to go drinking with Morwyn

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May 17, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 30

The World of a Princess
Journal 30

There are times in your life that the thing you never ever expect to happen does. You see I am off doing the good work for Benedict when I get a call, from Thirteen, he needs help. Now this is unusual for several reasons. One: He called me. Two: I answered. Three: I am going to help. All these things together should have caused the collapse of the empire, but it didn’t.

He needs to storm the upstairs. I have five minutes to realign spells. Great I can ready five things. I quickly decide what is useful in all situations and begin. We take the place without much else going wrong. I in the end puppet the head man and we find out most everything oh and then the building is going to explode, neat. I trump us away to Arden and everyone holds on.

I agree to go back to the shadow with Thirteen and help him out some more, and the universe has so far survived. We remember at some point we were supposed to have a competent cousin meeting and get together with Fineas and Jacob. We all discuss what is going on and what we are going to do about it. Now I am beginning to wonder when the world will explode because Fineas has asked me for a favor as well. Did Benedict send out some ‘hey Toriana is really poor at managing her own time please find things for her to do’ memo? He wants us to strengthen his mother’s defenses around the well. Yeah sure no big deal and I will make some things especially for the man I know is involved with killing Sand and Delwin.

Posted by Jackie at 04:32 PM
Journal, Toriana - 29

The World of a Princess
Journal 29

It occurs to me that I have neglected to show Flora the toy that was in the box of heads. I should remedy this at once. I give her a call and as always she is gracious and willing to partake of my company. We catch up with what little time we have and she is as always a pleasant lady. The combination of perfect manners and grace I could spend hours talking to Flora...

With father gone Benedict seems to think he is better able to dictate my time than I am. I suppose with mother and father both gone I do have a few more duties to attend to. He wishes me to go to Dom Daniel and check things out. He has some trumps he also wishes to have made. I have also been asked to look at Diego’s security and make some small suggestions. What the hell was he thinking, a non-magical person opening a magical school in a magical shadow it is an accident waiting to happen. Well at least he is Benedict’s problem now. I return the trumps to Benedict and he has sent me on another mission of things to do for him. I miss dad.

Posted by Jackie at 04:17 PM
How Fast Do You Heal?

Start with your Real Endurance.

Multiply by 1.25 or 1.5 if you've Specialized in Fast Regen/Cockroach

Add your total points in Shapeshifting. Note that SS Wounds just seals injuries in seconds to minutes, it doesn't heal them.

Divide by 5. This is how many times faster than a normal human you heal.

Pattern, Broken Pattern, Logrus, Trump Artistry, Shapeshifting and a few other powers enable you to heal completely, without scarring and regrowing missing parts if necessary.

If you have Shapeshifting with Regeneration you heal 10x as fast when in a regenerative trance.

If you can heal others with Shapeshifting, they heal at a rate between their natural one and yours, times 10, in a regenerative trance.

Posted by Trimmer at 03:15 PM
May 16, 2003
Blood and hostile magic retcon

All of you are retroactively aware that your blood can't be used against you by hostiles. (Rebman training for Tori, Brand's training for Fineas and Rinaldo, Garcia's training for Diego, recent experience for Jacob and Thirteen.) It remains yours. Were someone to try, you would be aware of it and able to mess with it. Your hair, fingernail clippings, etc. can be used to some degree. Human mages' blood does not have this quality.

Posted by Trimmer at 03:32 PM
Mail to Avallone

There are Trumps available (painted on walls, locked behind steel) for well-guarded places at each end. Trained personnel can hand objects through -- that's a 1 point specialization for someone with minor wizard or better Psyche. Both places can be altered enough to temporarily disable the Trumps within minutes.

Posted by Trimmer at 03:23 PM
Twenty Questions with Prince Diego

Twenty Questions with Prince Diego
Questions set by Kedric Kandive, Written by Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich, Renderings by Spud Noir.
As Approved by Prince Benedict.

**Note: Items in italics are Diego true feelings on the question, and not published. Just added for the flavor of it.

1. DT: For our Dear readers, Prince Diego, Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am 300 years old. I have been married once. my wife was murdered while abroad on a goodwill mission with our two sons. I specialize in engineering, as well as medicine, and I often combine the two in shape-shifting. I have worked as a combat medic, doctor, teacher, engineer, sailor, administrator, general, and soldier. I am staunchly opposed to slavery. I enjoy card games, playing my bariguiha, intelligent conversation in proper matters, experimentation, and research.

2. DT: Price Diego, about your Shadow Vulnavia.

Vulnavia is a tropical island that has among the highest standards of living in it's native shadow. It is a global center for research. It is a growing cultural capital as well. The people tend to be both directly honest and industrious while hailing from diverse backgrounds.

3. DT: Prince Diego, why were you not brought into the Family sooner?

I was kept secret. On a related note I think there does need to be a unified coherent policy towards the induction of new family members, particularly with several of us in committed relationships that might bear fruit once the war is over.

4. DT: Prince Diego, it is rumored that your Father is Prince Corwin, Do you wish to start a Relationship with him at this late date.

There is no need.
I am completely happy with the great man that provided my parenting in lieu of Corwin's adultery. A man who denies his own children is a fool and a coward who also does harm beyond words to himself.

