July 15, 2003
Session 35 - @$*%#*&!

Where is everyone?
- Toriana is in Amber
- Thirteen is in Arden
- Fineas is in Inferno
- Jacob is in Inferno, at ... Well, the Pole.
- Dara is on the way to Chaos


JACOB stands with Rinaldo and stares in disgusted awe at the destruction that used to be a Pole With a Great @#*@%& Beast On It. He then trumps to Lynxia to talk to Zhartra about The Mess (and cry... there might very well be crying).

Zhartra wants to go see the devastation. The trio checks things out again and reports that the Creature/Beast is still on the other continent of the same Shadow (where it attacked Benedict and Gerard), but It begins to move out of the Shadow within the next two hours or so -- heading out on the 'path' that Thirteen had orginally laid out of the Shadow towards the Dancing Mountains so that the Helgram Garou would leave the area.

[Remember that? Remember how that seemed like a good idea at the time? *@#&$(%*@ continuity.]

TORIANA reviews information she gleaned by going through the mind of the Chaosite she frelled with recently -- focusing on "What's going on with Helgram in the Courts of Chaos?" Also reviews information on the Chaosite spy Her Victim met with recently in Baylesport.

Then then trumps Jacob to get an Up-to-Date. Finds out on that she's not specificially needed at this point as Re: The (*&$@#(%*& Beast. Heads to Lynxia and begins working on Trumps -- the New and Improved kind that will work in the Mirrorverse (which Tori has attuned, thus eating up her next spend). Flora calls to tell her that Benedict is back in hell the Regent seat and she's heading to Shadow Earth to teach some folks how to drive modern vehicles and Shoot Things. They discuss trump-making priorities.

THIRTEEN is talking over something "fun" to do with Sabine. Skiing is mentioned, then explained to Thirteen, then they trump Flora, who mentions the driving lessions, but also is queried about good places to go skiing. She produces names and phone numbers and a trump sketch, as well as many bits of advice and an offer to help out if needed.

Thirteen goes skiing. He does swimmingly. Skiingly? Whatever. The two enjoy themselves for a day or two and then Flora trumps them and ruins everything for advanced driving lessons.

FINEAS visits the Amber City Jail to recruit cultists.

[don't ask me, man, I just write it]

Fineas, that is, goes over the group of ne'er-do-wells, fanatics, and whores and adds them to his pack of 'combat expendables'. He checks out their level of military training and finds them about equal to militia on average with a few stand-outs. He then moves them to Shadow Ruin, where his 'expendables' are all stationed for training. Whores, useless people and religious fanatics, training in an arid Wasteland... Sounds like our new elite army. Fedaykin!

Flora trumps him and yadda yadda driving yadda yadda. Fineas makes sure this little party isn't going to leave Amber undefended. Flora reassures him and Fineas decides that driving cars at unsafe speeds and shooting things with LAW rockets requires a change in wardrobe.

DARA Does secret stuff, speaking with an undefined 'she'. The logkeeper feels that starting off with secret stuff is a fine way to join the campaign. Welcome!

Tori ruins it for the logkeeper by trumping Dara and handing her a couple of mirrorverse-grade Trumps.

Dara contacts Llewella [who's in Chaos staging a Rebman invasion] about a quick way to get to Chaos to talk with her old House about the Mirror Power and How Helgram Will Use This to Screw You. Llewella is cautious about Dara's intentions, but reasonably helpful. Dara then trumps to Tor Hendrake. He's not picking up so she tries persistence, but doesn't have a lot of luck. He finally decides to allow a short contact to figure out who's there. He's a little ... Reserved. Not exactly the joyful reunion some might have hoped for. He motions someone else out of the room, goes to a warded area and continues the conversation.

Tor doesn't think it's a very good idea for Dara to come through, but she is very persistent -- a familiar female Family trait.


Tor finally concedes and pulls her through. There's another Hendrake cousin/nephew in the room, so Tor sets up the barrier so the other cousin can't eavesdrop... or see in. Dara explains/demonstrates how Mirrorpower works, since Tor and the Hendrakes don't know about it.

But Lo! When she steps through the nearest mirror, someone's there.

Well, someone's running away, at any rate. She gives chase, as does Tor, although he has difficulties navigating the terrain without looking like Harpo Marx. Dara leaves him behind to catch the guy.

Coming around a corner, she sees the guy trying to activate some kind of disk communication thing. She throws a knife to break his concentration, closes the gap, beats the unholy crap out of him and drags the guy back to Tor's room, where Tor enthusiastically breaks the big mirror in his room.