5. DT: Prince Diego, when did you find out you were of the Royal blood?

when my aunt suddenly stopped intimating incest after 8+ hours
I had always know I was different, but I assumed it was the result of spells, being Castilian, and lucky genetics.

6. DT: Prince Diego, tell us about your feelings about the pace and extent of the war.

I obviously wish there were more dead chaosites, but in most cases I do not see how that is possible. outside of gerard actually listening, and doing something

7. DT: Prince Diego, which of the enemies of Amber are of most concern to you?

While I have not had a great deal of time to devote to the historical study of Amber, but it strikes me that Historically Amber's greatest troubles seem to have been internal. Since most of the previous tension seems to have been removed, I believe the obvious answer is those that remain hidden, and those that could hide amongst us.

8. DT: Prince Diego, You have been seen with several beautiful women on your arm…Do you have any plans to settle down in the Future?

laughs I don't know of too many women who could tolerate the demands on my schedule. I am interested and even looking when I have the chance.

9. DT: Prince Diego, after suffering several months of personal attacks in the Press, how do you respond to your detractors?

I find it extremely frustrating to have sacrificed more lives of troops and friends then I have given in defense of my homeland in 180 years to the cause, and receive little but bile in their memory. However upon reflection I feel the injustice done to Vulnavia is trivial in comparison to the damage done to Amber because only a limited spectrum of the people who have made brave sacrifices for the war are receiving a majority of the attention. In some cases editors have focused on meritless personal attacks against the royal family while their own children are on the front. Most of the work the family is doing cannot be reported upon pro-actively, because then the chaosite scum won't stick their heads out of the holes for expedient decapitation. There needs to be a greater focus on the bravery displayed, and sacrifices made through out our brave armed services, and not just crassly focusing on celebrity. Last month when I was healing a wounded soldier, and he said as much. I will now start providing such information to the press as it reaches my offices

10. DT: Prince Diego, How has the sudden revelations of you and Vulnavia's participation in the war helped your standing in the publics eye?

I get the sense that some wrongs in that regard have been corrected. I am close to approaching the level of sustainable economic interplay I would like to see between Vulnavia and amber.

11. DT: Prince Diego, It was reported in one of the Amber Rags that you and Princess Toriana had a bit of a falling out; is this true, and if so has Princess Toriana resolved it to your satisfaction?

We had a disagreement, I do not think it will prevent us from collaboration during extreme circumstances.

12. DT: Prince Diego, Do you feel that there should be punishment for those that overstep what is considered public decency in the Press?

I think premeditated lies and malicious slander against the royal family should be treated in the same manner as the revealing state secrets, because ultimately they serve the same purpose. IF the local press can focus on the local hero's of the war, and less on celebrity to boost circulation, most of my grievances would be silenced.

13. DT: Prince Diego, Tell us a little bit about your close Friends in Vulnavia?

I am regretting the degree to which I have brought my loyal friends into the spotlight, even though most of their duties are public knowledge. I am working to expand my network of intimate associates.

14. DT: Prince Diego, tell us about your new Properties in Lynxia and Dom-Daniel.

Dom-daniel is devoted to manufacturing, training, and housing activities geared towards conjuration. It will be the single largest school in the area, and capable of formidable feats in the near future.

15. DT: Prince Diego, Are you interested in pursuing ties to Tir Tarngir and Rebma as well as Amber.

Of course, and I think we all should. Rebma has been personally supportive when Amber wasn't, and has a share in most if not all of our victories. Every citizen of amber owes a debt to Rebma, and Queen Moire's gracious generosity. As for the Tir, we need to support them as well, because if we don't they might find themselves receiving aid from more unsavory sources. My initial impressions of Marcus are favorable.

16. DT: Prince Diego, Give us your opinion on the return of the First Generation Princes/Princess'.

Your Thoughts on:

Regent Gerard?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
the worst possible combination of wicked and stupid

Prince Benedict?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
decent man so far, most of his flaws seem to come from having spoken to Gerard

Princess Flora?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
selfish whore and oath breaker

Princess Llewella?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
I care for her a great deal, she can seem oddly cold at distant at times, especially to someone who knows what her colon looks like inside, and has seen her molars from in back


As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
never met her, sounds like she is attractive…grrrrroow!

17. DT: Prince Diego Can you give us your candid thoughts and assessments on your Generation.

Prince 13?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
he seems bright, but his best attributes are covered by a considerable yellow streak, hopefully his mother can talk some sense into him.

Princess Dara?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
I really tried to be nice to her, but her dubious heritage came through in the end

Prince Fineas?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.

Princess Dierdre?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.

Prince Douglas?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.

Princess Galena?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
so far so good

Prince Jacob?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
my instincts have never been so wrong-criminally insane

Prince Martin?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.

HRH Morwyn?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
I love my sister

Prince Rinaldo?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.

Princess Toriana?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.
The most self absorbed and self righteous person in the history of space and time

Princess Vialle?

As a matter of policy I will not comment on family members in non-specific instances.

18. DT: Prince Diego, how has the founding of a Burning Crab School helped your standing in Dom-Daniel, Lynxia, Rebma and Amber ?

I think it has, but establishing the school is about winning the war, and then winning the peace, not accolades. I do think Dom-Daniel is under utilized. Am proud of the fact that it is a way Amber and Rebma can work together.

19. DT: Prince Diego, as the Teacher of new healing techniques in Amber, Rebma and Lynxia, do feel more can be done to provide health care to those in need?

I would like to see a more organized and extensive way to ensure benefits for troops of all stripes that fight for Amber, not just reactively, but also as a recruitment incentive. I would also like to see medical care for those who cannot afford more expensive treatment. in vulnavia it is guaranteed to all.

20. DT: Prince Diego: who feel should become Monarch of Amber?

I will concede with whatever is decided, but I honestly don't feel there should be another "monarch". I view Too many of the troubles Amber has experienced in the past as the result of an excessive consolidation of power, Oberon has gone. now a delegated distribution of power along the talents of family members seems to be the best way to insure victory and the continuing safety of Amber by facilitating cooperation.

Posted by Stan at 10:25 AM
May 15, 2003
Jacob's Journal -- Session 30

I finally had two seconds to rub together and got to work on an idea I'd been poking at for a few weeks now. It's irked me mightily that I have to use perfectly good cartridges when I get to a new Shadow, just figuring out what powder type will work where. I mean to say, waste aside, it's noisey as all hell.

So I made me some matches using samples of the various powder. I could probably have got by with a pocket full of primer caps but the matches are a sight more subtle when I'm trying to figure out the rules of a place and they sort out quite a bit easier, since most of the powders are different colors.

Also, the smell of gunpowder as you light up is a comfort.

Least ways, it is to me.


Once I got that bit of work wrapped up and jawed with Zhartra a bit more, I called up my boys and got a clearer picture of what all'd been going on in the world. My last call was to Griv, as I figured he'd be a stretch to get hold of, but it didn't play out that way -- turns out he was on my side of the Dancing Mountains already, trying to get somewhere where he could give me a call and let me know what was going on, since it'd been awhile since we'd had a proper talk.

Initiative, that's what they call it -- wish to hell more of my boys had that.

At any rate, I got a better picture of what was going on with the Houses in Chaos and how much any of them were weakened in their civil wars, paying special mind to Hendrake as I've still got a yen to visit a little righteous pain on them for what they did with Martin.

While I was talking with Griv I got an idea about how to fix our Trump problems over the Dancing Mountains and just like that got a call from Toriana. Speak of the Devil and all that, I suppose. She and Thirteen were working on something in Shadow Purgatory (I almost wrote down "Thirteen's Shadow Purgatory", which I suppose isn't half wrong), and wanted to take a moment to talk over Delwin and Sand's mutual murder investigations. As I was planning to see to that myself in short order and knowing that Tori had been out the way of our Aunt and Uncle's homes, I figured it'd be a good plan to meet up, if only to get her Trumps of the places.

How did I know she'd made trumps of the places? Well, some things you just know.

And color me surprised that those two are working on anything but each other's mutual embarassment. Things do have a way of changing when you're not looking.

Before I headed over to join them, I moved around a few of my boys to more useful locations and got Rivan back where he could actually do some good -- Tori's got a damnable bad habit of leaving him behind when she goes haring off. When I got there I picked up Tori's trumps of Delwin's, Sand's and Zhartra's and talked to her about an idea I had to Bind Trump energy in tighter to a card, maybe strengthening it enough to get through the Dancing Mountain's interference -- at least better'n usual. I thought we might try the idea out with Griv, since he was in the area already, and she agreed to the plan.

Gunpowder matches and Bound Trumps. Surely I've been something of an idea-well lately.

While we worked on the Griv trump, Tori and I chatted and she let slip that she also had a trump of one of the bound-up Things Man Was Not Meant to Know (or Make Trumps Of), so I had that off of her right quick. I haven't been at this job for too many days, even hours, so for right now I'm just putting a stop to anything that sounds like a blamed foolish idea. That qualified.

In between my bits of help with the Binding, I worked on a sheath that'd damp down the mystic noise coming off Fineas' daddy's sword. Werewindle sure seems like something else that no one should be walking around with as it's a nasty, unnatural bit of work, but it doesn't really fall under my new job description so I let it go and hoped to hell he knew what he was doing.

Fineas had asked Tori to work on the security for the Keep of Four Worlds that his mother controls and as it's also an access point to the place the Binding Power calls home, I decided to volunteer some assistance (wished I hadn't afterwards -- Jasra's a disagreeable skirt and no mistaking -- only thing I'd volunteer to do in that neighborhood now is stick her in a nice padded room). We did up some protective wards and locked the place down tighter'n a parson's smile then went our seperate ways; me to investigate Delwin's old home and Tori to help out Thirteen and Fineas with some destruction.

Sure seems like that last sentence is turned around, but that's the way it happened.


Delwin's place had been gone over pretty hard. I got the idiot guards out of the way and set to work on his study, but while the man kept journals, some of em were missing; specifically the last year's worth of the monthly journals and a bound journal that summed up things from several hundred years past. Looking em over, I noticed that the handwriting changed every so often and eventually figured out that dear old Uncle had been using sylphs to do his dictation -- I've run into the odd sorcerer here and there that's done the same.

That gave me an idea.