The guy is some sort of furry minion spy critter... common among the Houses of Chaos. Dara and Tor discuss how to manipulate the spy's masters of the spies with this new knowledge.

JACOB talks with Zhartra about the Beast. Z thinks that it might have calmed down enough to talk to, but isn't willing to bet anyone important on this assumption.

Remembering that we all have our Special Strengths, Jacob figures that the best way to find someone both Useful and Expendable is to ask Fineas (and hope that he doesn't say "Well, you'd be good for that, cousin.").

He does this thing and Fineas comes up with Valeri, the guy that has been slandering Gerard in the papers and has recently been exiled from Amber. Perhaps he can act as Amber's spokesperson with the Beast and earn himself the right to return to Amber?

TORIANA continues doing place-trumps that work in the Mirrorrealm. Days have passed and she's sick of this endless "purple-haired-Cinderella-with-a-paint-brush drudgery. She sets to work on seriously examining Dworkin's Trumps and trump-style... probing into them, figuring out why they're so damn durable.

She notices that any of Dworkin's trumps of the same person are almost identical... very identical, factored out to many many many decimal points.


[Maybe he's got a Trump Photocopy machine. Dworkinko's. Har.]

Tori rests after this examination starts to give her a mild migraine.

The next morning she tries to find Dworkin.

Eventually she tries asking Flora, who generally keeps track of Dworkin's whereabouts (he's on Shadow Earth, lately) and tries to Keep Him Happy. D's currently watching an acapella concert in Austrailia. Flora arranges for her to get there -- pulls her through to the driving course (in Alabama, naturally) and hands her a trump of one the guys watching Dworkin [Gunter mk2].

Tori heads into the concert and finds a seat a few rows back from Dworkin.

THIRTEEN and Sabine head for Alabama. Flora's got the cars ready (many makes and models) and they're setting up a firing range for the Big Guns Training.

There's a driving track. Motorcross track. Cross-country area. Firing range. I don't know about the Family, but this could very well be the new Mecca of the American Southeast.

[They engage in evasive driving training. It's all very exciting... If you're there. :) ]

FINEAS calls Marcus to let him know about the Beast on the Loose, then goes to play with the big guns in Alabama, testing them on cars, kevlar, armored cars, armored glass, and random trees.

DARA assesses the political situation within Hendrake. Works on possible ways to feed false information to the mirror spies. She offers to show Tor how to walk through the Mirrorrealm without tripping over himself. They need a different mirror for this, so Tor goes out of the Sekrit Talking Space and snags his curious nephew, whom he knocks cold and carries into a side room. He then pulls out some weaponry and armor out of an armoire before heading into the mirrorealm again for the training.

Dara has a little trouble figuring out the mirrorside layout of the various parts of the Ways, due in part to the nature of Ways... the pair encounters a few more spies here and there and dispatch them. The spies don't hear Dara coming but can still hear the mirror-clumsy Tor.

Dara eventually finds herself looking in on Duessa Hendrake's room, where the woman's having a massage (though still has weapons around the room). Duessa is one of the possibilities for the head of the Hendrakes, but is a bit psychotic -- definitely not Tor's first choice for Leader.

Tor, in fact, would rather not have to deal with this woman anymore. Dara suggests just killing her now.... Tor doesn't need much convincing and they decide to rush in through the mirror and make the whole thing look like an attack from the Helgrams... Afterwards, they'll leave a few of the fuzzy spy bodies in the room so that it looks like she acquitted herself semi-honorably.

Duessa's good, however, and rolls for her weapons, coming up smiling. Not entirely a comforting thing... also, she's better than Dara, pressing her to try to kill her off before Tor (who's using a spell to take out the masseurs) comes in to help.

When Tor does get there, Duessa focuses on him and Dara presses her. Duessa suffers a blow to the spine in short order and things go downhill from there... The pair dumps corpses around the room... it looks like quite a fracas.

They clean themselves up and get ready to get out of here. Tor goes back to his room and makes it look like he was also attacked through his mirror. ("Which is why I broke it, naturally.")

The log keeper rests after the combat, cuz... Damn.

JACOB stakes Valeri out in the path of the Oncoming Beast like a sacrificial goat. The creature and his minion blood creatures approach.

Valeri, mouthing words fed to him by Jacob and Zhartra, offers up a deal between the Creature (Elencarnia), the Good and Righteous Kingdom of Amber, and the Queen of Air of Darkness... an agreement for mutual non-destruction and the exchange of Key Information.

[Jacob parenthetically notes that the Key Information part of the trade arrangement kind of got skipped. Damn.]