I bled a bit into a cup, pulled out my very best conjury tricks and really laid into a summoning ceremony with the Binding power, trying to pull up the elementals that had written those books in the first place. I didn't get anything on the more recent books (looked like someone purged all the spirits out of the house, and that one pry got caught up in it), but after a bit of work and some help from Zariel I managed to corral the older spirit -- lucky the thing was still around to be found, but I figure that what with working for an Amberite and being Bound it must have been a little more durable than most -- still a good thing I was using the same power to find it again, cuz I'm for damn sure it helped.

Once I had it, I got it to recreate the Book it'd written.

Truly, I am a fountain of ideas these days.

Meanwhile, I pushed the rest of the books through to Micah in the Castle and told him to get proper book shelves set up for them and the notes Zhartra had given us -- boy looked plum tickled to get a chance to go about requisitioning things. Once the main bits were moved out, I got rid of the useless guards and brought in a century of my Reman boys to hold the fort. Literally, I suppose.

The new/old journal mentioned three major creatures that had been bound up during the time period covered -- those pry bear some investigation, but I'm gonna do this up right and pay my respects at Sand's before I go down that path. I've got an idea how to narrow the search down a bit.

Posted by Doyce at 03:28 PM
13's Debriefing - Session 30

It is amazing how cooperative people get when you have lifted them off of the floor by their throats.

Freddy's guard was in Contact with Freddy via a mastoid. Great. After pounding him against the wall of the elevator until he unconscious, I relieved Freddy's guard of his ability to communicate. I tossed the guard over to the bullet pocked concierge's desk and put on the Mastoid, and pulled out trumps of Gertruda and Jurgan.

"Hi Freddy, this is Prince 13 how are you doing I get the feeling that you do not want to talk to me How sad for you"

Freddy went on a great lengths to tell me about some sort of league that he was trying to thwart and that he thought that I was part of it. I told him that he was really quite insane and hung up.

Jurgan and Gertruda wanted to know if I had any grenades on me, and I told them that I had been wishing the same thing just moments ago.

The Elevators started to come down again and we made our way to the safety of the Planters. The Doors opened and a large explosion rocked the lobby. I have tired of toying with Freddy. In the blinding flash that happened next I recall the stories Fineas told of Toriana during her exploits against the Hendrake's. After the dust has settled, I Trump Toriana and ask her if she is busy and would like to help. She jumps at the chance and I pull her, Chungo, and Heinrick though. I offer her a pistol, and she tells me...

"If I'm in a situation where I actually need to use a Gun we are all in a world of hurt".

I brief her on the situation and pull Kirsten through from Oykot. Tori and I checked out the Penthouse and sensed heavy magic in use. I set about ripping the magical wards and shield down and Tori blows up Teleporter that was just starting to operate.

The elevators were out of the question, so we decided to make a run up the stairs. Everybody was making a good show of it except for Chungo (but he was making up for it with some really funny quips).

They had made it up to the roof top. We could hear a helicopter starting to fire up. I tossed a chair through a window and levitated up with Jurgan and Gertruda. Tori went via the stairs with Heinrick, Chungo and Kirsten. The guards and the Helicopter were quickly taken out. Tori grabbed a hold of Freddy's mind and made him walk over to me and hand over the Item that he had been trying to Teleport away. It looked like a crystal hard drive of some sort. We ask him what it is and he tells us that it is a magical data encrypter. A magical device that emulates a Computer. He was making it for Master Starwind.

The fact that Freddy mentions the name of Master Starwind is unfortunate since he shows up in the Chaosian Magi-bubble communication device and kills Freddy and all of his minions before going poof.

The next bit of fun occurs when Master Starwind remotely blows up the building. Tori Trumps all of us to safety in Arden. From Arden we trump back to Bricktop and start to look for the three geeks. We are able to find one of them by the name of Johnathon still alive. We are able to get his info from him a get a good idea of how it all works.

I trump Flora and ask her if we can use her research center in her shadow to go over this and the Sand Delwin thing. She tells us that she has no problem with this. She give Tori a trump of the place and we head out. When we get there I try and trump Fineas and he is not answering. Tori trumps Jacob and pulls him through.

After a while, when we had gone over all of the info that diego had provided and looking over all the info once Flora people had had a chance to go over it with a fine toothed comb, we discovered that it was all a clever ruse to throw us off the trail.

Back to square one.

Jacob tells us a little bit about what Zhartra has he and Rinaldo doing...and it sounds like she has the two right men for the job.

Fineas trumps me back and I pull him through to go over and add to the stew of information that we have cooking.

After spending some time getting all of our ducks in a row Everybody except Jacob goes back to Purgatory. We have decided that the "guy" that Tori had seen was our number one suspect and to ignore the planted evidence. Jacob takes off to go and do some Zhartra tasks.

Back in Purgatory we track everything back to the city of Prewtna. We teleport in, have a big fight, loose our quarry, and get a Magi-bubble tsk-tsk-ing from Incarnadine. Fineas, being in a bit of a cheeky mood, explodes her bubble with Werewindle.