THIRTEEN is still in Alabama when Dara shows up, looking flushed and a little cut up. They chat, have a beers with Mirelle. Dara fills them in on the sanitized version of her trip to Chaos ["I warned them about the possibility of mirror assassins." Yeah, right.]

Thirteen chats with momma-Mirelle some more, who wants to know if he's any good on a motorcycle. They work on shooting from the seat of a motorcycle, dirty tricks, and the techniques to fire a Boyes from a midair jump (because Mirelle is clearly out of her damn mind).

TORIANA waits for the concert to end so she can bug Dworkin. She schmoozes him. Dworkin ponders 'something different' about her and figures out that she's "Got Mirror". Tori tells him about how the Mirrorrealm is in use by Chaosites now. He wants to see it in use and trumps them back to his place to have her demonstrate. Dworkin suddenly understands why Flora's guys are watching him from an angle where they can see his mirrors. Another galactically pointless mystery solved. Go, Dworkin.

Toriana cuts to the chase and wants to know how or where Dworkin did his REALLY FAST TRUMP COPIES. Dworkin allows that that might be useful for her to know [the GM cackles about how much of her spend Tori has already chewed up] and shows her 'his painting place' [which might not work for him anymore, due to being Dwoberon now]. The place is very cool -- like a world made out of rich oil paints and psycho-reactive.

He Does Something to Tori to help her find Her Place, then looks troubled and leaves.

FINEAS heads to Remea, where certain leaders have been plotting against him.

Those leaders suddenly suffer heart attacks. What are the odds?!? (Pretty good when you're enemy is a Pattern Initiate, schmuck.)

Rumors start up that it's Very Much Bad to mess with Fineas Maximus. People that are on his side are fortunate and lucky. People that aren't... aren't. People get the hint.

DARA learns to ride a motorcycle. She asks Mirelle if she can play with her gun, then gets ready to "go to where Flora told her to go." [ooh, a mystery] She calls "her Girls" for the trip, and assesses the relative strengths of her Hellmaids, pondering how to gather up the hellmaids that remained with the Hendrakes when she left.

Valeri finishes up his pitch to come up with some sort of binding agreement with the Beast. The Beast isn't having any more of this Binding Business, but concedes that Dworkin did successfully make the point that the Beast doesn't not have Right of Way in All Creation. He'll leave us alone if we leave him alone.

Zhartra and Jacob allow that that will work for now (since neither of them wants to tangle with the thing at the moment). Jacob takes Valeri back to Amber after a quick stop at Texorami for tequila, which Valeri desperately needs. Writes a note to the Regent to explain that Valeri is off the hook Re: Exile Status.

TORIANA, bodyguards in tow, uses Dworkin's gift to find a place that Really Works for Toriana's Trump Making. She finds the place and draws a trump of it...

It goes VERY FAST... Probably twice as fast. Globs of pigment float in the air, responding to her psychic whim... Replicating the image a dozen times over as she paints the original -- making duplicate trumps in mid-air. She's a bit tapped out after that... not exactly tired, just that the creative trump-painting juices are used up.

[Bottom line: looks like her trump production is moderately increased... the real benefit being that she doesn't have to spend as much time on the trumps, allowing her to work on other things. The creative energy used seems to be about the same as a similar number of individual trumps would have required.]

Dara trumps her and asks her to help out with drawing trumps of areas in Chaos.

DARA then trumps Benedict, brings him through to her and lets him know how things went in Chaos... Tells him what REALLY happened. Let's him know that her plan is to retrieve her hellmaids. Benedict and she discuss success ratios and Hellmaid trainability. He asks after her hand, since it's only been a short time since it was repaired.

She trumps through to the Chaos-side Borderlands and trumps through Toriana. Heinrich is not happy with this plan. Toriana offers to give him a vacation, which in turn gives him an idea: he invites Gerard, who's been looking for something to do on his vacation. Gerard decides to come along.

Daddy coming along on a vacation is supposed to ruin it, but maybe not in this case.
[Toriana prepares for a frontal assault on Chaos while Jacob conducts delicate negotiations... This session is just too askew for words.]

THIRTEEN sips a cold beer, watching his momma teach his hot cousin how to shoot guns while riding motorcycles... Alabama suits him just fine.

Mirelle and Flora mess around with really nasty dirty fighting in protective suits... Until the suits break and Flora gets banged up a bit.

Everyone spars, drives, shoots things, and drinks. We are all one big red-neck family, oh yes.

Thirteen discusses with Sir John the question of whether or not Genevieve-the-Vampire could survive a Broken Pattern walk.