Posted by Stan at 01:41 PM
May 14, 2003
Fineas' Reply to Diego

Dear Diego,

I agree that as peace approaches we must be careful not to fall upon ourselves in internecine strife. In the case of the local press trying to exagerate or factionalize the differences between family members, my own detractors do so from a misguided belief that the war between Begma and Kashfa in decades past has relevance to my service to Amber. The Op/Ed editor of Die Tageszeitung insists on dragging the politics of that shadow conflict into current Amber politics. As far as I am concerned, there is no reason to continue that conflict in Amber. Hence, I have ignored his attacks against Rinaldo, Jasra and myself. Hopefully he will learn that I am not my mother and have no ill wishes towards his native Begma. My patience is not infinite however. If he continues his character assassinations of my family, there may be economic or political consequences to Die Tageszeitung and it's ownership if I have anything to say about it. I can take legitimate criticism but I will not tolerate unfounded insults or outright lies. In the case of The Herald Unicorn, I have learned that the attacks against me are simply an extortion attempt aimed at getting me to buy them off. They will be sorely disappointed.

With regards to the idea of a central bank, it is an interesting concept but I am not sure how well it plays in a medieval society. Since we have no modern free market mechanisms such as a stock market or regulated lending entities, we would need to start from scratch to re-invent the economy in its entirety. If the practical difficulties of avoiding the mass importation of goods and services outside a royal system of controls can be worked out, something along those lines might be attempted. The social dislocation of Amberites (or Kashfans for that matter) if we implement such a system would need to be studied so that we step on as few toes as possible. I will certainly forward your ideas to my mother for her study. In the case of Amber, obviously any such plan would need to be approved by the regent and get the buyoff from all the family. If you would like my assistance in putting together a proposal for Benedict, I am at your service.



Posted by at 03:23 PM
a letter to fineas

my latest thinking is that our press problems come from an excessive sense of noble entitlement, a problem that will only get worse as we move closer to peace, and the nobles become comparitively powerless against the upper echeleon of chaosite troops. Amber's greatest problems seem to arise from internal strife in times of peace, and ambiguity- this does not need fuel.
I think we have an oppotunity to consolidate royal power with the present crisis by presenting a more coherent centralized banking system. this would give us roughly the same amount of economic control as currency restrictions with the added advantage of an increased ability to detect forgery. I have enclosed some articles relating to a reserve banking system.
I am bringing this to your attention in the hopes that it might aid in consolidating the recent transition of power in Kashfa as well.

Posted by at 12:59 PM
May 11, 2003

Genevieve is over 400 years old and was turned at age 17. She looks 20, except for her eyes. She's been all over her world and been many things. She's been a nun, several times, an actress, a con artist, a whore, an artist, a bodyguard, a teamster, a huntress, a minstrel, an acrobat, etc. She's a Stoicist with a levening of Christianity and a very moral person -- but also a survivor who's had to make a thousand painful comprimises to live. She considers most vampires to be lowly creatures of degraded bloodlines, unlike her own pure line of Shandrangac. For 40 years she's been ruler of a few defendable valleys of rural people, and a good one. Her two children-in-darkness, Sonya and Pavel, have turned out well; they are worthy of the Line of Shandrangac.

Thirteen and his kin are puzzling. They have godlike powers with human vulnerabilities. She thanks God that he is not actively evil, that she is not forced to try to oppose him. They slaughtered Varnae like a tethered goat, and Varnae had been an irresistable force for centuries.

Kirsten is an annoyance and a tragedy, trapped in a child's body for decades, warped, brutal and without conscience. Sabine is an anomaly, a kindly sorceress. She seems to be a good influence on Thirteen. The Weir and "rangers" that Thirteen commands are the kind of highly disciplined soldiers she's seldom seen anywhere or any time.

The revelation of other worlds and strange powers is exciting and amazing. Genevieve wants to experience it all. On the other hand she has a duty to her little barony and another to Sonya and Pavel. With Varnae gone it might be possible for the Gaian witches to take over the rule and care of her people. The witches are good people even though they consider her and every other vampire abominations to be exterminated. Sonya and Pavel could rule the barony or serve the new order, but they're unlikely to reap the full benefits of a wider world unless they become part of Thirteen's or his relatives' entourage, and the Amberites' enemies are very formidable. What to do?

It's been a long time since Genevieve had a lover. They have always been human. Affairs of the heart are not something she rushes into or even actively looks for.

Psy 45, Str 40, End 50, War 45; Mental 70, Unarmed 62, Melee 65. [Std Amber stats: 15/10/20/15] Genevieve has no experience with naval combat or with leading more than squads. Her urban, forest and guerilla combat experience is quite extensive. She's picking up expertise with guns fast.

Shapeshifting: Combat Form (gameface, fangs, claws, armor), SS Wounds, needn't breathe if she does nothing.
Disads: burns like an albino in sunlight -0, drinks blood -1
Blood Powers:
--Translocation 1, ~40 meters in 2 seconds
--Domination 2, hypnosis
--Darkness 1, shade herself from sunlight for several minutes
--Bloodmastery 1, needs very little blood
--Strength Boost 1, = 65 for a few seconds, does not make her tougher
--Glamour 2, illusory disguise for about an hour
--Dreammastery 2, can speak to bitees in dreams from a mile away
--Watermastery 1, amphibious and unbothered by running water
--Earthmastery 1, sense through yards of earth
--Airmastery 1, weathersense and limited gliding for a few minutes
--Moondrinking 2, feeds on moonlight, regenerates in strong moonlight

--Vampiric Fast: sprint at 56 kph/~38 mph
--Night Vision
--Tough, resists bruises and breakage as if her Str = 60
--Fast Regen, with SS Wounds, as if her End = 92 (18x human norm)
--Hiding & Stealth, = 90
--Diplomatic, =67

Genevieve is a 116 point character and a minor legend among vampires. None of her neighbors (except for the insane vampire-wolves of the mountains) was willing to raid her lands. She gets 3 points per spend. Sonya and Pavel are 50 point characters.

Posted by Trimmer at 07:34 PM

Kirsten was turned as a 12-year old and spent over 60 years as an undersized vampire under the domination of one master or another. She is moderately sophisticated for her world. She's lived in cities and knows the manners of several social classes and nationalities. Still she does not appreciate art, she likes pretty things. Her taste in music is basic and she'd much rather eat musicians than listen to them. She very badly wants an adult body for the social aspects, not the sexual. She has lots of sexual experience, nearly all of it bad. She's hoping that it was the special (Chaosite) blood that aged her, not Varnae's, since all of that is gone now.

Since drinking some of the ancient vampire progenitor Varnae's blood she's become far more powerful than ever before and even managed to alter her physique to that of a 14 or 15 year old. Her dreams of payback are frustrated by her new master, Prince Thirteen, and his do-gooder watchdog vampire Genevieve. Kirsten has lots of experience with masters and judges that Thirteen would kill her in a hot second should she become a liability. Nothing new there. He has horribly dangerous enemies, like every other vamp master. He is not abusive, which is new.

Kirsten hasn't had a real friend since she was turned. She doesn't believe in friendship, mercy, goodness, enlightened self interest or any of that sort of thing. She is trying to adapt and please her new master. He may be nuts but he looks like a winner and has allies just as dangerous as he is. Kirsten has poor impulse control. She would probably have lost it and put the bite on one or more of Thirteen's people but she's always watched, by the Prince himself, his girlfriend, Genevieve, the Weir or others. She has noticed that sometimes Thirteen's ideas are more in line with hers than with Sabine's or Genevieve's.

Psy 35, Str 35, End 40, War 36; Unarmed 53, Mental 55 [in std Amber stats, that's 5/5/10/6] She has little experience with using weapons (most of her masters thought they were for weakling humans) and none at leadership. Her charisma has mostly been used for avoiding notice, wheedling and pretending to be a little girl and studying her masters and other ranking vamps in her packs.

Shapeshifting: Combat Form (game-face, armor [not vs. silver, fire], claws, fangs), SS Wounds, needn't breathe if she stays still and does nothing.
Disads: Drinks Blood -1, Burns in sunlight -1, fears holy symbols -1
Blood Powers:
--Translocation 1, ~40 meters in 2 seconds
--Darkness 1, shade herself from sunlight for several minutes
--Bloodmastery 2, doesn't need much blood, inflict wounds at range
--Strength Boost 1, =55 for a few seconds, doesn't make her tougher
--Poltergeist 1, 4 pound objects or less in a 20' radius
--Glamour 1, hard to notice
--Firemastery 1, produce or control small flames
--Watermastery 1, undeterred by running water, amphibious
--Earthmastery 1, can sense through some meters of earth, like deep sonar
--Verminmastery 2, can sense and call them from ~100 m
--Vampire Fast: sprint 47 kph
--Tough, resists bruises and breakage as if her Str = 52
--Fast Regen, with SS it's as if her End = 82 (16x as fast as human) if she's fed
--Hiding & Stealth = 60
--Night vision

She's a 71 point character. She gets 6 pts per spend. For a vampire, she's very formidable.

Posted by Trimmer at 06:41 PM
May 10, 2003
Vampiric Powers


Vampires are all Shapeshifters with at least Combat Form (usually a BtVS-like 'gameface', fangs & claws of metallic toughness and armor -- .22s bruise as do shotguns [unless at very short range] and larger calibers do reduced damage, but the armor is useless against fire and silver) and SS Wounds. They may have a number of "anti-Specializations" like Frenzy, Burn In Sunlight, Can't Enter a Dwelling Unless Invited, Vulnerable to Fire, etc. All have Need Blood To Survive for -1 or -2 points. They have 2-8 times the Strength they should for their size and build, and are generally superior in their other Attributes too. They don't have to breathe if they do nothing.

Blood Powers:
By 'burning' blood they've consumed -- and it does smell just like that -- vampires can use a variety of magical effects. Each is rated at 1-3 points and reduces their current End by a matching number of points. If they drop below zero they die. Bloodmastery and Moonhealing do not burn blood. Many vamps have no Blood Powers at all, or only a couple at low levels. '3's' are rare. A new vamp has some of the powers of his or her maker. Blood powers are as vulnerable to Pattern or Logrus interference as any other magic.