FINEAS prepares for Night of the Long Knives in Remia. Jumps back to Lynxia to do a trump of his home in Remia (useful in case things go awry). Goes back and gets drawings of the victims in Remia that he can use to identify targets. Rests up, collects lots of sharp pointy things...

He then goes back into the mirrorrealm and tries to get from Remia to "Persia" via a Mirror exit.... Hard to do, since mirrors just aren't common in this kind of technology level, but he finally ends up in the Persian castle that he's been looking for.

He finds the mirrors he needs in the Emporer's chambers, convenient, since that's who he's here to kill.

He sets himself up... finds some makeup and accoutrements to make himself look a bit like one of the Persian gods just to freak out anyone who happens to look in while he's doing his Saint of Killing imitation, and waits for the Emporer to show up.

A few concubines arrive, ignoring the ubiquitous eunuch guards. The emporer arrives, ignoring the eunuchs but not the concubines. Eventually, the ladies leave. Fineas grabs Werewindle, rushes out, decapitates the king, grabs his head, and shoots one guard with with a springbolt. The other guard is coming in at him. Fineas circles... moving toward the mirror... accelerates...

And he's gone, leaving a lone guard as only witness left to explain a god arriving out of a bronze mirror to kill the King and the other guard.

The guard doesn't try to explain it, deciding it'd be much easier to just fall on his sword. Fineas watches this and the resulting drama that unfolds. He needs popcorn for this.

Finally, he decides to hang around and see if he can pick off other contenders for the throne.

Where is everyone?
- Toriana is on the Chaos side of the Dancing Mtns, with Gerard and Dara.
- Thirteen is in Alabama.
- Fineas is in Remia/Persia/Mirrorrealm.
- Jacob is pondering a Very Bad Idea
- Dara is on the way to Chaos... again.

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Re: little retcon involving Tor

1) Tor took a blood-cleaning device (he has a cabinet full of interesting gadgets) and cleaned up Duessa's room.

2) He and Dara killed all of Duessa's servants.

3) He sprayed some stored demon blood around his room.

4) His story will be that a bunch of combat demons came at him out of the mirror but his valiant nephew managed to hit the alarm and they fled when guards drew near. He'll further wound himself and the kid to make it look good. Dara had been Trumping him, warning him about the danger of Helgrams in the mirrorverse.

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July 14, 2003
Fineas' Journal- Session 35

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 79 PDS 10:00 PM:

The expected attempt on Lirazel's life took place. She was safely away when a number of the odd cultists I had noticed following us the other day decided to strike at her manor house. They were quickly captured. A number of street scum were involved as well, no doubt stirred to their crimes with a combination of fiery rhetoric and plain greed. I paid a visit to them in the city jail after the capture and welcomed them to Amber's service. In other words, the street scum were impressed into my "Expendables" and shipped off to Ruin where they may be put to some sort of use. The cultists themselves I welcomed into my personal service. I explained to them they had inadvertently disrupted my plans to use Lirazel for disinformation to chaos, but that I deeply empathized with their antipathy towards the chaosians. I more or less impressed them into service as my own core of fanatics and set them up as a sort of "ideological commissars" to oversee the spiritual and ideological purity of the settlers in Ruin. I have no doubts they will cause any number of headaches for the simpler houses of chaos who may want to come that way again. I dare not use them against Helgram as they are far too easily manipulated by anyone with half a brain. I considered trying to backtrack with them to find out who directed them to attack, but decided that the Helgram agent was likely competent and would have covered his tracks. I did not want to waste the time.

Day 80 PDS, 8:00AM:

The cultists and thugs are safely in Ruin now, settling in to their cozy new surroundings. I will need to check on them frequently but they should be busy enough for the next few days that I will not need to hover overhead. Flora has invited much of the family to her shadow to partake in some family bonding over fast vehicles, guns and other adrenaline inducing toys. I shall have to attend of course, though it makes me very nervous to be gathered in one place at a delicate time. I shall have to remain alert and do not plan on following the program to the letter. Better to be a little unpredictable.

Day 80 PDS, 11:00PM:

I showed up at Flora's redneck jamboree and did spend some enjoyable time learning evasive driving techniques. The whole motorcycle/off road vehicle thing did not catch my interest as it did the others. The large caliber and high explosive weapon course was interesting, though I did not spend a great deal of time on it either. The other family members there were thoroughly enjoying themselves, but I could not let my guard down knowing there were a number of men surrounding the complex armed with long range weapons that were not under my command or control. I have no idea how easy it would be for an enemy to infiltrate the guards, Ghurkas or not. As soon as I could gracefully slip away, I left the compound and made my own way into the shadow to learn a bit more about flying. With sufficient outlay of cash, I took a few remedial lessons and will be returning for more when occasion permits. Unannounced deviation from plans or schedule seems wise these days.

Day 81 PDS, 10:30AM:

I have work to do in Remia and I learned things there can't sit for too long without oversight. My client has enemies and my absence makes him vulnerable. A number of rivals have begun picking away at our assets and arrangements, so I have decided to make a couple of examples. Tonight there is a dinner where at least one of them, a particularly heavy and unhealthy individual, will be attending. I hope he has made arrangements for his family.

Day 81 PDS, 9:00PM:

Quintillus Portus seems to have choked on a chicken bone at dinner tonight. Perhaps he was distracted when his partner in making things difficult for my client keeled over with an apparent angina attack. The third man vying for my wrath is even now trying to pass a kidneystone the size of my thumb. I feel good.

Day 82 11:00AM:

Word came to me that the angina attack turned into something more serious last night and the reveler is even now fumbling for change to pay the ferryman to cross the Styxx. I have carefully begun the rumor that my foes seem to suffer bad fortune while my friends prosper. It is so fun to manipulate such a superstitious society that I find I have to restrain myself from overdoing it. Too much of a good thing will lead to mobs trying to beat down my door and burn me as a witch. Instead, I am passing it off as the "will of Jupiter". Isn't religion wonderful?.

Day 83 12:00PM:

Some people have taken to wearing amulets when around me to ward off evil luck. I was tempted to increase the probability that they fall ill, but have decided to have mercy on them. The next bastard that tries to undercut me is going to have the worst case of acute appendicitis that I can arrange, amulet or not.

I have begun formulating my long term plans to catapult Sullus into the Consulship. Once there, I have to turn him into an apparent military genius to make sure he stays there. The first step is to nullify the real threat to Remia (an eastern despot with a vast but easily corruptible empire) and manufacture a new threat under my secret control. Nullifying the eastern empire should not prove too difficult. I have asked Sullus to provide all the intelligence he can about the royal family. If I knock off the competent members and set the nobles to competing between themselves to control the new weaker emperor, they should be unable to mount any sort of offensive action against Remia for some time to come. The Mirror power may actually prove useful in this situation.

Manufacturing the new threat under my control will be the more difficult task by far. To the north are a number of barbarian tribes, fractured and disorganized. I plan to go amongst them, unify them under a charismatic puppet if I can and start raiding Remian possessions (especially those belonging to Sullus' rivals). Once a cry has risen in Remia to address the threat, I try to arrange a great battle to settle the issue. I make sure the Remans win handily and Sullus becomes politically cemented into the Consulship. That's the plan anyway.

Day 86 PDS 4:30 PM:

The last couple of days I have been lurking in the mirrorverse around the royal palace of the eastern empire. The first night I slew the current emperor. The following day I dropped two of the other dangerous contenders. Fear and paranoia are running rampant throughout the palace. It looks like I have sparked a nice little civil war that should keep them busy for a bit. I am now returning to Remia with three royal heads, the better to keep Sullus under my thumb. His doubts about my ability to kill anyone, anywhere at any time needed to be put to rest. Hopefully any thoughts he may have been entertaining about betraying me at some point will be quashed. I don't have time for nonsense.

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July 12, 2003
Fineas' Journal- Session 34

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 76 11:00 PM:

I managed to finally get my social event taken care of in Rebma. It seemed to go well and I spent a fair amount of time getting to know who is who in Rebman social circles. The excuse for the party was a thank you to the people of Rebma for their support during the war. Things seemed to go well and I was able to spend a number of enjoyable hours visiting with Morwyn without the bodyguards hovering over us. I look at her and become even more convinced that I would not want to sit on a throne. She has my deepest sympathy.

Day 77 PDS 5:30PM :

Interrogation of the Helgram prisoner has revealed she was coming to Amber to make contact with a Helgram agent already here. She seems to be under Toriís mental domination, so we decided to allow her to make contact as she was supposed to in the hopes of identifying another agent. She was to meet the agent in a tavern, so we set up as circumspect surveillance as possible. I utilized my brownies and set up a very covert net to watch the comings and goings from the tavern.

Day 78 PDS 1:30AM:

The meet went off without any apparent hitches. We determined the agent was an individual I tracked to the seedy part of town where he disappeared into a building. Perhaps we were a little too circumspect. I rather wish now I had pulled the trigger when I had him in my scope. Our charmed Helgram reported the conversation of the meeting and we learned the agent was apparently planning a hit on some annoyance in the very near future. My immediate guess is that he plans on knocking off Lirazel. That would ordinarily not bother me so much, but I did promise to protect her if possible while she is in Amber. I will need to arrange her safety, at least until such time as we no longer need connections with House Basilisk.