Translocation -- 1=burst (~2 sec) of monodirectional "flight" (~100 mph), 2=long burst (~10 sec), 3=short range (~20 feet) teleport; it isn't really flight, it's a warped corridor in which the vamp falls at about 2g halfway and then decelerates at 2g to a full stop. It's very disorienting without practice.
Domination -- suggestion, hypnosis, enthrallment; Mental based, natch
Darkness -- shade self, shade area, smothering/freezing darkness attack
Bloodmastery -- need trivial amounts to maintain health, cause wounds at range, big ones/explode vamps
Strength Boost -- gain = .5x END for a few seconds, +.75x END, +full END
Poltergeist -- random area TK vs. things weighing up to 1/10 your END in pounds, = your END in pounds, 10x your END in pounds
Glamour -- be inconspicuous, illusory disguise, local environmental illusions; lasts minutes, 10's of minutes, hours
Dreammastery -- speak to bite victims in dreams from 100 yards, any or all from 1 mile, from 10 miles
Firemastery -- produce/control a hand-sized flame, campfire-sized, room-sized
Watermastery -- amphibious & immune to running water, swim fast, cause turbulance/undertow
Earthmastery -- 'deep radar', tunnel quickly, excavate/shake ground
Airmastery -- weathersense, 'featherfall'/cause breezes, limited flight/whirlwinds
Verminmastery -- sense vermin, call/dismiss vermin, control vermin
Beastform -- uncontrolled lunar-based lycanthropy, mostly controlled, fully controlled
Moonhealing -- feed off moonlight, regenerate in strong moonlight, reanimate

One vamp may acquire some of another's powers by drinking his/her blood, either a lot at once or small amounts regularly. Too much power acquired too quickly by this method may destroy them. Kirsten would have died of Varnae's blood without an Amberite laying his will on the process.

Some blood is better than other blood. Consuming Chaosite or Amberite blood permanently enhances vampires, to a point, and is much more nutritious, also intoxicating.

Gheneshans (like Tanitheel) are true Shapeshifters with a couple of vampiric quirks. They need a little blood regularly and all have Moonhealing 2.

Hellmaids have the same vampiric quirks as Gheneshans, without the shapeshifting.

Posted by Trimmer at 12:01 PM
May 04, 2003
Dr. Delacroix's monday reading excerpt (30.3)

I kept them in a comfortable medical isolation cell for 2 days
I had their husband/father prepare demanding questionnaires
I ran redundant psychological profiles, chemical tests, medical tests, and all kinds of magic

now I am confident that they are actually Valeri's family temporarily unmolested.
Fineas has taken out his vindictive streak on family before. I hope I can help them, but there is not much I can do for the patriarch who is hellbent on self annihilation, and I told him as much. I believe I had them spirited out in enough secrecy, that we should be able to stand at least a cursory investigation. I cannot abide hereditary vindication. I would have been a trivial matter to act out against Embeth's children.

I am saddened that the man seems a little bit looney,but courageous, tenacious, genuinely loyal, and some of his highly unlikely theories may even be correct (that's a unlikely maybe). At least they eerily line up with my experience of the people. When I think what I would give to have my family back, his courage quickly becomes madness. I told him as much. At least I am doing my part to keep him busy, out of the wrong people's hair, and keeping him from painting targets all over himself. I am not going to be able to keep the gadfly away from the horse forever, if at all. I should have thrown my weight around more, for his own good, in retrospect.

It is interesting how The pro Vulnavia faction has become the anti Fineas faction. Kashfa must be rife with class struggle. I haven't heard anything back from our trade ambassador yet. I will look forward to his report. the return of his mother has brought him as many headaches as boons in the short term.

With Benedict on board I feel I might somehow survive the family longer, and I am not prepared to keep such company alone. You would think the choice would be easy because I can alter the appearance of any one I desire. I even have body cast models of exemplary specimens. However I learned the hard way you can't die cast your dreams. Her name was Helga. She was a gymnast with sever third degree burns over most of her body.
I remember after the death of my wife swearing to break with tradition, and never take just one wife again. Some of my favorite Mapung have suggested that Kylikki would not make a good first wife, but a good second. I did keep an eye open we I was last in Mapungubwe for possible spousal candidates, but didn't have time to actively pursue a search. I think it would be a popular local choice to take a mapung wife, and there might even be some plans the africans have for me in that regard.

I often enjoy moments of clarity with a scalpel in my hand, I imagine it is something like what a conductor might feel when he conducts Bozart or Bonzetti. Today I am considering that my beautiful new universe is unlikely to remain uncontaminated. I have set up hammocks just inside mirrors in Vulnavia, and Dom-Daniel. I enjoy resting there and watching the harmonious yet unpredictable movement of the terrain in the strange lunar light. I think I will focus on small local networks to start.

I am most excited about My new research. taking what I have learned from the Drakke, and others. I have been able to make some interesting sub-species strains of the Giant Baskerville furry backed toad.

Benedict could have accomplished more with less if he actually organized and centralized banking under the royal banner. It would also help control nobles. I think there are definitely elements of an economic war, most likely by chaosites, in this inflation. we could also use a more coherent and unified method of commodities exchange. I believe this is something we should do to prevent crisis in the near term, and strengthen the royal hand in the long term.

Posted by at 05:44 PM
May 03, 2003
Amber eating for the enlightened or less

cafe bouldah
famous for it's organic herbal teas, cafe bouldah is a popular hangout for many noble youths who want a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the events of the day, and attend poetry readings

They have a coffee bar that showcases many exotic coffees from across shadow, open stage nights every thursday, assorted pastries, an extensive vegitarian menu, and large comfortable lounges. Every other wednesday the save Amber foundation meets to discuss tree sitting in Arden. In center of the lentil lounge there is a tree that has grown in the center of the room, that is kept under control by druids. local folklore states that if you hug the tree it will bring you good luck.
The owners and managers Mindee Maconel and Orson Morcon moved to amber, where the felt they could be tolerated, yet make a difference. They are currently establishing a cooperative food market next to the building to help local minority farmers. They tried to start a grassroots campaign to positively enable community understanding of chaosite culture, and promote peace that was shut down by the crown. For the time being they must be content to send pastries to Lirazel that contain notes expressing sympathy for the oppression of her people.
they are confused by prince Diego. They had a stand selling vegtable kabobs at his coronation, and the over generous compensation they received for damages to their property is paying for the food market expansion. they cannot understand how such a racist could be such a philanthropist.