Day 78 PDS 9:30AM:

I met with Lirazel this morning and invited her out for a walk. I revealed to her my suspicions that she is targeted and suggested she take a vacation for a while. Her response was to offer to appear to be more involved with me than is the case. I declined of course; my political position would suffer and I certainly donít want to encourage anything with a chaosian. She decided to ask Flora for protective custody and I expect she will be taken care of. In the meantime, we will set a trap in her room to make any assassinís life miserable.

Day 78 PDS 3:30PM:

There has been a lot of activity around the castle today. Poking around, I found out Tori was due to be initiated into the Mirror power and there was some scrambling for personnel to make sure she was protected. I have been dreading this, but I have come to realize I will need to initiate myself as well sooner or later. I might as well do it with ToriÖshe can cover me on the magic end of things and I can protect her physically far better than anyone else available at the moment. We are heading in shortly in the company of two shroudlings. This ought to be good for giggles.

Day 79 PDS 9:00AM:

We both survived the initiation, though we became separated in the process. I was forced to evade one of the indigenous creatures as I ended up deep in chaos and only had my shroudling companion as an ally here. I trumped Llewella and joined her briefly before returning to Rebma via trump to Morwyn. Gads am I tired today. Way too much going on and the stress is beginning to wear on me. I think it may be time for some R&R soon. One last thingÖduring the initiation it became apparent that my martial sidekick Werewindle had become initiated to a greater degree than myself and Toriana. In the back of my mind this worries me somewhat. Part of me fears Werewindle, but part of me wants to embrace it and become one with it in purpose and desire. I may be heading for a sort of crossroads and I need to think on what it is I want to be. I need advice, but there is no one I feel confident in at the moment to provide answers.

Day 79 PDS 2:00PM:

When my doubts begin to plague me, the answer for relief is a little violence. I was contacted about some unfortunate events at the site where the strange elderkin had been impaled. My services were required for some pest control and I found Werewindle to be anxious for the chance to be put to use. I came, I saw, I killed bloodbeasts. The elderkin has escaped and is off causing mayhem. Mild amusement for Werewindle, deathly terror for me. I was successful in destroying some of the creatures, but it is hardly going to be the solution to the problem. I do not envy Jacob his job right now. Still, I had better lend a hand where I may and there is an elderkin that needs rebinding. Or at least a serious attitude adjustment.

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Journal, Toriana - 34

I find myself spending more time around cousin Thirteen and not wanting to kill him despite this. He has been different then when we had first were sent off to Dom Daniel and different in a good way. Would I trust him with my life no certainly no letís not be foolish but he certainly would not go out of his way to cause harm to me either. We are now discussing security in the mirrorverse. We both have ideas and Fineas wants to leak information to specific houses in Chaos.

Dara of course wants her buddies the Hendrakes involved. I havenít spent enough time around her to make a decision on her loyalties. I would recommend caution because we were so burned with the Diego situtation. Now he seems to have fled into the sunset perhaps back to whomever he was truly loyal too. Either that or he really pissed Queen Moire off and is being punished.

My mission is to fix the Choasite and send her off to the meeting she is supposed to have and then retrieve her and get the play by play of the meeting. I did a lot of tinkering with Sand and Delwinís people, and the first Choasite that I made forget he was a logrus master was good practice as well. This task is a challenge though. I think I can make the corrections and editing in her head last for at least a few days. I need backup just in case and I call cousin Fineas. I am spending much more time with him lately as well. He graciously agrees to handle any security issues for the meeting. I waited until the Logrus master came back close to me and then took her to the castle for interrogations. I set her mind the way I need it to be and insure she forgets that she is a logrus master and then I am off to Lynxia for a good nightís sleep. I havenít slept in two days and it is starting to show.

I am not sure how long I slept time does not have much meaning when you are an Amberite there seems to be only now and what can be put off. I am showering and going off for more in-depth training in the mirrorverse realm. Flora has hinted that she would like to spend enough time here that I could make trumps to work here. I can respect that she has so much more to do and although she didnít ask really I will do the task of learning enough about the place to draw working trumps. I am a practical girl and I can see where this is going to come in handy.

Flora sends word that Fineas is going to become more acquainted with the mirrorverse as well so I will not be totally alone with the ratlings. When I question them about security measures I learn that Hinrick will not be allowed to accompany me. This is not comforting news as he is the person I count on to protect me, and the person I trust either third or fourth most. The time is spent differently this time and it is strange and I get the feeling Werewindle has taken this power as well. Flora had given me a trump that works here and after we are done, according to the ratlings, I trump her and leave this place.

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July 10, 2003
Ready or not

The blog has been prepared and reinforced as much as possible for Dara's imminent arrival as a PC. ;)

(Seems like I should put some hellfire in the picture background or something :)

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Amber City Contribution

The Amber Carriage Company

The Amber Carriage Company provides swift and relatively discrete taxi service in the greater Amber area. The company runs approximately 40 carriages over a twenty four hour period with the bulk of them on duty during daylight hours. At any given time during the day, there are usually up to twenty carriages on the streets simultaneously. During evening hours that number drops to ten, mostly concentrated on the entertainment district and the Street of Silk Veils.

The owner of the ACC is Reaf Groster. Rumored to be a bastard son of House Bayle, he has done well with his company and maintains an excellent standard of service. Reaf started out with just three carriages (supposedly purchased with a grant from the Bayles) and has worked up from there in the twenty years he has been in operation. His drivers are screened carefully for reliability and discretion. Nonetheless, Sir John has three or four drivers on his payroll to keep an eye on the comings and goings of certain people.

The ACC owns two very special carriages that may be chartered for special occasions. They are fitted with heavy duty suspensions and weigh considerably more than the usual carriage due to the moderate armor plate covering a portion of the passenger compartment. They are also heavily warded with protective spells and anti-scrying magic. Those who know have claimed that a trump card to a safe location is kept in the passenger compartment during use. This is to prevent the passengers from coming to harm should the carriage be immobilized during an assault. They are instructed in it's proper use and the trumps are collected and checked for authenticity at the end of each charter to make sure they are not stolen or damaged.

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July 08, 2003
Jacob's Journal -- Session 33 & 34

The attack on Zhartra puts things in a new kind of light -- the kind of light where youíre laying on one of them doctor tables where they cut you up after you die.

Itís pretty near obvious that whoeverís working on the Binders have a big plan -- you donít do the things theyíre doing unless you planned, and probably planned for years.

Thirteenís vampire girl is taken care off. It was a puzzle to work out what to do with binding her, but Iím fair certain sheíll do herself an others a damn sight less harm now. Hell, she might even be useful.

After we got Zhartra squared away about as well as we could in Lynxia (and I realized that I actually couldnít let her die, even if Iíd wanted to), I lit out for the Shadow where Zhartra had been shot to try and track the bastard down. (Turns out the Brotherhood had originally sent Zhartra some info that might have led her out that way (and I have to wonder if their Ďinformantí remembers giving them the info, or if the real one was actually out of town at the time).)

Thereís a bunch of ruins there and a place where someoneís Bound up some bit of Unpleasantness From Beyond. I couldnít track the bastard more than a few Shadows before he finds a Junction of Ways and the trailís gone, but everything about what happened screams Ďvampireí, maybe with another Initiate to help him get away. Vampires with an eye towards the Big Picture makes me think ĎHelgramí.

ĎHelgramí makes me think about my guns.

Also makes me think about checking on the Courts, so I give Griv a call with the new trump to see if it works. It does -- calling him while heís sneaking into House Chanicut for a little skullduggery just about gets him killed and Iím obliged to pull him clear, but heís got no good info for me. Helgramís on top of the heap right now. Imagine my surprise.

I sent Griv off the way he came and head out to check on Katanathoa the Toad to see if he's still sitting where he ought to be and if he's got any hooded acolytes sneaking around wiping his ass for him. We have outselves a little Chautanqua and the warty bastard tells me, as regards this great bloody conspiracy thatís going on, "someone was moved."

Right. Someone was moved. Right. I've got no blasted clue what the blue hells he's talking about. Right.

When I get back out of Kata-toad's cave, Toriís trumping me like a woodpecker working on an old rotten log (an image that works out accurate in a couple different ways). Turns out Iíve been out of communication for three blasted days, during which Unknown Parties set loose the Beast on the Pole at just about the right time to mess up the Regent. Both of them.

Random... Dad had a saying for times like these. Damned if I can remember it.

Sure as hell I ain't the smartest man's ever lived, but I'm starting to feel like the kind of stupid that'll get ya killed.

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Session 34 Log

[Would have sworn this posted already.]

Toriana and Thirteen talk about how to defend the mirror realm. Fineas wants to leak the information to the Jesby's and Dara wants it leaked to the Hendrakes. Dworkin returns a stack of trumps to Flora. They were the ones that were lost in Choas.

Rhun wants the Shroudling Mallerie released. He was enslaved and unwilling so no one objects. Granea is the captured Logrus master.