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May 02, 2003
Session 30 Game Log

"I'm sorry, did that massive explosion break your concentration?"

In the beginning...

  • Fineas is in his manor in Amber
  • Thirteen is in Purgatory Shadow, in a trashed hotel lobby.
  • Jacob is in Zhartra's keep.
  • Diego is hellriding on the Chaos side of the Dancing mountains.
  • Toriana is off stage.
  • Jacob is at Castle Zhartra.

DIEGO receives a note from the original Vialle. Talks with Llewella. Gives gifts to every NPC with damp skin. Works on the Mirror power. Messes with the mirror power and gets him hopelessly lost in Shadow so far out that his trumps of Amber environs don’t work. Offers conjuring and medical scholarships to the families of war veterans. Sends food to aid the less fortunate in Amber City. It's a busy day.

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May 01, 2003
Headlines - session 30

La Cita

"Inflation runs rampant throughout the Kingdom"

"R. Benedict imposes tough coinage laws to prevent run on currency"

"Now that P. 13, P. Fineas, and P. Tori are fully dedicated in routing of the Helgram's, war likely over soon"

"P. Galina survives her Pattern walk"

The Times

"The Economy is in a tail spin"

"R. Benedict tows a tough line: the Gold standard is maintained"

"Good news from the Front: Positive movement in Purgatory"

"P. Galina becomes one of the Family"

The Herald Unicorn

"Only Amber coinage may be used in Amber: R. Benedict imposes fiscal order"

"P. Benedict seen to be interfering in free trade issues"

"P. Diego provides food to Amber's neediest"

"P. Diego gives from the bottom of his heart: 10 free scholarships to the Burning Crab school of your choice"

"A Confederacy of Dunces: P. Fineas, P. 13, and P. Tori are given the run around in Purgatory"


"P. Benedict irons out the vagaries of the Amber economy"

"P. Fineas lends P. 13 a hand in Purgatory"

"P. Fineas: a man of All Shadows"

Le Progres

"Cardiwen provides sparkle at P. Diego press conference"

"Ambrosia says: Wise girls invested their Foreign Gold before it became devalued"

The Shipping News

"The return to the barter system: good news or bad?

"Imports from Vulnavia reach all time high"

"Rum rations increase"

Die Tageszeitung

"P. Diego give press conference at his Amber estates"

"P. Diego donates to Amber orphanage"

"P. Deigo provides rations to starving Arden troops"

"The great Burning Crab gives away: 5 scholarships to Amber's neediest to P. Diego's Medical and Conjuration schools"

"P. Diego gives the Amber navy a sense of Security with donated Sweinhunds"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 1 Impressions of Vulnavia"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 2 Interviews with Vulnavia's top guns (Marsha Sherman, Rev. Henry Jones, Adm. Jack Snively, and President Zuwello Umania)"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 3 Interviews with Vulnavia's top guns (Tobyuta Whipeea, Clark Babbage Jr., Castro Valdez, Dr. Abalerd Stein)"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 4 Interviews with Vulnavia's top guns (Dr. Adalerd Stien, Sorak, her mother and the Draake)"

"The Axis of Weasel's take their show on the Road to Purgatory"

O Povo

"The runaway Amber economy back under control"

P. 13 enlists the help of P. Tori, and P. Fineas in bid to rid Purgatory of Helgram's"

Gazeta Mercantil

"The Major trade Houses call on the Exchequer to combat inflation"

"Inflation Projected to reach 45% by the end of the Fiscal Quarter"

"The Major trade houses plead to the Treasury to take Amber off of the gold standard"

"Search is on for replacement for gold"

"R. Benedict imposes currency rules to stem the inflationary tide"

"Public works proposed to rein in the over abundance of Gold"

"Vulnavia except bids for Rebman Trade house"

"Williams-Morris press agency back in the black"

The Royal Way

"Reporter Nellie Amour does her part for the war: in service to P. Fineas"

"P. Galina takes her rightful place amongst the Royal Family"

"R. Benedict's rough first month indicates smooth sailing ahead"

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A Note to Benedict

Good Morning Uncle,

I wanted to bring up a problem we have been encountering in most of our battles with the Chaosians. Too damn many of them are getting away or interfering with us via magical teleports. In our most recent engagement in Purgatory, an enemy force was teleported in to delay us while the object of the mission was taken away. If we had some method of backtracking the spell to its origin, we could have killed another Helgram. Being able to chase them as they flee would also be useful.

In your experience, has any magical method been developed that would enable tracing a teleport spell to either it's destination or it's origin? Is this something we could task our family spell slingers with developing? I realize this subject has undoubtably been raised countless times over the centuries, but has it been explored since the repair of the Pattern and the creation of Corwin's Pattern? Perhaps the physical laws of existence have altered enough to enable another go at it. Just a thought.



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