Fineas releases the Brownies into their independance from slavery. They are given supplies and sent to make their own luck and path. Fineas throws a party in Rebma and invites the high society big wigs. He has a long talk with Moirwyn.

Thirteen checks in with Bricktop and Reyoko. Thirteen gets in touch with the Helgram contact to have the trump made of the contact. Flora sends her students to do the trump of the contact. He goes to find Sabine and releave some stress. He also tells her about Kristen's leashing. They did take down all the mirrors.

Toriana is working on how to control the Chaosite and not make it really detectable. She is going to the inn to setup a low key monitoring spell and reprogramming the Choasite. They beef up two spirits to send a report in place of the captive.

The party is a sucess. FIneas is made aware of the plan with the spy. He is going to place men and brownies outside the inn. He is also going to be around. He follows the correct person out of the inn. THe man goes to a house in Amber and does not come out.

Next day he introduces Freddie to the Helgram people as their contact. THe Helgram contact in Purgatory is Wellsley. He gives high praise to the trump artists for only having a few mistakes. He meets with Jonathon to check on his progress. He scans the road to make sure the stuff his mom and Dara put are still in place. There is a flurry of activity part of it seems like Binding Power. Thirteen is going to investigate. He uses pattern to get to where he needs to go and scans passively. A wasp comes zipping at him. He cuts one in half and the two halves change shape and come after him again. He sees something a bit bigger then the poled beast it looks like a dragon. The dragon looks like it is going a ritual. It feels like a shadow rip.

Gets fully up to speed on what happened in the meeting. Sprites are the means of communiccation going forward. Flora congratulates her on a job well done. Toriana goes to rest at Lynxia after two days with no rest. She gets an evening of sleep and calls Rhun to get training in the mirror. She is contacted by Rastafarian for training. Henrick is not pleased about her going in without him or anyone else.

Pays a visit to Lirazel. They go for a walk to talk. She goes out in a catgirl sort of form. He tells her she might be a target for the Helgrams in the near future. Lyrazel offers to be friendlier to Fineas. He politely declines. Flora is going to take care of Lyrazel's protection. She sends her to Earth. He gets a trump of Toriana that works in the mirror verse and he is going to become an initiate as well.

The power feels closest to the dark well. The pool is empty and the figure on the pole is missing. Thirteen lets the creature leave and does an after scan. The creature seems to be going to where the hunt is going on. He trumps Murrell and they talk about what is going on. Gerard and Benedict with Murrell go to Thirteen. He talks his mom to Lynxia and he heads off to Purgatory. He sends his people to Arden when things are wrapped up.

Toriana & Fineas
Are being initiated into this mirror realm. Neither freak out and Werewindle is being intiated too. Toriana clicks into stopping before FIneas does.. She is able to trump Flora and get out. Fineas clicks a littler furthur down from Toriana. Fineas has a millapede coming by them. Rhun and Fineas decide to avoid it if they can. They are trying to be stealthy. They decide they need to leave and get out a mirror and trump out to Llewella. Fineas is passed to Moirwyn. Toriana trumps Jacob as Flora is describing that the beast on the pole is gone and his minions.

Fineas is talking with Moirwyn about the centipede thing. They seem to be attracted to the initation in the realm. FIneas looks up Galena to finish his mirror verse training. The bloodbeasts are running rampid. Werewindle would like to take a shot at the creatures. They head to Lynxia and Werewindle is able to kill the creatures.

Emerges from the the cave the The Big Elderkin/Abyssal Toad Critter and discovers that over three days have passed when Toriana trumps him and brings him up to speed. He swears for a little while, ignoring the quiet chuckle from the cave behind him, then trumps through to where everythingís happening (Lynxia, eventually). He questions Thirteen about the events surrounding the escape of the BotP.

Fineas reclaims his turn and check on Zhartra.

Thirteen goes to the prison. Black powder works here. He sneaks his way into the prision. Thirteen lets them take the portable wealth with them. Thirteen trumps them out. Went back to Augustus, provided him with some info on making Limbo 'better' -- takes Derkon with him back to ...

...Amber, where he sets up Derkon and Badger with nominations for knighthood. Chats with Flora a bit, heads to Arden. Releases his lower level troops back into Shadow on a gold-based catch-and-release program.

The Beast, now de-Poled and in dragonform, attacks Benedict's hunting expedition with a wave of blood-beasts (the big wasps) and mutants. They Trump out before it gets to them itself. The wasps nail some rangers and wound Gerard. (The wasps bite, shuck most of their outer body and burrow inward towards the brain. If they reach it, they slave the body. Psychic attack slows them -- with practice it would be more effective -- but immediate surgery is necessary.)

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